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  1. OJ receives a pretty hefty pension from the NFL and apparently all the money is off limits to the Goldman family. I thought I heard he gets around $25,000 a month. I also thought I heard he has the 25,000 per month still coming to him for all the years he was in prison. Not a bad get out of jail present.
  2. Some of you guys make it sound like there isn't a modern rock scene. Yes, classic rock fills the airwaves and concert halls. Many filling stadiums around the world. But there is a good modern rock scene. Both on the radio and in concert halls. Most good sized towns and cities have at least one mainstream rock station. Promoting shows and whatnot. Many also have a mainstream alternative rock station. Also, most around here are probably unaware of the metal scene. It's still strong and probably always will be. They do it without FM airplay and fly under the radar. But it's definitely not dead either. Anyway, I'm beating a dead horse around here. Take it from me. "Onewholovesrock" I didn't pick that name because I don't know anything about rock music and the modern/classic/metal rock scene. Rock is not dead! Horns up! JOe
  3. Yep, lol. But I do firmly believe my "especially" opinion comes from my everyday experiences.
  4. Folk is huge right now. Jazz is also doing well and probably always will. No, I don't believe any of those mentioned above are dead. Kind of my point. Just because they aren't top 40 doesn't mean they're dead. Rock especially.
  5. BTW folks. If you believe Rock music is dead, that's fine. Everybody has an opinion. But in my opinion, you probably just don't really understand Rock music. Rock is thriving and doing great. It's exactly where it needs to be. And yes, that means not being on top 40 radio.
  6. Yes I've listened to them all. Oldies cover a huge selection of music, a big one being Rock. I listen to our local oldies station often because I love old rock music. That's the majority of what they play, mixing in some Motown and pop. But a lot of oldies Pop was Rock. I haven't heard any modern Motown music being made. Not saying it's not happening, but I am unaware of it. I'm also positive there are zero Motown radio stations in my FM listening area. Besides the occasional Motown song played on the oldies station I mentioned above. Big Band, yeah, I'm sure there are listeners out there. I guess. I don't know any. I definitely don't run across that type of music ever. Anyway, if you think Rock is dead. Motown and especially Big Band has long been fossilized.
  7. He just sang at Chris Cornells funeral following his suicide by hanging a couple months back.
  8. I could even argue that there is not a more popular form of music on planet earth than Rock music.
  9. Hey Layla, I'm not very technology advanced. I can learn the stuff but I just don't like doing it. I'm basically technology lazy. I love writing/performing songs. I don't mind recording either, if someone else is working the recording end of things. It took me a couple/few years before I started making satisfactory recordings on my own. And then I just stopped doing it. It's been about 3 years since I did a studio multi track recording. Like Mike mentioned above. I record all my songs with my smartphone video camera just to get them down somewhere. The recordings don't sound too bad. But I play the guitar. Not sure you play an instrument. Another option is finding someone with a good studio offering decent prices. Just yesterday I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a small studio/home studio offering quality recordings without the big studio prices. I received 2 responses and asked for samples. One of them sounded pretty good. I've seen smaller guys offering recording for $15.00 - $20.00 an hour. The bigger studios around here are charging $50.00 an hour. 4 hour minimums. That's from load in to load out. They usually stick pretty tight to their times. The little guys are generally more forgiving with time. But the big guys do sound fantastic and radio ready.
  10. Here again in Wisconsin. Starting tomorrow there are 2 huge multi-band, multi-day rock events taking place. Rock USA in Oshkosh and Rock Fest in Cadott. Both newer bands and older classics like Ozzy Osborne. Mostly hard rock and metal bands. Plus a healthy dose of the areas favorite rock bands on the side stages. I'm pretty sure a lot of the bands are playing both events. But I didn't really check into it. I know Ozzy with Zakk Wilde is playing both. I think the distance between venues is around 2 -3 hours or so. Both are camping events. If you ever want to see professional drinkers at their best. An event like this in Wisconsin is the place to be. Lol.
  11. Wait! Rock died? That's news to me. I eat, breathe and shit rock music. It might not be top 40 material and that's Ok. Us die hard rockers generally hate top 40/mainstream music. I can assure you rock music is still alive and it's in the perfect place. At your nearest rock club and concert halls, not top 40 radio. There's almost always a mainstream rock radio station available in most areas playing modern rock bands. Madison Wisconsins #1 station is consistently the local hard rock station. But then again it's usually rated as the top rock radio station in America. I'll admit, as a rock lover we are pretty spoiled in Wisconsin. The rock scene is thriving and has been for many years. So yeah, maybe rock is dead for top 40 radio. But that's not a bad thing.
  12. Good points. Which got me thinking. I wonder how acoustic guitar sales are doing? With the popularity of those guys you already mentioned. And the popularity of modern country music. I believe almost every country star straps an acoustic guitar around their shoulder. It might not ever actually be plugged in but it sure makes them look cool. But I think country music fans are less prone to become musicians than rock fans. So that probably doesn't hold much water.
  13. Oh yeah. Guitar Center is like the Walmart version of a music store. Underprice the little guys so it makes financial sense for everyone to shop there. Now it seems most of the smaller music stores carry more of the higher end guitars and musical gear. At least around here in the Madison area. But when a young kid ask Mom and Dad for a guitar at Christmas. If those parents aren't musicians themselves. They'll look up guitars online and it will more than likely lead them to guitar center. Not a cool locally owned music store.
  14. Yeah, but guitar sales are probably measured by new guitars being sold. I bought a few the past few years. All from other people via Craigslist. So that might be another factor in guitar sales shrinking. Used guitars are more available through sites like Craigslist and Ebay.
  15. What? The ear buds? No I don't think so. But the iPhone wasn't cheap as I bought it for her Birthday gift.