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  1. Clemo

    World of a child

    Big thanks to Mick, Joe, and Barny good points you make easy fixes cheers All the best Mike
  2. Clemo

    Is there a North Korean deal

    It seems to me that we forget that all politicians ultimately piss in the same pot, Prime example, all of Corbyn’s political life he has been anti E U. And as soon has gets a real chance of getting out, he jumps ship! Like the media they are paid liars, run by the men in grey or equivalents, who dance to the tune of the oligarchs and all we do do is soak up their bullshit and turn on each other, which is what they want, Divide And Rule, Meanwhile our planet is dying and most people are ether unaware or don’t give a fuck! We are' I’m sure all caring passionate humans who have strong opinions which is great, Don't sink to the level of the paid liars, by fighting ammongst ourselves Mike Clements
  3. Clemo

    World of a child

    Thank you - S,B. S,O,C. Mick, and 9th. For your wisdom, time and effort, Your comments are much appreciated and will be reflected in my rewrite All the best Mike
  4. Clemo

    Toys were us

    Hi Mick Very funny and clever lyrics I look forward to hearing the song, A little side story In the midlands UK there is a industrial area called- the Black Country, they have there own slang like yow for you and dow for don't, Toys Are Us was known as Toys Am We All the Best Mike
  5. Clemo

    Blonde joke

    Why didn't the blonde call 911, she couldn't find the 11
  6. Clemo

    May Lyric Contest

    Surprising as it seems Muse dosen't seem to like IPad for some reason I have had posting problems in the past I empathise with any one that as had similar troubles Thank you Os for being so understanding all the best Mike
  7. Clemo

    World of a child

    Iv'e tweaked it a little and added a chorus you comments are much appreciated All the best Mike World of a child (Intro) Everything is adventure in a child’s magic world A special place to go for every boy and girl See their faces change when they step into their dreams Nothing is ruled out of their wonderland schemes (1) In the mind of a child, play's an everyday thing Depends on whatever imaginings they bring Grown ups aren't really part of the deal Kids know we don't see their fantasy is real (2) They’re chatting away with an invisible friend Or flying round and round in games of pretend The girl is a princess, the boy is a knight, And fiery dragons are out there to fight Ch The world of a child, Is fun, free and wild There's nothing as magic As the world of a child (3) A cook pot is a fortress, clothes pegs are the folk Bed sheets are a tent, the bath towel's a cloak They drive a cardboard box car, camp in a duvet den These games are played over, and over again. Ch The world of a child, Is fun, free and wild There's nothing as magic As the world of a child (Br) Where fantasy is real as their dreams come true Waterfall jewels crash down mountains of hue Fairies and unicorns play round the next bend Treasure's lie hidden at every rainbows end Ch The world of a child, Is fun, free and wild There's nothing as magic As the world of a child (Finale) One day they change and leave their old teddy bear Wear trendy clothes and restyle their hair They're growing up OK but a part of them has died Gone forever is the magical world of a child.
  8. Clemo


    Hi Barnyboy I had this in a top position in the comp thought it would do much better by far the cleverest lyric you have some good crits, I can't add much more than what’s been said but I loved the song all the best Mike
  9. Clemo

    Gypsy Heart

    Hello No 9 This song has fine potential and you have had two of the best of Muses critics Look over your song it don't get a great deal better than that You song lyric needs tweaking that’s all All the best Mike
  10. Clemo

    What is 'Average'?

    As there are several averages and ways of working them out and applying them, in these instances are we to take average as being another word for = OK?
  11. Clemo

    May Lyric Contest

    Thanks for your hard work on competition Os does this now mean that the final voting date on these comps can be extended without penalty? i hope so Some really good lyrics this month well done all particually Paul's which was my top pick all the best Mike
  12. Clemo

    The Truth Comes Stumbling In

    Hi Paul A great lyric really, really good you had my top vote for this, it was my number one for sure I wish I had written it well done All the best Mike
  13. Clemo

    I remember Daddy

    Hi Kuya A nice song lyric you have here, better than some I’ve seen in the lyric comps A couple of suggestions for your consideration Use or lose I remember Daddy He'd come home from work so late Mama said he did that To keep food upon our plates I would bring his slippers newspapers and his pipe I would try to pull his shoes off They were always on so tight Sssshhh my mama told me As I climbed up in his lap Sssshhh and be real quiet While your Daddy takes a nap ------------ I remember Daddy I would sometimes make him mad (sometimes he'd act so sad) Mama said he saw things In the war that were real bad I would bring his slippers But some days I'd get so scared Loud noises gave him flashbacks No one close was ever spared Sssshhh my mama told me As I sat there in his lap Sssshhh and be real quiet While your Daddy takes a nap ------------------- I remember Daddy He died working late one night Mama cried all winter I told her we'd be alright I would bring his slippers I was just a little kid He never said I love you But I always thought he did Sssshhh my mama told me As I lay there in his lap Sssshhh and be real quiet While your Daddy takes a nap --------- (slower) I remember Daddy I can understand him (more) I'm older than he was then (Thank god I never saw his war) All the best Mike
  14. Clemo


    Hi Mick And thanks for your crits I am in the middle of a rewrite So I take in your comments here thanks again for your interest All the best Mike
  15. Clemo


    Hi Kuya Thanks for reviewing and I take your points that you point out All the best mike