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  1. GocartMoz

    May Song Contest

    BRING ME HOME(C)2018 David S. Becker MusicMusic & Lyrics by David S. Becker INTRO VERSE 1Everybody’s got to wait to seeWhen they die will their soul fly freeWill the pain be swept awayIs it just a role in another playMy heart keeps pumping way too fastI can’t find the breath to askBut I’ve gotHey I’ve got to knowVERSE 2In the morning when I wake in lightTied to a drip with a nurse in whitePlease make my pain go awayJust can’t last another dayMy head keeps spinning fasterPlease tell me what comes afterCause I’ve gotHey I’ve got to knowCHORUSAnd will I be alone when I get thereOr will you hold my hand like in my prayerWill he lead me to my father’s resting placeAnd wipe that lonely aching burden from my faceBring me homeAnd will you keep my wife and children safeMake their home a cherished happy placeCan I look upon them every now and thenI fear without them there’s a heart that will not mendBring me homeVERSE 3Thought that I could plan aheadThis came upon me like a big code redI think of the things I'll missScratch them off my bucket listI can’t make this go awayThe agony is here to stayAnd I needI need to knowVERSE 4I can’t stand that sterile stinkNo sleep not a single winkA constant beep from an IV pumpHair falls out in one large clumpAnd I just can’t think clearlyAs the morphine drips so freelyI needI need to knowCHORUS (1st half only)BRIDGEThis will be peacefulA sympathetic way to endSuch compassionI am surrounded by my friendsI need to do thisIt’s the path that I must takeJust give me one kissLet me see my resting placeI’m going home (spoken)SOLOCHORUS (2d half only)
  2. GocartMoz

    Released (acoustic)

    This sounded great. Mighty fine recording, but I am hoping its' not done. This needs to be developed. Don't scrap it. Needs a chorus and some more variation. Loved the guitar line. Hope you finish this one. Iy has a lot of potential. Dave
  3. Not my genre, but extremely impressed with the recording, especially if its your first song. I think the low end could be up a touch, especially with this kind of tune. Not sure I felt my chest thumping as much as it should, especially if this is dance club bound. Take that for what its' worth as I am a guy who has not been to a dance club in decades and doesn't listen to this kind of music, but it does seem intuitive to me that the bass needs to be thumping more. Very impressive. Dave
  4. GocartMoz


    To me, this sounds a little Roger Waters/Floydish. Very impressed with the recording. Guitar sounds pristine. I enjoyed it. Not too familiar with your past stuff. I have heard one tune I recall and this was far superior. I thought it took a little too much time to get to the first verse, but the guitar sound was so pristine I was cool with it. I liked the percussion. Sounding good to me. Touching lyric, as well. Dave
  5. GocartMoz


    Hello rwade, Don't think I have heard your stuff. Very impressive sound. The good - love the sound of the acoustic in the beginning. The bad - I agree with Tom that the intro went on too long such that I believe most would think it is not an intro at all, but rather just an instrumental. Also agree with Os, that you have a unique timbre to your vocal that is a positive, not a negative. The whole piece, in a way, vocal and music, gave me a Mark Knopfler feel on some of his solo stuff. I also agree with David, that timing wise, there are some major issues. For me, that was the most distracting part of the song. This could be great, but needs some editing I think. Dave
  6. GocartMoz

    Bottle of Whiskey

    Forgot to mention my one nit. I don't like the title. For me, it gives no hint whatsoever about the real subject of the song.
  7. GocartMoz

    Bottle of Whiskey

    Hey RoadDog: Been awhile since I have been here to listen to some tracks. This is, by far (imho), your best song to date and you have had some good ones. In terms of what I have heard from you, not only is the write fantastic, but the recording quality has improvec tremendously. I think the lyric is top notch and add me to the group that disagrees with Os on that one line. It is a tremendous line imo. The story isn't about you in my eyes, but it is about her and this paints the picture pretty wll imho. I do agree with the comments regarding the volume levels on the lead guitar (easy fix). This is a winner (havn't checked the contest boards to see how it did in the contest - but it is a winner in my book regardless). Congrats! Me like. Dave
  8. GocartMoz

    Won't Be Your Tool

    Good tune. Loved the guitar playing and vocals. Really nice melody. The crowd laughter affects though didn't work for me. The song's purity from the vocal and guitar get lost. The affects weren't needed imho. Loved the song though. Dave
  9. GocartMoz

    One love manchester

    I like the song, especially the lyric. I totally agree with David's comments regarding the chorus. It is definately anthemic, and needs something to beef it up - I almost hear a choir there. It would really add to the already good dynamics of the tune. Some of the lyric seemed a bit rushed ("a sense of pride" for example). Good tune. That being said, it would be really really good with a full production. I don't quite see this reaching its full potential with just the acoustic guitar. Dave
  10. GocartMoz


    Great stuff Johan! Your signature sound for sure, though in a small way, your stuff reminds me a bit of Social Distortion. Liked it all Dave
  11. GocartMoz

    Run Away With Me

    Well played, though I agree with TC's comments regarding the solo. Singing is excellent, as usual. Fun tune, enjoyed it. I did get a bit tired of the hook though after awhile, though I think you hit your goal here of writing a homage to old school. From that vantage point, it worked great. Dave
  12. GocartMoz

    Friend to the End

    Really great production. Loved it. Well done. Very Beatlesque
  13. GocartMoz

    Keepin' It Real

    Awesome lyric. You definately have a way with words. From a purely lyrical perspective, this was great. I wasn't a fan of the music though. I really can't put my finger on it, but the melody just didn't engage me. Man I love the lyric though. Dave
  14. GocartMoz

    Girls On The Beach

    Good stuff ... catchy uniquer melody. Enjoyed the lyric. Drew me in right from the get go.
  15. GocartMoz

    Interesting Times

    Liked the lyric alot and the performance. I wasn't crazy about the melody. For me, both the chorus and pre-chorus seemed to be just a similar extension of the verse. There really seemed to be a lack of variety in the different parts and a lack of dynamics. Enjoyed it nonetheless.