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  1. Did you catch the latest lyric from kuya? If you or I wrote something like that the mods would threaten to remove us.  

  2. The gay idea had crossed my mind as well but didn't voice it. Georgie is one of those names that could go either way in terms of it being female or male in my thoughts. Something you said initially before the lyric however suggests symbolism in what's written. Boy or girl, I keep thinking of this oldie, a little before my time with Georgie's spelling a little different. https://youtu.be/c-GApOqzgWM Hope you'll share the meaning of what it is you've written unless the intent was to leave the audience hanging.
  3. I'm not certain what is going on and why. Who is Georgie? At first, I thought she was a nanny, then a nurse and at present my interpretation of Georgie is as a figment of the man's imagination in the story. She's either someone out of his past or some illusion the point of view has created in his mind to deal with what is described as "lonely". I'm inclined to believe Georgie is a figment, once real, no longer there, or perceived by the point of view and used as a coping mechanism to comfort the man before his inevitable death which to me is suggestive in the final piece. Makes me wonder why the point of view is lonely when he has a wife and family unless he is perhaps ill in more ways than one and feels all alone with whatever he is going through . Suggestion - Work on the chorus, making it stronger. As for the lyric, everything I wrote above is how it comes across to me. Not something I would want to listen to in a song but the material is interesting in that I am curious to know more about the circumstances.
  4. I like the title and message. I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not sure the chorus does the rest of the lyric justice and again the point of view (in chorus) shifts from 1st person singular to 1st person plural with the last line there when the entire lyric outside the last line of the chorus is written in 1st person singular. At present the lyric is all tell and no show. It could be much stronger if perhaps there are images that illustrate how the fear that the point of view used to experience or face everyday was overcome. What kinds of obstacles did the point of view have to climb over. Another thought - You could just have the verses starting with the title that elaborates with more show than tell and removing the chorus. Chorus in its present state explains the problem as "fear". If you keep it as is, could even combine what you label the Pre Chorus with the Chorus but I think it needs some work. It's all general in terms of the written content but with the right music I suppose could work but these are my thoughts. Hope they're helpful.
  5. I thought the first two lines of the chorus basically say the same thing but in a different way or at least, ocean & seas are synonymous. Kindred souls across the ocean suggestion - Kindred souls around the world Kindred hearts across the seas Kindred minds sharing the notion That this world can live in peace - Is it the world (literally) or just the humans? .... Human beings can live in peace. I realize using "world" twice might pose a problem for you but I'd still find an alternative if it moves you to regarding ocean & seas. Says the same thing. Can you feel the tie that binds us? Wasn't it you who suggested to me that question marks are no good in lyrics or was that just the title? Can you hear the freedom song? No worries as I don't have a problem with questions period.
  6. Great sentiment with a lot of emotional appeal. Dad in a nursing home, flag salute on July 4th, thinking about 9/11, September nights, fire fighters, policemen, service men and women . We're all over the place. Certainly hits at a lot of things that generate strong emotions. I think the lyric rides completely on emotional appeal. I question the meter however. I mean, perhaps it's me and I certainly may not be correct in saying this, but you've got 16 lines for the 1st verse and then 12 lines a piece for the 2nd & 3rd verse. I write lyrics, so perhaps a musician would be able to either validate what I am trying to say or correct me if I am wrong, in that I thought the meter was a little sloppy. Hope that's not offensive as the sentiment is great and very timely with everything going on today not only within the country but the world as well. Also thought the last verse (#3) particularly from the 5th line down was a little preachy.
  7. 6x8

    Great title. 6 By 8 - 6 x 8 I think the lyrics are great! I wish you'd post them here also. Feedback. Hmm. I like it, man. It's good. Sounds like something I'd hear on the radio, like the other tune you posted in song feedback. I like the video. Only suggestion is to make this one more personal in terms of the video. I don't know if you can act but having the singer in an actual prison with real scenes and acted out experiences could potentially make this even more emotionally powerful. . Well done, regardless of whether you make another video or not. It's very effective.
  8. Hi, Michael Welcome to the muse. I really like your song. Great message. I think what I like the best is that the theme is relatable and you gave it a personal touch with the pictures of either you or your son? and family. Words are real and I like that. Sounds like something I might hear on the radio. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff.
  9. Thanks for changing the name of the thread I have another suggestion to add to the mix if the automated idea leaves some feeling sterile. One person (could be anyone who is a member, moderator, administrator) starts the contest. Each person submits their lyric entry to the host the same as before and it is posted anonymously. However, when it comes time to vote, each contestant and any additional participants select ONE lyric as the favorite. Contestants & participants send a PM to the host with the name of that lyric in their message. Then the host sends them a receipt with a confirmation number. Example: John submits the name of his winning lyric and he gets a receipt PM indicating his vote has been received and his confirmation number is voter # 1. Tom does the same thing in voting and is confirmed by the host that he is voter# 2. It continues this way as people vote (in the chronological order in which they vote) and until the deadline arrives. Then the results are tabulated. Should be easy. And the results would be posted like this below. And the winner is............................................ Don't Say Good-Bye - By Nina's Cherry Here's how each voter voted. 7 Contestants participated (all would be named of course) including one solo non-contestant who participated as well. (Name revealed as well.) Voter 1 - Don't Say Good-Bye - By Nina's Cherry Voter 2 - Let Me Be Your Lover - By Tic Tac Doe Voter 3 - Don't Say Good-Bye - By Nina's Cherry Voter 4 - All You Did Was Lie - By Frankenstein's Child Voter 5 - All You Did Was Lie - By Frankenstein's Child Voter 6 - Don't Say Good-Bye - By Nina's Cherry Voter 7 I like It when Yo' Bad - By Death By Chocolate Voter 8 I like It when Yo' Bad - By Death By Chocolate Plenty of positives and negatives in this methodology as well as the automated I'm sure. Perhaps they could be addressed? But this loads the cannon full of plenty of food for thought & talk. No reason any of it should generate controversy and typical shit hitting the fan stuff from past discussions. Just food for thought and hopefully some talk because I think the contests have grown stale in my humble thoughts. Needs some new juice or spice added to the mix or process. Anyone have a blender? https://youtu.be/ytoob1nGh-4
  10. Excellent! Good message. Only one suggestion. Alter the last line of V4. Sounds like a man who is mature enough to reflect on his life and is able to look at himself without illusions. Why then would you end saying..... "The older we get the better we used to be" Shift here is from first person singular throughout lyric to 1st person plural on this line. Keep it consistent with the rest of lyric. Clearly there are advantages with experience & introspection over the years. Last line suggestion - "The older I get the wiser I am to see Only a thought. Perhaps I misunderstood something. Anyway....... Nicely done!
  11. The site that once implemented the automated method was much like the muse. You vote once and the system tallied the results for all to see publicly as the votes came in. One, two, three. No tiers or poor, fair, good, etc, etc. It's only a suggestion. I think it could work or at the least should be given a trial run as an experiment in the future, provided there is agreement and the technological capability exists. I hope others will chime in.
  12. Yes, participants either vote for one or two entries. It could be implemented immediately. Bernabby, if you are cleared to host, and two hosts are requested, I'm open to helping out as well and I will not be voting in the same process I am hosting. I myself am taking time off from entering these contests and had planned it for several months now unless perhaps a themed challenge activity surfaces. I will be voting however if not assisting Bernabby in March's run.
  13. Why not an automated system, where someone ( a member, a moderator or administrator) starts a contest and the contest (does all the work) recording the votes and tabulating the results itself. Each person can only vote for one lyric (the one they deem the best) and that's it. Once you vote, you're blocked from voting again. Each artist can submit their entry to the contest that has been set up with a timer set automatically by the person who initiated it. There is a time frame for entries to be submitted and then once the entry time period is over, the viewers can watch as the votes come in for each lyric. The voting time period is also set on a timer initiated by whomever starts the contest. No one knows who votes for who. You just submit and it is recorded and you can even change your mind and withdraw the vote and then resubmit it for another lyric. One vote, one lyric. Simple. Sound strange? I think it's a good idea. There is another forum that used to run contests with this automated unit and while the site seems to have fizzled in terms of high volume, some of the material I am talking about is still there to see if anyone has an interest. Just an idea proposal. To implement this system would largely be dependent on whether or not the muse songwriter's website has the technological capability to have such a feature. The site I am talking about upgraded a year ago but I believe it was before the upgrade that the automated contest feature was used. I suspect the muse upgrade should be able to sustain such a feature but I don't know. I think this is the best idea going forward or at least worth experimenting with but again it's only a thought and a consensus of opinion and of course Alistair would have the final word.
  14. Kind of wish I could read the lyrics to the song. I like the idea that you've taken words of wisdom from Bruce Lee and used in your tune and title. Would be neat if you mixed some Asian sounding music into what you've got. I have a sound in mind, but I haven't a clue as to its name. Click on the link I have provided of a great Pat Benatar song and at about 41 - 42 seconds in, is the sound I am focused on musically in my head that I would like to see mixed in somehow to what you've got that I think would sound great if added in some way. That and more of a variation in the music could add some needed spice. Just a thought. https://youtu.be/qxZInIyOBXk
  15. Andrew Your entry was my favorite from the contest. I was left wishing you had written a little more that also could have been sung. Suggestions to make this stronger, but remember they're only suggestions. 1st Verse - I suppose primo is OK on the 3rd line, but I'd find another word for "primo". What's wrong with.... prime? or Taking up space on a plot of land. ? 2nd Verse - Last line, "There's bridging loans and rent which must be paid" - I don't know why, but the bridging part at first confused me. Bridging something together? and then duh building bridges. A thought only on that line............ Real estate loans and rent which must be paid. I really like the concept and I am happy to see it did as well as it did in the contest. I was worried that a song about a tree would not be a hit like it was. Only thing to add is saying something added that offers a plea or an appeal to whatever powers that be who are bulldozing mother nature's best and then building. It's funny because I wrote a lyric two months ago from a very childlike perspective of a tree called "I'm a Tree" and thought to enter it in one the contests here and then said nah a tree song will never go over well. In my lyric I personified the tree and gave it a voice expressing the fact that without trees, life on earth would cease to be. Perhaps that final touch could add to the emotion of what is happening, I don't know. Just a thought, however. Thanks for sharing Tallow Tree with us.