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  1. About Rick D:

    It's been 3 weeks since Rick last contacted me. No answers to me emails. If he's trying to redeem himself, he ain't doing a great job. bah!
  2. About Rick D:

    For anyone who's still reading this thread... it's been 1 week since Rick contacted me and he hasn't responded to my email regarding refunds and the delivery of my demo. Just wanted to keep you all updated.
  3. About Rick D:

    Glad he finally contacted some people. Though, I still haven't heard from him.
  4. About Rick D:

    Guess I should visit this site a bit more often I never saw this thread until today. I am also a victim to Rick's "fiasco". I also sent money for his services and never got a complete product. I only got little rough workings on it. At this point, I don't expect my money back and I really don't know what to believe about Rick. I agree with John, he may have people who recommend him, but he hurt people here on the Muse. And people who were affected, now have a negative view on him, including me. Even if he does pull through and deliver the demo's he promised, how do I know that he's not just doing it to regain confidence from people in order to scam more people later? I will definetely post here if Rick contacts me and will keep you all informed.