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  1. I write lyrics and sing, but I am not the best at composing the actual music. My goal is to find someone who would like to collaborate with me and create music I can put my lyrics to/write music to my lyrics and maybe even sing them with me. I am also talented in the film and video department, and if we create something fantastic, my goal is to also create a music video to go along with our song that we can post onto the internet. Basically, I am looking to collaborate with someone who can compose music/sing with me. My musical influences are rock bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and anyone in the same category as them, but I also tend to lean towards softer stylings as well. I am hoping to find somebody who is willing to send music back and forth via the internet, so it does not matter to me where you are from. If you are interested in perhaps pursuing a collaboration with me, please let me know and we will talk more about each other's musical talents.