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  1. Tammy, As previously stated...so good to hear you again. This is a very nice song. Still using the TASCAM 8-track? You production skills have gotten really good. I like the tempo changes and the harmonies (the only thing better than hearing you sing, is hearing two of you sing). Let me know if you ever need a few more instruments in your production. Love ya, Chaz
  2. Tammy, SO GOOD to see you back here. The newbies haven't gotten to hear you...and they should. Thanks for your very kind words. Chaz
  3. Geez Justin, So sorry to hear of your struggle. This is a lovely song (that I won't cover). If this is a live take, you should do it more often...your voice sounds incredibly good. I'm not crazy about the uke sound...it sounds too flimsy for an emotional song.....maybe some piano (I'd volunteer if you want). Beautiful piece. Take care my friend Chaz
  4. Alex, What a lot of people don't understand is that sounds matter. You sound terrific. I think your lyrics are very clever...but I loved Steely Dan and Yes, who's lyrics were arcane at best. I love your SOUND, and am a big fan...and this song is no exception...keep them coming. Chaz
  5. JOe, So glad I inspired you to write a song...and you know I really like you and your music. I also like the song, except for many of the lyrics. There is No subtlety here. You will not change anyone's mind with these words....it's just a rant. You name Trump, and call anyone who voted for him Stupid...unable to understand...understand what? That they're stupid? Your state was stupid..that may be so...but you really didn't tell me why..other than YOU don't like the guy. The music is really good...but you need to refine the words into a more convincing argument. Love Ya, Chaz
  6. Thanks to all who listened and commented. Ken: Thanks Joe: Thanks for all your help Paul: I wasn't really thinking of Hillary...she was pretty gracious. I was more inspired by the rioters on Inauguration Day. Trump (who I am not that big a fan of) wasn't even in office yet, and paid, masked goons were rioting...probably none of them voted. It was also a comment on recent practices of giving trophies and ribbons to kids who didn't win..so as not to hurt their delicate feelings, which actually hurts their ability to deal with the real world, where sometimes you lose. Scott: Thanks for all your help. If people want to hear just how well you did, they should just listen to my lame attempt to sing it...the next song down on Soundcloud. Barney: Thanks man...not crazy about contests, but maybe I will. Thanks to all again, Chaz
  7. Barry Gibb wrote this song for Celine Dion. They have both had serious losses recently. CAUTION!!! This performance might make you cry...I did.
  8. Mr. Buddha, Thanks for your kind words. The song title was originally titled as you suggested... and if I had called it that, someone here would have suggested that I shorten it. Either way, it's an easy fix. It was nice to only have to worry about playing guitars and bass...thanks to some great members here. This song can be interpreted in a non-political way..for all the kids who were never taught how to lose. Chaz
  9. I just read a post on the Song forum, asking how to find collaborators. I've been a member of this site for over 5 years and have found some...but more importantly, I've made some good friends. I have seen so many drive-by's just looking for pats on the back...and when they are not forthcoming, they disappear. I have gotten countless help from nice people who's ideas I've often incorporated in either my song, or the production of it. Today I posted a song that 3 members helped me with, both in production and performance BEFORE I even posted it. I think that to acquire a friend, you must at first be one. I would suggest that if you find someone here, who's music or performance you really like..reach out to them...if they also happen to appreciate your music, you might find a partner. I get no greater thrill than hearing someone other than me, sing my songs. I have also sung or produced songs for other members...it's fun and rewarding. People who only write words will have a harder time finding someone to put music to their lyrics...because most song writers write their own words...and most lyric writers don't get involved with the song forum...but I still think it's possible for people to get together. The music business is at best, very cruel...but here we can have some fun, and make some friends....and to me. that's what this site is all about. Oh yeah, hats off to Alistair for keeping this place going, and the other Mods too.
  10. This is a bit complicated. Some time back I was commenting on a protest song posted here..and I jokingly suggested I write a song called "Shut, Up, Sit Down, You Lost. Lazz commented that I should write it. At the same time I got a new guitar and effects pedal and wanted to write something with no piano (my main instrument). So I wrote this song....the only problem was although I can sing, my voice is way too wimpy for this song. So I reached out to some fellow members here to sing it for me. My first request went to jOe (Onewholovesrock)...he couldn't do it but stayed with me in writing and production help. So I then asked Scotto..who did the a great job on the vocal. I also asked another member here for help (he chooses to remain unnamed ) He added background vocals and also did a great mix. This is probably one of the few songs on this site that has REAL drums (thanks to my brother). The words on on Soundcloud Any comments are welcomed. Thanks, Chaz https://soundcloud.com/charles-silhan/you-lost
  11. Thanks to all who listened and commented. Mac: We should, and I'll send you some pieces of a piece I'm working on. Emily2: Wow, that women can sing...cool song...thanks. Aneanani: Yeah, I know about the clipping...chorus and verse?...never thought of it that way. Thanks for the comments. Fish: Did you mean play louder, or play higher notes? This one's not going on any album...the next song I post maybe. Thanks again to all.
  12. Just a little piano piece I wrote....harder to play than it sounds. Anyone's welcome to add lyrics and make a song out of it.
  13. Alex, You're worried about your voice? I think you could sing from the phone book and sound really good. I think the lyrics are very clever....so much more than most "breakup" songs The recording is pretty primitive, so it's a little difficult to judge, but what I heard I liked. The "goodbye.. eye" in the chorus sounds a little clumsy, but I think if you were doing a studio version of the song, that could be fixed with a few more takes. This is a very nice song...get it produced and post it again. Nice work. Chaz
  14. Hey Fab, Interesting and likable song. I have a few concerns however. If you hadn't labeled the chorus as such, I might not have known it was the chorus, because the chord changes did not change. I would keep the words, but change the melody and chords to make it stand out from the verses. Also, the instrumentation is constant, so there is no build. The drums don't influence the dynamics at all. Are you using Garage Band or something like that? If so, there has to be a way to add variations on the basic pattern. I like the vocal and the words...just think it needs some work on the production. The song is kind of sticking in my head, so I think you're on the right track with it. Lot's of potential, Chaz
  15. Hey jOe, I think that G is the perfect key for your voice. The song is you...I like it. I would like to hear it with a full band. My only concern would be the word, "Daredevil." It seems kind of jammed in uncomfortably. Maybe you could leave out the word , "flying," or just make it " flying devil." I know hat kind of screws up what you mean to say, but I worth taking a look at. Nice job, Chaz