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  1. daryl1968


    Thanks Tom
  2. daryl1968


    Very kind of you Kev
  3. daryl1968

    Rescue Me (Work In Progress)

    Hi Kev This definitely has potential. If you are interested in a DAW, Cakewalk by Bandlab is fully functioning with plenty of features and it is free. I can recommend it - I have been using it for many years. Cheers
  4. daryl1968

    "Fall to Pieces"

    MORE BRIDGE then
  5. daryl1968


    Very kind of you - thanks Mike
  6. daryl1968

    Pretty Blue

    Hi Paul Wow what a departure from your usual stuff - the performance has attitude - I like it.
  7. daryl1968

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Hi Tom This is a great protest song and your vocal performance is totally believable. Well done
  8. daryl1968

    My new song...God's Plan

    I really enjoyed this. Except for maybe recording it cleaner, there's not a lot I'd change. Good stuff
  9. daryl1968


    Nice and quirky and loving the 80's vibe. Love the texture when the backing vocal comes in.
  10. daryl1968

    A Different Kind of Darkness

    very cool and original style to the song - the lyrics are very conversational and natural. I like it
  11. daryl1968

    Should I Believe

    Listened to the first post only so far but love what I'm hearing - I am digging the almost drone-like feeling - I'll have a listen to the others later. Cool though
  12. daryl1968

    "Fall to Pieces"

    If this is a wip, definitely worth pursuing. I would bring 'I've done nothing wrong...." (chorus?) into the song earlier.
  13. daryl1968

    Greatest Misses

    You nailed the 80's vibe - Depeche Mode's lawyer will be in touch with you soon Great stuff
  14. daryl1968


    Thanks Moptop. Agree on that ending. Lilibet is an hypocorism for Elizabeth which happens to be my other half's name. I believe it's what Queen Elizabeth was called by her family as a child.
  15. daryl1968


    Thanks a lot Kruminsh