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  1. Does Meter Matter?

    Hi I've not been around for quiet some time, however this excellent post grabbed my attention. Writing songs is not something I think about it's just something I do so my contribution is very simple. In my opinion meter is the entry point into a song for a listener, then melody and if you get them both right you might be lucky enough to have a listener consider what it is you are actually writing about. When writing I will happily live without rhyme as long as I have the meter and melody tight. So, yes, for me meter more than matters it is the gateway into a song.
  2. 2014 Song of the Year (1+1)

    Thanks Iggy appreciated
  3. 2014 Song of the Year (1+1)

    Congratulations Steve
  4. April Song Comp

    Congratulations to Zeek and Ryan Brady, Drive was one of my own top choices, my personal one and two were Nothing Lasts Forever, LMK and Perfect, Oswick. Two very different approaches and styles but both songs held my attention. As I mentined earlier I thought the standard of songs submitted was very high and I consider myself fortunate to be mentioned in the listing. Thanks to everyone who voted and especially those who took the time to listen and vote for "come to the edge" greatly appreciated.
  5. April Song Comp

    As a newbie the change in rating didn't really phase me, however I did find it a little more difficult to place the songs and resorted to a points system to clarify my choice, what I can say newbie or not, the quality of production was really good and I enjoyed the listening experience.
  6. April Song Comp

    come to the edge words and music gerrybhoy Come to the edge Of the water she said She held his hand And lifted her head To the sky The moon cut a diamond into her eye And bathed her skin In marble light He's gone she said And never coming back He's left us Both behind And I fear for us In this wicked world It's not the place For you and I Come to the edge Of the water She said As a star fell down From the sky Here we will sleep By the ocean deep And drift out On the tide Is that what you meant By a beautiful death? Said the boy While his Mother cried For that's what you said In the note that I read The one you Left behind Come to the edge Of the water she said As a cloud Hid the moon From the sky I'm only a boy But I'll soon Be a man And I love you With all of my life I'll make you strong I'll do all that I can Keep you safe inside And you won't cry You won't cry But the deed Had been done In the chocolate So warm As sleep Took a hold Of their eyes When the sun Came up The boy sat up And saw her There by his side His Mother had gone With the tide at dawn And left her Body behind Come to the edge Of the water She said As a star fell down From the sky Here we will sleep By the ocean deep And drift out On the tide
  7. Good rock song, well recorded and balanced beautifully, you're right about the keys nice touch. I enjoyed the listen.
  8. Mar 1+1 Song Comp

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and vote and also for being so forgiving, the playing is a wee bit lumpy but I thought there was enough of a song there to get the idea across, my own one and two were Ring a Ring A Roses by fabkebab and Goodbye Sweet Marie by ScenesFromPalacio. Tammy's How Do I Find My Way To You was also a highlight. I enjoyed listening to all the songs, once again thanks for taking the time to vote.
  9. Mar 1+1 Song Comp

    Lyrics and music gerrybhoy our own platform There'll be a next train We'll get home It's so cold Take my coat Keep you warm It's pretty late now Everythings closed Seems we have Our own platform We could dance We can make Like it's a stage I'll be Fred You be Ginger In the rain You've got the look And I've got the style It'll keep us Warm for a while Over the bridge Time and time again Wondering which side To catch the train We missed them all Now it's getting late Like the litter That lies On the track We'll be Picked up When they Come back To start the day The hands on the clock Haven't moved at all Not ticked a tock Neither big hand nor small The waiting rooms locked And I'm beginning to fall In love In love With you
  10. Winner - 2013 1+1 Song of the Year

    Congratulations Wendy and Daddio a deserving winner from a fine selection of songs.
  11. December 1+1 Contest

    That's a nice surprise! So many good songs, think I had Steve's song as my pick, thanks for listening it's very much appreciated. Great effort as well by Neal, thanks to you also.
  12. December 1+1 Contest

    Had so much fun the last time hope you don't mind if I jump in again : ) Written and performed by gerrybhoy took the man's wager Molly they've taken the dog And set fire to the barn The horses have bolted And the Police Have surrounded the farm Get the shotgun from the kitchen And bring me the shells For tonight I'm going out shootin Then I'm goin tae hell Tell the Cops I'm no danger And tell them to Lay down their arms Twas a Clan of bad losers Not a drop of honour or charm I fought for a wager A man they put up As their best At Musselburgh Races I took me auld dog wi me, Jess Molly I'm sorry I dragged ye intae this mess But I took the man's wager Tae buy ye yer weddin dress It was a stand up they said But their man He was all in Still I bested him twice Broke my hand's On his head and his chin There's a tooth in my head And it's not Where it should be It's buried in my hair And it doesn't Belong tae me They paid me the purse Then they took a shine Tae the dog That's a fine Bull Terrier said one I'll be taking it home If it fight's like the farmer It'll make me A bob or two Then all hell broke loose And Auld Jess He jumped in there too Molly I'm sorry I dragged ye intae this mess But I took the man's wager Tae buy ye yer weddin dress The Cops broke it up And I spent The night in the cell Took the dog Tae the pound And they gave him The jail as well This is where I've been And how I came hame in a mess But they've come back Molly The Cops must have known Or guessed Go to the front door And I'll skip out Of the back It's an armed response team Keep it straight And try not to crack They can burn the barn They can beat me Till I'm black and blue When you steal my Jess You best know I'm comin after you Molly I'm sorry I dragged ye intae this mess But I took the man's wager Tae buy ye yer weddin dress.
  13. Oct 1+1 Song Comp

    Congratulations to the place getters, really enjoyed reviewing all the songs, a pleasant listening experience.
  14. Oct 1+1 Song Comp

    Hi sorry I haven't been around for a while and I recognise that it may be a little cheeky to jump in straight away with a comp entry but curiosity just got the better of me and anyway what better way to get back involved. This song was written as part of this years 50/90 effort, that rather contentious practise of attempting to write 50 songs in 90 days, your comments on the song would be most appreciated. I have aimed for understated simplicity. Written and performed by gerrybhoy you're perfect You're perfect Just the way You are And I can't Understand Your need to Reinvent Yourself Over and Over again Do you remember The last time Another true Love ends It's the same As the first time Everything goes And you just Start again Relationships They bring you Down And you Can't get up And then You stay In bed Weeks at A time And it don't Make no sense I know that you're searching You'll do anything You can You change What you're wearing Dye your hair And you're heart Just to place it In the hands Of a man Then you ask me If you look alright How can I tell you The words Are locked up inside I've been Your friend Since we were five I'm really More than that You'll find No love Greater Than mine But I can't Seem to find The words that I need to Say to make You mine So I wait In the shadows While you Stumble on Searching for love That is blind You're perfect Just the way You are And don't you Change A thing