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  1. What You Deserve - Grunge/Punk Song

    Way Away Way Highway I feel there is too much “way”. Maybe rhyme the second lines with something else. Or change either the verse chorus lines that currently use those rhymes. I prefered chorus 1
  2. FYI YouTube

    Sweet! I currently have 20 subscribers. I think I joined YouTube like 10 years ago. I still need 980 subscribers. At 2 per year. I should hit that target by the year 2508.
  3. Dolores O'Riordan

    As a mostly hard rock grunge metal guy back in the 90’s. I went out and bought this CD after hearing Zombie. Zombie and Linger are the two songs I still often hear on 90’s satellite radio stations. I can’t recall what else was on the album as it’s been a very long time since listening. I liked the Cranberries mostly because of her unique sounding voice. Pair that with me also finding her very attractive. 😀.
  4. Lana Del Rey & Radiohead copyright claim

    They brought this exact topic up today on Sirius volume channel 106. Nothing new than what we already know. But the next 2 hours they compared these types of similar songs. There are tons of them. Sometimes there were lawsuits and a lot of times there were not.
  5. Lana Del Rey & Radiohead copyright claim

    I believe it can happen by accident. It happened to me once. But if it happens by accident it obviously doesn’t make it right. I wrote what I thought was a pretty cool classic rock style song. A few months later jamming with my buddy he started playing my song. I asked him what was he playing, I didn’t understand how he would know my song. He said it was KISS. I seriously wrote a KISS song. Like almost exactly. I have never listened to KISS on purpose. I heard the song plenty of times on Classic Rock radio. Somehow while writing the familiarity of that song came out. I didn’t notice because a KISS song would never come to mind as I never actively listened to them. If I moved forward I assume my lyrics and vocals would’v been a lot different. But the music would’ve been obviously comparable to that KISS song. I hope Gene Simmons doesn’t want royalty from my use of the word KISS here. 😀
  6. Lana Del Rey & Radiohead copyright claim

    I just did a little research. The Hollies and Radiohead settled out of court and two songwriters that weren’t in the Hollies band were included in the songwriting credits for Radiohead version. I heard the Hollies song many times, it never reminded me of Creep while I was listening. However now because I was looking for it, it definitely has verse similarities. A lot more similarities between the Hollies and Radiohead songs than Radiohead and Del Ray songs.
  7. Things people say or sing

    I sing different usually ridiculous words to almost every song I listen too. I just can’t help it. My family members don’t like it and they never laugh. I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ 😀
  8. Lana Del Rey & Radiohead copyright claim

    Good stuff Scotto. It sounds absolutely ridiculous that Radiohead would sue somebody on the same song they were sued for. WTF is wrong with people. And they wouldn’t settle for 40%. Greedy assholes! Are they nuts. I wonder what percentage they gave up to the Hollies. Anyway, Radiohead Creep is a favorite of mine. I also hear they won’t play it anymore. But I’m sure they don’t mind the royalties rolling in. Probably giving the band members and their families a decent life. Assuming the Hollies didn’t get much of a percentage.
  9. Lana Del Rey & Radiohead copyright claim

    There’s definitely some similarities in the verse sections. I didn’t hear anything similar in the chorus. I’m not sure if it’s the same chord progressions or not. I’ve heard songs that sound a lot more similar than these two. The one big reason these songs aren’t similar in any way is Radiohead’s song is great. An instant classic. The Del Ray song here sucks a big fat one in my opinion. Not to many people are going to hear it. I had a hard time listening to the whole song.
  10. Question on co-writing credits?

    I would say yes it does count as co-writing. Especially if money is involved. However, like someone mentioned above it happens all the time on the lyric/song critique forums. I have changed lyrics many times because of certain critiques. I never thought of giving those individuals writer credit. I have suggested lyric changes and sometimes those changes were used. I never expected any writer credit. I’m sure that would all be different if I was in the professional field. I have used lyrics from writers on these forums to create songs. I usually end up changing some words and lines to fit my songs and style. I then give myself writers credit on the lyrics. Always putting my name 2nd.
  11. Customary curtesy

    I do miss the good ol’ days when the post contest comments were very active.
  12. Learning guitar

    Yeah. Let your teacher put his hands on it. He’ll know if it’ll be good enough or not. Or if a setup might help or be needed.
  13. Learning guitar

    Another thing to think about. Hopefully your wife bought a decent guitar. It’s impossible to learn how to play on a cheapo guitar.
  14. Her Monster

    I believe you could totally write about this subject. Especially now with all the recent accusations. There is much information to pull from. I thought your first verse worked good. However I’m not sure it’s the right angle to come at this subject with. Maybe rethink your approach on the subject. Or follow through with your Verse 1 approach and finish it off from a different angle. It won’t be an easy write to pull it off. Especially if you didn’t live it yourself. But if you can it could be great. I think you should keep trying.
  15. Passengers

    Agreed with many comments above. Vs 1 and Vs 2 are really good. Chorus is pretty good also, maybe not as strong as the verses. But will definitely work with the right music. Bridge could be stronger. Last verse could be stronger. I think you have a good one in the making. With just a little refinement you’ll be there.