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  1. Lyrical Collab

    Hi; Are you still looking for lyrics ? Peter
  2. Peace Through Truth

    Peace Through Truth Peace Comes from forgiveness Not anger Forgiveness Comes from understanding Not violence Understanding Comes from perspective Not blindness Perspective Comes from truth Not deception
  3. Hi; Post a link to the tune and maybe someone can add some lyrics that fit.
  4. Peaceful and Green

    Peaceful and Green Look at the lakes How they shift and they gleam The clouds in the skies How they all make us dream Look at the land How it rises and falls The animals all 'round Hear the sound of their calls Look at the birds The leaves in the trees How they sing and they soar How they sway with the breeze Look at the oceans The waves breaking on shores Feel the wind on your skin As it passes and swirls It's all of a kind The whole is the one It's all intertwined A great musical score Nature's all here And it's ours to enjoy See with eyes that are clear As it fills you with awe Yet ! Hark ! What is that sound And then yet another We must not ignore The cries of our Mother Embrace with your heart This place we call earth We love her so dearly Cause she gave us our birth The world that's around us We need keep it clean So it always remains Just as peaceful and green UTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcIzqzwaemU
  5. Well here is part of a song that I wrote (adapted to your melody) I put in some filler lines to fit your tune. You can play your tune and read the lyrics to the notes. The song was originally called The Dream in my Heart. http://discolife.ru/sbmusic/SB_music_dance%20(harmony&melody)%20-%20(original%20temp).mp3 I opened my eyes today to you And the softness of your smile All alone in our own world Our world The sweetest of loves we have to share Will forever give us joy And I'll be forever yours Always yours You are here The dream in my heart The dream in my heart In my heart forever Always here Always here With me You are here The dream in my heart The dream in my heart In my heart forever Always here Always here With me Peter
  6. Transfer of copyright would be between you and whoever the artist is published with, not SOCAN. Why you would be doing that for an artist recording your song would be my question as it's unnecessary unless they are paying you for the song. Thanks for the reply Mark. I qualify by this • Your music has been recorded and is available for sale My song The Nu Dream is posted and crtiqued on this site. The artist has it for sale on broadjam and I am now waiting for documents from Socan that I can sign and return. I have been basically doing nothing for a few days but trying to understand what a publisher does and how copyright works etc. etc. etc. As I said I am a real newbie and trying to learn so that I do things properly. The artist and myself have not signed a publishing deal yet so I guess we are self publishing for now. I just want to try to understand what the PRO groups are, the differences, and which I need to join. Still doing research .....
  7. Hello to all; I am quite new to the business but have recently had a song recorded by a Montreal artist. My question is what organisations do I need to join to ensure any royalties are distributed properly. I have looked at the SOCAN and SODRAC sites but it still seems a bit confusing. Things such as transfer of Copyrights and other issues. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank; Peter
  8. Hi and thanks for the comments on Ballad of a Lifeline. As I said I have an mp3 of me singing it but have not posted it anywhere because my singing is soooo bad. But if you wish I will send it too you via email so you can get an idea of how the words and music fit. No-one is in the process of doing a real version of it yet.