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  1. Production was good. Although you seemed to have a hard time phrasing at times. The lyrics had a nice unusual angle to them. But it might have had more impact or twist had it been the human reacting to how human an android may be with its ability to be programmed on so many different levels of how to analyze and relate to each human emotion, such as laughing to a joke, or the facial expression and vocal tone to how someone feels when they have a fall or are sad. The idea that a human could become emotionally attached to an android would be unique in itself. Anyways...it was a thought provoking song. good job R-N-R Jim
  2. Hi CK Ahhh...you have a melody for it. That may change the dynamics then since the music can fill in the blanks where the lyric may seem naked at some point. But that being said, the lines I pointed out as maybe being clunky when sung, I still stand by. You will have to post this in the "music" or "song" forum when you feel comfortable with it and get it recorded. good luck R-N-R Jim
  3. I dont have all the answers, but I do have plenty of questions.

  4. Hope you had a great christmas...and a happy new year. cheers

  5. Hope you had a great christmas...and a happy New Year to you. cheers

  6. Hope you had a good christmas. Looking forward to the new year. cheers

  7. Hi H Always entertaining and proof you can throw out the cookie cutters and create something worth listening to. always a fan R-N-R Jim
  8. hi It seems kinda twisted in an awkward charming way. Melody and arranging is great. Its kinda like if Rodger Waters wanted to go pop. good job R-N-R Jim
  9. Hi Kim Nice feel and subject to tackle. The song seemed to ramble and well...you didnt get a real feel words why for the chorus and then a bridge or too thrown in, seemed abit dislocated. The song has alot of potential but the chorus needs to be pared down. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  10. Hi D Wow, the arranging was solid. I could hear this in many different types of scenarios, such as a background for a movie scene or even snippets of it for a high end perfume commercial. Don't laugh, commercial background music is a good gig to have. Again...composition was really good. hats off R-N-R Jim
  11. Hi W Melody was really good. Loved the harmony for the chorus. Lyrics were fun dead pan images. The phrasing in the verses seemed forced or unsure of. Perhaps a kazoo at the end? Overall it was fun. Just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  12. Hi S As others suggested, maybe finding someone to sing it would be better for the song as a whole. The chorus needs something beat or even arrangement wise to make it stand out more. Maybe even having a sparse arrangement for the chorus might give some separation between the verse and chorus and perhaps the beat or drum arrangement needs to be more straight forward to make it sound different. The lyrics seemed alright and didnt take away from the song. Just singing some of the words in extended note fashion was alittle bit overkill. I know...writing a song is one thing and arranging it is another. That's always the challenge...the challenge of getting recorded what's in your head and how it actually translate on the recording doesnt always work out as planned. The song as a whole wasnt bad and had feel. just my two cents worth R-N-R Jim
  13. Hi I This was so bizarre and fresh, I had to listen to it a couple times. I normally dont listen to this type of pop, but it has some sort of soul to it that makes it intriguing. The singer really makes this song. I wouldnt change a thing. It has this eerie dark pop jazz feel to it. You really need to shop this to labels....its that good. Good Job R-N-R Jim