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  1. Onewholovesrock

    Wood Art

    Well. I started out with a piece of luan (plywood subfloor) I picture framed the luan front and back. Front for a matting framed look. Back for hanging. The back pieces are angled for proper safe hanging. Then I picture frame the exterior. I then find some reclaimed lumber I have. Usually from demo work I do as a self employed carpenter. These wood pieces were made from 2x4’s. I ripped the boards in a table saw down to probably “3/8 thick. Then I cut and laid out the strip pieces inside the frame how I wanted them. After that I pulled the pieces out and torched them. Then I lightly painted all the pieces about 5 or 6 different colors. After that I sanded each piece. Especially around the edges for a distressed look. People love distressed right now. Then I put the pieces back in. Gluing each piece to avoid ugly nail holes. After that I found both wing silhouettes online. Enlarged those wings on my laptop. Taped printing paper together and held paper on laptop screen. Drew wings lightly with pencil. Taped wing drawings to poster board. Cut out design through paper and poster board both using utility knife. Use poster board cutouts and traced bigger wings on “3/8 board I already ripped earlier. Small wings on the 1/4” luan. Cut out both set of wings using a drill and jigsaw. (Not easy) Torch paint and sand bigger wings. Paint smaller design wings black. Glue and brad nail both set of wings over existing art piece. Add 3 coats of latex based polyurethane. Give as gift to step daughters dance coach at the end of season banquet. She loved it. I pulled some pictures of the colors from her homes interior before starting project. It looks great in her house. 👍 How long? Hmm. Not sure? 10+ hours I’m thinking. Maybe a bit more.
  2. Onewholovesrock

    Make America great again

    I think there is some cleverness to it. But not enough to make it work as is. I agree with Iron. Definitely feels like a first draft. Definitely needs more interesting phrasing and much more development. Maybe it’s worth it, maybe it isn’t. It will take some work to get this somewhere worthwhile I think. Just my opinion. Good luck
  3. I do a little art on the side. Woodwork, painting, furniture and some photography.
  4. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    Yeah. Maybe not most. But a lot! Those songs are a pretty good percentage of my song list. I’m assuming the more songs I cover the more of these I’ll discover as I think it’s pretty common. Another huge percentage of my song list is 2 chord progressions. I don’t generally feel these songs are boring to play. But it’s an easy way to build up a song list. I should probably clear up. I very rarely use the same chord progression throughout a song. I usually throw in a change somewhere. But my main point is this. Using a same chord progression for a verse and chorus is very common and used often still to this day. Using a same chord progression isn’t wrong. Yes it can sound boring in a 1+1 format. But again. I think the general listening audience likes familiar and simple.
  5. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    One thing I usually can’t pull off, at least easily is writing a music/guitar only song and recording it. Then adding/writing the lyrics and vocals afterwards without a guitar in my hand. If I do it that way. It’s usually very hard to sing and play that song if not impossible. I even notice that with some cover songs. I can usually always play songs from artists who sing and play guitar themselves. Many times I can’t play songs where the singer and guitarist are different people.
  6. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    This actually sounds like a great idea for a song contest. Basically write the best song you can using the same chord progression throughout but still have good variation in each of the song sections.
  7. Good to know. Excellent work. You guys sound just as good if not better than a lot of the newer rock bands out there. I’d definitely put you guys out on tour. At least from what I heard from this one song. I would like to hear more.
  8. Onewholovesrock

    June Song Contest

    Yeah maybe. If I remember correctly I also bought this same topic up awhile back. So it’s something that keeps coming back to me. Using both methods opens up my songwriting a bit more I think. As a beginner I would run with the same chord progression more often. As an intermediate I refused to use the same chord progression in different parts of my songs. And now as a Master Songwriter 😂 I use both methods. 🤘
  9. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    You can play the same chord progression throughout a song and still have each section completely different from each other. Tight picking in a verse with maybe quieter vocals. You can then open it wide open in the chorus with more intense soaring vocals and open chords or power chords. The bridge can drop way down in intensity and again, vary up the guitar playing. Of course you can then change up the rhythm guitar playing again and add a lead guitar solo over the top adding even more variation to the song. All while rocking the same chords over and over again. It’s been done a million times with great success. I’m not exactly sure what I’m trying to get at. It might be something about people knocking on a song because there wasn’t a chord progression change between say a verse and a chorus. Just for the sake that maybe they read that somewhere and think it’s wrong. I kinda used to think the same way. Until I started playing all these older cover songs. Then I started almost thinking the other way. Most casual listeners prefer simple and familiar. Musician and artsy types like us prefer more than simple.
  10. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    When it comes to 1+1’s. You’re definitely the master. I usually enjoy your 1+1’s as much as if not more than your fully produced songs. Yeah I think my videos sound pretty good for one take shots.
  11. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    I absolutely love both of these songs. Jane Says is in my set list. 2 chords mostly with one small change up.
  12. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    I’m on both ends of the field. I love prog metal with a million different changes. I also love simple tunes like Wild Thing. Depending on mood of course.
  13. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    I disagree. I feel it’s everywhere. Just a few off the top of my head from my set list. Jane Says Creep Can’t You See Knockin on Heavens Door All Along the Watchtower Low by Cracker Last Kiss Simple Man Nutshell Blue on Black Some CCR Hey Hey My My I think?
  14. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    I’m almost opposite these days. I enjoy a 1+1 low fi recording just as much as a full production song. I just posted a critique on the critique forum. It was a girl and a guitar and probably a phone video recording. Just like I do it. I thought it was pretty cool.
  15. Onewholovesrock

    Chord Progressions

    😀 Definitely! Most of the lyrics I read are like WTF is this?