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  1. They Went So Fast

    Hi VosJade, There is a Lyric Feedback section where you could post this and it might get seen by more "lyricists" who could help out. Its tough to build off of since its for your ex and we don't know the small details, the small memories, of your relationship that could either pull at the heart strings, or jab her in the ribs if that's what you're going for. Which direction did you want to take this? Its written for your ex, but are you trying to get her back... or are you rejoicing that she's gone? Either way, I'd pick 3 or 4 memories that she would remember and write verses about them. In a good way or in a bad way, you need to make her "feel" the words. I'd also word things so they appeal to more people than just the two of you, too. If its TOO specific, then you might get your point across to her, but you won't really connect with other listeners. Good luck with this one!
  2. Greg, I listed to the songs via your link and liked them a lot. Very similar to what I'm looking for for a lyric I've written recently. Its not done yet, but perhaps when its ready, I'll send it your way for a few ideas on putting some notes to the words. I'd really like to find someone to collaborate on this song. Its in the country style. But Its really the only one I've seriously put work into writing so I can't even claim to be a Lyricist. haha. One cake doesn't make someone a baker, you know? I'm looking forward to listening to more of your stuff. Dave
  3. May Lyric Contest

    I'm new to the Boards so I'm a little late for the May submissions, but I enjoyed reading through them. I'm glad I read through this chain of notes though and was able to hear all your views on scoring. Its given me a lot of insight on how to approach future contests. Congrats to the winners!!!