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  1. August 2017 Song Contest - Results R in!

    Thanx for voting The Other Summer winner for this month..Lots of cool songs in this months comp..Cheers to the non-contestant voters & kudos to Paul for running it
  2. You Found Me

    Very sentimental, cloying vibe which just isn't for me -& by that i mean the mood of the music..Your guitar playing's great tho.
  3. The Curse Of Shane MacGowan

    Very catchy n uptempo Irish vibe..The lyric's very well crafted n i love the twist at the end..
  4. Begin Again

    Love the use of dynamics in your playing & the awareness of drama in the song..The vibe is very full on n strident- reminding me a bit of Springsteen in mood
  5. All About the Rims

    Yeh this is bags of fun with lots of confidence n personality...Really enjoyable track.Dig the vocal & the Velvets/Lou 70s glam rock vibe,love the change-ups n mood..I love the lofi sound -only part not keen on is going out of time with the drums,but very cool track nonetheless
  6. Bag of Anger

    Decent late 60s style indie pop/rock song..Like the chord changes on the chorus & the melody on the verse..Nice track.Has some individual charm which is cool
  7. Wasting My Time

    Nice informal folk sound n pleasant vibe n whistling..The harmony vocals that came in toward the end were great
  8. The Wonder Years

    Well produced..Nice vibe
  9. The Other Summer

    The Other Summer Written by The Strangest Feeling + friends Sweating 'neath the hot sky Naked in the sand Orchid breeze and Olive trees Summer scents arise Talking to Alisha Who's filled with other plans I can see why we can't be Looking through her eyes THE WEEKS GO ON AND ON AND ON THE DAYS NEVER END I WISH THE SUN WOULD SET ON THE OTHER SUMMER.... We're playing in The Ghetto and they're waiting for the band Hearts can grieve but love is free when you make them smile ! So let's drink to our holiday nation Yeh lets have a drink for everyone Raise that ghost and make a toast For the extra mile... THE WEEKS GO ON AND ON AND ON THE DAYS NEVER END I WISH THE SUN WOULD SET ON THE OTHER SUMMER....
  10. Hey, got two gigs lined up now. Plus we uploaded 3 songs on reverbnation(though 2 need to be sped up in the mix). So...hows things on the road? Been gigging?

    1. ScenesFromPalacio


      Good on you Jim -Glad your band is moving forward..Played at Cavern Club with The Strangest Feeling a couple of months back-Doing alot of gigs with ADHD (my other band) & about to release my 3rd solo album "Love In A Strange World" -So lots of music as always :)

  11. When True Love Finds You (For July Contest)

    Very pretty n very well done early Beatles style..Lovely chords n melody n dig the playful uplifting vibe..Nice songwriting..The weird radio endings very cool too n unexpected
  12. Fly High Butterfly

    I really like the vibe/melody n energy of the verses -Like prime Neil Young but think the choruses could've used another chord change or a different melodic approach..Great performance tho -You sell it well with your energy
  13. SteamPunk (no, Rock ain't dead!)

    The intro is too long for me but i dig its anarchic 70s lofi rock vibe here n the chorus is cool n catchy n resonant..Good song..Vocal performance is very free-spirited with a great energy..Steam Punk's a great title too
  14. Cross of Gold

    I like the strange uplifting quality of the mood vibe here-The Music n chords behind are really cool n lets you get away with that kinda very loose double speak/singing..Has personality f'sure..Enjoyed it..
  15. When this Bottle lets Go of my Hand

    Strong old school country song -Everythings so well done here from the wonderfully crafted lyric to the sweet gospely piano production..Really good work in a better world you'd be able to make some money from it