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  1. Do notifications work? ..............They should. Try clicking on the globe at the top right hand corner of screen next to the word 'create' which is next to your user name. Once you've clicked on the globe, click on "notification settings". You should see something like this below. Click on the bubbles/circles you desire and then hit save. Notification Settings Send me news and informationEnabling this option will add you to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time. Automatically follow content Automatically follow new content I post Automatically follow content I reply to Method to use for content I follow automatically A notification when new content is posted One email per day with all new content from that day One email per week with all new content from that week Do not send me notifications Notification preferences Show popup window when I receive a new personal message Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community Play a sound when I receive a notification Everything below this line in bold should be in a rectangular box on the right side of your screen. Browser notifications disabled By enabling desktop notifications, we'll be able to tell you when there's new content even if you aren't active in this window. Check your browser help documentation to find out how to enable notifications for this site. Hope this helps.
  2. Bienvenue!! Aime les voix et la guitare. Agréable à l'oreille.
  3. Music sounds great and very Euro but honestly I am getting a distinct theme with the videos to your songs and I must admit if I were a little kid watching certain images of you in this video and others of yours, that you would scare the shit out of me for certain. Post the lyrics too!!!
  4. Good points. I have heard it for a while now too on the radio here. Regardless of the email, it's only been on the charts for 3 weeks here in the states. I'm wondering if it just made radar now and or was it just technically released as a single, meaning if the single was just released then perhaps much of it's strength has already past since it has been played for a while. Madonna had huge success with "Into the Groove", yet it was never released as a single to climb the hot 100 in the US, in my understanding. I used to be a real chart junkie when (I'll borrow from Sir Elton) music charts weren't constipated with crap.
  5. Thanks, Dino! for running the challenge activity. I enjoyed it! Band Maid's song has been growing on me ever since I first played it here. I still find myself humming the melody in my head. Congrats & thank you to all the participants who put in the time and effort writing as well as voting/reviewing. Maybe we can do it again sometime in the future. Cheers!!
  6. That's an interesting thought from Elton John, because when I first heard the song in question, I thought the same thing. It would hit number one . Something about "Human" gives me that impression too and I like predicting whether songs will be chart toppers and for the record, my crystal ball is often accurate. But, when an established force in the industry like Elton John, who's music I love makes a statement like the one above and about the hits of today, I definitely think it's worth paying attention to. "Human" by Rag n'Bone man is slowly creeping up the charts. Give it time. It just entered the top 100 three weeks weeks ago and it's currently at #74. I've noticed the established artists race up the charts much quicker with their singles than newer less established artists. Don't know if there is any truth to this, but I once heard that songs on the billboard hot 100 from 100 to 41 are pushed by DJ's and others up charts until they make it to the top 40 if there is an audience and then the song is on its own merits completely once in top 40 territory. Again, I only heard this, but regardless look for the tune in question to rise. I've seen songs take as long as 15 weeks or more to reach the creme de la creme, numero uno. Is it too sophisticated? Hmm. Interesting thought. I'll bet once the video gets more attention with all its visuals that today's teens and college crowd will become mesmerized and hypnotized by what they see in relation to the words and musical sounds which together sound very hip and timely for the day and age. Here's the video of the tune in question on the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3wKzyIN1yk
  7. This is too funny. I had been contemplating a write around the same title, about six months to a year ago. Only suggestion is on this line. "He’ll blacken names while he stays white" Suggestion - "He'll blacken names while his shines bright or "He'll slander names while his shines bright"" or "He'll blacken names thinking his shines bright" 0r................"Blackens names thinking his shines bright". Eliminating "He'll" & adding in "thinking" gets rid of one too many a "he'll" potentially. Or.....something else for that line. Question. How does he stay white? How does his name stay white? What does that mean?
  8. James, I digested this a little bit more and just wanted to point out (at least in my thinking) that the personification of a gun is a tough one to sell. After all a gun doesn't fire without a person pulling the trigger. Musically this is excellent. I love it. It works. But, there are a couple of lines that are questionable (at least to me) if the gun is being personified here. " I have fed the hungry". I mean, guns don't feed people. People use em' to kill perhaps to feed others and they most certainly don't "take food from a few". People obviously do that perhaps using a gun if necessary and the other things described. I actually think this works very well without the voice being that of the "gun". It's really a great song that I think is kind of ambiguous. While you've got a killer tune here, you did post it for critique, and I sincerely hope my thoughts are viewed constructively.
  9. Isn't it interesting where the imagination can take one. I kind of wish you had held off divulging that information till more people had commented.
  10. I like it a lot. Left for the listener to figure out and make sense of. I think the words work. Music & vocals definitely add weight to the lyric and speaking of the music, I like the way it sounds, especially the sound emulating in the background which I am having a hard time describing that is noticeable at 25 seconds in. It's almost like crickets in a singular voice, but I don't think that accurately describes what I am trying to focus on. This sound peaks in it's full strength between about 30 seconds and the first full minute of the tune. Only line that I thought could be stronger in relation to what you've got is............" Sometimes give assistance". Good one, in that I think this will come across very differently to folks who listen to it. Who is this person? Is it a person or is this voice the personification of something else? Someone or something supernatural or abstract that is not human and or at another level of existence? I think it's very clever. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I don't know. You tell me. I'd actually like to be sold on an idea that's thought provoking. You haven't done that here, but I'm sure that doesn't matter to you. There are plenty of people here who have given you your pats on the back. I was merely trying to push you out of the pop culture attack zone or bandwagon that many these days enjoy doing. Nothing wrong with making a statement, but it has no teeth, other than putting someone down. I'm not necessarily saying you couldn't make an argument against the President but in its present state it's not at all challenging and is going nowhere just like this conversation. And on that I'll leave it.
  12. I don't see any questions being asked in the song, Mike. There's one put down after another. He's a shredder, a molester, he's full of hot air, he's a liar, he's got tiny hands and as a result we're going nowhere. That's fine, but unless your audience is severely limited to those who just hate the man, then I simply think there needs to be a reason to get on board the nowhere train and whatever that is or means. Why would anyone jump on board with "we're going nowhere" unless there was an alternative message with a vision to endorse? It's so negative. Can't picture anyone wanting to sing this in its present state, unless it's being used at a political rally perhaps. Still interested to hear how it turns out. Good luck!
  13. You posted a new version of "Nowhere" and thus far everyone has commented only on the line you're looking to replace in the chorus. I've offered a suggestion in red above regarding that line as well but I wanted to point out (probably with little influence) that the lyric is still going Nowhere. If you don't like Trump, that's great. I'm completely unaffected either way. After all his time in office has been very short thus far. There are things about the man I don't like much either and which mostly center around his mouth and tweeting. I guess what I am trying to say is merely food for thought. What is the perspective in the lyric hoping to achieve? Is it the usual whining, bitching and complaining that is just negative, negative, negative with sarcastic pot shots, that only perpetuate the divide we hear and talk about everyday? Or is the perspective really interested in emotionally reaching people and getting them to stop and think about what is going on and what may or may not go on in the future? If the latter is the case, then you're going to need some added component that is not as divisive. At present, the perspective offers nothing but a black hole or abyss, that sounds as if the perspective and anyone supporting it is happy to jump on without clearly expressing solutions. Do we know we're going down with this guy? Does the perspective just want this guy to crumble? Like him or not, do you or anyone living in this country really want that? I could be wrong but while I think it is a bit premature to judge this guy (even if you don't like him) why not throw in possible future outcomes that worry you and or a future you and others possibly would like to see or experience, that you don't think is foreseeable because this guy is in office? I'll look forward to hearing the finished copy of "Nowhere" , as my psychic energy senses you're close to recording this if not already, but I hope you'll think about what I've said and apply it to your next write. All hope is not lost.