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  1. Strawberry fields meaning

    John Lennon claimed that this song was a reflection on his childhood and how simple it seemed to be compared to being an adult. It was an "answer" to McCartney's Penny Lane, which was also a nostalgic look at his (McCartney's) youth in Liverpool.
  2. Over Posting

    I don't participate like I used to, but I still check the forums every day. The "report post" button is the best way to address this issue.
  3. Wouldn't happen to know my buddy Paul crumy?

    1. Rerry33


      He's from that area. Barry Cannings is from my home town too.

  4. Ironic that you posted just now, harreh. I just logged on to post that Mark’s ashes were spread on his favourite beach today. There was no funeral.
  5. Poem To Lyric And Royalties

    Standard industry split is 50/50. So, the lyric writer gets 50 percent and the music writer gets 50 percent of royalties, which are eared through broadcast - radio, tv web, etc. It is highly unlikely that the song will earn any royalties. Royalties in sales of recording are different and negotiable. How do they plan to make money off this? Physical CD's? Digital downloads? They will have to pay for the costs of recording and distribtion before there are any profits to share. So, it is unlikely you'll make any money there' either. So... you get 50 percent writers credit, but probably nothing else.
  6. Here is a link to the article: http://www.tbo.com/news/publicsafety/accidents/bicyclist-struck-in-st-petersburg-dies-as-result-of-injuries/2338741
  7. Alistair, I talked to Mark last Thursday night for a half an hour. He was struggling to make ends meet, but he was taking guitar lessons and he sang a half decent cover of CCR's, "Bad Moon Rising." He was defiant and hopeful right to the end.
  8. Facebook. I'm in an Airport right now, but I will post a link to the news article later. The article just says he was critically injured, but I have confirmed that he succumbed to his injuries.
  9. Some of you may remember Mortal Soul, aka Mark Napier. He was killed in a bicycle accident yesterday. He rode into the path of a car, was hit, and thrown over the car. I've been a member of this site for a long time, and Mark was one of the most interesting and colourful characters we've ever encountered. I admired his tenacity. He could be frustrating at times, but I considered him a friend. Neal
  10. Judging Lyrics

    As you know, I ran this contest for many, many years. Over time I noticed some interesting trends, and one of them was this: the people who scored the lowest in the comps rarely picked the winners. Maybe it's taste, or talent, or interference from Pluto. But that's what I noticed.
  11. When I'm With You

    Basic rules of writing apply. For instance try to keep the song in the same tense (past, present, or future) unless changing tense serves the story. Read the last line of your chorus followed by the first line of your second verse: It’s because of you I came out of my darkroom Then you came along and changed my song See how weird it sounds to switch from the past tense to the present?
  12. The quick, simple way to do it is to pay someone to do it for you. Making homemade demos that sound halfway decent requires musical skill (can you play an instrument?) and some technical skill (at a minimum, you need a microphone and some computer based recording software). With this, you can record a simple one instrument/one vocal demo. Most of the folks who post demos on this site have advanced musical skills. They can play guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, can program drums, strings, and other instruments, and they know how to put them together. They also have fairly advanced technical skills. Some recording programs are easier to use then others, but none are "easy." Neal

    If you think the Dunnning-Kruger effect applies to you, then by definition it does not because you would not be able to recognize it. There are a few current and former members though.....
  14. Working with others

    Hank Snow He's a Canadian thing I guess, or a Country thing. Most American country fans probably know who he was. I don't expect you would cover him