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Found 4 results

  1. Hi heres a fun one and its sung in a posh English accent! lol! coz I'm English but not posh lol! I hope you like it and enjoy the read. I actually wrote this 4 yrs ago! My Perfect Woman ©Bailey 2018 V I've traveled all around this world If there’s a lesson that I've learned Women make no sense to me I'm always getting burned I try to treat them decent like I'm courteous, polite and kind Seems fate has got it in for me Oh will I ever find? C My perfect woman I know she’s out there I'm just running out of places to try My perfect woman I only want to share My heart with you until the day I die V Oh Susie Woo she was a favorite I met her in old Shanghai She told me that she loved me As she looked me in the eye The last time I saw Susie She was leaving me behind Driving off with another man Oh will I ever find Chorus V Spent 3 weeks in London town I didn’t want that time to end Met a woman called Lady Jane She drove a Mercedes Benz She showed me all the city sites Every night we wined and dined But like the rest she flew the nest Oh will I ever find? Chorus V I met a beauty in Bangkok And that’s all we ever did She took me to another level She really flipped my sexual lid Every night she wore me out I had to say goodbye this time I couldn’t keep up the pace Oh will I ever find Chorus Bridge I’ll keep searching these foreign lands Sail the seas and walk the sands Ride the bus from coast to coast Maybe my perfect woman Is just a perfect ghost? Chorus
  2. AndyLeF

    The Corridor Shuffle

    A very light hearted one here about a awkward situation we've all been through - just a bit of fun! All comments appreciated - thanks Any suggestions as to a suitable style of music....? Andy The Corridor Shuffle (C) 2018 Andy LeFevre [v1] Some times strange things happen You find you've two left feet An unexpected turn of events Strangers dance before they meet [ch1] You go one way, I go the same Reverse directions, no one's to blame Left then right, two times then three Before you know it you're doing the corridor shuffle with me [v2] Just when you don't expect it Hasn't happened in a while That good old two step shuffle Breaks the ice makes you smile [v3] Some girls can't help laughing Some guys are not amused But in every land I'll betcha Strangers are getting confused [ch2] You go one way I go the same Reverse directions no one's to blame Left then right, two times then three Before you know it you doing the corridor shuffle with me [Break] Pardon me - you first! [No, no - after you!] Sorry, let's try again [We've got to stop meeting like this!] You again! [Shall we dance?] [ch3] You go one way I go the same Reverse directions no one's to blame Left then right, two times then three Before you know it you're doing the corridor shuffle with me [Tag] Yeah you're doing that good ol' corridor shuffle with me...
  3. SO . . . this was the result of a song-writing dinner party with two other friends in one of my bands! (Then another two dinner parties to record.) Everybody should try this! So much fun! There wasn't a strong editor involved in either the writing or the recording! Somebody had a line or an idea . . . and that's what we did! LOL! Under The Surface by Lynda Upthegrove, Richard Huebner, & Jack Foster III Under the space we’re in there something going on Under The Surface there's something going on Current can't pull me under But that's power - a power that I respect In the space between the strange face breaths Top of the water To bottom of the fog leap of faith in space in between It all Under The Surface there's something going on From one synapse to another Emotion under cover Foggy nights of mystery The time that energy discovers Good intention hovers Love one another Points of light traveling together Frequency emotion Mystery is golden Storied days and glory ways Transition super nova day Or to another day I like the space we’re in Looks like the light we’re in Under The Surface there's something going on
  4. BigHappyJack

    Walter The Weasel

    This was fun to write. Hope you like it. Open to your ideas. Walter the weasel. A weasel named Walter was walking through the woods When he passed upon a possum named Paul Now Walter thought Paul wasn’t looking very good All curled up in a ball “What’s up?” asked Walter to his little friend “Have you gone into a possum funk?” “I wish”, said Paul, “’cos it’s worse than that, I’m in love with a female skunk.” “I know,” said Paul “It makes no sense at all, But I’m sure she’s the girl for me. But I can’t get the nerve for a social call And that leaves me as you see.” Well, Walter sat down when he saw his buddy’s frown, “Don’t be such a baby lamb. If I can’t get that girl for you I’m not the weasel I think I am.” So Walter trotted off until the odor made him cough And he was sure that he had found the spot In the heart of Skunky-town he asked all around Till he came across the kitten he sought She had big black eyes and shiny fur And a fluffy tail held above. Well, Walter took one look at her And knew he was in love. He fell right to his weasel knees And took her tiny paw And he spoke of love and a little Fabreeze As the future that he saw She pulled back her toes and wrinkled her nose “I’m sorry,” she said, “I cannot. It’s not that I think you an unpleasant peasant, But it seems there’s an odor you’ve got “ME?” cried out Walter, “This must be a joke, I bathe nearly every day. You are the one glands in her ass And we all know about that spray.” So he messed up his buddy and missed on the girl And you probably find him quite evil But everyone knows how that story goes And I told you that he was a weasel.