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  1. This was written for a more generalised environment but this amazing site breaks things into more focused areas so sorry for the lazy 'paste' but I think this gives a fully picture and more colour to what I seek! I've been in the media for 20 years, had feature films screen at Cannes, won film awards from Hollywood, had commissions from A-List Producers and Directors, and worked with people from all walks of life. This primary project is based around a true story that made international media headlines 16 months ago. It is in fact still unfolding. There are so many twists and turns in the story I can guarantee it will boggle your mind! There are over 3000 covert video and audio recordings to plough through. This is an exclusive rights project. Projects scheduled for final development include: 3 Books (narrative, 3rd person, Evidence Chronology. Possibly a 4th book 'The Metaphor'), Feature Film, Feature Documentary, A shot film drama series, a short film metaphor series, a short film documentary series, a reality TV show, live TV talk show, radio show, album lyrics, 2 bands, band and film tour. I know it sounds a lot, however it's been nearly 2 years in planning. This is your opportunity to step in and bring your imagination to the final development around this true story project. Music will be created for use across all film, TV, radio & internet media, and 2 bands will be created to tour the USA and Europe as well as local pop gigs and surprise performances. LYRISTSTS Lyricist are preferred from London, however having worked with writers globally using skype previously I am happy to take applications globally. You must however be willing to join brain storming sessions with the larger creative group at regular and spontaneous meetings. COMPOSERS I would prefer a composer based in London as with musicians. However again, the Internet, skype and other tools give us a broader opportunity to work non geographically. MUSICIANS Musicians will need to be London based or have easy access to London for live rehearsals and recording. If you are in London, you are encouraged to spend regular time with the lead and other creatives across all departments. I have extensive Native Instruments, and other tools and resources at my disposal. There should be no limitations in creating amazing results. I have lead amazing results in short periods of time in the past, I'll lead this project to well beyond expectations in the time allocated. You can make immediate arrangements to meet and discuss the depth of the project and view material. You will be contracted as a rights holder in the finished released works, and entitled to full share of revenue. DO IT - DON'T INQUIRE ABOUT IT I don't want inquiries. Inquiries mean you aren't sure about what you want or where you want to go. I want people who have decided upon reading this ad they will commit to the project and start pretty much immediately. When I made my first film I could have made inquiries, instead I chose to make the film. The film has screened in most English speaking countries, been tabled in three Parliaments, caused Ministers and a Police Commissioner and a Head of State to resign. I took a risk because I knew I wanted to make a film. You will want to spend time with me, learning about the story, promising your creative ideas without any hesitation or holding back. No matter how silly an idea might be it must be shared. You are the kind of person that records, writes or txts yourself hooks, tag lines, titles and catchy phrases so you don't forget them, even in the shower! You want to share the inspiration my story will give you with me instantly. You'll call me at 3 in the morning excited with a single 5 word phrase because you want to share it. You won't hesitate, you won't think 'should I call'. You will simply make the call. You want to see the Album produced within 6 months. You want to see it being raged across twitter, facebook and every other social media. You want to smile knowing that it's a part of your and you are a part of it. You want to see it grow and become the life it will be, on it's own. Are you this kind of person? If you are, skype, telephone, tweet, facebook me. A capable person will be able to obtain my phone number or skype easily! To apply: 1. Don't send a CV. A CV isn't going to demonstrate your creative writing. Your reply application should consists of exactly 250 words detailing, creatively, how you will add to my team. It should be about you. 2. Reply to this ad and provide your mobile number (and network) so I can text you a time to call. If you use skype provide your details so I can add you so you can call me at your convenience. 3. Be genuinely committed to a very exciting and diverse range of projects. Immediate Start
  2. First the Criticism: I have to agree, having 20 years of commercial experience. It's a wonderful poem, a personal scribing. But it's not a song. Now the Constructive: There is no colour in the telling, it's flat. Besides the uncertainty in the relationship that comes through in the choice of words. Try adding some colour - words that describe an emotion or the subject rather than actually describe the subject itself. There is only one emotion. Fear. It's a self reflective fear more than an actual fear. No one wants to feel insecure about themselves when they reflect on a song. It's not a love song, it's a fear of being loved. Go back, rework it. Ask yourself questions about what it is you are trying to write a song about, rather than write a song about the questions you want to ask. Good luck! It takes a lot of effort to write a brilliant song. I'm working on just one song right now that is so intense emotionally. It takes time to get it right.