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    Gary, The best decision you made with this song is to get a great singer to deliver it. The production is '70's Nashville worthy (very good)....a "Silver Threads" type of song and may have been a hit in that era. I happen to like that genre. I don't know what your intentions are with the song... but there are probably many sync opportunities available for it. The blue pencil metaphor might be a little obscure for younger listeners, now that everything is digital...but I don't think you were trying to appeal millenials. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/blue-pencil. Truthfully, your singer could be singing from the phone book, and I'd still like the tune. Nice job, Chaz
  2. The Nearly Man

    Daryl, Nicely done.... Great production and performances, and I can relate the lyrics...hope it's not somewhat autobiographical. Chaz
  3. Mortal Soul killed in accident.

    Really sorry to hear this. I liked Mark very much. He will be missed. Chaz
  4. Good stuff Mike. I would like to add another suggestion....keep intros short, or non-existent....don't need a minute of three boring chords. Chaz
  5. Harmony

    Gotta remember...this was the 60's...so they were probably using a 4 track, and had to sing this live....nothing like that happens today.
  6. Harmony

    If you think you can sing harmony...listen to this acapella version of a Beach Boy song. I've heard the song many times, but had no idea how intricate it was. I can never tell if Brian or Carl is sing the lead. Check it out. http://twistedsifter.com/videos/beach-boys-wouldnt-it-be-nice-acapella/ Chaz
  7. Some Day

    Sorry for the late reply. Barney: I haven't quite given up...thanks. Kook: It took a lot of takes to get my vocals right...Thanks for noticing. s.I.: The words are on Soundcloud...thanks for listening. Hank: I used an electric 12-string, and 6 six...with some chorus. Thanks to all for listening and commenting. Chaz
  8. Some Day

    I wrote this song about a year ago, and this is a brand new recording...sadly somewhat auto- biographical. ANY feedback is welcomed...especially the mix...Reaper's killing me. The words are on Soundcloud. Thanks in advance. Chaz https://soundcloud.com/charles-silhan/some-day
  9. An extremely good answer Mike...just wonder why a songwriter would ask it.
  10. Life Goes On

    Nice effort... very good production...but man, 5 minutes of a C and F chord is just too much for my short attention span. If the chorus were not labeled as such, I would never have known it was...pretty much the same melody, words, and certainly the chords. Throw in an A minor or a d minor...even a G chord...some kind of change in the changes. I'm "looking back," and HEARING the same thing. I know you're new here, and I apologize for being so critical...but you did ask for feedback. I think the song has potential...but not in its current form. Sorry Dude, Chaz
  11. It's a real rush for me to hear someone adding to one of my songs. Paul has invented a new genre...Hick-Hop Funk. Hat's off to Paul. BTW David, I would have won the duel. Chaz
  12. Song Politics

    I know that Crissy Hines (spell check) has tried to stop Rush Limbaugh from using her Ohio song (just the intro...no words) from being used as his opening song...don't know why but he's still using it. Hines is probably making some royalties on a song that would normally be done providing any revenue. It's been played 15 times a week for a lot of years. Personally, I wouldn't care who was using my song unless it was ISIS or the KKK....neither of which is very likely...as long as I was getting paid....and I bet most of the songwriters on this site would be thrilled to have their song chosen and played. I remember that Bill Clinton used a Fleetwood Mack song, "Don't Stop,"...I'm sure Christine McVie was pleased. Chaz
  13. Cheese

    Here's something very alien to the site. I wrote a JAZZ song for a TAXI opp. No way anyone could sing this....crazy changes https://soundcloud.com/charles-silhan/cheese-021116
  14. Dangerous

    Micky...very kind words...thanks man. Cap: I'm not sure how to get to the hook sooner without making the song much longer. Maybe you should produce this, and throw in some killer guitar licks. I did shouts on a recent song I posted here...I was at a party and got 20 people to shout the chorus. It was fun. Thanks for listeneing Chaz
  15. Dangerous

    Thanks to all. Nameless: You'll need a 2 octave range to sing it. PM and I'll send you an mp3 with no vocals. Bud: Thanks for your kind words. Paul: Thanks for your comments. This song is in "E"...maybe the key of "G" would work for you. Hank: Maybe my voice will do. Thanks Chaz