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  1. electronic

    While I understand the current-ness (not a word, I know), this genre really slips by me as soulless. You do show promise in arranging, i would say go with less clutter and make a melody cut through for the repetitive aspect (hook)...the speeded up vocal/slowed vocal and swirling keyboard arpeggios running constant in the same space are distracting to me. There are moments when the sub and other things are a bit flat/sharp. This was not meant to be harsh in any way, just giving first impressions, and keep in mind that I know nothing of the genre other than how it has always struck me.
  2. Oddly, I hear early tears for fears in here, there is no way I could ever explain that...I just do. This has great potential but is a bit new broadway as it stands. It could easily be part of stage production to be sure, great effort.
  3. Dude, we need to do more collaborating.
  4. WAVE AFTER WAVE Mac Charles. https://maccharles.bandcamp.com/track/wave-after-wave adrift in our bed when the dream begins, windows left open and the ocean spilling in, with star fish above her, a pearl in a shell to discover- I'm swept up in her wake, wave after wave- surface grows distant as the fish swim into view, slow motion gems in her eyes, flashing green and blue, the clown fish will love her, storms brew above her, she pulls me under, wave after wave- the tide is subsiding, her motion is inviting, washing over me, wave after wave- the surface is falling, orca still calling, wake her slowly, wave after wave-
  5. Montgomery, yes, the drums seem to be an issue with most....maybe some day I'll get off my butt and go back and fix it. Thanks for the spin!
  6. Cap, Things like length sometimes get over looked when cranking them out weekly, I always plan on going back and fixing stuff like that but rarely find the time....ha Thanks for the spin.
  7. Paul, thanks for the positive spin!
  8. Fab, Seal.....that's huge to me! Those first two records are staple listening. Thank you!
  9. Leo, thanks again!
  10. Sideout, awesome of you to say! But FYI this forum is full of great work by great writers....keep listening.
  11. Allan, peter gabriel?...that's a new one but I'll take it, thanks for the spin.
  12. Justin, high praise, considering YOUR skills.....thank you.
  13. Alby, I know pretty much nothing about mastering, I just write, track, mix and post on the fly basically. Thanks for listening.
  14. Sorry everyone, it was an EQ error...I fixed it on the fly and it's back up.....have at it. https://maccharles.bandcamp.com/track/recurring-dream
  15. Thank you Lostboy.....but this was mixed on tiny computer speakers and I just heard it on decent studio monitors...the kick is out of control...I'll have to take it down and remix it.