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  1. markg

    Blah blah

    some random thoughts: The transient generated by the word 'blah' might be a little weak for the track (maybe a different word / processing?). 40 second intro runs the risk of boring modern listeners. Difficult to hear all the lyrics, so I can't comment on that (some were very clear and others obscured by the mix) I like the main melody and the overall aesthetic of the song, it's very well done.
  2. Super good effort. The tone and emotional content are really good. I agree with @Luke Min about the cord change in the first line issue and varying the rhythm. One thing you could try is emphasize the words "islands we can float to" with chord sustained hits timed to the words: [x] Islands [x] We can [x] Float to (different chords for each line). It's a really nice line that could give the ear a change of pace. Really solid song.
  3. Thanks to both @Onewholovesrock and @Neal K I agree with both of your critiques. I think I might revise #1 to include some graphical elements. It's too boring as-is.
  4. Ty, Your thorough feedback is appreciated. We are indie-rock (veering toward a fuzzy-raw sound at times). I am leaning to the top two logos. Your observation about the 'box' on the top logo is worth pursuing. I might also have the 'Guitar Pick' logo revised. thanks again, mark
  5. Looking for feedback on logo designs for my Indie band: Tone Def Hookers. Which one is the best? [Top (1) / middle (2) /bottom (3)] Scale of 1-10 how much to you like it? (10 being you want to buy it dinner) optional - how would you improve this logo? thanks for looking...
  6. markg

    Logo Feedback?

    I would like to know the best place to post logo designs and get feedback (if that's even allowed here). The Self Promotion & Advertisements area looks like advertisements only (even though the guidelines suggest against that). thanks, mark
  7. markg

    Then She Smiles

    I don't think you need a professionally produced track, but in this case the quality makes it difficult to give you accurate feedback. I sort of hear some stuff going on besides the chords, but not sure if that's what you intend to be the melody. There are some easy and inexpensive ways to get much better quality sound. let me/others know if you need help or suggestions.
  8. markg

    Melody in E

    While this is not a traditional melody it does have leading tones that *suggest* a melodic line to the ear. I think it will serve as an excellent base for a song with other melodic ideas. Be careful of including the maj7 and minor chords until you have put a melody on top of this it might lead you in the wrong direction. However, if you have difficulty coming up with a melody those chords may trigger something in your head. The ability to play power chords so nicely is a talent, don't run away from that for complex chords unless the song demands it.