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  1. Summerrose

    July Lyric Contest

    Congratulations to the winners!! I have to say Iggy, your song reminded me of My Fair Lady. Great vivid descriptions and exceptional lyrical crafting. Summer
  2. Summerrose

    April Lyric Contest

    Congratulations to Donna and Mike the winners. Great lyrics! I was somewhat disappointed that my lyric ended up on the bottom. Live Life Like It's Your Last Day was not meant to be preachy, simply a message saying we don't know when our time on earth is over. Most people live like there is always tomorrow and never pay attention to what's next if we die. It was meant to be a wake-up call for all of us. For me, it's a reminder because I have a terminal illness. Now you could say we are all terminally ill, but for me I expect it might me a lot closer than others who have good health. But is it really? One accident, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time could also end life. Can you really guess? I think not, that's why you should live life like it's your last day. Summer
  3. Sorry, I didn't reply sooner to thank everyone for the encouraging comments, but I have been very ill. So thanks everyone Summer
  4. Yamaki, A lyric is a lifeless song Until a musician with soul Breathes life into it When they come along That's what you did! Summer
  5. Thought I'd write a song pertaining to the Parking Lot Artists Cafe' Show. Come to the Artists Cafe' Don't stand in the parking lot Come to the Cafe' and see Write and express yourself Let your imagination run free Verse: Grab a hot dog and cold beer Play on the baseball team today No pressure, kick back and relax See the artists works on display Chorus Com'on People I know a place that's hot A cool, cool place Give it a shot Come to the Artists Cafe' Com'on, com'on and see Dance and jam to the beat Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Come to the Artists Cafe' Verse: From the earth and outer space Songwriters, Lyricists write their songs Country, Rock, Blues and Hip Hop, Hoping a record cut will come along Verse: Humans and Aliens keep writing songs Let the magic of musical melodies flow Never give up on your creative dreams One day you might have your own show Chorus Com'on People I know a place that's hot A cool, cool place Give it a shot Come to the Artists Cafe' Com'on, com'on and see Grab the mike and sing Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Come to the Artists Cafe'
  6. Thanks, Yamaki, for your encouraging comments. I'm glad you liked my story. Summer
  7. I found the lyrics to be so touching and spiritual. The instrumental also was breathtakingly beautiful! Very Nice! Summer
  8. Summerrose

    February Lyric Contest

    Congratulation to the winners! I had Canyon of Dreams as my number 1 pick! I gave it a ten, for outstanding imagery especially the description of the whales out on the ocean. Also the well-crafted lyrics that took me on a journey as I read it. Great job! Summer
  9. Thanks Hybrid for allowing me to be included on the certificate and showing my writing talent. Also thanks kinda fishy for your encouraging remarks about my story. You can view my writings on . http://www.writing.c...view/goldylocks, that's where I started to write my stories and became a preferred author. Summer
  10. Summerrose


    Donna, that was off the top! I thought the song was original and well written as well as soooooo- oooo blusey! Made me want to shout amen! Summer
  11. This won first place in a writing contest for Science Fiction stories and was suggested to submit it as a theme for a movie script. I hope you enjoy it. A Hero In The Making Fear prickled down Mike's spine, and his body trembled in utter disbelief. He felt the blood drain from his face and was unable to tear himself away from the blue, green and red flashes he witnessed on the monitor. The latest future atmospheric conditions were in front of him as he sat at the W.B.C. weather bureau in California, stunned and unable to move. "Jack, this is unbelievable, I have been a climatologist for years, and I have never seen anything like this. Look at the weather graphs this computer has predicted for the next five years. Heat waves and little to no rain and drought in almost every country in the world," Mike declared as he jerked the pointer across the screen. Jack, a tall, middle-aged man stretched his long legs under the desk. He crossed his arms behind his head stretching the pressed pleats of his blue shirt against his muscular chest and narrowed his dark eyes. "That's nothing new; I have been saying global warming will destroy the earth unless we use this man's invention." He pointed to a paper clipped file lying on his desk, and a picture of a man in a military uniform with cold, lifeless gray eyes and chiseled cheekbones with a shock of blond hair. "Are you going on again about Babikov's climate control document? I know you were an agent for the special services Jack, but that was twenty years ago and you haven't been active since. How do you expect to steal the file from the Russian Government? They have that in a secret location that's armed to the teeth." Mike turned away from the monitor as he spoke. He shook his head, and the long curly hair that surrounded his piercing blue eyes and tanned sharp- featured face bounced wildly on his shoulders. Jack's eyes darted around the room. He closed the door to his office and whispered for Mike to come closer so he could talk to him without anyone overhearing their conversation. His face grew red, and he tried to control raising his voice. "You think just because I have gray hair, wear glasses and look a little older, I'm finished. Don't let that fool you," he said, gathering the papers on his desk in a huff. "This isn't a game, and I have remained active. The last twenty years I've been developing a network of special service retirees trained in highly developed mental intelligence as well as combat protocols for this mission." "You're kidding Jack, right? How do you and a bunch of fifty-year-old service men plan to get by a heavily guarded area?" "Forget it. I see that you're not a believer of overcoming the impossible. Damn, damn, the Secret Services! I wouldn't have to go through all this if they hadn't kept all this technology under cover," he complained, banging his fist on the metal cabinet as he flung the file in a drawer and locked it. Mike put his hand on Jack's shoulder, shook his head and mumbled an apology under his breath. "Forgive me, I didn't mean to make you angry, and I wasn't making fun of you. I was just being realistic about how dangerous this mission is." Jack grabbed his jacket off the chair pointing to the back door and told Mike to follow him. A couple of streets down, Jack gave him a quick look and went down a few steps to a weathered, wooden door. Mike barely had time to notice the plaque on the frame Dooley's, before Jack grabbed his sleeve and pulled him into the darkness. He paused for his eyes to adjust. The bar was empty, and Jack called out to the bartender. "Two on the go." The bartender reached out and pulled a lever on a draft beer keg. Mike jumped back a bit to the floor behind the counter and it slid open revealing a stairway spiraling downwards underground. Jack jerked his head for Mike to follow. The Bartender didn't look their way... "Come on Mike, I want to show you something." Jack started down the stairs waiting for him at the bottom of the steps. "It's in this area, not much further," he directed pushing open the creaky metal door. A musty smell permeated the air around them. "Wow!" Mike's mouth dropped open, and his eyes bulged out of their sockets in shock as he looked at all the sophisticated computerized equipment and weapons that were crammed into the large room. "What's this stuff and where did it come from?" "This is everything that I have been telling you about," Jack answered while he walked around the room and explained each device and its capabilities to him. Jack touched a spot on the atlas-covered map hanging on the wall and a partition opened exposing a massive aquarium filled with different kinds of brightly colored fish swimming around red coral and rocks. He picked up a purple octagon faceted stone from the water that was emitting rays of light and after rolling it around in his fingers, he showed it to Mike. "When these are placed around oil spills, they change the chemistry of it into a harmless substance that breaks down and floats away." He bent down and pointed his finger as he looked through the glass. "See these reefs, they're biologically developed in a laboratory so when all the ocean dwelling creatures swim by or through them, they conduct frequency currents through their electrical system that heals all abnormalities in the animals." "What's this huge shield looking thing, Jack?" Mike inquired pulling it towards him. "That's what it is, it's exactly supposed to activate an invisible force which can't be penetrated or seen by the human eye. It will be used to implement all the restoration equipment when we create a weather crisis as a distraction and protection when we put the balancing elements back into the earth. When I touch this button watch what happens." He tapped it with his finger, and the shield began to compress when a flashing blue light appeared, then it separated into fragments and broke down into a tiny microchip. "It's amazing Mike; in fact, every apparatus, I've shown you in this room, is supposed to transform into microchips. That's how we are able to hide them." "How is that possible? Are you telling me that huge aquarium holding all that water and fish will break down into a microchip?" Mike arched his eyebrow with skepticism as he looked at the small crystal Jack held in his hand. "I haven't actually seen that one convert, but scientists believe everything within atomic mass has a gravitational field that can be manipulated. The next mechanism, I assume, could be the key to our existence as human beings. This equipment could pull water from anywhere through a large vortex like a vacuum and send it suspended in a molecular chamber of clouds and disperse it where there is a drought. I was told it could freeze tons of water and restore ice caps to the North Pole. Then, wildlife like seals and polar bears will be safe again." Jack patted the control panel as he moved to the next demonstration. "The last two inventions were developed just a few years ago. I'm not exactly sure how the first one works, I think it has something to do with analyzing the composition and then breaking it down and changing it into an edible source. Give me your shoe Mike." "Why?" "Just give it to me. I want to show you how this gadget works." "Okay, here." Mike took his loafer off and handed it to him. "This I have got to see," he replied, with a smirk on his face. "Stand back. I'm not sure how this contraption works, I've seen it once before, but I think we should take safety precautions when I activate it. Here goes." Jack placed a small white box on an oblong table next to the aquarium and placed the shoe in front of it, then he reached over and pushed several switches on the side of the device. A violet energy wave shot out from it and encircled the shoe, lifting it in the air. The leather began to break apart into tiny particles and spin around then disappear and reappear reconstructed like jigsaw puzzle parts closing together to form what looked like bread. "Success," Jack squealed! "Well, Mike, I guess I made a believer out of you. Here taste it, he smiled, shoving a piece of the crust in Mike's mouth. "Well, what do you think? Does it taste like food?" "It's delicious" he mumbled, swallowing the morsel. Then Jack reversed the procedure and handed him back his loafer. Mike stood there staring at it, his eyes wide open and frozen in a daze with the hair standing up on the back of his neck as if he had just seen a ghost. Jack picked up a slender looking black gun from a shelf and waved it in the air. "This solar laser destroys disease in animals and man. No more primitive surgeries, just aim it at the afflicted area and solar energy diffuses and corrects the body's imbalance." "I'm convinced that this equipment can change our world. I showed you what I and the network have been working on because we have been good friends for years, and I not only trust you, but you're like my kid brother. We already have everything we need; it's just a matter of when to get the ball rolling," he uttered, ruffling Mike's hair with his hand. Suddenly, the alarm went off outside the door. Jack's heart pounded against his chest, and he whirled around yelling as he ran toward the sound. "Who's there?" he screamed, gasping for breath. His startled eyes peered over horn-rimmed glasses. No one answered. "What's wrong?" Mike frowned. Reluctantly, he walked with stiff awkward movements towards Jack. "I guess it's a malfunction, I hope that's all it is; because this place's secrecy is supposed to be as tight as a drum. Other than that, it could be an infiltration," he responded, his voice vibrating with fear. Jack turned his head slowly, with blazing eyes he clenched his jaw and walked with caution through the door. He started to climb the stairs when his cell phone rang. "Now what?" He answered it and started to pace back-and-forth, swaying from one foot to the other as he talked to the caller. He wiped beads of sweat dripping off his forehead with his hand and slammed his receiver shut as he approached the stairs, then turned around and spoke to Mike. "I have to leave and fly to the Middle East tomorrow, a restoration device that was planted there was stolen by those thieves in Iran. This is the event that could trigger the combat division to use the invisible force shield to get it back." "What the hell did you get yourself into?" Mike murmured, rolling his eyes around. I've known you all these years, and I never once did I take you seriously about your rantings of restoring the world. I thought it was just a bunch of nonsense, and now I'm involved in a battle that could be the salvation of restoring the earth back to its original balance. I don't know what to say Jack, you're either a fool or a hero." "Don't say anything; just know that tomorrow will be the beginning of the fight for civilization to exist. My people will begin the distraction of the weather crisis, so we can start the restoration. I've got to get going; the men in the operation have arranged for a jet to fly me to the Middle East for a meeting. Pray for me and watch the news, there are still those of us who want to bring healing to the world. This is a futuristic gift for you. Contact me with this hologram transporter. It's programmed to be on at all times, right now this blinking light means the machine is in sleep mode. To activate it, wave your hand over the visual screen, and the beam will send a live image of myself back to you. Don't worry I'll be back soon. Old tomcats like me have nine lives." He winked at Mike and slipped the instrument in his hand. Then, Jack ascended towards the top of the stairs and disappeared out of sight. Mike's puzzled blue eyes stared at the top of the stairs as he thought about Jack. He cupped his hand under his chin and whispered, shaking his head. "I guess he must be a hero, after all."
  12. Summerrose

    2014 Don Martin Lyric of the Year

    Congratulations Iggy! Even though I didn't get a chance to vote you were my top pick. A very well crafted song with strong emotional pull. Also, Congratulations to Neal, another master lyricist, bringing home the gold many times in the contest this past year. Summer
  13. Thanks for the great comments on my lyrics.

  14. I posted a comment on your lyrics on Christmas Eve in Our Small Town. I really liked it a lot!

  15. Summerrose

    Christmas Eve in our small town

    You took me on a journey into the past with your delightful description of a an old fashioned Christmas in a small town. I could almost taste the cookies and smell the hot chocolate. I could hear someone like Michael Buble' singing this song. Nice Lyric Summer