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  1. January Lyric Contest

    Congratulations to Joe and Sharon. Andy, that’s a shame about your typo. That is why I marked you down, but I thought it was deliberate. Food for thought – I think “treachery, treasury” has potential. You could maybe do something along that line with a good twist. My top choices were: The Sun on my Face, Scubed – I like the similar line starting the verses. Good metaphors that also relate to the chorus. Auld Lang Sine is Here, Len – I think we can all relate. Good twist on a standard. Rings, Gordon – The layering of meaning is subtle, yet sharply clever. I'm a Little Concerned, Neuroron – One aspect I like is the switch in the last two lines of the bridge. Discatticus, thanks for your compliment about “I Can Fly.” And thank you, Neal.
  2. Song Comp Discussion (2011 - 2012)

    We used to have a bunch of awards at the end of the year including: Most promising artist New comer of the year Moderator of the year And a bunch of others We also has some less serious awards: Sexiest Muse (I seem to recall Stewart as a multiple winner) Neal Band name of the year Collaboration of the year Collaborator of the year Conquistador of the year Cover art of the year Critic of the year Hook of the year Rewrite or rework of the year Video of the year Most valuable muse Most improved muse Most amusing muse Most abused muse Most bemused muse Most befuddled muse Most bruised muse Most boozy muse Most cute muse Most doozy muse Most floozy muse Most loose muse Most moody muse Most moot muse Most newsy muse Most nosy muse Most unglued muse Most used muse
  3. Song Of The Year 2011

    Congratulations, Steve!
  4. 2011 Don Martin Lyric of the Year

    Congratulations to Len, Scubed and Jonie! Of course, all the entries were well crafted. It was hard to choose. My top pick was "Maybe I’ll be back someday". I LOVE the line "Maybe Satan’s wearing ice skates". A few others that stood out for me were: "The Volunteer" "I Got the Power" "Jerusalem" And, thank you, Neal, for running the show!
  5. need feeback on song

    Welcome to the Muse. 1. All we have here is text. This by itself is a lyric, not a song. 2. We have critique forums for feedback. This should go in the lyric feedback forum. 3. It helps if you use proper capitalization and punctuation. For one thing, they make it easier to read. 4. We ask that people who post for feedback also give feedback. Good luck.
  6. In a lyric critique thread, Starsinmyeyes brought up the idea of lyrics partners. I'm interested in the potential for this, and I wonder if anyone else is. These could work out in various ways. The main situation I have in mind for myself is when I have some number of lines, but I know that there's not enough there there, and I'm stuck about what next. In case anyone is interested in any potential lyrical collaboration with me, I've only posted a few lyrics, but here's a brief self-evaluation. Main strength: Images and concreteness. Main weakness: Rhyme scheme (although I do have other soundplay). Styles: Small variety, but fairly mainstream. Definitely not rap.
  7. The Person Below Me 5

    The person above me has created a self-fulfilling prophecy. The person below me has ridden a unicycle.
  8. Song Comp Discussion (2011 - 2012)

    I'm not sure whether this discussion is still about the song contests in particular or whether it has become about all our contests in general. I've only participated in a few lyric contests. So you can take my comments with as much salt as you like. I'm OK with the current system(s). Maybe it's not perfect, but nothing is, and I don't know that anything would be better. If the real or perceived problem is that sometimes work gets scores that are extremely unwarranted (high or low or both), one way to address that might be to throw out the lowest and highest scores for each piece. I can understand the rationale behind picking just the top few or a pure ranking system, but I prefer neither. For me at least, there are often a number of pieces that compete closely with each other. A ranking system would force me to differentiate them more than is warranted. For instance, I might have to rank something five places lower than something else, and feel that I have little or no reason to do so. The contests are for fun and for feedback. To some extent, subjectivity is inherent. But our scores and placement are a more objective measure than we can get on the critique forums. This month, I tied for last place in the lyric contest. That is useful information to me. I can compare myself to others, and I can compare myself over time. Hopefully, my placement will improve, and that is one way I would be able to see my growth. Somebody has to be last. Grown-ups should be able to handle that.
  9. missing the muse

    Sorry about your husband. Hope he continues making good progress with the physical therapy.
  10. need your ideas

    I just glanced at it. You don't need more; you need a cleaner design, more unity. Google and Craisglist are very successful, and they have very simple designs. I didn't go further than the home page, but that is visually noisy. Elements should align. Google "color scheme" or "color scheme generator." Use one of those hits to pick your colors. The "tone" of the neon colors clashes with "beigeness" of your main photos. Your logo and the "signature" on your photos is inconsistent. Here an example of a good site for a small band: http://www.buckarettes.com/ After you make some progress, come back and I can probably give more suggestions.
  11. December Lyric Contest

    Congratulations to Midway and Scubed. This month had a lot of solid work and nothing clearly weak. For a number of these, I could really feel the music. There was good imagery, stories and evocativeness. My top score this month was 8, which I gave to these: * Ride That Pony – Cute! * Alive – Good building of tension, up-and-downness, for lack of better phrasing. * Nothin' Much to Lose – Puts me solidly in quiet desperation. *You Can't Buy the Truth – Good rhythm. I can hear a crowd in the chorus. * The Vampire Beast of Bladenboro – Original! * Me and Ray – Fittingly gray. Good subtle use of the water theme. I hadn’t noticed the individual scores until someone brought it up. I was a little surprised that Kimberly’s overall score is so low. When this discussion first talked about the scoring, I wondered if I had screwed up, whether my sensibilities might not be knowledgeable enough. I do have rationale for all my scoring. I think some people have said before that we shouldn’t judge lyrics against each other, but that’s part of how I do it, and the best I can do at this point. I have no idea what’s behind the apparent scoring inconsistency. But might it be useful to have a separate discussion on scoring in general? Or possibly a higher bar to enter the contest? I think I’ve been gone for about as about as much time as I was here before (trying to divide my time between different things). But given all the criticism in this thread about the lyric forum, has it become a waste of time? Gordon and Discatticus, thanks for your comments on “Keeper of the Flame.” It seems like this had done worse than my previous entries, which made me wonder if it was salvageable.
  12. September Lyric Contest

    Thanks. That's interesting. I wouldn't have imagined Lou Reed for that. It's interesting how different people imagine different music or types of music for the same lyrics. And how the same song can be interpreted and expressed differently. Lou Reed's version of "This Magic Moment" is such a departure from the original.
  13. September Lyric Contest

    I took a closer look at your score and realized that there was a zero in there. Somehow I missed inputing a number. Sorry about that. Anyway, this raises your score to 103. Neal I thought that zero was really strange. Don't think I've seen one when looking at earlier contests. Good catch, Neal.
  14. September Lyric Contest

    Congratulations to Kim and Joe, and thanks to Neal and Spanish Buddha. This was a strong field.