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    Just to add a few degrees to this sultry night, with the soulful sound of my saxophone, from out of my fifth-floor apartment window......located right by the old Chesterfield sign. You know the one, with that blinking light that just never seems to burn out.

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    Hypnotic guitars, Great harmonies, Thought provoking lyrics, & an emotionally charged melody.

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  1. Is Rap actually songwriting....and would they qualify to rule the world? -T
  2. I was never a History major in college, but I did take American and World History classes. And Americans responded hugely with arms and munitions. But, I guess we were all taught different things in school. For easy references, there are many stories and testimonies, on the internet, that substantiate these events in history. Stories of Brits returning guns to the American owners (thru the mail) with much thanks and gratitude. So I don't know why you would think that the 2nd Amendment, that clearly allows citizens to possess firearms, didn't contribute to your war effort. Had your citizenry possed firearms of their own we wouldn't be discussing this. Anyways, whether we believe in the 2nd Amendment, or not, it doesn't make cause to act out violently, nor does it mitigate the circumstances of violence. I am one that does not believe that the ends justifying the means. And as far as the "food, vehicles and other equipment - which was very welcome (and which we have now paid for in full)".........I'm glad to hear it
  3. Well...there is the history of Churchill's England, during the war, and at his request, receiving our American guns....from farmers, factory workers, and the like, because we in America have the 2nd Amendment affording the rights to bear arms. And thank God that we were able to send those guns! And we will do it again, if necessary!!
  4. The answer is simple..........from all threats, foreign and domestic! These debates/arguments boil down to fundamental differences in our beliefs. It has been discussed for a long time now...........and in today's climate, I am even more convinced that I am safer with a fully functioning 2nd Amendment and all the associated, and fully loaded hardware.
  5. We may all live in bubbles, but here in Hawaii, we live in "Tiny Bubbles" But seriously, bubbles, or not, the contemporary rhetoric of this day is pushing people over the edge....whether we are "choosing" to jump, or being subliminally pushed into jumping by insidious remarks, it will continue to get worse if we don't start coming together. When facing off with pointed fingers, there is always the possibility that one, or both, might go off.
  6. Well.....you sure got me pegged!
  7. As creative people should understand, there are always a thousand angles to approach an idea. That WE all must tone it down.......and to mildly suggest that anything was "self-inflicted" is not only clever in the most divisive way, I find it rather insidious. He's a clever man and this has already proven to divide us even further The Whaaaaat? Me????? What I saaay?? debate gets us nowhere.
  8. Hi Joan......Scott Pelley is a seasoned professional who has proof readers, and "think tanked" opinions which he publishes and airs. We do not. He has an agenda......ours may coincide, or may not. When you agree with this man's opinion it sorta puts you in his corner. Scalise was shot, and Pelley mitigates the happening by hammering out his views in a most disgusting tone. We as Americans have to be better than this. I am/was not a Obama supporter........and I would never, ever wish anything bad to him, or the people who did support him.....no matter how dopey their logic is ;-)
  9. And "self-inflicted" means he shot himself!! You go ahead and rationalize that Joan!! Ya....that makes perfect sense to all of those who believe that 1+1=11. I'm a huge supporter of the second amendment..... so does that mean, if, by some chance of bad luck, someone shoots me while I'm having a cup of coffee at an outside cafe, it would be considered, by you, to be a self-inflicted wound?? That's some damn shallow logic, Joan!!
  10. I wholeheartedly agree with Barneyboy, Alistair, and Carl (Spanishbuddah)! All this vile rhetoric has gotten out of hand. It's time we stop, and fire up a peace pipe. Those who insist on having the last word are the ones that are going to drive us into complete civil chaos! Now, does anyone here really want that??
  11. Good tune and relevant to our times......and yes! We are in interesting times! Good stuff! -Tom
  12. Good sound, you have here. I like the lyrics and the thoughts that they conjure....they seem so true! Another very solid cut.......very signatured by yourself! Good stuff!
  13. This displays some exceptional writing, IMHO, but needs more work. As is, I want to give you some high marks just because you have remnants of some highly evolved ideas. Inspirational...but needs to be re-written, here and there. You have to tell me.....what do you mean with the line, "with a touch of jazz along the way"?? -Tom
  14. Yea...and ditto to what I had said earlier!! Good seeing you, and I hope to have something in this month's comp........right along side all you fine fellows!! Trying! -T
  15. Hey there Dave....This is pretty much your signature sound, and the lyric is obvious. I think there is an art form to writing lyrics that all can relate to, and all can identify with. Your lyric is one sided, but I won't condemn it here. We'll see what the crits think A very nice production, with the usual great performances.