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  1. GocartMoz

    September Song Contest

    Yes Road Dog, it is a Tele. The same Tele in the Soundcloud pic for my song. It is a 1977 Tele Deluxe. The Deluxe has twin humbuckers, as opposed to a single coil pickup. I bought the guitar new back in '77. All original parts, aside from the tuners. A few years back I put locking tuners on it. I also changed out the string tree. Other than that, all original parts, including the pickups. Dave
  2. GocartMoz

    September Song Contest

    Congrats to the winners and Thanks Paul for running the show. Great job, as always. I guess I was a bit out of the mainstream this month. For me, David (Hobo's) Psycho Bitch was the standout, shining on all levels. The guitar playing, the singing, the arrangement, the write and the recording were all exceptional in my book. Os's, All Fall Down was my second favorite. I wish the lyric developed a bit more, but so well done. Great job. I had Road Dog's Porn Star coming in with the bronze. Frankly, shocked at its' finish. I thought the lyric was so clever. A refreshing write which I totally enjoyed. Honestly, I am surprised A Twisted Love Story finished in the middle of the pack. I truly thought it would be last this month. I never have considered this one of my better songs. Pleasantly surprised. Once again, congrats to the winners.
  3. GocartMoz

    September Song Contest

    A TWISTED LOVE STORY Music & Lyrics by David S. Becker Produced, Arranged & Performed by David S. Becker (aside from drums, which were programmed) (c) 2018 David S. Becker Music All Rights Reserved INTRO VERSE 1 On the table there is champagne on ice On the jukebox Marvin's crooning There's a fire burning warm and nice But I feel the evil looming PRE-CHORUS I tell you that I love you (Then you smash the brand new car) I tell you that I need you (Then you meet him at the bar) I tell you that you're everything And that I'd never screw you CHORUS Will you hold me tonight My sweet one (And nibble just a bit on my ears) Or will you take a bat to my head As I sleep some (You sick scum) You smell so lovely tonight My only one (You're everything I've always feared) Stick the knife in deeper Or better yet use a gun (Have some fun) VERSE 2 Your makeup glitters flawlessly Your radiance abounds You promenade so effortlessly While your wickedness astounds PRE-CHORUS CHORUS SOLO CHORUS
  4. GocartMoz

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Thank you for your comments Dominick. The Dream is a very personal song for me. In 2007, I received a stem cell transplant to combat an autoimmune disease. I was at Duke Univesity Hospital for the better part of a year in a clinical trial. The doctors had given me a 50% chance of surviving more than 5 years. I have done well since., That experience is what principally inspired The Dream. I had other family menbers dealing with major health issues, as well. The Dream was influenced by all of those experiences. I appreciate your comments. Dave
  5. GocartMoz

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    My thoughts on the entries: The S - A Burden On Me I thought this was a great entry. As I have said before, the vocal quality is fantastic, especially for an iPhone recording. I agree with Fab, that you are very pro sounding. Honestly, if I had any fault of the song it is with structure. I rrealzize these Dylanesque type tunes sometimes adhere to an all verse structure, but I was wanting a change up. Otherwise, great stuff. Good lyric. Donnie - When Daddy’s Drinking A very relatable lyric and very well written. For me, however, musically, it didn't really offer anything new to my ears. Moso - Say You Wanna Be With Me This was hard for me to score. I thought it was very cool musically (instrumentally), but the way it was sung, kind of under the breath, made it very hard to really get a full picture of the song. I don't want to score based upon how good the vocal is, but it prevented me I think from getting a full picture of the song, which I believe could be exceptional. fabkebab - doings and beings Really enjoyed this tune, as I do almost all of your songs. Absent some real standouts this month, this could have easily won. Loved the lyric and playing. ScenesFromPalacio - Swimming As always, musically I thought this was great. Lyrially, it just didn't hit home with me. Performance, as always, is tops. Boy frevm - Runnin I also noted this was not a 1 + 1, but honestly that wasn't the issue for me. This seemed like the start of a song. It didn't seem nearly done, and what was recorded, vocally, I had extreme difficulty making out the lyric. Absent a written lyric, I would have never gotten it. RoadDog - Bombs Away Great lyric, as always. In my mind, you are the most creative lyric writer I have seen on this site. It is always interesting, always unique and always extremely well done. Unfortunately, the music/melody didn't carry it to the finish line for me. discatticus - The Price I Pay I kind of felt the same as I felt with S's song on this one. It was well done. I enjoyed the lyric, but it suffered from a lack of variation in parts. Dynamically, it didn't do it for me. Joan - Down from the Trees I really enjoyed this song. It was such a well written lyric and performance. Nicely done. Absent some other standouts this month, it likely would have placed in my mind. lyD - Always You I loved this tune. Such an easy going singer/songwriter write, with a lovely lyric and brilliant performance. Right up my alley. No real nits, PaulCanuck - Uber Love While this is definitely not the style of song I would normally listen to, I scored it 2d, because it is so well done. The lyric blew me away. so well written and the music was perfectly suited for the whimsical lyric. A fantastic write. Ironknee - His Eyes I scored this as my winner. Honestly, I thought there were better lyrics this month, but the music was so well done that it carried it over the top for me. Very unique, interesting melody. Extremely well performed. Congrats on a job well done. Once again, congrats to the winners. Well deserved,. Thanks to the non-contestant scorers and Murph for running the show. Dave
  6. GocartMoz

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    I wanted to clarify that the Piano in my song was not played by me. I am primarily a guitar player who can scrub together a bass line and some keyboard parts in my songs. I wrote The Dream on guitar in 2013 and actually recorded a guitar version at that time. I always envisioned it, however, as a solo piano piece. I wasintroduced to Band in a Box earlier this year. The piano track, in the new recording,, was generated through this program. Dave
  7. GocartMoz

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Congrats to the winners. Amazingly, my top 3 were the top 3 in the correct order even. Call me Kreskin! Extraordinary guitar work Tom and a mighty fine song. Clear winner for me. Paul - what a superb lyric. I was reading the lyric as I listened and spit up the soda I was drinking when I got to the Lyft part. You certainly have a way of weaving a tale for sure! Always You was my 3D choice and man, just a classic easy going folky singer songwriting tune that had me captivated throughout. S ... sorry you got dq’d, loved your tune too. Man, you have a crazy good vocal. When it sounds that good on an IPhone recording you know you have something special. Good stuff everyone. Enjoyed listening. Dave
  8. GocartMoz

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    I am just getting this in at the 4 minute mark, with some editing. I still can't make 3:30 happen. As far as a "happy, hopeful song," I am afraid that isn't happening here either. Still posting, as I understand these are not rules but just suggestions. If they are disqualifying, no problem … feel free to disqualify. I completely understand. I appreciate anyone agreeing to run these contests. The Dream (c)2018 David S. Becker Music Written by David S. Becker in 2013 Intro Verse 1 I'm walking Down a narrow road I'm carrying Such a heavy load I'm losing my breath Trying not to fall behind I'm struggling To stay within the lines Verse 2 A weight it lifts No more need to fight A blast of air And a radiant light I'm for once at ease As the air it fills my lungs The pain is gone My body and mind go numb Pre-Chorus But I can't escape This nightmare Why must I have to wake This existence I'd forsake I've survived too long In this hospice In my dream I'm set free It's where I want to be Chorus I want to go home Home There's nothing here for me But pain & misery Home I need to go home Won't someone set me free Take these shackles off of me Bridge Well I have a pulse My heart's beating I can take a breath I'm breathing But the pain is never easing And to suffer there's no meaning Verse 3 I am sleeping With a peaceful ease No bitter cold Just a soothing breeze There's a voice that's faint Screaming "stay with me" A shock to the chest Why can't they let me be Repeat Pre-chorus Repeat Chorus
  9. GocartMoz

    July song competition

    Thx Fab for running the show. Fab job. Happy to say I was clairvoyant this go around. My top 3 were the top 3 in the contest though not exactly in the correct order. I had David winning this one, with Steve a close second and Johan in 3d. Tough to differentiate those 3. All very good and very unique. I think Steve's tune was my favorite of any I have heard from him and would have been a winner in any other contest absent David's and Johan's stellar songs. David, what a great write. The vocal performance was astounding. Before I get comments about judging on performance, I thought the write was astounding,, as well. Johan … tops, my friend. Your songs get better and better! Special mention to Moptop. I enjoyed your song a lot. Just pure poppy fun. Thx again Fab. Fun contest! Dave
  10. GocartMoz

    July song competition

    Venom & Vitriol (c)2013, 2016 David S. Becker Music All Rights Reserved Verse 1 With looks that kill She walked and left me hangin' She tied the noose so tight And every check I write A cold reminder Of all those sleepless Chorus Nights we've spent together Filled with venom And vitriol For better or for worse It sounds so hollow When you hit a wall I'm trying to remember exactly why I said "I do" Things would be so peaceful Had I never Met you Verse 2 I can't get past the anger and frustration That bitch she bled me dry Most days I drown myself inside a bottle And all those sleepless Chorus Solo Bridge I miss her so much She was always right I loved her truly Ah, but those sleepless Chorus
  11. GocartMoz

    Best opening line to a song

    Madman Drummers Bummers and Indians in the Summer With a Teenage Diplomat - Springsteen/Blinded By The Light I woke up in a Soho doorway, the policeman knew my name - The Who/Who Are You Calling Mister Oswald with the swastika tattoo, there is a vacancy waiting in the English voodoo - Elvis Costello/Less Than Zero Did they tear it out with talons of steel - Graham Parker & The Rumour/You Can't Be Too Strong- Read more: Graham Parker - You Can't Be Too Strong Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  12. GocartMoz

    Best Movies Related to Music

    This is Spinal Tap Quadrophenia Tommy Gimme Shelter The Wall
  13. GocartMoz

    June Song Contest

    Totally agree Patty. Under the present system 10's and 9's seem out of the question, umless I hear a song that surpasses Springsteen's Meeting Across The River, which isn't likely to happen. However, I can envision the possibility that I may hear a song in a contest here that surpasses CCR's Proud Mary, but never Ike and Tine Turner's version.
  14. GocartMoz

    June Song Contest

    A lot of good tunes … Congrats to the winners. My top 3 were as follows: 1. New School - great tune in all respects. Enjoyed it all. 2. Right Then and There - Loved this one as well. Loved the vibe, melody and performances. 3. I had a four way tie for the third spot (Sunday Christian, The Truth Comes Stumbling In, Dreaming of You and Love and Joy). Nice job everyone. BTW Murphster - Did I mention I got a 2.0? Even if scorer #4 did make a scoring mistake by not understanding the 1-10 scale, you shouldn't feel bad. He scored one 4 and the rest were 3.5 or below. Don't mistake this statement as a criticism of the scorer. I am just pointing out that if indeed the scoring was per the 1-10 guidelines in the instructions, everyone got a low score, not just Murphster. Thanks Neal for running the contest. Dave
  15. GocartMoz

    The Turd That Got Left Behind

    Nice visuals! While a lyric like this could have been just another POS you really made it real and brought us right there in the throne with you. Enjoyed it. Glad I ate my lunch a few hours ago though. Dave