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  1. Absolutely! It was a pleasure!
  2. Thanks! It was fun. No need to pick a winner this time. Do you want me to update the mix with your notes and send it to you? I'll just turn the 'verb down a touch esp. on piano. That would be AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate it. And if you're ever up for the challenge again, just let me know.
  3. Did I miss anybody??? Great job guys. I think you all did a fantastic job. Everyone had at least one aspect that I really liked. Should I pick a winner? Or did we decide it's not a contest?
  4. Like the last one, I think this too might have a little too much reverb, all though with this it's on the piano. I think the vocal is very nice. WHen the chorus kicks in very nice and full. Very good mix, things get a little muddy at parts, but I suspect that's because of the verb on the piano. I think bring that down and this is spectacular. It's very wide and full. Nice. I think this is my favorite so far, even despite the echo. Great job mp24!!!
  5. Now this one seems quite verby. I don't think this effect quite works with this type of song, maybe something a little more psychedelic. But I have to say the instrumentation really sings. Things could be spaced a little, and eq'ed out. But all in all this is a great attempt. Good job.
  6. Hi Scubed, I think the vocal might be a little too dry for my taste. The vocal is very forward which is great. And i can hear all the instruments, they're just lacking that punch. I think some EQing could help with this. Very nice.
  7. Oh and I like the Wetter one better.
  8. Drums are huge! Maybe a little too big. The voice is clear and forward which is great, although it clips off at the end of some lines. Through the chorus I think the drums are too big. We completely loose the strings and piano. The harmonies are nicely balanced. All in all, very nice mix. Kudos Alistair!!
  9. Hi everyone. Now that the weekend is finally here, I plan on going through these and giving a thorough listen. Thanks for all the time and effort put into these. Should have feedback shortly. Best Josh
  10. Thanks gents. These are sounding great! Keep em comin!
  11. Just checking in to see how things are coming a long with everybody.
  12. Hey Everyone, I'm working with a new producer for one of my songs "Don't Leave." http://www.soundcloud.com/joshhowatt/photograph Instead of working out something in the way of compensation up front, he brought up the idea of sharing the rights. What is the industry standard? I basically wrote the song (lyrics, melody, all music instrumentation, produced in my home studio) then sent to him for mixing, adding flourishes, cleaning up, etc. He's also going back and using different instrumentation on certain parts. I'd say thus far he's spent about 6 hours time on it, and plans to keep going till it's prefect. What would be a fair share of rights for such work? I would also really like to continue working with this person going forward on all my songs, being that he has done an absolutely fantastic job. Best, Josh
  13. So we have three new people join: Simple Simon, Thinman, and NigeQ. That brings by my count, the number of participants to 8!!! That's fantastic!!! Great turnout!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
  14. I'm not sure what happened, but the file disappeared. I'm uploading again. Ugh. :/
  15. Ok, so far I've shared the files with m24p, scubed, Alistair, and Yakami. If anyone else wants in send me your email so I can add your permissions to the folder. We're doing No Way to Live And the tempo is 81. I look forward to see what you all can do!!!! Thanks again. I'm so excited!!!!