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  1. Continuing decline of radio

    My older work van has a CD/cassette player and radio. I listen to FM radio in there. Probably nowhere else. Actually popped in a CD today. First time in awhile, but it was my music. Lol. I was traveling and nothing good was on the radio. In my newer vehicle I listen to Sirius radio 95% of the time. The other 5% is the daughter plugging in her phone. I actually listen to a lot of talk radio on Sirius. Mostly the volume channel which is all music based talk shows. At work it's 100% streaming from my phone. Mostly Pandora into a Bluetooth radio. Also do mostly streaming at home which also includes YouTube and Pandora. No FM radio at home. Probably about 10% CD's at home. So whenever my van craps out on me my FM radio listening days might be over. But I do still enjoy it. Especially for the local information and advertising.
  2. The War revised 9-10

    I think you potentially have a powerful message here if you can nail it down. I feel the verses are well written and sure, I still think you can leave them open yet for improvements as they come to mind. But also feel pretty good about them as is. I do think the chorus needs to be more thought provoking. I feel right now it's just way to safe. I agree with Kuya's post above about this. I especially like those words in that post. Maybe those words could be inspirational to work off of. So yeah, find the right chorus and you'll have a terrific lyric here.
  3. So you're saying I might actually be doing it right. Lol. I use all of these techniques in my songwriting. Good tips!
  4. Aster and Ivy // Stay Calm (demo)

    Not bad. I'd think about cutting the first oohs in half. They start dragging a bit. I also wish you could tie the last vocal section in with the first two. I feel you didn't try hard enough on that last section. Other than that it's a decent little song.
  5. All About the Rims

    This definitely has potential. Sure, the mix is a mess. But I think there is room for other improvements. The chorus is probably the strongest part here so that's a good thing. I think some of the verse lines have too many words in them. Causing you to have trouble delivering a smooth vocal performance. Or, if you want to keep all the words as is. I would say you need many more run throughs to smooth out the vocal performance. It's too choppy sounding as is. The guitars sounded pretty good. But again, maybe a little choppy sounding in spots. For me it's a good song and a cool song idea. But I would say it needs some smoothing out and a better basic mix.
  6. The Shape of You

    At first this sounds a little weird to me. Maybe because it's so different than my version that I've heard many times over the past few weeks. But when I sit and soak this in it grows on me. The separation between verses and choruses really stand out. Plus with all the other nuances like the droning guitar work and the female chorus section there is much to keep someone interested. Especially if they concentrate on the musical aspects of the song. Of course the lyrics are really good. Your lyrics have really been standing out as of late. There's really nothing I can think of to critique here. I would like to hear something a little more contemporary from you in the near future. Yes, that's a challenge if you want to accept it.
  7. Shape of You

    Paul posted these lyrics a few weeks ago. I liked them and asked permission to use them. Paul said yes. I made a few changes here and there to fit my style a little better. Also. I got my first iPhone last week. I tried multitrack recording this using the GarageBand app it comes with. It's definitely not made to do this but I did it anyway. Paul just posted his version also. Check it out and compare the two versions. Both ended up completely different. I just noticed Ed Sheeran has a newer song with the same exact title. Oh well. Shape of You I'll post the lyrics in awhile
  8. I Heart my Psycho Girlfriend

    Stick to using the word heart, not love. If the singer performs it right you'll know exactly what they're singing. I wish you could use the title line more in the song somehow.
  9. Eclipse 2017

    I looked at it through a cereal box projector. That was kind of lame. I should've grabbed one of my Dads welding mask. I looked at the reflection in my van window very quickly. Wasn't a good idea! I finally went in the house and watched coverage on the weather channel. I think in 2024 if I'm feeling well I might head down to Carbondale Illinois. Probably about a 7 or 8 hour drive from where I live in Wisconsin. Carbondale was in the path yesterday for total eclipse and is also in the total eclipse path in 2024. This is something that only happens here on Earth. And only for a certain period of time as the moon moves about 2 or so inches closer to the sun every year. And the sun continues to grow in size as it ages. Facts I found out watching the weather channel. Lol
  10. Need help with song writing

    Start out by dissecting the cover songs you already play. Look at the different chord progressions. Look at the different chord progressions used in the verses compared to the chorus's and bridges. Look at different parts of songs. Many have verses, chorus's and bridges. Many don't. Read every lyric from bands/artist you listen to. Pay attention to patterns. Pay attention to rhymes and not rhymes. Learn about lyrical cliches. Sometimes they should be avoided. Sometimes they work well depending on style and genre's. Join a place like this and start posting material. Learn to take constructive criticism. Not all critique is good. You'll learn what critique to use and what not to use. Also, critique others work. Even if you don't think you have enough experience to do so. It'll help your own songwriting more than you would think. Just a few pointers that popped into my head. Most importantly! Have fun!
  11. I'm Sober, Sophie

    I won't get into details. I like both verses. Good job on those. You set the song up really well. I like the first line of the chorus. But the last 3 lines feel generic and really the same ol' thing I've heard over and over again. Can you dig in and write those last 3 lines in a more original and interesting way? I feel the same way about the bridge. Just kind of meh!. Nothing new here. Cool song idea. I think you have the hardest parts written well. Work on making the chorus and bridge stronger and you might have something here. These of course are just my personal opinions. Good luck!
  12. Seeking Music for Documentary

    No problem. Just thought I'd share those songs. The "Beer" song was basically me screwing around for a laugh. Good luck with your movie. I'd love to check it out. Even if it is "G" rated. Lol
  13. Working with others

    Cool man! Yeah that Mile of Music looks pretty cool. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Is it still coming up or has it happened already this year? Good luck on your new bands first gig. Where in Oshkosh are you playing? I'm playing a gig on the 19th with someone I haven't played music with in 20 years. He's a former classmate and we're playing our 25th class reunion. It didn't work out back then as he was probably the main reason our band broke up. After a few practices it all came back to me why it didn't work out. Lol. Anyway, I'm not looking forward to it as he clearly hasn't practiced much.
  14. Seeking Music for Documentary

    Here's another one simply called "Beer"
  15. Seeking Music for Documentary

    I also live in Wisconsin. I have a edited radio version somewhere bleeping out the swear word. Probably not what you're looking for. But it's definitely a drinking song.