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  1. The use of the word... Well,

    I have seen too many songs that start off with the word "well" for it to be a coincidence. My impression is that it's a story telling technique that gets the listener right into the action. it's the first word of the song in most cases, I would think it comes from country music, cause of the emphasis on story telling. There are dozens of songs, but going through springsteens collection i've found 5 to example Well, they blew up the chicken man in philly last night - Atlantic City Well, Jimmy Lee was hookin' 'round the far turn of a funky southern Florida dirt track - stand on it Well, they closed down the auto plant in mahwah late that month - Johnny 99- Well, they're still racing down at the tressles -Darkness on the edge of town I wondered if anyone had a real concrete explanation
  2. What do musicians look for?

    Most talk show bands are like that as well. They have incredible ears, not just for basics but for minute details in a song. The musicians on the Letterman show or Jimmy Fallon or Leno are world beaters. It's their ears that sets them apart. But then again people arent really interested in great musicianship, unless they are themselves musicians. it's all about the song, man!
  3. Collaboration contest

    The same reason you are posting when the contest doesnt exist anymore! I actually only said once, and didnt even say it actually, that I wasnt interested. I was merely responding to KIM: After much thought about it, I sadly have to decline from this, Bruce, so please remove my name from the collaboration contest as a lyricist. I am sure you can find other lyricists, since there is so little work involved in the process. I hope you all a great time guys and enjoy your beer and buffalo wings. I look forward to participating as a voter. Kimberly clear reference to me, so even though I gave up paraonia in the 80's when The Kinks released "destroyer" I had to think I was the reason. I dont think everybody could lose interest at the same time. I like the idea, I think lyricists deserve a chance to work with some musician and it can lead to a good team.
  4. Collaboration contest

    Far from "protected bubbles" this is the way the real world works. Having to work within parameters and with team members that are externally determined happens all the time - in my own work situation, which is not music, and in the musical world. When I am involved in these kind of situations, what I want is a team member that sees, accepts and relishes the challenge - not whines about it. Bruce's imposed parameters and team pairings here have resulted - for me - in songs that would never have existed otherwise that have won several competitions outside the forum. They have also resulted in making new friends and partners in subsequent collaborations - Ron Yes, but why punish everyone else cause I "whined" The real world does not work that way. Does the superbowl stop if I "whine" about who is playing in it? Do they change the score if I "whine" about the refs. Do the grammy artists still accept the award if I "whine" about them receiving it it? Do people still show up for work if another co worker "whines" about doing too much work. If you answered yes to all of the above, you are one smeart kookie! If a musician was upset about having to do the work, they wouldnt enter. It's just a collective cry from the peanut gallery from some people who dont like my MO, that maybe it will rally people against me or force somebody to do something. Ok break over, everybody back to work!
  5. Collaboration contest

  6. Collaboration contest

    Yeah I'll be quitting too due to pms from various members. if somebody else wants to enter, go for it, but my head is bouncing from this whole thing. I'll leave you guys to your protected bubbles.
  7. Collaboration contest

    even less work involved in voting LOL I like the shot you took at me, you should use that in your songs. I didnt mean to insult anybody saying it's easier to enter a lyricist, it just is. You write the lyrics and you're done. the musician has to do all the heavy lifting. Not that the writing the lyric is a piece of cake, Bernie Taupin might not like me saying that. And a great lyric can take alot of effort to complete. But as far as WORK, doing the music and performing and recording can take a lonngggggg time. It be nice and convenient for me to just enter a lyric(even one that is written already) and let somebody record it for me. But Im not really a collaborator, Im a control freak LOLLLLLL, but If I saw a lyric that really knocked me out, id give it a shot. But please dont be offended by what I say, a lyricists part can be crucial too. Please re enter, and Ill vote for you. even if its as bad as something I might write
  8. Collaboration contest

    it is the same with the one criteria...writing what the musician wants to work on. The contest would bring those people to the forefront instead of asking the musicians to ask every lyricist ere to give them a specific content. I refuse to work on a "You broke my heart you bastard" song!
  9. Collaboration contest

    It's so easy to enter as a lyricist LOL I was not going to enter as a lyricist cause I feel there are way more lyricists here who deserve a chance to collaborate. But with music, it's a lot of work. You have to find a melody/chord changes, you have to perform it, you have to record it, mix it, and load it, and then you get critiqued on every bit that is not lyric! LOL I'd love to help out some of these lyricists with a nice collab, but I think I'd like to be able to choose what kind of lyric they would write. Alot of stuff doesnt interest me and it;s hard for me to get "into" it unless i'm working on something that moves me. We should consider collab contests where the person calls their own material. ie. lyricist says I want to do a country song with a willing collaborator ie, musician says I want to do a song about the economy just a consideration
  10. Collaboration contest

    I'll bring the beer and buffalo wings.
  11. Syrian protesters fired on

    Are the Syrians the people that make that bread?
  12. Creating Good Musical Choruses

    Creating a great melodic chorus actually comes from what melodies were in the rest of the song, thats how you know it's great, by how it contrasts and augments the rest of the song. Some chorus work because they have a perfect lead in from another part of the song that makes it stand out. the verse might go... dadadadada dadadadada dadadadada the pre chorus might da dada dada da dada dada da the chorus might go DA, dadada, DA Hope that makes sense, but it's where the emphasis is on the syllables that gives the hook a bigger presence. they are usually 3 4 5 6 note jabs that punch the listener into paying attention. "I gotta feelin" "man, I feel like a woman" "take this job and shove it" "near, far, wherever you are" The best thing you can do is listen to lots and lots of pop songs, dont listen to anything else, and absorb whats going on. Eventually it will sink in what you should do. And keep a recorder nearby. Great hooks come out of nowhere, and its damn frustrating to lose them. I hear music all the time in my head, it never stops. and right before I drift off i get melodies. Just listening will help alot, hits of all genres over and over again.
  13. Discussion for a new type of contest

    I like the way the drums sound,maybe a tad more volume on the snare. and the lead vocal sounds really good, maybe a tad more verb it's a bit boxy. I dont like those sporadic harmonies they are distracting, and the volume is too loud on the harmonies. But the pitch is an issue, maybe he could redo it, or use some auto tune.
  14. Discussion for a new type of contest

    I think u fattened it up a bit, for me, the piano is over compressed and doesnt sound natural enough, might need a bit more snare volume. And that harmony on "all or nothing" is way off. Gotta go up Higher on that, it's way too disonant. Sounds improved over the original though.
  15. Syrian protesters fired on

    I get the part about the Giants and Pats but can you give us a reference for your other 2 comments? as if it were a song? I was critiquing the thread, lol.