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Dirk van Coevorden

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    Zwolle, The Netherlands
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    Guitars, Mandolins & Hillbilly Music....

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  1. Cool ! I believe U'd fit in with the Hillbillies here in Tennessee Diggit nice work.. Hi there, SoddyBottoms! That's a big compliment! I consider my hometown Zwolle, Music City NL.... We have a thriving music scene and great festivals. I've played yesterday and the day before on festivals and I'm practicing with Dirtdawgs tonight... Lots of music going on here! But I'd love to visit Tennessee sometime in the future! Thanks Dirk
  2. Thanks Salley!
  3. Thanks Nige!
  4. Hi there, my contribution... the song is called "open letter to the president". The band Is called Dirtdawgs