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    Just to add a few degrees to this sultry night, with the soulful sound of my saxophone, from out of my fifth-floor apartment window......located right by the old Chesterfield sign. You know the one, with that blinking light that just never seems to buzz out.

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    Hypnotic guitars, Great harmonies, Thought provoking lyrics, & an emotionally charged melody.

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  1. Ironknee

    "That Empathetic Man"

    And thanks to all those who have listened!! 😎 -Tom
  2. Ironknee

    What Kind Of Man

    This is an awesome concept. I think it needs to be much further developed, but this is great!! I've often thought that the demasculinization of men has been evolving....and right before my eyes. It's time we write about it!!
  3. Ironknee

    Make America great again

    It's OK to write about MAGA and your own perceptions. However, is it sarcasm?? or is that how you feel? You are not making the sarcasm evident. The only hint of it being sarcasm is that no one with any shred of civil decency could ever believe that that was what made America great. But all content aside, the writing is a bit shallow. It looks like a GREAT 1st draft, but you need more interesting phrasing and a more developed concept. That's just my opinion.............there is a lot to write about, politically, these days!! πŸ˜‰ Good luck, and have fun! 😎-Tom Oh....here's an idea....and wasn't America great when the wild west was at it's most wildest???? (food for thought)
  4. I really like the style.......good songwriting, man!! Very good performance...... This rhythm opens itself up to another guitar......one that counters and accents the one you are playing (be it electric or acoustic). Good stuff! -Tom
  5. This sounded good , to me. The lyric and the melody are pleasant, enough. I just think you need to practice, practice, practice.....oh, and have fun!!😎 Keep it up! -T
  6. Ironknee

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Thanks Tjpinkgirl.............I appreciate it!! πŸ˜‰ And thanks to all who have listened! 😎-Tom
  7. Ironknee

    June Song Contest

    It all depends on the filter that you use........if you are raising the bar to where the Beatles elevate, then all of us armatures will be competing by the same standard of rule. As long as the rule doesn't slide, you are being fair and honest. I tend to score on a more realistic level......we are all armatures, and hobbyists, here....well, most of us, anyways.
  8. Ironknee

    June Song Contest

    There is nothing malicious or ridiculous about my opinion. Those are your words!! And if you don't believe that people need a "pat on the back" including Christians, then that's your opinion. It's an honest "assessment"......many others think otherwise, I'm sure. I am sorry you feel this way.....it's just an opinion..........😎 And of course I listened to the song. I am not who you think I am, nor am I what you imagine me to be. You, yourself, tagged the song as how I described it. I am not malicious...and I try not to be ridiculous. I did like the use of the organ, however, it could have been played at a higher register to create a more reverenced atmosphere. I also thought the song moved a bit slow. It's a GREAT title.....and the lyric is true enough. I simply didn't care for the well worn, and obvious crit......there was nothing positive in there for me grab on to. If the lyric pointed us into a positive direction, it would have made all the difference. But that's just me Tuney.........my score for your song had little impact......only a few points separated my scores range!!
  9. Ironknee

    June Song Contest

    CONGRATULATIONS TO SCENES.....AND FAB, And to all the participants in this months comp. Seems that the 4th voter was looking for something that they couldn't find πŸ˜‹ In any event...I was thinking Steve, this round, for sure....a very talented guy. And as I have said many times, before .....he is who I always aim to beat.....😁 .....My notes have been lost; however, Tomahawk, by RD was a standout...(those low-fi recordings just don't always seem to impress everyone.....but, me😎). Paul's tune was solid and a good write. I was drawn into Tunesmith's song title, but it turned out to be nothing more than a complaint about people, and their lack of discipline. Being Christian is harder than it seems......better to keep on trying, than to give up and criticize.....Christians need a "pat" on the back, every once in a while.......like all of us!! There was some foot-stomping tunes, and there was some great productions, but the songwriting and the inspiration is where I focused most. Good stuff.......as always... 😎-Tom
  10. Ironknee

    If You Only Knew (Zeina)

    "I swear she could charm the pants off the Pope".....perhaps robes would be a better word.........but; honestly, WE have to do better than that ,Kuya. It's tongue and cheek, I know. However, certainly a notion not to hold up. It's the seedier side to life that we have to raise up. Not to satirize. That only legitimizes the undisciplined. Anyways......Keep writing.....you have a good heart....😎 I just don't care for the pope reference.........no big deal, I guess.
  11. If you are looking for fame and fortune, then you have to go where the famous and the rich are living. The key to becoming a great musician is to unlock your own inherited talent. Developing that talent is where the journey begins. School is fine, if you get with the right people.......you have to get with the right people. Playing, playing, playing with all sorts of people has a good way of weeding and sorting those "right" people out. And the second very most important point is to love what you are doing....even if it means you are eating a bear claw from Duncan Donuts for your dinner. Now, if it is a hobby you are looking for, all of the above counts, but to a much lesser degree πŸ˜‹ A day job covers the Family, while you can still be in the hunt for your very own Opus. Good luck....I hope this helps..............It's not a waste of time, if it's exactly what you want to do, and you are having fun at the same time!! Oh, and what's up with the glum pic.....you have to learn to smile more...Philly isn't that bad, is it??
  12. Ironknee

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Bless their hearts 😁
  13. Ironknee

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Second Favorite?? C'mon Barneyboy! Who else is writing songs with lyrics that are relevant with todays issues; and more over, who is writing songs that are reflecting the Conservative stand point?? πŸ˜‹ Which song was your favorite... There is a lot of bad out there, and it's gotten into everything. You brought up diversity. That is a problem that I take particular issue with. Diversity, alone, means NOTHING, without UNITY. Anyways, I'm glad you like the tune!! And thanks for listening and commenting And thanks to all who have listened....... -Tom
  14. Ironknee

    Coffee Sip

    This is an odd piece of music. I have to say that there is much to like here. The atmosphere is light and airy.......not so much a coffee sip, but a supermarket spree. In any event, I like the energized spirit of the song......puts me in a good place!!! Good stuff....... 😎 -Tom
  15. Ironknee


    Hey there Daryl.............Loved it. The verse melody seems a bit generic, but the pre-chorus and chorus rounds off the song splendidly. Great production. Nice vocals and really good instrumental performances. I like the retro sound of this, as well. Good stuff.......... 😁-Tom