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  1. chazmataz

    I Was The One

    Tammy.. I smile every time I think of you. Start posting more tunes. We have a lot of new members who haven't heard you. Dom...You nailed it on the 12 string. Pretty good deal heh? Thanks for the kind words. Jim...I appreciate your positive words. Thanks to all. Chaz
  2. chazmataz

    I Was The One

    Joey, I bought that 12 string for $100 on Ebay...turned out to be a good deal. Yeah the voices need to come up in the second half of the song. The more I listen to it, the less I like the mix. Thanks for the kind words. Al, I appreciate the good words. Thanks MK, I think you're right about the percussion. I got some things right in this, but there's a lot that needs to improve. Either I'll try mixing this again or find someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks for the kind input. Chaz
  3. chazmataz

    His Eyes

    Hey Tom, Nice song. Your voice sounds great and there's some nice picking going on too. The only thing I don't care for is those tremelo pauses on the guitar...I think they interupt the flow a bit too much. Will you be fully producing this? Let me know if you need some keys. Chaz
  4. If you do a google file transfer of a stereo backing mix and the vocal seps as dry as possible 

    I will show you what I am on about. At it's most simplistic if I close my eyes, imagine I am in a club , take a sip of my whisky, I am wondering why the singer is standing two foot behind the band, when he should be two foot in front of the band. And what does the back front placement is several things which are known so

    I know what I have to do. 







  5. chazmataz

    I Was The One

    Gary, I can't thank you enough for going through all that work to explain your ideas. I am not recording directly to my computer. I use an over complicated method...a TASCAM Neo to Audacity, to Reaper. I am also probably not capable of doing what you suggest. I could send you the tracks and have you take a shot at it, or get a better singer, or both. Thanks again for taking so much time to give a very thoughtful response. Chaz Shadow, I've a been a member here for more than 6 years, and I don't recall ANY one being compared to Gene Clark. (I'm pretty sure he quit the Byrds because of Crosby). I'm not sure what you meant by "people who thrive on limelight." I am never happy with my voice, and have gotten help form some talented singers who visit here. I've met some great and helpful people here,. I see that you are new here...stick around. Thanks, Chaz
  6. I wrote this one a couple of years ago. I recently bought a VERY cheap but amazingly reliable electric 12 string, and decided to try it on this song. I redid all the tracks as well. I'm most concerned with the mix. There's a lot going on in the song and my ears are getting old. I'm never happy with my voice, so any volunteers to sing it are welcome. The words are on Soundcloud. Thanks for the listen. Chaz
  7. chazmataz

    What makes this song great?

    On Kid Charlemagne, he has all the individual tracks, and I don't know of any way to filter out all of them. He has to have "inside" sources. He plays the Larry Carlton's solo to the note..wish I could
  8. chazmataz

    Prophet (Demo)

    Al, People go to operas and don't understand a word and still love it. (I don't). I was a fan of Yes, Steely Dan, and America, and their lyrics did not always have an obvious meaning....so I wouldn't sweat it. The tune has potential. I can't hear the bass, which would greatly improve the listening. You might want to turn it up and/or compress it a bit. Also there isn't a lot of musical contrast...maybe a vocal would help. Nice effort...keep posting. Chaz.
  9. chazmataz

    These Old Strings

    Nice tune. Good pickin' and singing. I think the intro is too long though. David gave you class in mixing and mastering....you should probably take his advice if you can. Well done, Chaz
  10. chazmataz

    What makes this song great?

    I've also watched a bunch of these. The Steely Dan and Toto ones are my favorites. He can really play guitar. Does anyone know how he gets isolated tracks? Chaz
  11. chazmataz

    Maybe Rock isn't dead

    Is the drummer a girl or a boy? I don't really know. If it's a girl...it's even cooler.
  12. chazmataz

    Maybe Rock isn't dead

    This kid is 8 years old...and loves Zep...there is hope.
  13. chazmataz


    Gary, The best decision you made with this song is to get a great singer to deliver it. The production is '70's Nashville worthy (very good)....a "Silver Threads" type of song and may have been a hit in that era. I happen to like that genre. I don't know what your intentions are with the song... but there are probably many sync opportunities available for it. The blue pencil metaphor might be a little obscure for younger listeners, now that everything is digital...but I don't think you were trying to appeal millenials. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/blue-pencil. Truthfully, your singer could be singing from the phone book, and I'd still like the tune. Nice job, Chaz
  14. chazmataz

    The Nearly Man

    Daryl, Nicely done.... Great production and performances, and I can relate the lyrics...hope it's not somewhat autobiographical. Chaz
  15. chazmataz

    Mortal Soul killed in accident.

    Really sorry to hear this. I liked Mark very much. He will be missed. Chaz