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  1. I really enjoyed your work. Very interesting, and as you put it "well constructed". Its a great solid sound that I really like, easy to build off and just float into. I would definitely be interested in hearing more (specifically moer like Sentiment and Winter Grey)... I would love to discuss possibly working on something together. SingDanceLaugh
  2. Hello! I am new here! I am a Canadian singer/lyricist who is looking for collaborator. I am a classically trained soprano, and I love music... I can read it and write it, however I am much better at writing minuets then I am a popular style four chord song. I sing pretty much anything from Arias to Coldplay and much in between. I have lyrics ready to go... I can also write from inspiration. Here is an exert of what I have written. ... Verse 2 My heart beats in a flutter My feelings flow and stutter Like the light flows in a camera shutter And freezes time and space Chorus 1 And theres nothing more you can say I wouldn't hear it anyway I'm lost in your eyes Looking for the sunrise Verse 3 Yesterdays problems cease to exist My brain says slow down, but my heart can't resist I want to run away, but this yearning persists And I'd rather be in your arms ... Bridge So happy and so new And I don't know what to do I'm so wrapped up in you I hope you feel it too Chorus 3 And there's nothing more to say It doesn't matter anyway I'm lost in your eyes Looking for the sunrise Look forward to working with you, SingDanceLaugh