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  1. spanishbuddha

    World War Me

    Wish you'd put the lyric back up. I read it the first time I listened but notice upon returning that it has now disappeared. I think the message is a good one, but would like to read the words again. Another very apropos theme.
  2. spanishbuddha

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Tom, As always a good tune. Message is very apropos. We are losing our compassion, understanding, empathy for each other and the voice in the song (to me) is troubled or frustrated by what he sees going on around him and is also conflicted by his own feelings as a result of what he sees going on around him. Anyone and everyone whether you agree or disagree with some of the point of view's thoughts will be affected by what the singer says. How each of us reacts to what is said will often reveal more about us than anything else. The song and message have an emotional component that should be able to reach any thinking person. Thanks for sharing Carl
  3. spanishbuddha

    Men don’t pole dance

    Really. Hmm. Never heard of a guy wearing a thong to an exercise class, but I suppose anything is possible today. This is from the original version below. The guy he had all the right moves body swung to all the right grooves And doing his crucifix climb It almost bordered on sublime Still didn’t stop it being wrong Specially when he’s in a thong Anyway thanks for sharing
  4. spanishbuddha

    This Girls Love Is Not For Sale

    Oh and the title in it's present state. Come on man. Reminds me of a for sale sign on a house even though the title here is "Not For Sale". How about........."This Girl's Love" based on suggestions made to chorus in above posting by moi. Keep or sweep, use or lose, but never lose sleep off suggestions should they give you zee bluez.
  5. spanishbuddha

    This Girls Love Is Not For Sale

    V I knew you from way back when You didn’t have money to burn And my answer today is still the same When will you, will you learn "ever" - replaces "will you" When will you ever learn V Look at you in that fancy suit Your sporty car parked outside Buying all the loose girls drinks Just to keep them by your side PC I have told you C This girl’s love is not for sale It's all "tell" and it may work in a song with music but for words standing alone it's sounds like a statement or announcement. Could use a bit more energy. Not to you or anyone else This girl’s love is not for sale Not for sale at any price I’m not for sale Chorus suggestion - Chorus needs some repetition. Have a looky below. C This girls life is not a problem This girls heart is very strong This girls love cannot be taken By someone who's doing her wrong or By someone who's doing wrong V I know how you make your money Seems you've learned to make your dough From the misery of the innocents Off addictions of those once pure Wrecking lives with your poison Wrecking lives selling flakes of white powder To you it’s of no consequence Your coldness has no cure V Time to go now the bar is closed No thanks I don’t need a ride Take your pick of the girls Find some poor soul you can sell You’ve been buying them all night As for me I have my pride PC I have told you C This girl’s love is not for sale This girls life is not Not to you or anyone else This girl’s love is not for sale Not for sale at any price I’m not for sale C This girls life is not a problem This girls heart is very strong This girls love cannot be taken By someone who's doing her wrong By someone who's doing wrong B I would never go with a man like you You only have one obsession I’ll never be your possession PC I have told you C This girls life is not a problem This girls heart is very strong This girls love cannot be taken By someone who's doing her wrong By someone who's doing wrong MR D!! It's me. I'm back. OK. Gave some thought to what you said regarding lyric. Made suggestions above in bold purple for verses and bold orange for chorus. Idea!! I rearranged the first two verses flipping them like pancakes or burgers if you will. I think it makes more sense to start off with verse 2 and then transition to verse 1. I attempted also to re-adjust meter with word changes in verses to compensate and balance those adjustments. All of the above are only suggestions. Food for thought. Lots you can do. Cheers Carl
  6. spanishbuddha

    This Girls Love Is Not For Sale

    The one thing sticking out to me is the point of view and her perspective. She's telling a guy basically to not try and buy her, maybe even use her. Save that for the other girls but not for her. "Love" meaning hers is not for sale (can't be bought), and that's the problem. This is very general. It doesn't expose much and from what I can gather it doesn't sound like the guy is trying to buy love. While the lyric doesn't directly say it, sounds like it's a matter of lust. Hmm maybe I missed something? In any event, could use a little more detail.
  7. spanishbuddha

    Men don’t pole dance

    Mick You have some good ideas for writing, this one included. I had thought (in a satirical way) about the title "Real Men Don't Pole Dance" as well, but then in my thoughts, you'd have to stick to a point of view that is either a macho dude, tough guy or a redneck. That would probably make sense to most and would be more understandable in as far as where the point of view is coming from in his conclusion about pole dancing men, but pole dancing (at least in a night club sense) isn't usually about "stripping" it's about erotic dancing and exhibitionism for money. There are a lot of different directions you could take this and present a pole dancer who happens to be a guy. I see the current way as the safe way, a tame way but more than likely one that people would say yeah hahaha I get it, especially if you added "Real" to the title. But, it automatically labels the point of view within an old school age bracket. Not that it matters I suppose, but just some thoughts.
  8. spanishbuddha

    President Trump

    That's a great idea. But, then they'll want to build a wall. And I'd say...... no problema!!
  9. spanishbuddha

    President Trump

    Can't hear you, Paul. Should we openly accept them? Give them good food, followed by clothing and permanent shelter? Let them enter, right? Family ends up in a hood somewhere within the continental US and then their kids enter the school system, have defiant behavior issues, don't do their work, voice hatred for the country and are a major obstacle and distraction for the other kids who want to learn. We've got a couple of those in the district I work in. No thanks.
  10. spanishbuddha

    President Trump

    So, what do we do? Grant them asylum? One big happy family? And together with the kids they will politically push their way in . All together now!
  11. spanishbuddha

    President Trump

    No, never crossed my mind. Obviously, it crossed yours. Parents made a conscious decision with kids in tow. There are going to be consequences for their actions.
  12. spanishbuddha

    Men don’t pole dance

    No daddies, no sons. This isn't the family lyric. Whether male or female the pole dancers are not usually part of the club bunny night life mentality or cliques, at least in my observation and I'm no club bunny. They can be students, people experimenting and so forth or just using the experience as an excuse to make money, so let your inhibitions go here and get naughty. Still rather tame. Doesn't have to be vulgar or crude to pull this off however.
  13. spanishbuddha

    President Trump

    The argument could also be made that these children are being used as pawns by their parents who are illegally entering the United States and or requesting asylum. Trump's decision is called playing hardball. Love it or hate it, in my opinion, it has to be done. We're not going to have a country in the near future if we don't nip this in the butt and soon. We can't just accept anyone and everyone who wants to come here and it's very true, with many of these illegals and others requesting asylum, they bring with them their social problems. Hopefully, this separation issue will send a message to anyone thinking about illegally entering the country or showing up at our door step requesting asylum, to think twice about what they're doing, especially if they bring kids. The media is on this story in the usual political hyperbole. No surprises.
  14. spanishbuddha


    I see your point on having a cancer that is then followed by a plague. No biggie. I replaced "plague" with "foe" which accurately describes the enemy of law & order which is unraveling today. As for the children having babies, I don't think it's an issue. Babies give birth to babies that are on their own early in life as children walking the streets late at night. Getting involved in gangs and other groups that want to destroy the system. Recycling generation after generation the self hate and hatred of the mainstream culture for their own predicament. Many grow into psychos who kill and use guns and knives to do so with little to no regard for the law. Time bombs if you will ready or set to go off and who often do. Many of the shootings and murders that occur in the urban areas within smaller communities never make the papers if the body count isn't high. Kids, psychos, knives, guns, etc are all interrelated in this environment. Often you can't have one without the other as it has to start somewhere. Regarding the bridge, you must be psychic. That line "Inmates are running the asylum" was one I was actually going to use in the bridge. Colleague of mine who is ready to retire whispered in my ear a couple of weeks ago,"the problem here and all across the country today, is.....the inmates are running the asylum." It fits!!! And of course this isn't referring to prison. OK - Version 8 is at top of thread. I get what you're saying about V2 with the kids but I think it can work. Lets see what a potential collaborator thinks. Thanks for your comments!!
  15. spanishbuddha


    SOK - I re-worded the bridge with inmates, but "monsters" is still in there. Yeah, I hear you. Too many "cooks" in the kitchen can produce a mess. I will sit on this like a hen on a egg and let it warm a bit over the course of the week. If I feel I want to make changes, they'll occur. Look for the tag next to title on lyric forum main page to determine if that happens or not. Music is next. I will probably fly like a UFO over to a new universe at one of those collaboration sites to find a collaborator for this one. Would ask here at the site but I have my doubts that anyone is up for the challenge. Thank you very much for all your help on this!!