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  1. Slow Down (Sever the ties)

    Not overly in love with the first verse... VERSE Looks like I was barely breathing Felt like I was barely breathing ...........or .................(after reading above explanation) It felt like I was out of breath Living life like it had no meaning Needed time to slow things down It doesn't get any slower than barely breathing. (after reading above explanation) If you use the above suggestion or something like it what you have with slow things down could potentially work. Now I see who was right in front of me Who is that? At first, I thought this was the point of view reflecting to himself. (After above explanation) I see it's a girl. Standing still, waiting to set me free Give me a taste of the life I need. (Save me from this life I lead.) I read the explanation provided above on some of the lines in question and I must admit, I would never have guessed that this individual's life was out of control and needed to slow things down based on the wording without reading the explanation. Also, would never have arrived at the love interest (a girl) with regards to the line "Now I see who was right in front of me". I thought the perspective was reflecting on himself. I like the overall message about getting one's act together and or finding oneself and beginning to make a move and change one's life. Theme (which of course is how I see it) is relatable. Why anyone would want to be a member of society is beyond me. As a controversial college professor of mine once said about society in general. It's a big nothing. All jaws dropped and looks of horror shattered the classroom as a result. Keep working on it and use or lose the suggestions.
  2. tomcat

    Keep or sweep. Love it as is. Suggestions only designed to help make this stronger.
  3. Racist

    To everyone who offered constructive feedback, I thank you. If you plan to comment on the lyric, please comment on the material and how you think it could be improved.
  4. Racist

    I don't understand your hostility. Art can be controversial. If you don't like what you read then turn the channel, push your ignore button and don't post. You offer nothing constructive in the way of feedback, and frankly ,the feeling is mutual between us. I'm not interested at this point in hearing from you either. Most artists are usually open to all aspects of artistic expression and political discussion whether or not they all agree. Whatever happened to Democracy and free speech?
  5. Racist

    Didn't realize you were a spokesperson for Songwolfe and Neal but thanks for the input and your interpretation.
  6. Racist

    I don't think I could have said it better myself. Thank you very much, Tongue-tied. I'll keep.
  7. Racist

    Hi, Patty Re-read it again and see what you come up with. Thanks for commenting
  8. Racist

    No, there's no isolation. Category is fine. Thanks for offering your suggestions.
  9. Racist

    No offense to you Neal but I hate censorship.
  10. Racist

    Hi, Songwolfe: Never heard of the tune above prior to you posting it here. Good tune but nothing other than my own thoughts about what I see going on around me influenced this one. Must admit, I found your dissection of each line as this or that to be amusing. Thanks for expressing your thoughts and commenting.
  11. Racist

    Yes, I could picture this as rap. Don't know about old school though. Thanks Moso for sharing your thoughts.
  12. Racist

    Paul, Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  13. Racist

    Try singing it then. Thanks for commenting, Mike.
  14. Racist

    Thanks Barney
  15. Racist

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and commenting, Ashfi. Appreciate it.