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  1. Theater Massacre

    In that post, I am not defending bern. I am indicating that bern's views have counterparts. Well -- I'm glad that we got that sorted out - sort of. His counterparts are those where he lights into you frothing at the mouth - spiting venom or are you talking about our counterparts? That also doesn't really address the bigger picture -- his inability to remain civil.How many people has he driven from this site or maybe just this part of the site? I remember there being a few more faces who would ad thoughts here but if bern was in the loop and someone typed one word bern didn't agree with - then he would be on the prowl, twisting what had been said and turning it back on the poster trying to draw them into a fight. Remember Ian? He is a classic example of berns venom and no -- I'm not going to look it up for you. Yeah, berns views have counterparts!
  2. Theater Massacre

    Well, that's the way you see it. I see it run both ways. I can recognize bias from the right. Do you ever see bias from the left? It just sounded like the type of language bernabby would catch all sorts of grief for saying. In other words, it sounds like a counterpart argument to bernabby. Of course, on this site, counterpart arguments to bernabby have a lot of support. Speaking of bernabby, the last thing that man needs is an apologist, advocate or defender. He made his own bed then lay down in it.His arguments were not what got him in trouble, it was how he framed them and then labeled anyone who didn't agree with him. One could reasonably assume he set them up so as to draw any-one in, then rather than make a good counter argument he quite often attacked with name calling and many other epithets. His power of reason didn't frighten me but the personal attacks certainly raised my ire and so I wonder, does it not bother that he did that. Do you find it Okay that someone can call another human being all the things that bernabby labeled tidepool with and still say it's a good argument? I can't. With me it's not a right v left thing or a lib v con argument -- it's about respect. Without that there's no civility.
  3. Theater Massacre

    First, let me thank your father for his service to our Country. The worst fear of any parent is the course our children will follow as adults. Your disrespect for your father speaks volumes about your character or lack of in this instance. To total strangers you post this tirade of fear and hate that defines your father. Cheap shot, yes. I can only sympathize with what he must be going through if he's aware of your post. This is what you leave him to take to his final resting!! That is despicable. I may have had private disagreements with my father but I never ever would take them public especially to a group of strangers. I suppose we can attribute your past posts to a foot-in-mouth disease but this attack on your own father is disgusting and a cowardly act. Go hide in your cesspool where you belong. Bernabby, the only cesspool here is the one of your making. If you think for one second tidepool has disparaged his father -- then your the one who is disgusting, if you think he has disrespect for his father -- then your the one who is despicable, if you think tidepool has a lack of character then please by all means take a good look at your-self in the mirror, it is you without character -- moral or otherwise. You claim to be a christian -- but throw the first rock. You have no understanding of what it apparently takes to get along with other people so why do you come here? To be the Best Troll possible. If that's the case you win, if it's to prove everyone else wrong -- you don't. This place has a lot of good things going for it -- then it has you. If you don't like what people here have to say please feel free to go post your diatribes on another site with like minded "people."
  4. Theater Massacre

    Remember that there were only fifteen seconds of thinking allowed. Not the most compelling invective, I agree, but perhaps time constraints should be taken into account. I'm sure he meant to say an idiot and a murderer. But you are correct, Lazz. The correct coordinating conjunction requires more than 15 seconds of thought and can only be established during the rewrite stage - as I've discovered through endless hours of sweating over buts and yets. Why are you so sure of what I meant? Let's draw the line somewhere, jonie. Calling someone a murderer is a place no one should go unless there is compelling reason to make that accusation. Sure, I'll call OJ a murderer even if some idiot jury acquitted him. Accuse me of calling someone an idiot but be sure you have solid evidence before you accuse me of calling someone a murderer. May I suggest you withdraw your post or modify it before stuff hits the fan. The pot calling the kettle black.
  5. Theater Massacre

    bernabby, for all of the bloviating that you do -- where do you keep the list or nicks of all of the bad people you have eliminated? I'm betting there are none.
  6. Theater Massacre

    What's this bern, a back-handed approach at saying I'm a mass murderer, prove it.
  7. Theater Massacre

    Inner city violence possibly differentiates itself from small town or suburban violence in that there are more opportunities in a city to blow off steam - frequent spurts of less devastating violence that might serve to alleviate the pressure whereas rage, dwelling outside of cities, tends to be more isolated and can go unnoticed while it builds up within certain individuals. City-dwellers are also less likely to stockpile weapons though I'm sure some do and I'm certain that there are many other psychological and anthropological reasons why suburbs and small towns breed more mass-killers than big cities do. I disagree with those who write off this behavior with the all too convenient label of "evil" - How would you describe this behavior? as if we, as members of our own communities and as a society as a whole, have no responsibility towards providing an environment that recognizes, alleviates and works to prevent the growth of rage in individuals before the destructive occurrence rather than dealing with the individual after the fact. ?These acts appear "senseless" and it's that term used so liberally by the media and the religious causing us to believe there is indeed no sense to them. But of course, the behavior makes perfect sense if we look honestly at the factors spawning such violence - some of which are in our collective power to eliminate. Most of us are fortunate to possess the psychological and emotional tools to avoid getting swept up by rage and acting out violently - others lack those tools, through no choice of their own. They require intervention and assistance to manage their emotions and thought processes. Over the past 15-20 years or so, the US has seen a marked decrease in available treatment for those with psychological disorders while experiencing an increase in violence overall and in mass murder occurrences specifically. Seems to me we've been focusing our efforts in the wrong direction. Would this young man in Aurora have done this had there been adequate psychological intervention at a critical point in his life? We'll never know I guess, and we'll never know about the next mass murderer or all those that will follow until we place a higher value on prevention of these acts than we do on the sole and truly senseless practice of judicial retribution after they've occurred. I don't know what you're thinking, jonie. This guy was a pre-med student. What do you think was the critical point in his life where he needed a shrink's help. These nuts, in many cases are highly intelligent and know how to work the system including the shrinks. Should we have a civilian police force on the lookout for possible future mass killer suspects? You prevent these senseless killings by making sure these whackos don't survive the limelight of heavily publicized trials, searching for root causes or seeking silly prevention measures that only works in psycho theory and discussed at wine sipping events among shrinks. Start posting "This place is protected by an armed presence, you won't see who is packing and the last thing you will feel is a bullet in your brain" and you will see major declines in these types of crimes. Bernabby,just think about it for fifteen seconds -- if they were all good Christians they were just being called home to God so whats the fuss. It must have been his/her plan -- nothing more nothing less!
  8. Bob Lefsetz on Modern Country

    Interesting. I have never thought about it that way. The way I have read the situation previously is that, at least in the UK, the authorship profile began to transform not because labels were signing artists who wrote their own material but because artists who had been already signed began to recognise the value of an income stream from publishing. Early signs of the tendency for me were an early Rolling Stone LP release for instance on which “Love In Vain” was credited to Jagger-Richards or when Rod Stewart minimally modified the title and lyric of a B.B.King hit to release “Rock My Plimsoles” under his own name. Money beckoned. On the UK touring circuit of the early ‘60s, bands played their versions of the Blues R&B and Motown they listened to at home. Dance-band musicians complained about lost work. Haircuts and guitars in the backs of vans travelled up and down the M1 making their market instead. Drugs were added. And almost overnight it seemed the Moody Blues ceased playing James Brown covers and mutated into psychedelic significance. I look at it as moments in the history of branding. A drummer whose company I have enjoyed far more than his playing, which I find inept and irksome in extremis even while it seems to be quite highly revered by those in the rock world – all reasons for which he shall remain nameless – once observed to me that he could poop in a bag and still sell copies. “Merda d’Artista”. He even knew the numbers as predictable. Cynical but honest about his own brand-value. Never considered the song “Love Me Do” as any particular milestone landmark before. And I’m not sure that I am yet persuaded. Early Beatles was always personally pretty insignificant with “Love Me Do” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” being far too white and trite for me in context of much of the available alternatives. The first real inkling that they had something solid going on didn’t connect with me until Revolver and Rubber Soul. I disagree. There is always oodles of marvelously inspiring music being played everywhere. It's just that the music 'industry' is geared to sell hamburger. Try exploring more off-menu. Musicians of today - right now - whose music has inspired me through this past week: Renee Rosnes; Rita Marcotulli; Ann Wolf; Nathalie Loriers; Joey DeFrancesco; Chris Potter; Wayne Shorter; David Sanborn; Gretchen Parlato; Lionel Louke; John Scofield; Vince Mendoza; Zeca Pagodinho. Corrected
  9. Life my friend

    Have not many of us been on that same path a time or two!
  10. Rhymes 8

    ...and the angels sang as pigeons circled below some summertime smiles hold secrets down on the dusty road Next Topic:one dirty shoe
  11. What keeps you going?

    The Lull Between, if you stopped writing would the thoughts and ideas just go away or would they just well up inside of you until you felt as though you would burst? I stopped writing for a way to long period of time and it about drove me nuts, even if it was just snip-it's of an idea. The best thing I found was just to get it out, write it down and then if it was bad I could just forget about it. What really keeps me going is the idea that the next piece of writing will be better than the last piece written and then I can move on to an even better piece. It doesn't always happen but... As for fans, who is/are the target audience you are working for then target just for them otherwise it's like taking a shotgun and shooting into the air to what you will hit. Friends and family are tough nuts break, they are who they are to you because of birth or they just like you. Music is a very subjective form of art, not all of my friends like my music so I have to find the people who do. This is not an easy task either. Consider who you want as an audience and then work to that goal knowing full well that you can't convert everyone to your style of music.
  12. Are You a Nocturnal or Diurnal Songwriter?

    For me there is no correct or best time to write, when an idea hits I try to get it down in some form so that it is not forgotten and then I can come back to it when my time is more flexible.