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    Just to add a few degrees to this sultry night, with the soulful sound of my saxophone, from out of my fifth-floor apartment window......located right by the old Chesterfield sign. You know the one, with that blinking light that just never seems to burn out.

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    Hypnotic guitars, Great harmonies, Thought provoking lyrics, & an emotionally charged melody.

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  1. Mini Contest

    That's an easy one, my friend..........."Farajaka"
  2. Customary curtesy

    Tom....my comment was more about pointing out a lack of curtesy than it is about my expectations. I simply want to know why a few of us comp participants choose to ignore the end-of-the-comp discussions. My expectations are at a minimum, as is. I'm just here to have a little fun, and to share some songs. Alistair....the 1+1 comps were few, to say the least, but the ties for first and second were numerous ;-) The full production comps were many.........should be good. Good luck with those......I'll be watching. -T
  3. Customary curtesy

    Well......if the end discussions that follow our monthly comps are any reflection, I'd say some couldn't care less. I pushed for it last year, which Alistair graciously hosted; however, with the stars aligned as they are......maybe it is best that we wait for some new comers and some fresh exuberance to generate the enthusiasm that the comps used to have ;-)
  4. Customary curtesy

    Hey there everyone......just an honest question as to the once customary display of curtesy that rounded out our monthly songs comp. I find that the curtesy of commenting at the end of our monthly songs competitions is one that is being replaced by a stark shrill of silence. A passive protest of the results? Or, just a childish sulking in the corner? Many do comment; however, just as many ignore the process. I don't mean to get those "panties in a bunch"...but, there should be no excuses for not commenting on those monthly songs comps. Honestly, folks.....I don't understand ignoring the discussions of the comps process and results. Isn't that where we find the most insight (and fun) in these comps? Just wondering...... -T
  5. I agree.....however, it is all about generating that enthusiasm that compels people to reach into their pocket books for the cash. Great songs sell.......and so do great productions. Some of our Mega songs just might never would have been heard if not for the productions that sold them famously. A good example is Hoyt Axton's, "I've Never Been To Spain". The song itself is good, and beautifully original; but, nothing that would have disturbed the force, as some say ;-). However, when Three Dog Night picked it up to perform and produce...it definitely formed a wrinkle in the universe ;-) The truth is........a song is only as good as it can inspire others......period. And while there are many aspects to a song, only one is required to inspire.
  6. Songwriting problems

    I get ideas all the time....trouble is, if I don't write them down, I often forget that small nugget that inspired the particular perspective. That's why I try to have a paper and pencil with me where ever I go. -T
  7. I Ain't No Angel

    Ya buddy.......you got it, that's the gist of the lyric Glad you liked it....... And thanks to all who have listened! -Tom
  8. I Ain't No Angel

    Thanks Mark..........I listened to "Knocking" a hundred time and determined that it was not overtly blatant, as well. I'm hoping that the electric version (whenever I get to it) will further distance the similarities ;-) Thanks, again, for your comments. Me Too...........thanks Qindfish!! Thanks Murphster.........I have another version of this with electric guitars and instrumentation....also, an out that I hope will add a lyrical and emotional dimension to the song, as well. If I could come up with a M-8 I would.......I'm getting nothing If you have any stellar idea....i truly would love to hear it. I'm always for making a song a marketing hit........I just haven't had any luck (so far ) Hey thanks again.
  9. The Population of Lonelyville

    Hi Paul, Still good stuff after my third listen...............love the yesterday's approach in todays today ;-) Just a pleasurable listen!!! Kudos...... -Tom
  10. I like what I'm listening to.....I especially like the chorus. Great touch with that electric guitar for all your instrumentation work. Nice finish with that upbeat outro.....again, love the guitar work!! Kudos........ -Tom
  11. Always

    Good sound and the tune is good.....the lyric, however, was literally heading for trouble, but never painted anything troubling. I wanted this lyric to have its point Good tune, all around......just wanted the lyric to finish the story and with a point -Tom
  12. Psycho Now

    And there ya go!!..... ....A song doesn't always have to have a point!
  13. Forever Loved

    My favorite song in the Nov. Comp.......just an all around Gem. One to be proud of! -Tom
  14. Before Love Comes

    A really good tune, Murph.........Love the lyrics and melody. Love the music.....and the singing is reminiscent of the Moody Blues sound (Lodge, I think). The only "stick" (for me) is the title / hook........it just seems to lack a certain poignancy. Like having a fantastic deli meat between some Wonder white bread. Other than that, the meat and spices you used to create this song is first class!!! -Tom
  15. Doesn't Make Sense

    Hey there RoadDog.........You were up against (we all were) some really good productions and performances. But your lyric really stood out for me.......Yours was one of the 3-picks. Good job. A really fun and stand-out write in this month's field. -Tom