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  1. Interesting song....I liked it.....great vocals. However, if I hadn't seen lyrics posted, I would have assumed that this was an instrumental. I almost stopped listening. A 30 second intro is a bit long with very little changing musically. I would suggest that you add some more words, and use them sooner. It's the vocals that carry the song, so I would like to hear more of them. I think adding a few more instruments would also help make the song song a little more dynamically interesting. (at least a bass). Nice effort. Chaz
  2. Fab, I liked this...had the chorus hanging around in my head for an hour or so. There is one thing that bothered me however. The Uke, and rhythm guitar have a bouncy almost shuffle feel to them. But the banjo and horns are playing a straight "4". For me, that conflict sort of messed up the groove. Also, the guitar solo starts the modulation, and at first I thought it was really out of tune....It wasn't, but I wonder how many other listeners would have the same reaction. It starts nakedly without chords to back it and that could be very easy to fix if you deem it to be at all important. If not...never mind. Nice effort. Chaz
  3. First time I entered one of these in 5 years. Posted this about a year ago...I completely re-did it. I Was The One I was the one to tire. I was the one to say that there was no time. I was the one to tire. I was the one to say, "Goodbye." I was the one to go. I was the one to run out of hope. I was the one to go. Guess I'll never know. Why, Why, why, why goodbye. Never thought it would end this way. I thought you'd be the one. To hit the road or sail away, into the setting sun. I was the one to fade. I was the one to feel like I don't belong. I was the one to fade, and rain on our parade. Why,why, why, why so long. When love dies said to say, there is no afterlife. Can't hold on anymore, our day has turned to night. First verse repeated: Goodbye my old friend. We thought it never end. We tried. I tired. So long, so long goodbye...goodbye.
  4. Well done protest songs can influence the minds of young people who are in the process of forming their opinions of the world....not gonna change our old minds but there can be a target for the message. BTW....recent polls show that the audience is getting tired of Baldwin's Trump...even though he does an amazingly funny job of it. Mike, you can thank me later for stirring the pot. Chaz
  5. Mike, This is not a protest song. These lyrics will not convince anyone who doesn't share your view to change their own. If anything, it will drive them away. Using words like moron and putz does not evoke thinking. This is a musical rant, and those who agree with you will like it. Those who do not, will dismiss what you have to say. I'm working on a song called, "Shut Up, Sit Down, You Lost.".....How's that for being subtle? Just kidding. The music works. Just tone down the anger and hate. Chaz
  6. Don't know if you're using any chord progressions when writing a song. It appears as though you don't play an instrument, and you probably feel as though it is too late to learn one. Learning some basic chords on any instrument would help your melody writing...by changing the chords, your melody would have to follow along with those changes. It's hard for me to imagine writing just the melody...sometimes that's the last thing I write. Sounding like Tom Petty isn't the worst thing. Fab's collaboration idea is a good one. Chaz
  7. I liked this...well performed, produced, and sung. On the verses, you might consider adding a clean guitar chord in the higher register, one crisp strum per measure (you probably know the style I'm talking about.) I do have one small nit... at the end of the chorus on the F# chord, you're singing a "d", and it doesn't sound to me, to be the best choice...maybe and "e" instead to make and F#7? Other than that, really nice effort. Chaz
  8. Mike, as usual, thanks for taking the time to reply. I use to use a TASCAM Neo...but it has some problems. This new one uses a SD card instead of a hard drive, and all the buttons work. Not sure if I'll be posting any more songs here...only 15 people chose to even listen to this song, and I was one of them.(to make sure the link worked). I've been a member and participant here for many years, and have received a ton of useful suggestions on improving my tunes...and have used many of them. I also made some good friends....don't feel that vibe anymore. This "complaint," will probably go unnoticed (like my latest song). Perhaps I'll just lurk, and pounce on turds that can't be shined. Chaz
  9. I haven't posted a song in quite some time. I got a new TASCAM DP 24-SD and used an old song to try to learn how to use it. My Korg PA-600 has some pretty good horn sounds so I thought I'd give that a shot too. Any feed back will be welcomed. https://soundcloud.com/charles-silhan/followed-by-me2717 Followed By Me. The old and the gray came through OK, but the little girl wanted to dance. Don't think she'll make it trying that way, but I guess we'll have to give her a chance. Happy folks told worn out jokes, and some children chose to listen. She can't tell if there's any hope, and has no way of knowing what's missing. Chorus? Can't take a chance of trying here dance, and stepping on someone's toes. That little girl takes her daily walk, but never know where she goes. Where we are we've not come far, and maybe we're on the wrong track. Don't think she'll make it trying that way, but for here there's no turning back. Chorus: Gonna be a while (be)fore we all can smile, and I don't know when it'll be. That little girl's gonna walk for miles but I know...she won't be followed by me.
  10. What's going on with this? Who's in charge? (I am not volunteering)
  11. If this doesn't make you smile, check your pulse to make sure you have one. https://biggeekdad.com/2017/01/youve-got-friend/
  12. Tammy girl, There's little that you do that I could ever disapprove of. You are a gift to the planet..and I'll bet you have some music to go with this poem..but I don't care for birds peaking your eyes out. Perhaps pecking your PRIDE out would be more acceptable to me. But what do I know. Love ya. Chaz
  13. I'll do some music..with the right to edit lyrics
  14. Mac, It's a bit ironic that Leo was the first to comment on your typically well-crafted song. At times, your two voices sound amazingly alike. I'd love to hear a duet. Chaz
  15. Guess it's about time I chimed in. Justin sent me a link to a heartwarming and compelling video he made, of mostly his kids playing....with his song as the background music...so thoughts of the plague were not in my mind. I did add a piano track (it's the same track you hear in both versions). He proceeded to mix it into oblivion. I also didn't care for the sound of his drums, and he suggested that I do a cover. (I actually did a version where both our voices are used, with his vocal scatting mine...he chose not to use it however). There's a lot of talent on this forum, and I think that this collaboration could be a good example of how it's possible to maximize that talent....helping each other when possible. I've made some good friends here, and Justin is certainly one of them. BTW...as I told Justin..in the past I've gotten a huge thrill hearing other people perform my songs. It's an acid test to see if the song has legs. It's the best way to be objective about your own song, when you have nothing to do with the performance or the recording of it...now I think Justin KNOWS that he wrote a good song. Chaz