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  1. Help with an ageing voice

    caffeine!!! You could be on to something there. Three to four cups of black tea in the morning. I know that onions dry my vocal folds out, and I'm sure other foods do too. I just haven't identified which ones yet. I'll try eliminating caffeine and see what happens.
  2. Help with an ageing voice

    Dang! Never thought of that one. Wonder if I can sell it to my her.
  3. Getting younger every day!

  4. Performance anxiety?

    Here are a few ideas that I have seen help. If you can, go to the venue when there is no one there but the bartender. Go up on stage and do a couple of your songs. Then in the evening before the show, go up again and stand in the place you will be performing. After that the stage will feel like "home". I have done this for years. Being confortable with the "setting" really helps. Routine. Establish a routine the day of the performance. It's what baseball players do. Don't get too OCD though in case something interferes with it. Years ago I played with a well known sax man who actually vomited before every performance! He was fine after he did that. Hypnotism. Yea, I have seen it work to help pre-condition your mental state. This may sound crazy but.... If you are a guitarist/singer say, get a harp holder or some other instrument you are not familiar with. Work out a song using guitar, vocal, harp or anything else you can play all at once. Get up and perform a song. It will be chaotic, but do it. When you get rid of the alien instrument/item, you will find performing with just your guitar and voice much easier. It's mental conditioning. Above all, perform a LOT. That will do as much as any anything. Good luck
  5. Help with an ageing voice

    I have been a singer/songwriter for more than 40 years, I am a male and in my 60's. I have had quite a bit of vocal instruction over the years and hope by now I have the basics under control (warmup etc). What I find now is my voice is very "loose" and pleasant and controllable in the morning but starts to get "tight" in the evening (of course that's when I perform!). I don't know if it's something I'm eating, drinking or whatever that's doing it. I have asked a couple of singing coaches but to no avail. It would be great if I could just book gigs in the morning! Is there anyone out there who has had this experience and what can I do about it???