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  1. Sometimes it feels like you cannot stop the flood... I just published my third Rock Bernd album and have completed two new songs since. As I always like my latest song best my new favorite now is "all for free". It's free to download (nomen est omen). My favorite until yesterday was "too much", closely followed by "the angels' choir" (because these two songs are VERY different). Both are on "Rock Bernd III", my first compilation that does comprise no old stuff altogether as did "Rock Bernd" and "Rock Bernd II". All my stuff is "garage rock" - in it's literal sense ;-) Well, sort of, actually it would have to be "home office rock", but you'll get the drift. Here are samples from Rock Bernd III (older versions of sevaral songs are on my player as well): http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/berndharmsen3 (it's on Amazon, ITunes, Spotify etd. as well, of course) And here is my freebie (my personal favorite song as of today): http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13535650
  2. It gets you exposure - and about 1 cent per 2 streams. If you're interested in the money you should become VERY famous first ;-) (as for others Spotify is included in my CD Baby deal) Cherrs, Bernd
  3. Actually the 'restriction' when you write to music is not that much different from writing the second verse after the first, i.e. once you've decided on a meter. Just a thought...
  4. Beautiful song! Kudos! I wish you to find a suitable partner or two (pity it ain't me) and to hear more from you! Bernd
  5. Thank you, Tammy for your uplifting comment. To my own amazement it is always "music first" for my own songs - chords first, actually. Normally, I just write lyrics, i.e. poetry with a tune that only exists in my mind, and only while I'm writing. Or I write words matching someone else's tune (that's how I make a little money). But when I create my own music I begin with the guitar part - which I enjoy the most - adding bass and drums (Midi) later until I have a complete backing track (as raw and unskilled it may be). Only after that is completedd I try to come up with a tune and fitting words. Had I written the words first I might have come up with quite a different tune. On the other hand I prefer rock, so chances still would be hight that I'd have made it rock anyway ;-) But then, I have written the odd piece of folk as well in the past ... Also, the lyrics are not as nice and empathic as they may seem at first sight: I only do this for your sake = irony! free you so that you can leave = irony! take the apple from the snake = that's a bit sleazy (I put the line in after I had decided to make it a "RockBernd" song. Thanks again and see you around, Bernd
  6. http://www.soundclick.com/html5/v3/single_player.cfm?type=single&songid=13458492&q=hi sneaking in like a thief I enter your garden of grief what I find I cannot believe terror, doubt, or relief? beauty as far as I can see ponds, flower beds, blooming trees your lone soul lies on the lawn anxious, silent, withdrawn dreaming of times long since gone what's needed to switch you on? free you so that you can leave your beautiful garden of grief I've come to kiss you awake I only do this for your sake take the apple from the snake sneaking just like a thief I enter your garden of grief what I find I cannot believe terror, doubt, or relief? beauty as far as I can see in your wonderous garden of grief I've come to kiss you awake I only do this for your sake take the apple from the snake
  7. Not that I'm professional in any sense... I use three 'methods': 1. lyrics first. I do this when there is no song or chord progression yet. But I always have a tune in my mind that is - more or less - dictated by the words' flow. Basically this is writing poetry with a song in mind and with a song-like structure (repeated chorus, maybe a part that can serve as bridge etc.) 2. tune first. I do this when I write for other people. I have them either sing some nonsense on top of their backing track or put in a Midi track that sticks out so I can identify the 'vocal line'. I also ask them to point out the song structure, i.e. giving the time marks for verses, chorus, etc. - saves time for me ;-) Then I usually write some matching nonsense text - or write down the singer's words - that I step by step replace with meaningful words. 3. chord progression first. I only do this for my own songs. Twice I tried topline-writing with other partners but both songs were rejected. Normally, the singer should do the topline writing himself. I am not a musician or singer, I could only provide rough guides as to how I interpret their track. Those of my lyrics that actually generate royalties (little enough) have all been written after the second fashion. Although there are heaps of songs that use my lyrics, but they have all been written and publish by hobby musicians. So writing words for existing tunes seems to be my 'road to success' ... Good luck! Bernd
  8. I've sort of given up on finding musicians to breathe life into my songs so I started 'producing' them myself. After "Rock Bernd" here is "Rock Bernd II" - a far cry from anything professional but 'garage rock' as straight as it comes: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/berndharmsen2 Also on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you're roaming ;-)
  9. Thank you, guys, yes it should - and shall - be "false". I came up with "fake" because there was a video that actually propagated claiming asylum in Germany portraying nice shelters, a warm welcome,... yet was very far from reality - and has been replaced meanwhile. Even then it should have read "fake promises" or so, but nobody would have understood that either without knowing the particular background. My original order ob 'blocks' was: VERSE ... LIFT: no future, home, or shops ... CHORUS: heading for the dim light... (possibly with the introductory words "now you're...") that might be better. I'll also edit the second line. Thanks again. Your attention, corrections, and suggestions mean a lot to me. Bernd
  10. It's a dare: with two exception there are three liners throughout (rather rare in even-meter songs), and all with the same AAA rhyme pattern. The music will have to achieve some kind of variety mostly by itself. There's one - slightly curious - exception, though: verses one and four have a different meter than the other verses, in these verses all lines end unstressed (as in the chorus). Yet another musical challenge... Is there music yet?
  11. your boy stepped on a land mine to find his early end you girl has stopped her crying she just looks blank and spent your wife will need to rest soon you've walked for endless hours you try your best to keep up what's left of your will power you're heading for the dim light of fake hope heading for the dim light of fake hope no future, home or shops under your land's sky no fields to raise your crop under your land's sky no word that is no lie under your land's sky you've learned to put up with the blisters on your feet you're prepared to tackle all hardship that you'll meet you will seize whatever chance that comes your way there's no room for big plans but live from day to day you're heading for the dim light of fake hope heading for the dim light of fake hope no place to take a walk under your land's sky no friends to have a talk under your land's sky no roof to keep you dry under your lands sky you're heading for the dim light of fake hope heading for the dim light of fake hope
  12. Beautiful! How about completing the music first? Add a chorus, repeat the verese, maybe add a bridge. Then go from there. It sounds like it could work nicely as an instrumental. When it's done you can contact me if you like so I can add lyrics and sing a 'guide' (the vocal line). Good luck! Bernd
  13. Hi Janice, I just sent a friend request (I prefer Spanish wines BTW, Tempranillo, preferably blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, a little Garnacha does not hurt...) That's me: http://www.facebook.com/bernd.harmsen And that's my naughty, rude alter ego: http://www.facebook.com/RockBernd (who loves Likes and doesn't give a damn if they're deserved) Have fun, Bernd (the decent, kind one)
  14. Hi Mike, since I live in the Richard-Strauss-Weg (path), you got my attention instantly. Your music sounds professional - as opposed to my home-recorded stuff. Congratulations! I wish you success with your - third, was it? - album! Bernd
  15. Sure rocks for me. Kudos!