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  1. GocartMoz

    July song competition

    Thx Fab for running the show. Fab job. Happy to say I was clairvoyant this go around. My top 3 were the top 3 in the contest though not exactly in the correct order. I had David winning this one, with Steve a close second and Johan in 3d. Tough to differentiate those 3. All very good and very unique. I think Steve's tune was my favorite of any I have heard from him and would have been a winner in any other contest absent David's and Johan's stellar songs. David, what a great write. The vocal performance was astounding. Before I get comments about judging on performance, I thought the write was astounding,, as well. Johan … tops, my friend. Your songs get better and better! Special mention to Moptop. I enjoyed your song a lot. Just pure poppy fun. Thx again Fab. Fun contest! Dave
  2. GocartMoz

    July song competition

    Venom & Vitriol (c)2013, 2016 David S. Becker Music All Rights Reserved Verse 1 With looks that kill She walked and left me hangin' She tied the noose so tight And every check I write A cold reminder Of all those sleepless Chorus Nights we've spent together Filled with venom And vitriol For better or for worse It sounds so hollow When you hit a wall I'm trying to remember exactly why I said "I do" Things would be so peaceful Had I never Met you Verse 2 I can't get past the anger and frustration That bitch she bled me dry Most days I drown myself inside a bottle And all those sleepless Chorus Solo Bridge I miss her so much She was always right I loved her truly Ah, but those sleepless Chorus
  3. GocartMoz

    Best opening line to a song

    Madman Drummers Bummers and Indians in the Summer With a Teenage Diplomat - Springsteen/Blinded By The Light I woke up in a Soho doorway, the policeman knew my name - The Who/Who Are You Calling Mister Oswald with the swastika tattoo, there is a vacancy waiting in the English voodoo - Elvis Costello/Less Than Zero Did they tear it out with talons of steel - Graham Parker & The Rumour/You Can't Be Too Strong- Read more: Graham Parker - You Can't Be Too Strong Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  4. GocartMoz

    Best Movies Related to Music

    This is Spinal Tap Quadrophenia Tommy Gimme Shelter The Wall
  5. GocartMoz

    June Song Contest

    Totally agree Patty. Under the present system 10's and 9's seem out of the question, umless I hear a song that surpasses Springsteen's Meeting Across The River, which isn't likely to happen. However, I can envision the possibility that I may hear a song in a contest here that surpasses CCR's Proud Mary, but never Ike and Tine Turner's version.
  6. GocartMoz

    June Song Contest

    A lot of good tunes … Congrats to the winners. My top 3 were as follows: 1. New School - great tune in all respects. Enjoyed it all. 2. Right Then and There - Loved this one as well. Loved the vibe, melody and performances. 3. I had a four way tie for the third spot (Sunday Christian, The Truth Comes Stumbling In, Dreaming of You and Love and Joy). Nice job everyone. BTW Murphster - Did I mention I got a 2.0? Even if scorer #4 did make a scoring mistake by not understanding the 1-10 scale, you shouldn't feel bad. He scored one 4 and the rest were 3.5 or below. Don't mistake this statement as a criticism of the scorer. I am just pointing out that if indeed the scoring was per the 1-10 guidelines in the instructions, everyone got a low score, not just Murphster. Thanks Neal for running the contest. Dave
  7. GocartMoz

    The Turd That Got Left Behind

    Nice visuals! While a lyric like this could have been just another POS you really made it real and brought us right there in the throne with you. Enjoyed it. Glad I ate my lunch a few hours ago though. Dave
  8. GocartMoz

    June Song Contest

    I'M NOT GIVIN' UP ON LOVE By David S. Becker (c)2018 David S. Becker Music https://soundcloud.com/gocartmoz/im-not-giving-up-on-love INTRO VERSE 1 Everytime I see your face babe It blows my mind You drive me crazy When you say your mine CHORUS I'm not givin' up on love I'm not givin' up on love You can tell all your friends Sing to the heavens above I'm not givin' up on love I'm not givin' up on love VERSE 2 I see all those tears at Parkland And Santa Fe They can stop a heart from beating But they can't take love away CHORUS SOLO BRIDGE You and me babe We can change the world And watch the fever grow I know this cancer's spreading far and wide Just wait 'til our love takes hold CHORUS VERSE 3 You can take a mother from her baby Because she's not like you But you can't break those bonds of love No matter what you do CHORUS OUTRO No I'm not givin' up on love
  9. GocartMoz

    A Drunkard's Lullabye

    Thx a bunch for the listen and comments Paul. They are greatly appreciated.
  10. GocartMoz

    May Song Contest

    Thx Paul for running the show. Enjoyed all the tunes. Interesting array of tunes ... all so vastly different from one another. My top pick was Justin’s tune. Thought the performance and production and write was tops. Tied for second and third were The Way You Make Me Feel and Sent To Win, two genres I Never listen to and are not to my liking. That being said thought either could be on the radio as is, though sent to win might require some editing. Thought the performances and production on both were tops. For their genre, really good writes as well. All three had it all imo. Be back later for comments on others. Thx again Paul.
  11. GocartMoz

    A Drunkard's Lullabye

    Thx much Jim for the listen and comments. I was going for more dynamics in this one, thus the ups and downs. Maybe too much though. Agree the sax transition into the last pre-chorus seemed awkward. I also felt that. Things to take a second look at for sure. By the way, the chorus starts out with a completely different chord progression than the verse, but then kind of does revert back to similar chords to those used in the verse. I can understand your statements regarding their similarity. It does have a similar feel. Thx again. Very much appreciated. Dave
  12. GocartMoz

    A Drunkard's Lullabye

    Thx for the listen and comments Irwin. Much appreciated. Dave
  13. GocartMoz


    Really enjoyed the music, performance and production. Smooth melody. That being said, I wasn't crazy about the lyric. It just seemed a bit generic to me, with nothing new really brought to the table. The "Adorable" hook really didn't grab me … but the music did. I thought the melody was full of hooks. Not so much on the lyrical end. Dave
  14. GocartMoz

    Opposite Sex

    Sounds like good bones for a tune. Interesting lyric. Not sure about the line, "it's a fact that I can't flex." Flex seems like the wrong word there. Not sure. I had a bit of a problem following the lyric with the melody, but I got enough that I think you should continue and turn this into something more special. Good luck with it. Dave
  15. A Drunkard's Lullabye Music & Lyrics by David S. Becker (c)2018 David S. Becker Music All Rights Reserved Thanks for any feedback you can offer on my newest write and recording INTRO VERSE 1 Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Something I've never ever seen before Her long blonde hair so wild and free Well like a dream she serenaded me PRE-CHORUS And then the lights came on And I finished my beer That image in my mind Would never re-appear And then the bartender asked me Where had I been Don't give it any mind Just pour me some Gin CHORUS A drunkard's lullabye A songbird sang She made me cry A voice as smoothe As Gin on ice A drunkard's lullabye VERSE 2 She sang to me of hopeful days And how sometimes in life we lose our way And like a kids first time in a candy store I took it all in and I craved for more PRE-CHORUS Then the lights came on And I opened my eyes The bartender said My credits run dry Two bouncers came by They grabbed me by the shirt They kicked me to the curb And then they threw me in the dirt CHORUS MUSICAL BREAK PRE-CHORUS Well the lights came on I hopped in a cab I got to the house And the Mrs. was mad I jumped into bed Trying to dream of my muse I woke in the morning And I bought some more booze CHORUS