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  1. Hi there. It's funny that you say that because if you listen really closely I did put a falsetto exactly where you want it to be. I just left it really faint. I'll go back in and try it higher though and see what happens. Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoy it :-)
  3. Thanks. I figured since I haven't been here in awhile I would just give to samples to get feedback on them and see what people think overall of where I'm at now. That and I didn't want to do two posts back to back for each song or one post with two songs since I don't think we can do that anyway. I'm glad you like them :-)
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't been here in a really long time. I have up on trying to be a professional songwriter and on music and started going after my first passion which is photography (www.yajhil.com). Anyway, I decided to start making music for fun again so here are two new songs I have. The samples are short. I just need to know what you think in general. I produced, wrote, and did all the vocals. And yes, I am aware that I am not a singer or rapper lol. Looking forward to the feedback. Please be aware that "Never Be Mine" contains foul language while "When I Stop Coming Home To Ya" does not. Never Be Mine (Sample) Description: Pop/Rap song. Contains language. Made it as an anti-Valentine's Day song lol. Intro Oh no Here we go again **** Chorus B**ch you're crazy Don't be mad Cause you can't have this Oh well too bad Take your pills And get your life No I don't want ya Never be mine Verse 1 Look I've told you a million times Leave me alone You've lost your mind One kiss Guess that's all it takes Now you're acting like we're married It was just a date That went bad so fast I didn't clean the plate And that s**t was good Man, what a waste But you're f***ing nuts Yeah your a** is crazy Said never again But your a** heard maybe? Pre-Chorus Really? That's what you chose to hear? Man, get the f** out of here! Chorus ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I Stop Coming Home To Ya (Sample) Description: Pop song. All singing. Verse 1 Ask me to believe ya But I can't trust in you You've given me too much to doubt Maybe I should leave ya And find somebody else That knows what love is all about I've spent So much time Trying to find Trying to find you I've gone Out my mind Looked so foolish Well that all that ends tonight (oh) Chorus Oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Whatchoo gonna do When I stop coming home to ya? Oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Whatchoo gonna do When I stop coming home to ya?
  5. I like it. It's a fun song. I wish I could hear this finished up. I agree that talking about why she's a hot mess would make this even more fun to listen to. Good job on everything :-)
  6. Hi there. I like the song actually. I like the lyrics. It's really sad and pretty at the same time. Things I noticed though: When you sang the word "shadows" you sounded off key. I happen to like your voice, it's relaxing to me, but that note took me right out for a sec. At 1:38 you seem to have shoved too many words in so it seems rushed And 1:54 you sound like you messed up but kept it in there anyway. Good song. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hi everyone, It's been a reeeeeeally long time since I've been here. Hope everyone is doing awesome! So let's get down to business. I currently have 3 new songs. All of them would have a funny music video involved but I can't decide on which one to shoot the video for. Now you all know I'm not a singer or producer (I'm a photographer) but I like doing this for fun. Anyway, here are three short song samples. Let me know which concept/song you like best and why (BTW, they all contain NSFW language). Thanks! CONCEPT 1 - Fake A$$ B*tch Video Idea: I'm thinking of dressing up like the ugliest girl possible and then going to a party and being as obnoxious as hell while people shoot me daggers with their eyes and try to get me to go home. CONCEPT 2 - Wack Sh*t Video Idea: Me thinking I'm hot stuff while this girl looks at me not wanting a damn thing from me. CONCEPT 3 - JK (Just Kidding) Video Idea: Same exact concept as "Wack Sh*t".
  8. Hi everyone, Songwriter here living in LA. Decided to put out my own single for a change. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Made everything on my own. Thanks. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/my-fluffer-single/id666036583 Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/My-Fluffer-Explicit/dp/B00DLVC8EG/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372524864&sr=301-1
  9. Hello all, I am currently looking to record my own pop album. Please check out my kickstarter project and all of the details here: Hopefully you like what you hear and will support me in this new adventure! Yajhil
  10. Hey I listened to your demo, "Hot Mess" and I think it's really good. A surefire hit if you sell it to a boy band or something like that. All the best!

  11. Thanks. It has been a couple of hours since I posted this and since then, I am highly considering attempting to find a job with the last 3 weeks I have of paid rent here, and if I don't find anything then moving back home. I mean, I had already agreed to allow this person to state that they changed a few of the words around and provided ideas for the song (even though they didn't) but now they want more. They want to rob me of what I do. I don't think I could go through an entire lifetime knowing I made such a dirty deal with someone.
  13. Analyze Me (Demo): http://soundcloud.com/yajhilalvarez/analyze-me-finished-idea Until The Mornin' (Demo): http://soundcloud.com/yajhilalvarez/until-the-mornin-finished-idea Hot Mess (Demo): http://soundcloud.com/yajhilalvarez/hot-mess-finished-idea iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ehrhart/id541597781