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  1. October Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Good tunes everyone! I had everyone pretty much bunched together with the exception of Hobo’s song as my clear top choice. Last place for me. Back to the drawing board.
  2. Are We Free (new idea)

    It sounds pretty cool. As is it’s probably nothing more than an idea. Like Hobo says, maybe a cool chorus. For a more standard type song maybe eliminate the long spaces between the vocal lines so it can work as a chorus. If it isn’t going to be a standard type song and maybe something more spacey. It could work as is for a long extended chorus or instrumental type song.
  3. White Lake Country Club

    I completely reworked the lyric to a much grungier style and added a small change up musically. I’ll record it and post it when I get a chance. Thanks for everyone’s input. I think it’s much improved now. Maybe I’ll post the new version in the up coming 1+1.
  4. Variation in song

    Yeah. I know this song. Definitely very simple and effective. Obviously performance and production play a big part in song separation.
  5. Variation in song

    I absolutely love playing Can’t You See by the Marshall Tucker Band. D C G over and over again. But it sounds so good I can usually milk that song for up to 6 minutes plus sometimes.
  6. White Lake Country Club

    Yeah, I’m not so sure changing one chord from minor to major would help this sound more “happy”. Maybe if someone else performed it. All my songs sound grungy and Nirvana ish. That’s who I am and that’s what comes out in my performances. I’m also not so sure changing the lyrics to a more angst theme would help. Especially as this is a non fiction song about a real place. For the similar verse and chorus music I was going for something simple. See my latest post in the general music section. Anyway, thanks to everyone who replied, I’ll try returning the favor soon. On to the next one.
  7. Variation in song

    I’ve been playing some acoustic shows the past year. So I’ve learned a bunch of covers to fill up the sets. Most of these were/are hit songs. The one commonality most of these song share are simplicity. Sometimes riding the same 3 or 4 chords throughout the whole songs. Sometimes only one simple change up using mostly the same chords. When I started writing songs I would do the same thing. The further along I went with songwriting the more I thought every part of the song had to be different for separation. Some of my more recent songs I went back to simplicity. Sometimes riding the same chords through but just changing intensity in different sections. For acoustic performance and general public listening I think simple is the way to go. I think the more creative change ups are mostly appreciated by other songwriter types. Or more die hard music fans. But I think the general listening public wants nice and simple. As all those hit songs would suggest. Thoughts?
  8. October Song Contest Time 2 Score!

    You would probably have to use the descriptions I used for simple guidance. Otherwise people might confuse which direction to score. Not knowing if 1 is highest score or lowest score.
  9. October Song Contest Time 2 Score!

    The scoring method has been talked about over and over again for these contest. It also has changed many times. The current method works perfectly fine. I just had trouble with the wording throwing me off a bit. I think it should stay as is. Just removed the descriptive words as they are and simplify it. Something like this. 1.0 - Excellent 1.5 - 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.0 - Average 3.5 - 4.0 - 4.5 - 5.0 - Poor
  10. R.I.P. Tom Petty

    Yeah I watched it. Pretty good. I don’t mind Dave Grohl, apparently he’s been appointed the everything rock spokesman. Which I suppose he does a pretty good job. But he does kinda get under my skin a bit. I have a feeling he’s a total dick more often than he should be. But that’s just me assuming. I don’t particularly like the Foo Fighters music either. I did like the first couple/few albums back in the 90’s. Especially the first album which is a Dave Grohl solo album as he played and wrote everything. But definitely a good music documentary. Did you see the latest documentary about the Eagles? It’s long like the Petty documentary but I believe I enjoyed it more.
  11. Dirty Money

    Very interesting Paul. I like that you went more contemporary with this one. It feels like a mash up of genre’s. Some rock in there, a bit of country vibe in the vocal, a bit of pop music going on. It actually mashed pretty well. I like it. The only thing that sounded “not right” was the backing vocals in spots. Mostly the lower speaking style vocal. Not sure if it is the vocal itself or the way those vocals are mixed. Mother than that. I enjoyed the song overall. JOe
  12. October Song Contest Time 2 Score!

    I find myself thinking, yeah, this song is better than average. I also find hearing a song better than average doesn’t happen very often. And then I see the word good is higher on the list. It throws me off. As I think of the word good is the same as average. But it’s 2 steps up from average on the score list. I suppose I should do as Dave says and ignore those words. Use 3 as average and score from there.
  13. October Song Contest Time 2 Score!

    Anyone else find hard to separate scores from 3.5 3.0 and 2.5? As the word average to me is basically the same as good. And above average is better than good to me.?