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  1. I love your song Wildwood and I'm getting ready to go check out your youtube page, could you come critique one of my songs?

  2. I love your song Wildwood and I'm getting ready to go check out your youtube page, could you come critique one of my songs?

  3. BCMAwards 2012

    Thank you!!
  4. BCMAwards 2012

    The British Country Music Awards 2012 are being voted at the moment and many of the awards are public voted. This includes Horizon Act of the Year UK I wanted to see if I could earn a nomination for this award, so all I am asking is for as many musers as possible to please go to the link below and vote for me! Just write "Lex Rose" in the relevant box I hope you will take a couple minutes to do so and if you do, thank you so much!! There are also many other awards which you can also vote for. http://www.bcmawards.co.uk/vote.php Voting ends 31st May! Lex
  5. I loved your song Gasoline Eyes :) would you check out mine please?http://www.musesmuse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52215

  6. hey lexarose,l was listening to *the falling leeves*at reverb. You are a wonder!

    I wisi if l could work with you.if you may be willing please let me know at *chimtsitsi@yahoo..co.uk.*

    am not such a great writer buy may be you may like it.

    Keep it up sisy!!

  7. Videos of you playing live 2

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v9b0oNQQBk Excuse my bad posture at the beginning lol!!
  8. self promoting

    Justin Bieber not ringing any bells there Jim?
  9. Zobnot

    Hey it's Lex! So, I've entered this Zobnot contest, and amazingly, I am up to 3rd place now - without even mentioning to my Youtube subscribers or anyone else! However, I would really love some more votes! The contest closes on the 31st of December, and I'll need a lot of votes to get that 1st place prize of $1000. You can vote up to 10 times a day for me here: http://www.zobnot.com/lex_rosenthal You have to sign up, but please do - I promise it will be worth it when I can buy a good microphone and share more of my music with you guys Thanks in advance, I really hope you vote for me and I appreciate it if you do!!! Other links: http://www.youtube.com/lexmusicofficial http://facebook.com/LexRosenthal http://www.reverbnation.com/lexrosenthal Thanks everyone! Lex
  10. I write when I'm inspired. A lot of my lyric ideas come from things I hear people say, or things I read, so I find that I write at pretty inconvenient times... watching TV with my dad, in math class, eating out at a restaurant, during an English assessment... if I get a good idea, I start writing the song in my head and I can't move until I'm done, then I quickly write it down. I also have a lot of melodies recorded on my BlackBerry, and I think a lot of those come later in the day, usually after 5pm. I also have a lot of random lyrics written on my phone, in the Memo Pad. When I have a few lyrics or an idea, I tend to sit down and write a song either at home after school, or in my free periods at school. So generally, I don't have a specific time for writing... but mostly mornings, maybe 9am - 12am and late at night, around 9pm-2am often