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  1. Racist

  2. Don’t Let This Be The Last Song

    You chorus is pretty darned close to Last Song by the Canadian band, Edward Bear. Some of the words are exactly the same. You need to change them. It's worth comparing your entire lyric the lyrics of the Edward Bear song. See how they created a story around "leaving the light on," and how they wove this through the entire lyric. That's what we mean when we say, "show, don't tell." Your lyric need less tell and more show.
  3. 1. No 2. Probably not. Your only chance of getting a song published is if is a compete song: music and lyrics. That means you need to find a musical collaborator. Even then the chances of getting a song published are slim to none. Your best bet would be to find a local up and coming singer and approach him or her about collaborating.
  4. Is this REMIX good or not?

    Feel free to post your own original compositions, but please avoid copyrighted material.
  5. Strawberry fields meaning

    John Lennon claimed that this song was a reflection on his childhood and how simple it seemed to be compared to being an adult. It was an "answer" to McCartney's Penny Lane, which was also a nostalgic look at his (McCartney's) youth in Liverpool.
  6. Over Posting

    I don't participate like I used to, but I still check the forums every day. The "report post" button is the best way to address this issue.
  7. Wouldn't happen to know my buddy Paul crumy?

    1. Rerry33


      He's from that area. Barry Cannings is from my home town too.

  8. Ironic that you posted just now, harreh. I just logged on to post that Mark’s ashes were spread on his favourite beach today. There was no funeral.
  9. Poem To Lyric And Royalties

    Standard industry split is 50/50. So, the lyric writer gets 50 percent and the music writer gets 50 percent of royalties, which are eared through broadcast - radio, tv web, etc. It is highly unlikely that the song will earn any royalties. Royalties in sales of recording are different and negotiable. How do they plan to make money off this? Physical CD's? Digital downloads? They will have to pay for the costs of recording and distribtion before there are any profits to share. So, it is unlikely you'll make any money there' either. So... you get 50 percent writers credit, but probably nothing else.
  10. Here is a link to the article: http://www.tbo.com/news/publicsafety/accidents/bicyclist-struck-in-st-petersburg-dies-as-result-of-injuries/2338741
  11. Alistair, I talked to Mark last Thursday night for a half an hour. He was struggling to make ends meet, but he was taking guitar lessons and he sang a half decent cover of CCR's, "Bad Moon Rising." He was defiant and hopeful right to the end.
  12. Facebook. I'm in an Airport right now, but I will post a link to the news article later. The article just says he was critically injured, but I have confirmed that he succumbed to his injuries.