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  1. Micky...very kind words...thanks man. Cap: I'm not sure how to get to the hook sooner without making the song much longer. Maybe you should produce this, and throw in some killer guitar licks. I did shouts on a recent song I posted here...I was at a party and got 20 people to shout the chorus. It was fun. Thanks for listeneing Chaz
  2. Virtual instruments and auto-tune, along with digital recording fix it magic are making musicianship much less needed. I gave music lessons for some time...piano, bass, and guitar, and I would estimate that 90% of my students lasted for less than 6 months....which reinforces what you've all said. Paul, I sold pianos for a time on both coasts....and sales of acoustic pianos have been crashing down since the 90's....so now you'll have to get hit with a keyboard. Chaz BTW.....are most kids listening to music on their phones now? That has to sound like shit...and how do you mix for that?
  3. Thanks to all. Nameless: You'll need a 2 octave range to sing it. PM and I'll send you an mp3 with no vocals. Bud: Thanks for your kind words. Paul: Thanks for your comments. This song is in "E"...maybe the key of "G" would work for you. Hank: Maybe my voice will do. Thanks Chaz
  4. I had to take a stab at a Country tune...definitely NOT politically correct. I'm looking for someone else to sing it...but you'll get the idea. The words (a lot of them) are on Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/charles-silhan/dangerous
  5. Paul, Very well produced and performed song. ...a little bit cheesy for my tastes, but still well done. Chaz
  6. Fab, Thanks for the listen and comments...probably my classical training makes me write sometimes in "movements," or just different themes. Chaz
  7. Thanks fish, I get such a great thrill out of hearing someone else sing or play my tunes...it really gives me a chance to objectively listen to the song, so I'm always open to that. Volunteers welcomed.
  8. I had three scraps of songs that I decided to stick together...which created a vocal challenge. Let me know if it works. The words are on Soundcloud. Thanks, Chaz https://soundcloud.com/charles-silhan/love
  9. Paul, Very nice song...well written, played, and sung. Cool changes too...only a piano player would think of those. I am not however crazy about the production. I though it was going to be a 1+1 song, and for over a minute, I was right....it seems to go from very sparse to overkill. Maybe bring in an acoustic guitar early for a build. The background vocals are kind of muddy to my ears as well. Maybe it's just the mix...there's so much going on, it gets blurry. I hear what you're trying to do, and really like the idea. Keep tweaking this one, it's worth the effort. BTW...who's speaking voice is that?...sounds like Bob Dylan. Chaz btw...did you get my PM?
  10. Paul...pretty sure none of us here has already written words for a tune like this...and then comes the fun part of trying to sing it. Thanks for the kind words. David...I just submitted this to TAXI an am awaiting their rejection. Praise from you means a lot. Thanks man. Furr...not sure where the influences came from for this tune...probably a lot of different ones. Glad you liked it. Thanks to all, Chaz
  11. Here's an instrumental that anyone is encouraged to write words. to. We get a lot of "heavy" songs here...this one isn't.
  12. I was often asked to play "Something Good."...Never did learn that one.
  13. All this talk of old bands made me think that maybe WE should put a band together. Pick any song, and each of us would play his part...I'll do keys and background vocals, or bass, or kazoo...could be fun, and no stage fright to fear. I think that the people who responded to JOe's post would make a really kick-ass band. Who's in?
  14. I used to work in a club in L.A. in the 70's...and yes, I can actually still remember some of it. We did mostly covers, but did introduced some of our tunes (mostly mine)...and in a pretty short time, those originals were requested by the audience. We played there for several years as well as in Dallas, and originals became a well received part of our 4 sets. So if you sound good, and the audience likes that sound, and your originals don't suck, you can integrate them into the sets. I guess the bottom line is to get the audience to like you, and then you can play anything you want.
  15. jOe, Interesting topic. Think of all the bands you've liked that have either broken up, or replaced players....like all of them. Would you consider finding someone more like-minded? Is this guy really good at playing and singing? Just like listening to a song you've written, it's sometimes hard to be objective about the "band" sound. You might want to try recording a rehearsal or gig, and then both of you could discuss what you're hearing. I've been in a LOT of bands, and I always knew if we sounded good or sucked....and either way, I knew why. So yeah, you either have to talk to this guy about the direction you want to go, or drink more beer on the gig. Chaz