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    Just to add a few degrees to this sultry night, with the soulful sound of my saxophone, from out of my fifth-floor apartment window......located right by the old Chesterfield sign. You know the one, with that blinking light that just never seems to buzz out.

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    Hypnotic guitars, Great harmonies, Thought provoking lyrics, & an emotionally charged melody.

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  1. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    BOOM......Done! A good bunch of songs....ESPECIALLY, when considering the nuances of a collaboration. Good luck to all, and to all the best! -T
  2. Little plastic soldiers

    Just my personal observation......."Toy Story" was first to bring this idea to the screen, but the toys weren't really unhappy with what they were.....they were strong enough to deal with the circumstances. I, personally, am a bit weary of the angst with "being". We are what we are.....and we are what we have chosen to be.....despite what we think we want to be. If I were a soldier, I would be bad ass.....if I were a welder, I would be a great tradesman........if I were a writer, I would be the best writer I could be. I just can't see being sore, and bellyaching about the choices I've made. Now, maybe, someday, when I am dictated to, as to what I am to be.....then, and only then, will I have a real gripe. Anyways.....your songwriting is always strong, thoughtful, and provocative. Kudos!!!
  3. March Lyrics Contest

    No need to shout out "Lost In A Thought". I'm a veteran bottom dweller, when it comes to lyric contests . My lyrics usually shine when the music is present.....which is where I write them, so it only makes sense Thanks...for the thought! -Tom
  4. March Lyrics Contest

    Congrats!! A tough crowd, indeed. Things haven't changed much....I still dwell amongst the lower levels of the rebuked But, as I have stated in the past, there's good company amongst us bottom dwellers. I have noticed ,where the music tastes may change, as phases present themselves,....the lyrics crowd remains steadfast and consistent with the types of lyrics that garner praise. Just an observation.......but, I will write them as the melody always dictates. That's my style....and it hasn't produced a winner , yet.......................................maybe, next one!! Again, congrats to all that managed the top tier. Incidentally, my stand out was............Art 1108's "The Day You Went Away". The lyric tackled a topic that is relevant; and, one that is taboo with most. Loved the unique and bold topic choice. Did a pretty good job with writing a lyric that could be used for a melody writer, as well. Kudos!!!
  5. "Darkest Hour"

    It's an outstanding movie; however, I heard that WC, as depicted in the movie, never did go on that train ride where he solicited the ideas of the people who were on it with him. Anyways.....Hollywood has always taken certain "artistic" liberties in their production films. It is well worth the watch
  6. "Darkest Hour"

    Anyways...it's a good movie....not entirely, and perfectly, factual; but, the history is fascinating, and the movie was truly uplifting.
  7. March Lyrics Contest

    I live in Hawaii..........that gives me....5 ??!
  8. "Darkest Hour"

    Just recently saw the motion picture, "Darkest Hour'........I thought it was inspirational. I am interested what our friends across the great pond think? What say you Englanders?
  9. Online Credibility

    And what achievement has given you the credibility to preach to anyone here...................????????????????????????????? Why do you feel the need to preach to us?..................is there some outcry from the public for you to share your opinion? Well....in the end, I guess, I'm really just following your advise, after all
  10. Miracle

    Interesting lyric....remember to capitalize God (first ref.)!! There are few here that acknowledge God. And some feel that they are required / obligated / enlightened to justifiably mock you.........but, maybe not here in the lyric section.......there's some honest people here that really strive to write better lyrics. The hounds hang out just outside these gates, however You wrote..... "Oh God above I come with my head bowed I stumble to my knees In the face of your majesty Who am I to fear the dark When you're the one That saved my heart"............. My first impression is that the first five lines set up the intellectual hook very nicely. Very coherent.....imagery is grand...the emotional energy is crisp. However; IMHO, your line, "When you're the one that saved my heart"......is an weak option to close the verse. And, with a deftly written near rhyming scheme, to boot I'll bet you can do much better!! (that's what I tell myself, anyways, when I'm writing drafts!) Again....unless you are writing to meet deadlines, why not find the most perfect notions, and the most perfect words, to then write about them? Anyways........good luck, and beware those hounds........don't let them get you ruff-led. -Tom
  11. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Ewwww...interesting! You seemed to have driven the nail deep into the wood with your decisive response. Sounds easy, and fun, while giving us a little more info to feast or to lament on. Thanks for the speedy and decisive thinking....say, you are smart!! -Tom
  12. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Hi Allistair, and everyone, as well................... "Stage 4 - Scoring Scoring will be kept very simple. The sole scoring criterion will be the quality of the song. We won't score separately for lyrics and music or "how well the challenge was met". I don't want this to become a straitjacket. I want you to be able to take your collaboration in whatever direction the needs of the song take you. Each contributor will need to vote (or there will be a small scoring penalty for non-voters). For the curious, I expect the scoring method to be very similar to the one used in the 2017 Song of the Year contests." I think that method of picking is a rather generic way to choose the winners. This style is pretty flawed....I could elaborate, but would rather have my points brought out in a discussion. I think the 1 thru 10 scoring method is much more finely tuned and much more informative. What say you??...................... -Tom
  13. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    I've got no issue with anyone having a double shot at the cherry .......
  14. February 1+1 Competition, Scoring Phase

    Oh, WOW.....really sorry to hear about your cat... 17 years is a long time. -T
  15. February 1+1 Competition, Scoring Phase

    CONGRATS TO THE S & PAUL..... ...and to everyone who entered with such great songs!! Thanks to Joan for running these very rare 1+1's......I just love'm And thanks to all the voters (especially those who included me in their folly) Let me start with stating my rebellion against the simple pick of songs In this particular comp, even more so, I didn't appreciate not being able to differentiate between the subtle differences of the songs. My top 4, and the songs I was not able to recognize, had only little to fractional point differences that separated themselves from each other. With that said, and the given field, I simply love The S's song.......because of the ridiculously beautiful recording of that envious (I must admit) guitar work....WOW. Steve's song is Fabulous..........really like the listen. I did like Mike B's song...the lyric was a good write. Good stuff! Paul's tune was depressing....but I included it because of it's craftsmanship..... RoadDog's songs always seems to have a lyrical slant that tickles.............good one! Anyways................most of all these songs barely have a point or two separating them. All the songs were entertaining. Triffid.....Murphster.......Onewholovesrock......HoboSage..............congrats for bringing a good tune!!