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    Just to add a few degrees to this sultry night, with the soulful sound of my saxophone, from out of my fifth-floor apartment window......located right by the old Chesterfield sign. You know the one, with that blinking light that just never seems to burn out.

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    Hypnotic guitars, Great harmonies, Thought provoking lyrics, & an emotionally charged melody.

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  1. Pretty cool stuff......good collab! Very nicely put together....good lyrics, and the music is rivoting Love the dynamic musical punch! -Tom
  2. "....and as the confounding effects of the shell-shock wore off the other contestants, a cloudy and unclear truth arose from out of their fog...........there will always be July". Where's the rest of you buskers!!!
  3. AAHHHH.....a day when men were men and women were women. A day when only pirates and women wore ear rings......
  4. CONGTRATULATIONS JAMS!!! And to all the participants in this months comp. Just a few words on all the great tunes in the comp.:
  5. Thanks Fab...........not so sure what a busker is........probably not so complamentive! Again....thanks for the comments. Hey thanks SOK.........that's OK! I'm not into the recording aspect of this whole art, at all. I love writing and playing. My recordings are extremely amateurish, at best. And so, I understand your insights completely. I am the true Indy recording "person" . And, everyone here at the Muse is in the same boat (just some are a bit better than others) Thanks soon much for voting and participating....I'll be looking forward to hearing some of your stuff! -Tom
  6. Very interesting...........I agree that this is a lyric that can be jumbled and scrambled and still make sense. The lyric is a bit on the generic side....still, I think there is enough originality to keep it from being boring. Thanks for commenting.....always a pleasure! -Tom
  7. Hi Dave.....Thanks for stopping by... I just can't resist any opportunity to add audio effects for a dramatic point The effects are never needed in my songs....but, I sure lov'em Thanks, again.....and good luck!
  8. Thanks Scotto.........always a pleasure! Thanks skainphi......always a great surprise to hear someone liking my voice......I spent my whole life not trusting it Thanks again! Thanks Kim............I appreciate the comments....but how would you rearrange the verses?
  9. Love it!!!
  10. Hank the Tank.....so good to see ya in this neck of the woods. Love the tune...and yes, this is fun!. Your signature brand, for sure!! -Tom
  11. Well, Fab....without giving too much away (contest, and all ) I think this is really Fab! -Tom
  12. Thanks Eric........I appreciate it!! And thanks to all who have listened! -Tom
  13. Hi Pete....thanks soooo much for commenting! I'm not much of a recording wonk.....sometimes it seems more frustrating than fun I'm glad you like it.....and, thanks, again! -Tom
  14. Sorry Carl...I'd love to respond, but I can't get the words out in this post.......computer problems!
  15. Thank you all for listening....as always, all comments are appreciated and first impressions are welcome! Thanks, in advance “Won’t Be Your Tool” Words & Music by Tom Tognaci http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13592465II used to be your toolYour puppet on a string Like a dummy on a stool You’d say it all without me saying a thingIt’s the same old worn out act With the same old one punch line And when you say, you’ve got my back Well, that’s the joke ’cause the dummy has no spine But this time, I play the straight man to the jokeI won’t be your….I won’t be your fool any moreI won’t be your….I won’t be your tool any moreIIYou use me like a tool A prop up on your stageJust a wide eyed, smiling foolAnd when the curtains close, I’m all alone backstage But this time, I’ll be the first one out the doorI won’t be your….I won’t be your fool any moreI won’t be your….I won’t be your tool any moreI used to be your toolYour brand new shiny thing