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  1. Tomorrow Girl

    I think this is lightweight and needs something more, Idea's please Tomorrow Girl Reggie beat (Intro) You're my tomorrow I can tell it Your my tomorrow I wanna yell it Take my word I'm yours whatever This love is true now and forever Your my intention tomorrow girl (1) We were drawn to one another, Don't you get it were magnetic, We were born to be together If you let it that's prophetic (Ch) Happiness and love and laughter I tell you now you're the one I'm after Your my intention tomorrow girl (V2 We were made for one another Can't you feel it, our love will seal it Fate threw us together Don't you get it were prophetic Ch Happiness and love and laughter I tell you now you're the one I'm after Your my intention tomorrow girl (Br) All my life I've had yesterday dreamers No hopers, heart breakers and double dealers, I can tell you are the real thing This time I'm going to trust my feelings Your my intention tomorrow girl (Ch) Happiness and love and laughter I tell you now you're the one I'm after Your my intention tomorrow girl
  2. Untitled (maybe "In my memory")

    Hi cookie a good song here but i thought the well, hell verse a little over dramatic but that's only my take. use or lose Mike
  3. Never Gonna Lose (the Blues) REV 3

    Hi Donna I hope this helps, chose or lose! I wanted somethin’ special- someone I was never gonna lose And -wow along came you But I got more than I wished for ...I’m never gonna lose the blues V1 Look at you, - now how you ridin’ so high - get rid girl keep it sexless Yeah, look at you now, bet you think you can fly All your comin’ and goin’, and me never knowin’ Was enough to make - this grown man cry - your lover cry V2 -Loving you makes it harder to breathe lookin’ at you, I can hardly believe All your cheatin’ and lyin’, was so mystifyin’ But damn, I didn’t want you to leave Chorus Wanted someone special I was never gonna lose And babe, along came you But I got more than I wished for ...I’m never gonna lose the blues Bridge One day,honey, your façade’s gonna fade Mirror's gonna taunt you when the piper gets paid You’ll run outa time, too late for excuses The devil takes - who, when, where he chooses Chorus Wanted someone’ special I was never gonna lose And babe, along came you But I got more than I wished for ... I’m never gonna lose the blues Yeah, more than I wished for ... I'm never gonna lose the blues All the best Mike
  4. Where Were You?

    Upon the roof round the corner at the end of the street way down yonder in New Orleans on that midnight train to Georgia dancing in the dark waiting for the Robert e Lee down upon the Swanee river behind the green door high on a windy hill Durban deep on the yellow brick road i get arround to name a few Mike
  5. The Corridor Shuffle

    Hi Andy this is my take on your ch Ch You go one way, they've gone the same Reverse directions, no one's to blame Left and right, what a kerfuffle Before you know what you're doing the corridor shuffle. use or lose Mike
  6. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Hi Alistair Are we aloud to vote for our own entry please
  7. The Table's Prepared REVISION 2

    Hi Donna Or the title could be - I will listen with love. nice lyric, I like fantasy Take care Mike
  8. Nothing Says Love Like Flowers

    Hi Jonie I see it all now, It was already a good lyric but I think David,s idea's are great I believe the saying hoist with your own pertard is from Shakespeare,s Hamlet. Are you a Shakespeare fan. Per chance? All the best Mike
  9. Children of the world following each other’s little sister little brother down the birth canal Then Kindergarten school to harden attitudes Out to work to earn the daily bread and butter for the stock exchange the merry money markets go around makes an easy pound of flesh From nearest to your heart, how did Rothschilds start at the bottom of a Mountbatten cake Heaven can wait for the rich to unpopulate the planet for all they are worth. Not a penny more will purse their tight lips nor will they whistle Dixie to the slaves of the world people of all nations have been bought and sold ever since they knew the value of one another’s Soul in the field like the herd that we all are And only those who poke their heads above the crowd will see the pollution they’re making as the planet spins around a foreboding place for the inheritance of the children of the world.
  10. Nothing Says Love Like Flowers

    Hi Jonie you have a great story lyric here and it has a great twist at the end My favorite songs have a good twist at the end The only thing is although it's a great twist, I may be thick but I don't know which way to read it. I read it that he murdered his wife? will you give me a clue or will I guess on forever? all the best Mike
  11. Young love - lyric critique

    Hi I loved the song, It's a good lyric and took me back to my first love, great times You had very good advice from S/B and if I were you I'd work on them Can't add a lot more but if I come up with something I'll get back to you All the best Mike
  12. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Moso said - Chuck Norris punched his way out of the womb 10 months early! Does that mean Chuck Norris is not fully formed?
  13. March Lyrics Contest

    I understand that MacCarthur park was about a bride that held her wedding party To another man there This being the place where the song writer and she used to court
  14. Good day for making love. A rewrite

    Hi Paul, Moso, Oswelk, and Hobo Sounds like a dodgy rock group! regarding your crits you are mostly on the ball I tried to be too clever and smart for my own boots So thanks for your help and honesty, l'll do a rewrite and sort it All the best Mike