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  1. Andrew, check out George Ezra, all the best,john
  2. Lyric Contest Protest??

    did I mention trolls, yeah I did all the best,john
  3. Lyric Contest Protest??

    I guess I'm one of the (seasoned) writers, or an (older writer) as Alistair kindly mentioned, like Neal I've seen many changes around the muse, some for the better some for the worse, I never used to enter the lyric comps, but decided to start entering around the beginning of the year then stopped when all that hullaballoo kicked off in another thread on the contest, I think posting all the lyrics at once was a bad move,and the scoring is like rocket science to me, like music in general,change is always happening,and like the internet the muses muse has changed, again some for the good some for the bad, thankfully the trolls are less common here these days, I realised how out of touch with the muses muse I'd become a while back, you rarely see inventive lyrics or rhyming here nowadays, you do see a lot of poetic writing, which song wise doesn't work for me,and a lot of high praise rather than truth,I also think too many here pay too much attention to so called experts who have books etc on how to write a song, as far as the the lyric contest is concerned I'd like to see more variety,like Hooky/Themed/open/ on a regular basis,wasn't there one once where Goldfish had to be used, anyway these days I spend more time studying horse racing form than writing lyrics,I'm lucky I've had a lot of truly great musicians turn my lyrics into great songs, and made some great friends worldwide through the muses muse, all the best,john
  4. The History Of Music.

    The History Of Music. Way back in the dinosaur days Long before a note in Nashville A love struck cave man Learned how to whistle, His sweetheart kept refusing To stay the night with him But when he blew her a tune She moved right in. chorus Music, It's the greatest gift to civilization, Cause it soothes the blues And inspires the moves To increase the population. Soon whistling was all the rage Then a new sound came along A pretty cave lady Learned to sing a song, Her lovers melodies Were no longer big hits And when she sung la de da He zipped his lips. chorus Yeah music, It's the greatest gift to civilization, Cause it soothes the blues And inspires the moves To increase the population. Well the wheel was still a boulder And mammoths roamed Graceland When four cool cave kids Started a rock band, They stomped thier feet And hummed harmonies In no time they were swamped By stone age groupies. bridge From the first ballad in a cave To the latest techno rave Music keeps evolving every day, But whether grunge or operatic Music works it's sensual magic In the same old way. Well there was no tea in China No pyramids or bubble gum When a savage genius Invented the drum. When the species heard His goat skin machine They started dirty dancing On a weekly routine. chorus Yeah Music, It's the greatest gift to civilization, Cause it soothes the blues And inspires the moves To increase the population.
  5. Paper Boat

    the song is done if anyone fancies a listen, I really like the sparse melody Tony created, all the best,john
  6. The Cycle Of Love

    Hi Danny,thanks for stopping by on ROS, hey this is a nice wee ditty, and I like the idea/title. all the best,john.
  7. I Will Wait

    Man this is absolutely brilliant, instantly reminded me of Ryan Adams, my only crit is the drum beat feels too loud,kinda overpowering in the early part of the song, all the best,john. hey Im on my third listen and just noticed RA in the tag thingy,cool
  8. Rich Old Spinster

    Hey Thanks everybody, I'm glad this brought a few smiles,my sense of humour doesn't always lend easy, GD, man that's a huge compliment, to be wearing simmilar shoes to Bob Hope, I've never trod that line before, but I like it, thanks bings, all the best,john
  9. July Lyric Contest

    Congrats Clemo,I really like the short chorus you have, has a real sing along feel, yeah thanks again captain all the best,john
  10. Paper Boat

    Thanks Theresa, gee I didn't make that connection, that song is classic, all the best,john
  11. Paper Boat

    Thanks Ian, that's an interesting take, I'm kinda thinking if it aint broke, I think there's enough nautical imagery that would leave the listener seeing that paper boat, and feeling his position, I'll let it simmer, all the best,john.
  12. Paper Boat

    Thanks GD and Tams,nobody working on it Tams, kinda just drifting around, hehe. all the best,john
  13. My Funny Clementine

    wow, reads really good,I'm looking forward to hearing the song, all the best, john
  14. My Funny Clementine

    Hi GD, thanks for checking out PB, great words of encouragement, I like this song/lyric, but I have two questions, you seem to not care is there a reason why you went for this poetic phrase,it sounds awkward to me, I hear it as, you dont seem to care which is much more conversational, not saying one is better just wondering why you chose, second is why not end the chorus on the title, it's really strong, otherwise it has a nice song feel, all the best,john
  15. Paper Boat

    Thanks musers, I wasn't shure about this, as mentioned weepy love songs are ten a penny, I'm glad this kinda creates another angle on the subject all the best,john