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  1. Girls On The Beach Music/Lyrics -Steve Ison/Darshan Davies Steve Ison -Lead Vocs/Guitars Pete Churchill Bass/BVs Paul Carroll -Drums/Percussion BVs Girls on the beach in the summertime Making their play for the eye Catching the sun..Dreaming of someone.. Shaking their hair They know that you're there They aint so dumb In the sun Yes they know your mind.. YOU CAN HEAR THEM LAUGHING HOPING INSIDE THAT THE JOKES NOT ON YOU AS YOU WATCH THEM WALKING OUT OF VIEW... Girls on the beach in the summertime empty their heads to the sky Gathering round to whisper aloud About Chico and Jaques, Ramano and Zak, Jose and Juan In the sun Yes they know your kind YOU CAN HEAR THEM LAUGHING HOPING INSIDE THAT THE JOKES NOT ON YOU AS YOU WATCH THEM WALKING OUT OF VIEW... GIRLS ON THE BEACH IN THE SUMMERTIME GO ON....
  2. Thanx to Paul for running this and non -contestant voters.. These Are The Days - Eric Borgos -Enjoyable easy listening country flavoured pop with some nice changes -especially like the movement n melody of the pre-chorus part Stuck With You - Road Dog - Admire your sense of adventure trying something new - and its refreshing hearing some different chords in this comp..The sloppy single snare drummer feels abit surplus to requirements-but i dig the songs vibe n personality and the chorus is cool The City Falls Into Your Eyes - ScenesFromPalacio - Chorus is memorable n intuitive -song is inventive n melodic..Track has great keyboard from Pete too..I'm proud of it..Know what you mean about "whimsical " lyrics Fab, but i like them like that.Yes i do always start with the tune/chords and write lyrics on top Please Don't Let the Music Die - Brelizabeth -Very polished sounding sad folk/country ballad with a heartfelt lyric..Your voice sounds beautiful-has a great lilt. Touch Me - EmilyEmily -Very professional sounding modern pop ballad..I really like the verses, the choice of notes and the freedom of phrasing there -but the chorus -tho catchy- felt alot less creative to me if i'm honest Lies! - Jambrains -Epic 80s sounding pop/rock.Moves pretty well and has a decent energy Wall - Mike B -early 70s progressive pop/rock..Has shades of crazy horse in the sound,,The little harmonised breakdown was my fave bit.. If I Told You - Mutrins- Eyebrows raised, furrowed brow keening modern r&b ballad pop.Nice simple production ideas with the finger clicks O2 (Oxygen) - fabkebab -Enjoyable upbeat indie pop/rock track..Really well performed/produced with good sense of drama..-Great drums.Intelligent lyric and decent songwriting..Love the middle 8..Good track Flying Daredevil in the Sky - Onewholovesrock -The verse melody sounds maddeningly familiar -think its this m-tho i'm sure on your part its not intentional.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PNfnNBDatY .Song has an enjoyable vibe n personality tho - I'm sold abit by your energy ! Bourbon Street - The S -Polished lyric and a great vocal performance and tasteful production as usual.Don't think this is as strong as your last couple of offerings being honest, but hey you won very easily with it, so its obviously impressing the people who vote here songwritingwise vastly more than it does me.For my taste needs another bit musically for one
  3. The City Falls Into Your Eyes Music & lyrics Steve Ison/Darshan Davies Steve Ison -Lead Vox,Guitars Pete Churchill Bass,keys,BVs Paul Carroll -Drums BVs Dog barking,breathless in the heat Neighbours gossiping out on the street Warm concrete under shattered glass Tread carefully in the underpass The City Falls Into Your Eyes Cold rain, Warm endless skies... Time crawling Monday afternoon Parking meter with a red balloon Newspaper -Ice cream in the park Better stay clear when its after dark The City Falls Into Your Eyes Cold Rain Warm endless skies.. AND THE CAROUSEL GOES ON JUST A MOMENT THEN YOU'RE GONE THOUGH YOU THINK YOUR LIFE WON'T CHANGE THE FAMILIAR SOON SEEMS STRANGE AND THE CITY FALLS INTO YOUR EYES AND YOU TRY TO MAKE IT HOME THROUGH SUNSET SKIES... Cities falling down We're all living with the things we've found Cities moving round Everybodies in a strange town.. The City Falls Into Your Eyes Cold Rain Warm endless skies.. AND THE CAROUSEL GOES ON JUST A MOMENT THEN YOU'RE GONE THOUGH YOU THINK YOUR LIFE WON'T CHANGE THE FAMILIAR SOON SEEMS STRANGE AND THE CITY FALLS INTO YOUR EYES AND YOU TRY TO MAKE IT HOME THROUGH SUNSET SKIES...
  4. That's a weird one..It makes the track more interesting/dramatic & is allowed in the rules -yet i know full well at the same time i'm gonna get marked down for it by many here haha..I'll do it anyway tho since my integrity is in making the song sound as interesting as i can for MY ears.. It's one example of why i've never felt i really "fit in " at the muse..There's a very strong Americana/country/folk puritan aesthetic in the majority of members here , who totally associate good songwriting with coming only from those traditions..Clearly delineated song - structures, easy chord progressions and narrative/literal focussed lyrics which always make perfect sense read seperately from the music.. I've got respect for those styles -but could never ever feel tied to them and don't think my music fits with any of them really
  5. Thanx alot to Nameless Untold for running this and to non -contestant voters.. Definitely a first for musesmuse when 80% of the entrants qualify for SOTY Three - Seven - Oh - PaulCanuck -Sad eyed piano ballad..Some nice chromatic chord changes w Don't know what three seven oh means but its an enjoyable track Don't Doubt My Heart - IyD -Pleasant fingerpicking ballad with a kinda innocent charm a bit like Donovan Little Stones - Fabkebab -Lyrical folk ballad with a storytelling quality..Well performed..Middle 8 was my favourite part musically -Thought that was cool There You Are -ScenesFromPalacio - Song from a few years ago i tried recording properly a couple of years ago but it didn't sound right..Like it as a song 'cos it has a strong individual personality. The Better Man - Ironknee -Thought this was really good for a 1+1..Great vocal performance..Bob Dylanish folk song in style.. Thought it was melodic, natural n had a good energy n presence..Was my winner this month
  6. There You Are I can't see the light That big old sun shines into a car There You Are.... Alone once again I need someone To swing on like a star There You Are... I scented the night when i was a boy the moment the actress came.. Hung up like a dress fumbled in the dark, whispering out her name.. Morning stained in a room of toys that were broken... Saturdays love is Sundays drowned I stumble out the bar There You Are....
  7. Congrats to winners..Thanx alot to Fab for running this competition..Nice one.And to non-contestant voters.. Seduce me : Eric Borgos - Enjoyable pop song..Strong rythmically n catchy..The instrumental touches, the sax and the angular guitar bits from your collaborator are very cool too Damn This Field - PaulCanuck -Almost early 70s proggy country style song..Slightly abrasive in vibe suiting the subject matter n well performed n produced Friends Of Richard Perkins - ScenesFromPalacio -An audience favourite from our live set.To show how much people listen to lyrics live, i used to actually make up the verse words for this song on-the-spot at gigs, usually about audience members...As long as Pete n Paul got the vowel sound from the end of the 1st line they could add their harmony..Crafted some proper lyrics for it last year before recording. Rolling On : Jambrains - Very pleasant 70s style melodic country pop..Gently empathic in vibe..Nice vocals n guitars too Mexican Wind : GaryHale - Love the words here with the narrator delivering us something "hotter than hell" "when that devil wind blows" .The whole lyric such a clever analogy for the "mexican wind" the writer has obviously suffered (and by extension made others suffer !) after eating too many chilli-loaded re-fried beans n Burritos..Nice one ! Elegy On The death of an American girl : The S - Fantasticaly committed vocal performance and the whole track is produced with great musicianship and a wonderful understanding of emotive nuance and dramatic light n shade Get Gone : The Nameless Untold -The picking is fantastic here..Love the whistling with it too.There's a quirky n spacious quality you bring to Americana i dig..Very cinematic n enjoyable track My Baja Bug : neuroron -Fun old school style pop track with clever well crafted lyric.Love the deep sax and the V-Vrooms Alpha Dog : RoadDog -Love the title n chorus lyrics and the way the chorus explodes out like primetime Sabbath Out of time : ClineLeonard -Really strong modern indie pop/rock.Can definitely hear an Arcade Fire influence.Very good songwriting n production.Bags of presence n emotional edge to this.Excellent track .Was my winner for sure.. I was the one : chazmataz - Jazzy n classy 70s proggy pop..Like the vibe n mood of this alot.Very resonant, atmospheric n interesting.Great piano playing.Distinctive n cool songwriting.Deserved to do better, but somehow i knew it wouldn't..
  8. The joy of Nationalism God bless America !!!!
  9. Friends Of Richard Perkins Music/Lyrics The Strangest Feeling + friends Steve Ison-Lead vox guitar Pete Churchill-Bass,keys BVs Paul Carroll -Drums/BVs Sally lived on poetry nobody ever heard Gave her heart to Valerie and shared her with the word They were friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Johnny was a vagabond forever on the run In a band with Betty who flew too close to the sun They were friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins WALKING OUT OF POCKET, PHILANTHROPIC TIPS A CHEEKY WINK TO ONE AND ALL A DREAMER AND A SCHEMER -A BELIEVER GAVE EVERYONE A HAND BEFORE THE FALL... Mario and Marilyn were tied together well Spent a lifetime bickering and waiting for the bell They were friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Travelling to India went Peter,Paul and Jo Looking for the places where the tourists never go They were friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins Friends of Richard Perkins WALKING OUT OF POCKET, PHILANTHROPIC TIPS A CHEEKY WINK TO ONE AND ALL A DREAMER AND A SCHEMER -A BELIEVER GAVE EVERYONE A HAND BEFORE THE FALL...
  10. Yeh the collab contests are fun ! Count me in as a musician..As long as the paramaters set aren't too creatively restricting
  11. Children of the Stars - Eric Borgos -Very nice uplifting epic pop..Has an 80s pop/rock flavour..Kinda light stadium rock..Epic lyric suits it too Raise a Glass - Scotto -Exhuberant drinking bluesy 70s flavoured rock song..I do like the vibe and the punchy phrasing..Production n performances very good.. THE DYSTOPIAN BLUES - GocartMoz -Great vibe n playing..The lyric seems to have a paranoid alex jones style alt right wing vibe.. Love the melodic verse and the riff going into it n running thru it..Not so keen musically oin the chorus but can see why you did it as a contrast Man on the run - The S - Classic americana bluesy folk/rock with a very well crafted lyric n great production..The ultra-committed emotive vocal performance and cool harmonica licks adds alot to this.. All The Way To The Sea - HoboSage -Strongest song i've heard from you.Moody n jazzy verse..Best part is how how it lifts in that harmonised nicely phased CSN style chorus..Very tastefully n well produced..Good track I'm In Love -Steve Ison - Dramatic, emotionally direct and distinctive..Whats not to like ? By far the worst performing track in any competition in nearly 6 years i've ever entered and have no idea why - other than maybe its just too "rock" and un-easy listening maybe for peoples tastes here.. High Class - RoadDog -Ultra lofi early 70s bluesy rock..Like the lip curling fast talkin' chorus You Make a Zero Look Big - RickDieffenbach - Sunny upbeat song with your signature Beatlesesque flavour with a very contrasting hard bitten angry lyric..The middle sections meander off the beaten path shows really good creativity..Love the guitaring there too..Very enjoyable anyway The High Tide - fabkebab -Pretty acoustic song with nice finger picking..Chorus is really nice..Love 'out of reach 'white sand future she'd got planned ' bit musically-Lovely...Middle 8 is very musically safe n a bit uninspired imo,sadly tho Until It's Time To Part - Jambrains - Pretty hymnal pop ballad with an 80s flavour..Can picture the dry ice and waving candles video..Has a nice vibe a bit like Cyndi Lauper or something Love is More - The Nameless Untold..Minimal desert driving dusty bluesy americana with great reverby slide and ace seductive blues banjo..Just works so well conceptually as a production/vibe..Love how you've done this..Very simple but a great sense of drama..Has a strong personality..Really enjoyable n entertaining track.. She's In Love - Ironknee -The main part of the song is great..Cool n moody 60s western..The 'She's in love' is conceptually really good how you've done it as a hook too..The 'tired of being lonely' part "works" as a placeholder but lacks flair n is just too musically work-a- day imo, sadly tho.. Black Heart Lane - Mike B/SongWolfe -Listening thinking your voice sounds just like Scotto then looked at the credits lol..This is a really enjoyable 60s style moody romp..All flowing musically really nicely..Very well crafted musically Everybody knows part is great..Ending is just fab too.. TELL ME WHAT IS TRUE - iggy - Investing plenty of passion n intensity into that familiar descending 60s "White Room' progression with a great vocal..Lyric as usual is instantly emotionally resonant n naturally poetic..Love how the chorus goes more major as a contrast..Can't remember you attempting a 'rock' vibe before and you do it well..Very good track Broken Hearted Boy - lyD -Very simple acoustic/piano ballad with personal lyrics and a calm vocal..Musically middle 8 my favourite part. The Best of Everything - Mike McIntyre -Very enjoyable sunny jazzy easy listening ballad with scmaltzy lounge lyric.."When we’re at home we never splurge But once ev’ry year we get a certain urge " is unintentionally very funny..Just flows musically really well n i like the vibe tho..Reminds me of Laura Nyro almost Overthinking - daryl1968 - Very well produced n arranged cod-eastern folk with techno pop vibe..Its very catchy and the lyric has a strong personality..Has an 80s pop vibe to me how its been done Thanx alot to Paul for running this contest.Very good of you Many thanx also to those who've posted comments about the tracks too..For me its always really appreciated -even if you didn't like my song, Think its a cool, generous -spirited thing to do..Very nice to see a new post here with little reviews on all the tracks..Also its not like we actually win anything lol , so seeing comments is the main 'reward' for me for entering these comps.. For those of you who enjoy checking back to see comments on your own songs from others here (basically everyone who entered i'd guess ) but "just can't be arsed " taking time to do them yourself -absoloutly no thanx at all haha
  12. CONGRATULATIUNS, THE S for winning this GREAT competition. And congratulatiuns to all the really cool songs that made it here. Thanks to all who voted for my song, appreciate it alot. For now, just a shout out to my persunal stand-outs As others already stated, loads of great songs this month. I personally had my votes on Iggy ,Nameless Untold and Rick those are excellent songs with equally cool performances. Also dig Eric Borgos Children Of The Stars Strong songwriting all around. Cheers, Steve
  13. I'm In Love Music/Lyrics Steve Ison BVs Colette DeGiovanni Drums Paul Carroll Winters like walking through a faithless worldFor you baby ,For you babyAnd i don't know what i'll do without you girl For you baby,for you babyI'm in love its there inside of meTrying to push on throughI'm in love i feel the gravityin everything i doI'm in love its like a memorysomewhere i once knewI'm in love when i'm with youYEH YEH YEH YEH YEHI'm in love in spite of all the painthe stupid things i saidI'm in love and if i wasn't theni'd wish that i was deadI'm in love 'cos its the heart of meand takes me from my headI choose loving you insteadYEH YEH YEH YEH YEH I'm in love and its a tragedyi never learned beforeI'm in love and though you're through with meI choose to love you moreI'm in love 'cos its the best of methe rest is on the floorand i'm still alive..YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH
  14. Hey..Very well done to Jason n RoadDog -both fine songs ! Really appreciate Justin taking the time to run this comp too..Very cool..Would be a shame if they stopped Here are my brief first thoughts made while listening When, Why, Where - RickDieffenbach..Well Rick to me represents the very best i can imagine of the American spirit..Idealistic, tolerant,principled, fair-minded - and nostalgic for a vision of the US which -like the ideal version of England presented by the Kinks in the late 60s -probarbly never existed.But in my heart i'm an artistic idealist too, so i get it.. The bridge lyric just makes me think 'they never will ' tho 'cos they're greedy,unprincipled,lying sociopaths who'd kill their own mothers to get more power or $$$$$s......... Falling (The Whiskey-Glass Song) - RoadDog....Woh really good..This is the most elegant melody i've heard you come up with yet..Part Leonard Cohen,part Dylan..Love the lyric too..Haunting n atmospheric.. He was a guitar player too - Donnie...Very personal song with a country feel..Nice lyric.. I Couldn’t Sleep (Down the River) - Ironknee...Cool song.Nice progressions n flow..The vocal rythm n melody has a freedom i like..Strong vocal that has a kinda Roy Harper quality for me..Has a strong atmosphjere for a 1+1 which has to be commended.. Sensible Shoes - Boydogtruck...Skillfully crafted n decently done old style pastiche..AGotta be honest, a song celebrating the dull pragmatism of "sensible shoes " dosn't particularly appeal to a romantic escapist like myslf lol- but there's no denying this is well done.. Dreams - Jason Kalman..Enjoyable melodic track with a kinda Simon & Garfunkel 'April Come She Will ' flavour..Really like the rising/descending progression after the main bit.Well presented for a 1+1 too..
  15. Hope you had a great christmas...and a happy new year. cheers