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  1. March 2018 Song Contest

    Like last month (for fun) i had my guess at final placements here i sent to Paul with my scores n was seriously off track..Gotta stress this has nothing to do with my personal taste n everything to do with trying objectively to understand the general muse audience for songs n what they'll like/dislike thru nearly 7 years of entering these comps...The main anomalies are my song n Murphsters/kuyas..Mine rating alot higher n theirs alot lower than i thought 1.Your Life – Oswelek 2..Walking Tall Murphster 3..Not My Fault -Triffid 4..You Lift Me Up -Jason Kalman 5 Even The Devil -Donna Marilyn 6.I Got The Satellite -Scenes 7.Future Story -Hobosage 8.Islamorada -Neuron 9.Middle Class Blues -Tunesmith 10.Getaway Plan -Eric Borgos 11.Where Do The Cold Winds Blow ? -Slow D 12 Bottle Of Whisky -Roaddog 13 Old -Moso
  2. March 2018 Song Contest

    Thanx for that man..Have long ago realised quality of soul/songwriting etc has nothing at all to do with "success" these days though...It used to really annoy me n i'd rail like mad against it,but now i (more or less) just accept it..People seem to need strong image/personal charisma/sex appeal/a dramatic life narrative you can market etc to really engage their imaginations n loosen their wallets...Guess its always been like that -but seems even more so nowadays.. The general public are very lazy too, arn't really receptive to the unfamiliar n only want to be bothered with what they already know With everyone n their grandmother recording now, n flooding the internet with free as water content too- & with the creative bar for success commercially set so low,the "song" as a thing has never had less power n weight than it does now it would seem...So people like me n you n most here i'm sure, do it purely for the love of it..Maybe in some ways its a good thing as there's no commercial pressure to be anything other than ourselves That a band as creatively lazy n mediocre as Oasis can dominate a chart like this speaks volumes i think...I wouldn't give high marks to songs as dull n leaden as Champagne Supernova n Slide Away if they were put in the competitions here, let alone being voted "best of all time !"
  3. March 2018 Song Contest

    Thanx for the vote here,non-contestant scorers n Paul for giving up his time running this..Thought it had generally the best quality of songs i've heard in a comp for a while here..Great to see people doing reviews of all the songs too Middle Class Blues – tunesmith Thought the tune on this was cool n interesting for a blues, almost had an oriental feel in places too. It was the lyric I struggled with. Maybe its an American thing. It’s something I can’t imagine anyone from the UK singing seriously- without any irony at all - like here Old – Moso Enjoyed this.. Had a biting rockin’ verse n the lyin in my bed chorus was good with neat chord changes. Would’ve preferred it without such a long solo after the first verse tho Bottle of Whiskey – roaddog This had a confidence n sense of personality mixing folk n rock in your distinct early 70s style. Thought it was arranged/played really well to really emphasise the drama. Sounds very atmospheric n reminds me of Mott The Hoople (specially the -very cool- solo) You Lift Me Up - Jason Kalman I definitely feel for you if this lyric’s autobiographical as I suspect. I could never work like that n have spent my whole life working as little as I can get away with, being honest. This has your signature empathic, slightly world=weary vibe that suits the subject matter well. Really tastefully performed n recorded too I Got The Satellite – ScenesFromPalacio Was genuinelly shocked that this won Anything I’ve entered that isn’t conventional verse/chorus/verse chorus etc has never been voted so high before..This track is not only non verse /chorus but has a time-sig change as well to contend with.. If that isn’t enough to stymie its chances, it has a cryptic, obtuse lyric to digest too ! Maybe the fact the different melodies are all repeated often, letting people can get used to them n the general vibe of the 2nd section is so upbeat has helped it here. Anyway, was a very pleasant surprise ! Islamorada – neuroron Thought the tune here had a similarity to The Drifters “Mexican Divorce” that I vaguely recalled -but went back n listened to it and there’s absoloutly no similarity at all. Very well crafted lyric n lovingly made pacific island soundscape here f’sure Getaway Plan - Eric Borgos Was caught in 2 minds whether this felt really cool in its ultra laid-back 80s easy-listening simplicity, or annoyingly bland. Actually think it’s strangely a mixture of both for me. Not fond of the word “vacay” definitely tho.. Your Life – Oswlek Was so sure this would win as soon as I heard it. Everything about it from the excellent chromatic minor melody n chord progressions , thoughtful lyric n fantastic atmospheric production says so. Very classy indeed , really good work Not My Fault - Triffid & SongWolf Really enjoyable track with its obvious passion, energy n presence. Great vocal -very natural n spirited .Good classic rock which has an undeniable power to affect even without drums/bass n just a couple of guitars n a vocal Future Story Told – HoboSage Really didn’t think I was gonna like this when it started, but the emotive unexpected power of the chorus really grabbed me. There was a chaotic, cathartic strangeness about the whole track which gripped me n I really enjoyed. Even The Devil – DonnaMarilyn This definitely reminds me of The Eagles. There’s a quirky soulfulness n freedom here in how he’s phrasing your cool lyrics, which I think is just great. Its unexpected, has bags of presence n is slightly left-field. A great listen Where do the Cold Winds Blow? – SlowD This has an appealing openness n engaging soulful simplicity. The starkness of the production n your vocal really helps add to the atmosphere here too..Good track Walking Tall - Murphster & Kuya Thought this was really heartfelt n naturally affecting with a sweet childlike quality I loved. Great simple haunting melody, lots of heart in the lyric too. Was really expecting this to do a lot better than it did. Thought the quality of the song would transcend the slightly unpolished production & your non-american idol voice here, but sadly it seems, not
  4. Awkward lyrics by the greats...

    "Person, Who's not confined to a dress A fluid gender, because labels oppress." Hahaha
  5. March 2018 Song Contest

    I Got The Satellite All music/lyrics Steve Ison Everybodies looking for the sun, locked inside of the tower like a maidenWith a million shekels in her hand,she gazes out through the eyes of a strangerWonders when her hero's gonna come,somewhere out of a smile from tommorowTravelling thru the emptiness of space,she lives in hope there's a dream that'll follow..I got the satellite& constellations go to my headi roll thru the dark for just a moment of light with youYou're such an open hearti feel it but i don't understand,caught in the wireless of my cerebral mind like glue& Danie's standing heresaying there's no love in her world,wanting a sky that there is never the time to view& the people go on & on thru stories of their livesYeh the people go on & on & on tonightbut its hard to be strong when you're caught in the barrel of a gunthat won't let them run..but you let them run....I got the satellite& conversations go to my head,I roll thru the dark for just a moment of light with you.. You're such an open hearti feel it but i don't understand,caught in the wireless of my cerebral mind like glue
  6. February 1+1 Competition, Scoring Phase

    My top 4 this time -Thanx for the nice comments on my song & thanx so much to Joan for running this Paul Cannock - Always a joy to hear such excellent musicality n melodicism..I'm not actually a massive fan of the lyric..Not because its not well done -or obviously personal -its just the aesthetic..The word "Alzheimers" grates in a song for me...Thought this was strong enough to win, to even transcend the very strong bias here at the muse musically toward Americana.. Murphster - Glad to see this did better than i thought...Really enjoyable track with sweet melody & some evocative chord changes..Really like the little pauses in the vocal at the beginning..Nicely quirky..Very cool song The S - Sounds like a lost track from Blood On The Tracks..The Dylan influence is very pervasive..Very difficult not to be influenced by your brilliant presentation n performance (always)...Nice dusty roadtrip song tho Ironknee - The descending picking chord patterns definitely reminds me of very early Simon n Garfunkel..This is an enjoyable easy listening song with a well crafted lyric..You present your songs really well for a 1+1 too For fun, i thought i'd send Joan my predictions of how the results would pan out..Gonna do this for all the competitions now n see how close i get..Taking into account presentation,muse stylistic preferences,recording quality, instant understandableness of lyric,vocal timbre n (last but not least) songwriting..Gotta stress this list has nothing to do with my taste but just how i thought the results would pan... 1.Paul Cannock 2..The S 3..Ironknee 4..Triffid 5..Hobosage 6..Murphster..7..Me...8..Mike B..9..Roaddog 10..Onewholovesrock
  7. Unrecognised genius

    Definitely..I prefer really polarised scores for my songs in the song comps than a bunch of 6s n 7s.............8s n 9s n 2s n 3s much better ! Found someone had "rated" my On The Way Up album n gave it 3 stars..Was really depressed about it..Would've much preferred a 1 star if i'm honest
  8. February 1+1 Competition, Scoring Phase

    Temple Of The Singers Music/lyrics Steve Ison They’re dreaming their way through a desperate life, they’re getting plucked out of the airThere’ll never be room in the place they’re atthey’ve just gotta be everywhereTemple of the singersBreathe out ,relax,enjoy& every note’s for you loveabout a girl & boy They’re running back home with a broken heart& shutting their door to the worldThey’re lighting the candles through streaming eyes& praying one day they’ll be heardTemple of the singersBreathe out ,relax,enjoy& every note’s for you loveabout a girl & boyOh-oh You’re hooked on a line they’re singingOh-oh You’re feeling the hurt they’re bringing……‘cos life haunts you tooYou wanna shake it when they’re hotYou think they’re naked though they’re not,‘cos underneath they look a lot like youYou’re always wanting something more,but don’t know what you’re looking forSkip every song before it’s halfway throughTemple of the singersBreathe out ,relax,enjoy& every note’s for you loveabout a girl & boy
  9. January 2018 Song Contest

    Not in the last 2 years or so..My cache of very simple, instant pop songs has run dry haha
  10. January 2018 Song Contest

    Well done to the winners..Thanx Paul for running this n thanx Dan James - Made my day Velvet Dream was someones favourite here My top 4 this month were Roaddogs ‘cos it rocked & the mood was 70s sinister-Loved the strangeness of the “What good will I do today “bit…Just an interesting engaging track..I get a sense you’re always searching musically too- which I really like..Your tracks always score far lower here than their individual spirit n creativity deserve imo…Lofi n edgy just won’t cut it on the muse lol Hobosages..It had a good intuitive flow n vibe..Felt really natural.Not a fan of the very grandiose, extremely self-serious n earnest progressive vibes you often trade in -but the last 2 have been very different to that n enjoyable for me Moptops ‘cos it was natural n melodic n had a resonant melancholic spirit..Sounds dated 80s in style/sound but I don’t care about that ‘cos its good..Weird how intuitive musicality n musical inventiveness is not valued -or even discussed really at the muse, like they’re totally irrelevant things..Just endless boffin-pedantry about production details n microscopic lyrical analysis……"Utterly pedestrian, mediocre n cliche tune ? No problem sir ! Your lyrics n production are great !! " Boyfrevn..Moody n atmospheric,showing (in the best modern way) how much you can get out of one chord progression if you’ve got inspired vocal lines..Woke up at 4 in the morning hook is great..Engaging late night smoky track Woh..3 of the bottom 5 were in my top 4 !!!!!! I think my taste in music is -more than a little- removed from the majority here Thanx alot -really appreciate your thoughts here n glad you enjoyed it..I definitely agree with you that "substance matters" & lyrics are not my strongest suite songwriting-wise..i'd have to say i'm working on it..I do work hard on my lyrics (believe it or not) n sometimes don't get what i want..The way i work musically tho -having every bit of vocal line/nuance worked out musically before i write the lyrics dosn't make it easy tho..Even the very best lyricists here would struggle having to make great lyrics given those constraints..Especially as flow n cadence n the right vowel sounds etc are sooooooo important to me...I'd never sacrifice any power or impact of the song musically to get a superficially better meaning.. Given that tho, i love the lyrics to Velvet Dream ! Even voted near bottom here for lyrics dosn't alter that belief -Musers are not my audience !! They create strong cinematic pictures to me..Dislocation from modern life,being an outsider..An inner view, feeling very distanced from those living on the surface- Even a bit dystopian..They fit the mood of the music like a glove too imo... Maybe the problem for you is they're impressionistic...There seems to be an underlying orientation -given a lot of the comments here & the lyrics that generally do well in the lyric contests -of musers generally needing literal,logical easy-to-understand n digest lyrics...Its the all-pervading "country" mindset here, pouring like concrete over free-spiritedness n anything at all "different " .Tho i enjoy the best of that kinda music & like good lyric crafting n respect tradition, i intensely dislike the conservatization n utter rigidity of form -musically n lyrically- the country mindset demands - and have no desire to conform to its wishes -tho (of course) i know it means a lack of success in these competitions haha...... From the way so many seem to analyse n value lyrics here, even masters of emotionally brilliant impressionistic lyric writing like Neil Young or Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks would probably be given short shrift as their words often demand deeper attention n can't all be neatly understood in one glance..
  11. Winner of 2017 Song of the Year (Open Format)

    Well done to Clint..Its an excellent track..1st n 2nd placing got 2 of my 3 votes -which is an incredible rarity here but always makes me happy n not feel like a total alien haha Thanx to non-contestant voters & to Alistair for running this too
  12. January 2018 Song Contest

    Velvet Dream All music/lyrics Steve Ison All american endless streetThe 4th of JulySee the people dance in the heatas you go byin the blink of an eyeThe strangeness of everyoneOut here at the showAll smiling and then they're gonebut you'll never knowwhats happening belowas they come & goYeh yeh yeh yehWith the tourists behind you& your home light to guide youNow you gotta free that velvet dream& do it, do it, do it, do itWith the winter nights fading& the summertime wakingYou just wanna be where love could be& do it, do it, do it, do itSee the dust that blowsthe news from yesterdayAll the stores are closed& the people've gone awayFeel the sun that burnsthe distance in your eyesIt's good to be alonethere's freedom in the skiesOh my precious girlI loved you like a childAlong these empty streetsall my feelings running wildWon't you dance with me ?I'll be your valentine& this can be our homeA dream that's yours & mine..
  13. The prosaic or the poetic ?

    Efficient work-a-day pragmatism or creative imagination ? Is being a dullard the new magician ?
  14. October Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Well done to the winners..The quality of music was very high in this one..Thanx alot to Paul for running it too
  15. November 1+1 Winners Announced

    Weeping Angels Music/Lyrics -Steve Ison Blessed with the heart of the angel, what a life for you Picking up people discarded & making them a-new The insect that flies at the window , you’ve gotta help set free I guess that’s the way everybody could be… But you feel like you’ve got no defences from feelings as they flow Are they yours are they somebody elses? How are you to know ? Wave upon wave of emotion,that’s how it’s always been Is it the dream of your life or the life of your dream ? Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels feel everyone Weeping angels on a smile that can hide the pain in their song Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels heal everyone Weeping angels realise that they’ve got nowhere to belong The mirror-hung vacant devotion -what a thing to give But you don’t want to blame anybody -or tell them how to live Cold or hot all you’ve got are your angels whispering inside At the heart of all ways is to always be kind.. Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels feel everyone Weeping angels on a smile that can hide the pain in their song Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels heal everyone Weeping angels realise that they’ve got nowhere to belong