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  1. Any one visiting Miami Fl soon? Want to perform in front of 3ooo people, live? visit this site, and book yourself, its free, if you have skillz of course.


  2. Copyright A Collection of Songs?

    OK - a scenario. Let's say you wrote "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" - or something like it - as a poem. You submit it to a poetry contest. Some contest judge takes it, gives it to a struggling musician friend, and says it might make a fun song. That musician takes it, puts it to a fun melody, and sends it to a producer friend (or someone with connections) who markets it. The thing catches fire, and you hear your poem being sung all over the radio. Not possible? Yes - I am painfully aware that the odds are long - that point does not have to be made again. But is it possible? Is there more than one reason copyright laws exist to begin with? A scenario such as this doesn't even have to be done in an underhanded manner. It could be just an honest mistake made by unaware people. Are you telling me there's NO way this could happen, and, if it did, that you wouldn't say, "Hey.....wait a minute! Those are my words!"? The annals of art are filled with people who tried and tried and tried and tried before they finally hit on something. You never know when it's going to come or what it might be. The fact that the odds are so long is the very reason to do it. Let's say your one in a billion shot comes along, something screwy happens, and you weren't covered. How sickening would that be? This is not a lesson you'd have to learn more than once, but it's not a lesson you have to learn the hard way, either. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - you just don't always anticipate needing the cure until you're kicking yourself for being so foolish. You don’t want to lose your one in a billion chance. I owned a cash business for four years, and I implemented all the typical security measures. My employees once asked me if I didn't trust them. I told them that I didn't suspect any one of them of stealing, but if I wasn't wary of employee theft, I'd be opening the door to it - because people are people, and people can get desperate or just too weak to do what's right. So, all I can say to those on this board who aren't writing stuff that's worth stealing - keep writing, keep striving, and don't get discouraged. It's not easy, but it can happen. Be prepared when it does. AND THE WINNER IS.......!!!! DING, DING, DING, DING<<<<<<<<
  3. TAXI - worth joining?

    Before there ever was a TAXI, there were 'GREAT' songwriters. I believe that after TAXI has expired, (and they are slowly losing members DAILY) Due to unreasonable fees, GREAT songwriters will continue forward. TAXI was a plus, when they first came on the scene, but not anymore. You got to be willing to work hard and write quality songs, pay for quality productions, and you can do exceedingly well. Taxi is the past now. You heard from me first.
  4. 'Congratulations Mr.Doinker
  5. THE SONG CALLED Wishing Train sounds like a sure Hit! great job dude!