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  1. Crazy Animal Antics

    Aww...I don't care what it is, it's just melt your heart cute.
  2. Which photo?

    Thank you Gwyneth. It's an interesting one that one. Got lots of funny looks taking it
  3. Crazy Animal Antics

    Animals are so funny sometimes! Loved all the crazy cat antics We went camping the other weekend to a dog friendly campground. Unfortunately there were lots of cows roaming freely around the place too. Our dog showed absolutely NO interest in the other dogs but for some reason was dying to go and make friends with the cows - and he'd never ever SEEN a cow before! Sharpei's can make the strangest sounds when they cry. I managed to catch a little bit of his "yearning" on video.
  4. Soft Innate

    Beautiful Stewart! So many lines I love in this. Such yearning. Well done!
  5. Which photo?

    Sorry for the late reply.... Thanks Donna. Angles definitely is a good suggestion. I'll spend more time thinking about that in future. No, I'm not familiar with those photographers. Suppose I should do some more research to gain more insight. Thanks! Hi Hybrid. I'm not exactly "from" the desert, but it's a place I like to go when we get the chance. Thanks for your comments. I too usually prefer landscapes but they're not always good for black and white I guess. Hi Fesal. I couldn't quite work out what you meant about it hurting your eyes Perhaps it is because the focus is a bit strange. Thanks for looking anyway. I don't think I posted these here before, but these are the sorts of things I'm experimenting with... "Dark past" "Evil imaginary friend" "Introspection"
  6. I hate mass appeal

    >>> Certainly nobody on this forum trashes the blues as being cookie cutter. << I usually don't say but to me most blues all sounds exactly the same. "Ooooorrrfff with her head!" I hear the cries.
  7. Which photo?

    Thank you everyone for your input, thoughts perspectives and musings Much appreciated! Donna, it's for a simple photography contest, but the bigger reason is for learning purposes. I find myself in the exact same position when I began as a songwriter - making the exact SAME mistake - "trying to please other people FIRST". What I am learning is much like songwriting....you have to learn the rules FIRST, before you can break them Then you have to find your REASON for wanting to write songs - your passion, or in this case, for wanting to create images. Like songs, it is totally subjective and you will never be able to reach everybody. My interests lie more in the macabre, the odd, the disturbing, highly emotional and generally a darker realm overall, which I realise will NOT appeal to everyone. Let's put it this way, I have zero interest in say... wedding photography or portraying beautiful people so they look flawless. Anyway, I'm still learning the rules so we'll see where THAT goes first.
  8. Which photo?

    Thanks Stewart, and Spanishbuddha. Still not sure which one I'll go with... Might even try some other experiments in the meantime.
  9. Which photo?

    Thanks So you must be a Steven King fan then too? The only book of his I wasn't able to get into was Under the dome, but I recently watched the TV series and now I'm hooked.
  10. Shame

    I like it. I also thought the intro was too long. I'd leave that guitar solo off in the beginning only so the actual solo gets all the attention it deserves - it's chance to shine, which of course it does. Maybe you could bring it in a little less full on with the drums? Let them build in intensity? The guitar riff is already moving along as it is so it's not like it would lose too much if the drums were less pounding along. Chorus is great! Very catchy, and simple, easy to sing along to. A toe tapper for sure.
  11. Hey, I understand the obstacles that recording presents. Time, money- yep, tearing your hair out trying to make things WORK! Technology - bleh! If you're able to, getting your tracks separate, vox and guitar, will enable you so much more control over the end result a far as sound quality. Anyway, I really liked the vibe. It's catchy, the vocals are unclear but I can understand the kind of feel you're going for. I think it's got potential to be expanded on.
  12. Which photo?

    No, Cujo was about the rabid dog. (love that movie) I googled....it was called "Geralds game". I've edited the first picture and taken out what I can.... Any better?
  13. Which photo?

    If it inspires you Gwyneth, why not ? I'm not sure I'd be into the handcuff thing, personally speaking of course. I'll never forget a Steven King book where this man and his wife go away for a naughty weekend in some isolated cabin and he handcuffs her to the bed, and then has a heart attack and dies on the floor and she's left there all chained to the bed posts. At least leave me the key within reach, LOL!
  14. Smiley Mystery Revealed...

    Oh I see, well I never preview, only edit. That's where my extra bits happen.
  15. Smiley Mystery Revealed...

    I vaguely remember a thread. It's when you edit your post isn't it?