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  1. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    I agree. I enjoyed the listening and jotting down my thoughts part of this contest. And of course I enjoyed the songwriting part. The only part of the contest I didn’t enjoy was the scoring part. After reading all the above comments unfortunately I don’t feel I spent nearly enough time on the scoring. I just quickly picked the songs to get it done after listening while I knew I had the time.
  2. The Politician

    Yeah. I didn’t mean to sound harsh. But I also prefer being honest over sugar coating something. That being said you posted this on the critique forum with no explanation on what you wanted criticism on. So I did a critique on the whole song as is. If I had known this was some sort of first draft and you were looking for certain feedback that would probably make it easier on you and the person leaving a critique.
  3. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    I hear ya. Today I tried scoring by best song. But in the end I couldn’t ignore the great sounding songs performance and production wise. My #1 was my favorite song. Great vocals, great production, and something I would listen to again and again. But I don’t think it was the best song. If this person recorded every song in this contest himself it would be a great frickin album that’s for sure. But the song I voted #1 for would then be different. All in fun anyway. Just thoughts.
  4. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Today I listened to and scored the songs. Towards the end I started wondering about the correct way to score these songs. A couple songs sounded Fantastic! Amazing vocal ability was probably the biggest reason for this. And also a good recording production capturing this performance. These vocalist/musicians could sing yabadabado over and over again and it would probably still sound fantastic. The songs they are singing are not any better than other songs in the contest. A good possibility some are even lesser songs in my opinion. But if asked what songs I would want to listen to I would pick the great sounding vocalist/musician with a great production. They just sound good. I usually do my best and try voting on the songs themselves. Music, lyrics, structure, etc. I think I’m pretty good at acknowledging good songwriting. But if I put what I think is a great song recorded with a lesser vocalist and lesser production next to a basic song with outstanding vocals and production that sounds amazing. What is the better song? The basic song with a great vocalist and production because it’s something I can listen to outside of the contest? Or the song I think lyrically, structurally, creativity is much stronger but after listening the one time it doesn’t sound good enough to listen to outside of the contest. I’m starting to think maybe I should vote on what sounds good. After all that’s what music is about. They don’t put mediocre sounding songs on the radio. It doesn’t matter what kind of songwriting it had. Production and vocal performance are probably the most important part of a song. Songwriting a bit lower on the list. Anyway. I don’t really care about the scoring in these contest. I like the listening and feedback part. Just thoughts I had while listening and scoring today.
  5. The Politician

    My biggest critique is this song becomes fatiguing very quickly. The drum pattern is the same throughout. The guitar lines all sound the same throughout in pattern and intensity. Even the vocal lines all feel the same in pattern and intensity. This song is like one straight line. Even during the guitar solo it stays on the same line. The same patterns can work. It happens all the time. But if using the same patterns there still needs to be changes. Maybe tighten up the guitar playing in the verses. Tone down the lyrics a bit. Open it up in the chorus. The bridge could maybe change up to a more picking guitar style or possibly whole notes. Something to change it up. I won’t really critique the lyrics besides saying they could use some polishing in my opinion. Vocal and guitars sound wise and performance wise were good. Maybe I felt you didn’t spend quite enough time rehearsing the vocal track before recording. A few spots sounded choppy.
  6. Not a perfect performance as I just finished the song and I froze my fingers off outside. I just wanna scratch this springtime itch Mother Nature sure can be a bitch Would you look at all this crazy snow I think that it’s time Yeah I gotta go On a, vacation somewhere warm Sweet sounds from a beachfront band Spring showers and thunderstorms Sun tan my toes in the sand I just wanna pull this winter scab Mother Nature sure don’t give a damn What to do with all this ice I think it’s time I go someplace nice chorus This can’t be right It’s the middle of April January’s back And I’m not grateful Summertime is near But it’s so far away Wintertime is back I think it’s here to stay chorus
  7. Writing Lyrics: Formula or Freefall?

    Many years back I had entered a few of my normal style lyrics in the lyric contest with varying results. Mostly bottom half finishes I believe. Anyway I decided to write a song I thought might do well in the lyric contest. It was a story based song called Friday Night. I can’t really remember what it was about. I don’t have a copy of it anywhere. I never did anything else with that lyric as it wasn’t really my style. I’m pretty sure I got 2nd place with that lyric. I’ve entered many contest here at the Muse. Mostly finishing as a bottom dweller. That was by far my best contest finish. I could probably start a blog posting about my formula on how to continuously finish at the bottom of both the lyric and song contest. 😀
  8. Recording setups.

    I’ve gotten my feet wet. Recorded a bunch of songs on my Korg D3200. My later songs were starting to sound pretty good. Especially for someone that isn’t really into tech things. But I retired that recorder. It was a pain to share files and go back and forth with a computer. Probably not so much the units fault as in my fault not figuring it out. I used the built in CD burner for all that. The CD burner was also starting to fail. I did a bit of research on the focusrite 2i4. Maybe it wouldn’t be too much of an issue setting up the correct drivers in my laptop. Windows 7. I would still need to check specs to see if my computer has the needed power.
  9. Recording setups.

    Let us know how it’s working out.
  10. Recording setups.

    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/R16--zoom-r16 This has been on my radar as of late. The couple things that held me back were 1. I’m not sure my current laptop is up to snuff. 2. It’s been out for a good while already. Hoping a newer version would come out.
  11. Recording setups.

    Yeah man. Definitely appreciated! I think I’m just to damn lazy to get back into recording. I’ve been trying to change my acoustic guitar strings since last fall. Now they sound completely dead, but I keep playing it that way. 😀. I also haven’t strapped on an electric guitar in almost three years. The amp is setup and ready to go. But nope. I talk myself out of it every time I think about picking it up.
  12. Recording setups.

    I actually purchased a video camera basically built for what I do. Live recording. Probably 8 plus years ago for $200 or so. I seriously never took it out of the box. I still have it. It’s like a field recorder today. It has stereo mics. It charges with the old iPod style charger I think. But no. I don’t think I like the idea of using a field recorder and experimenting. There is a zoom 16 track recorder out there that can be used as a stand-alone and or an interface. Decent demo recording capabilities. But I believe this product is also pushing the 8 year mark. Getting up there in tech age. If they had a new version of something like that I’d probably pull the trigger.
  13. Recording setups.

    Many reasons. Older laptop. About 7 yrs old. Plenty of stuff already on that computer. Not a Mac. The $200 dollar range interfaces seem to need problems fixed, drivers etc. I don’t have the patience for that nor do I want to learn how to do that. I’m looking for almost plug and play with almost zero issues. I’m hesitant on re learning all the recording info I have probably forgotten. I’m hesitant because I can never record something that would sound nearly as good as if I went to a decent studio. I don’t want to buy a new Mac. Even after all these years when I posted this. I still haven’t seen anything saying, “yeah, this is what I need” So I kinda sit here in limbo recording live takes on my cellphone. Lame, I know 😀 What do you think someone like me should use for a setup? Any ideas?
  14. SONAR for free

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Reaper for years now.
  15. SONAR for free

    So if you play all your own instruments this DAW should work well?