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  1. CD Baby?

    well keep us updated please. for my first [limited] EP i'm doing everything myself, burning, label (basic), cd covers (artwork) the lot. thanks.
  2. CD Baby?

    Hi Andreya, Thanks Am retro so still think in terms of 'singles' & 'albums' ~ that's why i am not looking at 'direct sell' at the moment i guess Have Nero 6 but 10 looks like it might at least squeeze some information into the discs. mp3 discs seem to be more flexible in terms of what they can carry than wav discs - so there is something for me to look at. Sony had a "CD Architect" software but it is expensive and hard to find - probably too advanced for my current humble needs anyway. I wonder if Nero10 does that 'Red Book' thing? cd architect Audacity is free but I do not want to fill up my pc with freeware, so i will give that a miss for now. The purpose of the cd's is just to get something out there - something solid. And with a picture on it Have SoundForge9 but the cd author side of it looks pretty basic - SF is great for tweaking recordings though. don't really like the virtual thing - when i download an album i burn it then magic up a cd insert for it; but like i said, i'm retro so am looking at the world through a pair of altered specs :-o early days yet anyway. thanks again! Ric
  3. CD Baby?

    Thanks FunkDaddy & Salley Gardens, yea i'm cool to do a limited run on my own. the big road-block this evening is the burning software: have accumulated various (some old now) softwares over the years so ran my cd compilation project through them all: Nero6, SoundForge9, Roxio 2009, Windows7 burner and on. All burn ok WAV files but the track / cd information is ... basically quite useless. spent ages filling in all the data boxes in Nero and Roxio (which even asked for jpgs) only to have both softwares totally ignore everything except the burn - so when i place the disc in the cd reader i get "unknown disc", "unknown track", "unknown artist" and the track titles which are all properly titled are reduced to arabic numerals. this is truly dreadful i feel :-| can anyone suggest a cd authoring software which does not author anonymous audio cd's please, no matter how hard you try! Now that really is losing control of the creativity, if you can't even name your own compilation and track titles :-o but yes, otherwise the 'cottage industry' limited run idea is fine with me thanks again, Ric
  4. Hi Are there other outfits like CD Baby out there please, and what is the best deal for getting your music onto CD with basic packaging? Can any of this be done DIY - say, getting a hundred CD's burned with cases & doing the art work yourself: or would this actually end up more costly than getting the whole lot done in a 1-off package, by the time printing ink goes into the equation? I'm basically looking for UK CD duplication deals. Many thanks, Ric