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  1. Disappearing Dirt Roads

    This is terrific! I love it! Reminded me of a lyric I wrote several years ago called "Erased" with pretty much the same sentiment. Only line I am not certain about is this one.................. "Four fingers and their chin raise to the sky". Initially, I thought this meant the people stared up to the heavens in amazement with four fingers against the chin in awe, but again not certain that was the message as different cultures have different ways of interpreting this gesture.
  2. Breakup Ballad lyrics

    Someone once said to me....."If it ended on good terms it wouldn't end or be over." Start by shaving off some of the lyric. There's a lot of meat on the plate of this one but what you have is a good starting point with lots you can do. I honestly had more feeling for the point of view when I heard the recorded version in song feedback. I sensed feeling in the delivery. Reading over the lyric again independent of that tune, I still sense that emotional quality of conflict in the point of view's perspective and delivery but at times it does come across as cold with lines like "throwing you out" and "My heart felt oh, so far" . I think what I am trying to say is......I have more sympathy now for the love interest whom the point of view has obviously rejected and I believe the reason for that is because the point of view doesn't back up or explain even briefly why she or he feels smothered or broken into shards as one line depicts. Love interest is showing love and keeps trying and point of view has just lost the feeling for whatever reason which is not clear. And I suppose it doesn't have to be clear, but people don't break up unless there are reasons. Maybe that could be interjected? Not that it's necessary but only a thought. Again, a good beginning. Feel free to use or lose my remarks.
  3. Whatever I need to find

    Sounds great! Vocals, guitar and words blend themselves nicely to produce a tune that IMHO has a radio friendly appeal to it. Particularly like the way in which the chorus is drawn out at the end (of each chorus) in the last line with the emphasis on the title of the song as well as the build up in the bridge and smooth transition back to the final chorus. Thanks for sharing
  4. Breakup Ballad

    Your song is on the right track and yes it makes me feel something emotionally when listening to it. Great beginning with a lot to work with. Start shaving off some of the lyric to make it even more attractive. The theme and vocal delivery should be easy for people to be able to relate to.
  5. Maybe We'd Still Be In Love

    Not at all confused by the lyric. I hope that's alright to say. I think this is a great collaborative effort that is pretty good. Lyric is fairly generic but not an issue.
  6. Angler Merkel

    Who said that? Where did I say that? Where did I imply that? You say that and you do not define what I've said or think. You haven't a clue as to what I think. All you can do is point something out that is in your head, not mine because you simply don't like or understand what I've said. If the poster of the thread wishes to address similar thoughts he's having re: my original post, then I'll addresses it. Otherwise, I would rather not take away from Rob's poem by wasting any more of my time or his thread engaging you , the moderator, who isn't behaving like a good moderator by trolling in unintelligent comments. I'll leave you to stew in your own juices, Paul. 😛
  7. Angler Merkel

    Let the truth be told, it's a real stinker Nobody has fallen for the hook, line or sinker Angler Merkel trying to rectify the past By loading the boat with a third world cast The fate of the union lies in the September vote To re-elect the Angler is to sink in the moat It's do or die as the hordes flow in Best follow eastern Europe on the matter to win
  8. Judging Lyrics

    Oh one more thing, Bob. I appreciate your honesty. It's hard for people to be themselves even here in cyberspace but you keep it real and that counts for something too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  9. Judging Lyrics

    Keep writing lyrics and keep posting. Feedback is important and that should and does count for something, just like you said. I don't always pick the winners either and some of my friends who follow my writing and the contests here, they very often do a tailspin when they see the outcome of some of these lyric contests and are shocked sometimes at what comes out on top. You're unique and there are plenty more out there who may vote like you and or me. I am one hard critic especially when it's a nude body without the clothing (the lyric without the music.) Post some of your novel writing in artist's cafe. I'd love to see the cafe become more active again and have thought to post there especially when I write something that while it is formatted to that of a lyric is something I don't think others would want to sing. Post your stuff man or showcase some of what you've written. Why not. There needs to be new ideas and writing as well as music that breaks from what everyone else is doing and what everyone else is doing around here is what everyone else is doing and the bar is stuffed with shirts that are weathered and old (at least in their thinking). I really wish there were more women. I think many of these guys are more interested in competing with each others comments and feeding off of other posters remarks than focusing on dissecting someone's writing, but that's just my take. So, feedback ideally should be very beneficial when keeping it focused between the reviewer and artist as well as the artist's work. Why no ladies or frequently few? Lots of ideas there. I tend to think a lot of these guys, not just at the site but especially ones in the western world don't have an outlet to express themselves and communicate effectively and this is it. Typically for women (self expression & communication) has been much easier but I am sure it is more complicated than that. Hey!, you might find your lyrical pick is more the norm than the old war horse syndrome of competitiveness even regarding the responses to lyrics in feedback if there were more ladies as well as a greater variety in age among members of both genders. Perhaps many of these folks get turned off. Sometimes it's easy to see why.
  10. Judging Lyrics

    I didn't know there were 3 steps to follow when voting. Bob, you're right. The detailed words with good images that are descriptive tend to do better in these lyric contests (at least in my observation). If placing in the top three and or winning is something you have in mind as a goal, you might want to consider re-inventing your writing style to accommodate the norm (what the majority who enter a given contest gravitate towards in terms of liking). But, keep in mind it's a lyric contest and the focus is going to be more critical upon the words and how one is either moved or not moved by what they read. Many of those same detail oriented lyrics that you describe as "overly worded image filled lyrics" very often (again in my observation) do poorly in the song contests at the site. Perhaps the music makes up for words that have more room to be generic as opposed to words standing alone with no music and only the viewer's imagination as to how they might sound set to music. Cheer up. Keep writing regardless of entering these contests and don't take anything too seriously. First bold highlighted area from what was written above in Hale's comment I quoted - This is the exact reason why I've stopped entering these contests for the most part. I feel like an underage juvenile in a local bar filled with a bunch of old men who pat each other on the back. It's the same characters drunk at the bar and there are few gals and or variety and yes many seem stuck in the past and comparing everything to something they like and that's it. *******This is a late add in....... And as a result there is absolutely no challenge when entering these contests at present which seem to attract a lot of the locals in their own worlds. Regarding the second bold highlighted quote, I'd love to hear the details and the theory on this one.
  11. The War revised 9-10

    What you have delivers a good message but it doesn't state or do anything that would get at least this viewer to want to sing it or even think about it longer than reading the words or hearing it in a tune. This needs something that hasn't been repeated or said before. The war is internal and so is the conflict. That's thought provoking enough and will get mixed reactions from the audience as the point of view dives head first into the meat of the matter. You of course run the risk of alienating the viewer as most aren't good with dealing in reality. But if that idea doesn't grab you then focus revamping or revving up the chorus. Turn it into provocative questions. What is this war? Why is it here? Will l it ever end? Are we destined to fear? Good luck
  12. The War revised 9-10

    I like this Mike. It speaks to the order of the day, however I don't believe it introduces anything new to the equation that hasn't existed for quite some time now. We're all aware in varying degrees perhaps regardless of who we are, where we're from, age, race, gender, that the human world we live in is ever increasingly troubled. It's more like an unconventional war. There are wars going on in pockets all over the planet whether they be literal wars, physical, mental or technological, political, cultural but I think the approach to this kind of subject matter could be more thought provoking and grabbing. The war we're fighting is within ourselves and while it may look as if superficially that we're fighting each other with this us vs them mentality, the fight, the conflict is internal. I believe most of these people that take to the streets and get into mob scenes and riots at protests and political rallies are merely using those platforms as rocket launchers to project their own personal turmoil and whatever that may be. The technology and the media certainly enhance the stage with 24/7 news that isn't news no matter what side of the isle one comes from and is very often used to manipulate. So, an ideal solution if there is one leaves a lot to be desired, but the problem is internal for each and every person that acts out and with the technology creating little bubbles to insulate the self within and communicate only with like minds if one desires, not to mention the globalization and economics forcing us all to submit to some extend to standards set by others, you've got a tense place with a lot of anger. How all of what I just said is internalized and channeled however is an individual thing. That's my reaction to what you wrote. You make a statement which is good however but the war if you can call it that, is internal and expect it (the war, the conflict) to become increasingly challenging as we move forward with technology, economics,media and politics at the forefront. Your final chorus says it all and I'll bet folks that hit the streets from all the groups out there with their own special interests and agendas at the end of the day, really couldn't focus on what it is that's bugging them other than that negativity that is personal and is being channeled internally (processing what is going and how it relates to them) and then projected to focus on an enemy, someone, something responsible for their unhappiness. Yes we all are involved in this process going on around us and we all react to what is going on as it relates to our own personal lives but not everyone (myself included and I'm sure you as well) uses the worlds woes or their own personal problems to cause havoc and destruction whether it be physical or otherwise on others. Most are aware superficially of the war or fighting we see everywhere but the "real" war is internal and it is spilling out into the real world based on what we perceive & see from the newspapers, TV, social media & elsewhere and most are not aware of this IMHO. Your overall message is a good one. Just some thoughts. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Young Love

    What stood out to me........ Sounds somewhat cathartic. Meter shifts between the verses vary. Rhyme scheme (while optional of course) is at the least not consistent from verse to verse and most noticeable (breaking from the rhyming pattern) in Verse 3. Matching the rhyming pattern per line in each verse can make the delivery stronger, but it's up to you the writer. Point of view starts off .... V1 "We're blind" Started off good but now bad. Hot to cold in the emotional department with warmth N roses to frozen. Used to be fun, V2 but now I'm leaving and on the run. Back to the reflection of how it started slow and how the point of view thought the relationship would progress. Yearning for young lovers to go back to the beginning when things were good. V3 kind of breaks from any consistency in the story (if there is one here), in that now the point of view says she or he's tired of all these games, going down the drain, this love is poison and she or he's on his or her knees begging to be free, yet in the 2nd verse the point of view said "she or he was leavin' and on the run (getting away) and repeats this idea about leaving and getting away with "I'm searching on my own now searchin' for love all alone at the end of V3. Maybe some additional detail to make this relatable. Subject matter is certainly something many would identify with at some point in life. We were blinded for starters and start at the beginning of how "love went from good to bad. Show don't tell. Perhaps an image or two and where or how it ended and or did it? Young love's like a drug. It ain't just teenage puppy love. People get into things they wish they could get out of but can't (emotionally). Create that toxicity you advertise by the title. Create that addictive feeling that so many feel paralyzed by to escape or get out of but seem to remain in despite talk of breaking free from a situation that is not good for one or more . Just some thoughts Lots you can do with this one. There's enough meat and spice on the table to start with. Use or lose my remarks as best they can help you.
  14. Palaman City - remastered

    I like it, Bielka. It's refreshingly different from many of the songs displayed here at the muse. Music and words (in French) are catchy. Due to this cat's curiosity, I had to look up Palaman. Is this a city in Albania that's being referred to? Thanks for posting and sharing with us! Cheers
  15. I like it. I think you could find an audience for what's being sung here. Got some great lines and I really dig the title. No plans to comment on the technical component however. I write words not music, but I'm sure fine tuning the technical aspect could turn this into a powerful tune. Your voice isn't bad either. Cheers