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  1. I write lyrics too:) in fact i just uploaded one of them if you comment them it would be sooo great haha http://www.musesmuse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52239 :)

  2. not songs cam12,but i do write lyrics only.why did you ask?

    Do you write songs yourself?

  3. heeey do you write songs?

  4. hey lexarose,l was listening to *the falling leeves*at reverb. You are a wonder!

    I wisi if l could work with you.if you may be willing please let me know at *chimtsitsi@yahoo..co.uk.*

    am not such a great writer buy may be you may like it.

    Keep it up sisy!!

  5. hi westie,

    alot thanx to meet you.

  6. just write to touch the heart!!

  7. well,l believe that we sing to a heart,then trully we control the body