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  1. October Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Well done to the winners..The quality of music was very high in this one..Thanx alot to Paul for running it too
  2. November 1+1 Comp, now open for entries

    Weeping Angels Music/Lyrics -Steve Ison Blessed with the heart of the angel, what a life for you Picking up people discarded & making them a-new The insect that flies at the window , you’ve gotta help set free I guess that’s the way everybody could be… But you feel like you’ve got no defences from feelings as they flow Are they yours are they somebody elses? How are you to know ? Wave upon wave of emotion,that’s how it’s always been Is it the dream of your life or the life of your dream ? Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels feel everyone Weeping angels on a smile that can hide the pain in their song Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels heal everyone Weeping angels realise that they’ve got nowhere to belong The mirror-hung vacant devotion -what a thing to give But you don’t want to blame anybody -or tell them how to live Cold or hot all you’ve got are your angels whispering inside At the heart of all ways is to always be kind.. Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels feel everyone Weeping angels on a smile that can hide the pain in their song Weeping angels in your eyes Weeping angels heal everyone Weeping angels realise that they’ve got nowhere to belong
  3. Flotsam & Jetsam

    Thanx alot for your feedback Murphster..Love your use of Bowies "better period" too which is exactly the way i see him too
  4. Flotsam & Jetsam

    Very kind of you to say that about my songwriting Clint & appreciate your feedback as always..Rubber Soul maybe my favourite Beatles album too (ok maybe tied with Sgt Pepper n the white album lol)
  5. Flotsam & Jetsam

    Thanx for your feedback Dan..Syd era Pink Floyd n early Bowie i'm def a big fan of..Can see what you mean with the end part..We maybe should've cut it back a bit
  6. Flotsam & Jetsam

    Love John Lennon -so thats a real compliment Brelizabeth..Thanx for taking the time to give it a few listens too
  7. Flotsam & Jetsam

    The big big big bit is my favourite part ! Haha..Thanx as always for your feedback
  8. Profit / Then It Comes

    Saw your pic n thought i was gonna get some typical modern pop country..Thankfully i was very wrong !..Thought the quiet opening was very cool..The main neil young meets shoegazer song shows a really interesting musical imagination n to the not -predictable which i appreciate..Good chords n melodies n major 7th sense of atmosphere i definitely dug..Nice one..Really interesting n creative track
  9. Little Big Lies

    Nice quirky empathic song..Really like the change of rythm part which has a cool tune n was unexpected..Thought the "little big lies " part was axis of awesome -but just checked n its C -F-Am-G NOT C-G-Am-F lol
  10. Where The Sun Keeps Shining Down

    Very well done modern pop song..Like Arcade Fire with a more pop edge to my ears -Could easily hear this on modern radio..Chorus is really sweet..Love all the layered choral vocals n the lead singer soulin' at the endwas really well done too..Good track
  11. Yard Sale

    Thought this was great..Lovely seductive,sassy neon smokey nightclub blues vibe,,,Great playing, great singing, strong confident melodies n lyrics..Really enjoyable track
  12. White Lake Country Club

    Reminds me of "About A Girl " by Nirvana,mostly from the chords i think..Lots of energy in the performance but the verse n chorus are too similar music/feel wise for me i'm afraid
  13. My Avalon

    Melodic early 70s style prog pop/rocl.. track which definitely puts me in mind of Queen..My favourite part musically was the "My spirit's strong,Even as these walls around me crumble to the ground.I'll carry on,And one day I will rise again,From my Avalon " section which was really cool n my fave part here musically..Agree with Murphster viz the tempo
  14. Seerz

    Fun rock'n'roll tune..Sounds like you had a lot of fun making it..Vocal rythm reminds me of Steve Milleer a bit..The beginnings like Cross Town Traffic..Auto tune is very obvious would be my only crit
  15. Seasons of Life

    Very well produced n performed ballad..Beautiful toned, very well delivered vocal..Has a melancholy quality like autumn..There's a depressing vibe to the tune lacking freedom n natural space here that i'm struggling with if i'm honest tho