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  1. It's been 3 weeks since Rick last contacted me. No answers to me emails. If he's trying to redeem himself, he ain't doing a great job. bah!
  2. For anyone who's still reading this thread... it's been 1 week since Rick contacted me and he hasn't responded to my email regarding refunds and the delivery of my demo. Just wanted to keep you all updated.
  3. Glad he finally contacted some people. Though, I still haven't heard from him.
  4. Guess I should visit this site a bit more often I never saw this thread until today. I am also a victim to Rick's "fiasco". I also sent money for his services and never got a complete product. I only got little rough workings on it. At this point, I don't expect my money back and I really don't know what to believe about Rick. I agree with John, he may have people who recommend him, but he hurt people here on the Muse. And people who were affected, now have a negative view on him, including me. Even if he does pull through and deliver the demo's he promised, how do I know that he's not just doing it to regain confidence from people in order to scam more people later? I will definetely post here if Rick contacts me and will keep you all informed.