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  1. Annoying lyrics

    Chuckle chuckle Okay, anything the BeeGees wrote after "Jive Talkin". I draw the line after that song.
  2. Don't it Shine

    Hi T Nice phrasing and metaphors. Great economy in words and above all singable words. The missing piece was maybe that a chorus needed to be introduced sooner to tie these metaphors together. Like, I get you're pointing out life's simple pleasures, but it seemed to ramble to where you were wondering when you were going to get to the point of what "dont it shine' means i.e. being life's moments. Your genre of music suggested is spot on. I guess I could point to you the Byrds "Turn Turn Turn" where they took a passage from the bible and made it their own as a folk expression or dialogue of life i.e. how they tied things together. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  3. It's All About The Question

    Hi J Its odd, the only thing that stuck with me was the title. Loved it, really. Its all about the question. It can go so many places. I think if it was more specific in terms of a plot rather than a pithy general observation of life as a whole, it would have more gusto...more meaning. The phrase to me has measurement, it needs definition. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  4. Delicious Grace - On My Way To You

    Hi A Lyrically its kinda bland, but the music is spot on retro! Great arranging! Coulda been an early Bowie or Todd Rundgren song. But, well...one thing, you need to get someone else to sing it. The vocals just arent there to pull it off. Plus, I'd end it after 3:20. The coda is fine, but even it too maybe needed some drums and bass to pick it up abit at least after a minute or two. But overall...I was impressed. cheers R-N-R Jim
  5. Blah blah

    Hi F Nice overall effect. At first I was alittle perplexed about the length of the intro, but it all makes sense now. More or less one has to reprogram their critique engine and realize this is more or less an album track and not a radio geared song. You should see about getting this into a film or something of that nature. The intro in that realm would be great for the beginning of a movie. cheers R-N-R Jim
  6. Wouldn't That Be Nice?

    Hi R I have to agree with Scenes about the chorus. Maybe a full jolt of bass and drums for the chorus, and then stop with a note sustained...fade in some bongos and start in again with the verse to maintain that beatnic feel. But yeah, absolutely a creative piece here. cheers R-N-R Jim
  7. Just Me And You

    Hi T Glad you decided to stick with my idea of adding bass to your songs. Its good that your lines are minimal and dont walk all over the song i.e. over play things. Anyways...just one snit, the ohhhs after Me and you, hmmm..not sure what notes you were trying to hit. Overall...the song has good feel. cheers R-N-R Jim
  8. Where All My Kitties At??

    Hi O Chuckle chuckle. There has to be a video for this? Right? Its a viral waiting to happen. Cheers R-N-R Jim

    Hi I This coulda been real fun had maybe you went with a relationship being totally run by texting. Its that electronic cold feel in the production that is a perfect back drop to the artificial concept of dating theses days via phone and the super over controlling aspect of iphones in "knowing every second of the day you can contact someone or keep tabs on them." Could make a semi-comedic video out of this song. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  10. nOiZe

    Hi V It succeeded in everything that I hate about that style of techno music. It should be a hit then? Other than that, production wise, it didnt quite have enough thump going on to "make the body move" . The lower dbs gotta be over the top to suck people onto the dance floor. cheers R-N-R Jim
  11. Candy World

    Hi A Verse 1 started out as whimsical as your writing style can be. But what followed went from personal semi-innocent exploration/observation to a chorus that went too general and kinda sucked the fun out of the POV. The chorus just didnt work for me on many levels. Verse 2 was kinda twisted, I chuckled as I read it, but now you were straying even further from the innocent ignorance is bliss angle established in the first paragraph of verse 1. Again, I loved the dark humor going on in verse 2, but how it fit tone wise in the lyric as a whole was abit puzzling. Again, the enlightenment angle only works if you do it in a Mark Twain way. Kinda like "Why are people cursing and frowning in their shiny new cars?" then follow with something like, " Did they take the wrong turn?" chuckle chuckle. So, I would ditch the chorus. It just wasnt fun. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  12. I Want to Make You Mine

    Hi C Lyrics were nice. Melody abit too boring for my taste, perhaps too long, but the recording and feel etc did what it had to do. Love the pix of the red head, Im sucker for them.lol cheers R-N-R Jim
  13. Just Where Did I Go Wrong?

    Hi J What didnt come across in the plot is why or what it was that made her feel she made a mistake. What was it about this guy that was sooo off limits? Plus you never felt this person was that strong or displayed a totally independent personality to feel like she was hood winked into falling for this guy. Overall it felt like a rather generic attempt at a crush song. And that's something you cant get away with especially when you're trying to do country lyrics. So, I guess, go back to the who, what, why,and when's of this song and think about how the characters could be better defined plot wise. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  14. Together Till the End of Time

    Hi T There's a song called "Down Like Me" by Ken Stringfellow off of his "Touched" cd. That is the kind of vibe musically I was getting off of the lyric. At any rate I'll keep your lyric in the back of my mind if something clicks. Its one of the few Ive read that has given me pause to go about even thinking about music for. Again, it was different and creative and had a nice short concise story...something alot of writers fall short of here. Each line counted for something in the story. I do most of my writing and recording in the winter months when things are bleak and barren out and you have time to toy around with ideas.lol So yeah, at some point I'll print the lyrics out and see what comes of them as Im playing guitar and watching TV at the same time. cheers R-N-R Jim
  15. One Day Is Enough

    Hi T You know, as a songwriter/novice artist myself I tend to write and rewrite lyrics on a constant basis until the thought and above all, the words are sing-able. In the end, Im usually pretty satisfied with what I did and do show these songs to my music friends for the acid test. For the most part they are entertained and have very few crits. Of course, Im older so the curve should be as such.lol Anyways...there are those times that I felt really great about the lyrics or felt they fit the song real well while some one had said differently. If it's just one person and that person doesnt get my genre of music, I usually just chalk it up to them just not liking the song or not understanding the genre. If I get an astounding negative reaction by my core group of friends...I listen to the crits and step back to try and see what they are talking about. If it makes sense, Im not at all inhibited to make changes. But if its a song Im simply in love with as far as the way it turned out and nobody liked it, I leave it "as is" cuz as an artist, I feel I achieved what it was I was trying to accomplish. That's the difference as far as writing for the intent of some one else recording your song compared to you, yourself recording the song as an artist. Again, you could leave the song you did "as is" if you really liked what you accomplished in it. Its like being a painter...you paint a picture among the 10 you think would sell first, but end up taking it back home to collect dust. cheers R-N-R Jim