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  1. July Lyric Contest

    I just wanted to apologize to all the other entrants. You deserved votes from me but I had a vacation and a return to work that is less than optimal. I'm very sorry and thanks to everyone who took the time to read my entry.
  2. What do musicians look for?

    I'm confused. What do you mean by 'mainstream?' I believe that a good structure could be used in most any genre and any structure, no matter how creative, if over used becomes less effective. If every song we ever write was the same structure our listeners would quickly see the pattern. An obvious pattern tends to become boring at some point. Most music listeners are blissfully unaware of building blocks that make up the music they listen to. If by mainstream, you mean boring, then I pretty much agree. But if by mainstream you mean something that a whole lot of people will like, I'm not sure that's a bad thing. IMO if the reason you write is to be mainstream you risk being a cliche or a copycat. You risk being unoriginal or stale because you are trying to copy what is already there. BUT, if you write something you believe is good and a whole lot of people like it, or it goes mainstream, is that a bad thing? And using popular or unique structures that has also been used in songs that are considered mainstream doesn't doom the song to be boring. In fact I would argue that some mainstream structures are innovative and most are good options. All that being said, I agree with trying to be unique and I love that you are using interesting rhyme schemes. A new (to me) rhyme scheme to write to is a wonderful thing. And hearing a song that uses a unique structure or rhyme scheme is a wonderful experience, especially if I have to listen a few times before I catch it (ie, it works that well.)
  3. Song Comp Discussion (2011 - 2012)

    I actually like a ranking system. Put them in order from most deserving to win to least deserving. Tally the scores and be done with it. But I understand many people do not like it and why it's not being used. I think I understand the reasoning behind the single 9 or 10 rating, but I'm not sure I agree with it. A for instance: 7 songs are entered and two are, imo, very good and obviously (to me) better than the rest. I would rank them both 10 and then rank the rest lower. With the current rule, I would probably just rank them both 8 (to keep them equal) and then lower the remaining ratings by 2 so that the difference was kept the same. So instead of 10 10 8 7 7 5 4, I would rank 8 8 6 4 4 3 2. If i wanted to abuse the system I'd rank all the ones I liked 8 and all the ones I didn't like 1. I guess just being told that i can't rate a song how I feel it should be rated because some others rate in a manner that makes coring difficult just doesn't sit well. That being said, I don't really have a problem with the rule. Especially if it works. I tend to argue sometimes for the sake of arguing so if I've done that, I apologize. Here in a few months I'll enter my first contest and have more credibility in these discussions. Thanks for taking the time to explain.
  4. Some good stuff in here that hits on a few things. The only thing I would add is on the panning. If you think of your mix as a stage, try to put the bgv (back ground vox) in a place (or 2) that will help fill out that left/right spectrum. And don't be afraid to separate the bgv in the panorama. So if you have 3 background singers, do NOT put all three of them in the same spot. (30% left, for instance.) You can put them right next to each other or spread them around. (20 30 40% left) for instance. I often put the bgv where it will balance something else in the mix that is mono and panned to the opposite side. It helps to fill out the space a big and clear up the left/right spectrum. I always try (and usually fail) to make a good mix based on 3 dimensions. Frequency (from note choices, to EQ. I try to have everything as clear as possible to start which means trying to eliminate unnecessary overlap in the frequency.) Left/Right panning (as mentioned above) and front to back spacing (usually with effects like reverb or delay used just a hair less than you think you need.)
  5. Copyright A Collection of Songs?

    In the U.S. you cannot sue for infringement if you have not registered your copyright. Actually, in this example you'll get lots of lawyers to take the case for a percentage of the damages if you have registered your copyright before infringement. It's all the bit artists (income wise, not necessarily talent wise) that won't make very much money that won't be worth it to the lawyers to pursue without at least some money up front. The fact is that no-one of Gaga's size or reputation is stupid enough to infringe. They can get thousands of songs a day submitted without resorting to copyright infringement. It's the band in the town next to yours that is most likely to do the infringing (well meaning or not.) And with those, a simple letter from any lawyer is usually enough to cause a cease and desist. IF you've registered your copyright. IMO, registering your copyright is eminently important if you are shopping songs or getting songs on releases (even indie releases) or sharing them with anyone in a position to make money off of them. Otherwise, again imo, it simply isn't cost effective. But for 35 bucks for 10-30 (or even more songs) why wouldn't you register the copyright?
  6. Song Comp Discussion (2011 - 2012)

    And furthermore... Has anyone here done songfight? If you are unfamiliar with songfight allow me to explain briefly. A title is posted and anyone in the whole world can write a song and submit it. Usually it's around 10 days from title posting to deadline. When the deadline hits the moderator puts all the songs mp3 on a page and you can listen to them. Each song has a check. You can vote only once, but you can vote for as many songs as you like. You may vote as a contributor or not, but it is expected (but not required) that if you are contributor that you will review each song. Often in the reviews the reviewer will say who they voted for either in the reviews or as a list at the end. The most votes win. If there is a tie, then both songs are the winner for that songfight. This could be implemented here as a poll in which you can vote only once, but can pick as many entries as you'd like. Pro- Rankers do not have to compare songs, they simply vote for all the songs that they like. It's still subjective (as any voting will be) but there is no confusion of what a 1 or a 3 or a 7 means. Cons- At songfight, reviews are harsh. I'm not sure it's because of the voting system or because you do not have to register in order to vote or submit. It is possible to receive very few votes. Sites like this one that want to encourage developing artists will feel the sting of someone getting 1 or 2 votes. (I've a songfight entry with the fewest votes of the week. And while I don't take it personally, it sure didn't feel good.) At songfight anyone can vote without registering, so it is easy to cheat. Just get your friends to vote for only your song and you can swing the balance your way. I'm not saying this is necessarily the way to go here, although i do think it has some merit. I do think it is an option not mentioned above. Feel free to discard it as it may not suit this community.
  7. Song Comp Discussion (2011 - 2012)

    Being new here and still getting a feel for the place I have a few thoughts. Which can be ignored with no risk of insult to the poster. 1-10 scales are subjective and not objective. Even if you say 10 = perfect song and 1 = worst song in the world, they are still subjective. In a recent manager training class we were rated on a variety of questions on a scale of 1 - 10 by our peers and subordinates. When we reviewed the anonymous ratings it was explained to us how human nature works and how to interpret the results. It didn't matter what the average was. You had to look at a single scorer to see the value of a rating. If one person rated 10 on some things, 9 on others 9 on others and 7 as the lowest. 7 is still the thing I have to work on. 7 doesn't mean anything by itself. Only in relation to the other ratings does it have value. If the next person rated me 7 on some things 5 on others and 3 on a few other things it was the 3 I had to work on and the 7 was my strength. Again that 7 had no value except in comparison to the rest of the ratings. The problem, as I see it, with a 1-10 scale is the recipient of those scores have no idea what to compare it to. Unless reviewer A says i scored the following songs this way, you have no idea what your 1 3 5 or 7 might mean. You could have been the second favorite song and only received a 5. Who knows. Edit: P.S. - Can someone explain to me why a vote of 10s and 9s is a bad thing? That vote actually helps differentiate half (or over half in this case) of the songs as more deserving of a win that the rest.