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  1. Lyricist looking to collaborate with Musician/Songwriter

    Hi Nicole, No sorry, I don't....Totally musical illiterate!! And I wish I could sing, but I can't do that either. Do you have any recommendations? Anything come to mind when you read the lyrics? Thanks for responding, Rachel
  2. The Muse Collaboration Contest

    Would love to be included as a lyricist. Thanks, Rachel
  3. Hello, If you are reading this, I want to start of by saying thank you. I am a lyricist who has two lyrics I would love to collaborate with a songwriter. These two are very close to my heart, and would like to have music set to before I begin with the others. Is there anyone out there willing to take a stab at it. I have posted my lyrics before for review. Thanks for looking, Rachel Room 109 Remember the early days Late nights filled with passion Making love three times a day That never faded out of fashion We talked about secret fantasies Confessed our hopes and fears Learned the curves of each other’s bodies Through the laughter and the tears Chorus: Our secret escape from the world Where you were only mine We learned to love each other In Room One ‘O Nine We came into each other’s lives When it was so desperately needed The two of us against the world To the end we always pleaded Forgot about the hurts Hidden in our pasts You told me on that hotel blanket Our love was meant to last Chorus: Bridge: Do not disturb Were the three little words For the stories of our lives As we vowed to each other forever We would share this bed together For the rest of time Chorus: Second Lyric: Karma Is A Bitch You thought things were greener On the other side So you went to a bar As our love slowly died I was not home When you walked out the door You did not leave a note Just your clothes on the floor Chorus: You tried your tacky lines On the first girl that gave you that itch She said her name was Karma And Karma is a bitch You left me to see her Almost every night To go see your new baby You did not have an invite Because she was out at the bar Mingling with a new man Just like the night when you met her Your new love ended as quickly as it began Chorus: Bridge: What you put out in this world Comes back to bite you Now you are feeling the pain When things are through How does it feel Your life ripped apart When you had me Who guarded your heart Chorus: