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  1. Did a video for my song Road To Mexico..Hope you enjoy it !
  2. ScenesFromPalacio

    September Song Contest

    There You Are Music/Lyrics Steve Ison I can't see the light That big old sun shines into a car There You Are.... Alone once again I need someone to swing on like a star There You Are... I scented the night when i was a boy the moment the actress came.. Hung up like a dress fumbled in the dark, whispering out her name.. Morning stained in a room of toys that were broken... Saturdays love is sundays' drowned I stumble out the bar There You Are....
  3. ScenesFromPalacio

    Listening to whole albums

    Decided i'm gonna start listening FULLY to an album everyday & put them up here with some short reviews/impressions..Like most people nowadays i've unconsciously conditioned myself to have the attention span of a gnat, switching half-awake from one thing to the next online..I don't have the focus to meditate, but i miss the enjoyment of listening fully to whole albums for 40 odd minutes uninterrupted, totally focused on the music..My listening over the last 15 years has basically been endless home-made playlists cutting n scything through albums n artists..2 mins that track,30 seconds the next,skip the next etc, usually doing something else at the same time too..Fractured & spoilt by all-you-can-eat dining at the endless buffet of the whole history of music available anytime/anywhere to us First album Pink Moon by Nick Drake...The 1st song i ever heard from him was "Things Behind The Sun" & like thousands of others instantly resonated with the timeless,hauntingly strange inner quality his music exudes.Intensely enjoyed the cool rock-song-in-a-ballad "Free Ride" driving thru the Cornish countryside from a playlist of my lovely friend Colette Degiovanni recently..Borrowed her Nick Drake biography book for the coach ride home & been reading it since -so Nick is definitely on my mind at the moment...Considering he wrote & recorded the album when he was very depressed, it feels strangely comforting intimate & reassuring, like having your worldly troubles soothed by talking to an old friend.. https://open.spotify.com/album/7KyvfoQhqlNLPNb98yY0pf
  4. ScenesFromPalacio

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Alot of excellent songs here..The top 2 (both totally great) were my top 2 - (which is very rare & i love it when that happens !)...Thanx so much to Murphster for generously running the comp & non-contestant voters..Here's my brief notes while listening.. The S - A Burden On Me - Very nice soulful Dylanesque song, beautifully sung with a very well crafted, heartfelt lyric.. Like an out-take from Blood On The Tracks "Just like a rolling Stone" too..Top 3 definitely Donnie - When Daddy’s Drinking -Pleasant Traditional country tune & a good lyric..Lacking melodic flair for me Moso - Say You Wanna Be With Me -Interesting quirky rythmic tune with a modern latin flavour..Some cool chord changes here, particularly "I can see it in your eyes you only think of me"..Really like the individual eccentric vibe n the individuality here fabkebab - doings and beings - Very well crafted lyric & nice picking..Some of the changes i enjoyed "Doctors, bakers, beggars and thieves"..Some not so much i.e "human doing be a human being"..The track as a whole didn't feel as intuitive as the best i've heard from you being honest ScenesFromPalacio - Swimming - Sinister-edged song about total obsession..I like it but know it's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea..Knew it had absolutly no chance & after hearing so many excellent songs here realised that even more haha Boy frevm - Runnin -Interesting, atmospheric track but def NOT a 1+1..Severely penalised scorewise for that.. RoadDog - Bombs Away -Such a great expressive vocal performance.Song has a sinister undercurrent,unpredictability & a palpable sense of presence i really dug discatticus - The Price I Pay..Pleasant modern world weary tune with a lovely husky voice..Enjoyable GocartMoz - The Dream Epic Sprinsteen n Elton meets Waterboys kinda ballad that sounds massive just as a 1+1 ! "Take these shackles off of me" is a lovely change..Very honest Joan - Down from the Trees - Has a purity & honesty that draws you in..Beautiful, thoughtful lyric, lovely vocal & naturally melodic & heartfelt vibe..Love the chorus melody too..Really good song..Top 3 place for sure lyD - Always You - Has an elegance,instant simplicity & intuitive soulfulness that's engaging right away.Very nice song.Maybe my favourite i've heard from you.Would derfinitely make people shut-up n listen at an open mic..Top 3 place guess PaulCanuck - Uber Love Delightful quirky easy listening 60s style jazzy pop..Great, clever chord changes n melodies..Beautifully crafted n effortlessly charming..My kind of song..Very cool indeed..Gotta be top 3 Ironknee - His Eyes..This is really good.Its like El Conda Pasa by S & G was used as a vague template,but this has such a strong individual flavour of its own nonetheless..Melodic,characterful, atmospheric & brilliantly presented for a 1+1..Very classy & (i'm guessing) a very deserving winner here
  5. ScenesFromPalacio

    Music On The Roof 2018 !

    I made a little film of our 6th Music On The Roof festival..A great annual festival we (usually) hold on Strangest Feeling bassist Petes roof !I'm in 2 acts featured later on in the film "The Strangest Feeling " & "ADHD"
  6. Cheers Tom..No, i've got no idea who they are ! One of my remits for the "look " of the video was super 8 footage created from 1968-1972, so maybe a lot of them are no longer with us -or very old now
  7. Woh, thanx so much for that Peter & your kind words when you heard it in the comp earlier in the year..Really appreciated
  8. Thanx for that Tom
  9. For anyone who's interested Velvet Dream btw,,How do you actually embed video's here ?
  10. ScenesFromPalacio

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Swimming Music/lyrics Steve Ison Swimming in the bay, its you A shiver in my day, its you I knew.. It's you In the corner of my eye..You Laughing with that guy..You Won't do for you Yeh..Its you Yeh..It's you Yeh..I choose you I choose you I've got your face in the summertime It's all in place for the summertime When you'll be mine When are you gonna give me a sign ? Yeh..Its you Yeh..It's you Yeh..I choose you I choose you All for you All for you Everything, everything all for you Where were you ? Over you, over you, over you Never over you Yeh..Its you Yeh..It's you Yeh..I choose you I choose you Swimming....
  11. ScenesFromPalacio

    July song competition

    Congratulations to the winners...Thanx for the nice comments (& votes !) on Silver Tongue & special thanx to Fab for kindly running it n non contestant voters...Lots of very cool songs this month -i was very pleased to place 3rd, but again (see brief reviews below while listening) guessed the winner wrong ! Life is a fleeting thing - PaulCanuck Very well crafted & produced n sung as usual..Good, thoughtful lyric... Kinda crazy - Moptop Early Beatlesque/Byrdsian innocent fun song..Sweetly melodic n upbeat, nice chords 10,000,000 - HoboSage Professionally produced n creepily atmospheric stadium sized electronic rock..Reminds me of later Genesis or Peter Gabriel Venom & Vitriol - GocartMoz Expressive acoustic 70s style rock..Good vocal n performance The Underground - neuroron This is very engaging, energetic n uplifting pop/rock..Really enjoyable track n love the lyric too..Nice mid 8 as well Active Shooter - RoadDog Lofi rock track with some cool riffs n energy. Silver Tongue - ScenesFromPalacio One i wrote with SF bass player Pete as a challenge for a "new songs only" party we were playing the same evening ! Prima Donna - Jason Kalman This is really cool, well written, classy classic pop/rock..Lovely chorus n movement in the verse..Instantly catchy but resonant also.Excellent track.Good to hear this again..My guess at the winner for this comp Bullets and Lovers - Eric Burgos Sweet-vibed easy listening pop with nice storytelling The Moon Is Scheming - Zeligovitch The first verse sounded totally random, but i loved the chorus..The 2nd verse really picks up some energy n musical intuitiveness..Very creepy n strange track.. Bleed - Qindfish Lofi, slightly depressing vibed indie track The Jesus I know - Donnie Pleasant christian country track Long - Mike B Nice song, great chorus..Could picture Neil Young singing this The Meanest Man Of All - Short Order Kook Really like this.Love the melodic lilt of the verses "Go &take her life"..Well crafted lyric too..Good track Without You - Jambrains Classic 80s style stadium folkrock..Catchy tune, well crafted Leave A Little Light - Murphster Sweet vibed pop ballad,,Really like the shift in rythm for the chorus
  12. ScenesFromPalacio

    July song competition

    Silver Tongue Music/Lyrics by Steve Ison/Pete Churchill He was a wanderer from London Town Chasing his tale from bar to bar and though his stories were long they wove into song and sang out beneath the stars and every night he would dream his dream of a woman who was the one WITH A GLINT OF THE POET IN HER EYES AND THE GIFT OF A SILVER TONGUE She was the Belle of the Brighton ball She had the world at her perfumed feet With all her diamonds and pearls,Princes and Earls You'd think that her life was sweet but every night she would dream her dream of a lover who'd bring the sun WITH A GLINT OF THE POET IN HIS EYES AND THE GIFT OF A SILVER TONGUE Upon a winters night as the snow was faling She heard a voice that wove into song and as a wanderers face came through the dark A dream begun... He was a wanderer from London Town She was the Belle of the Brighton ball and though their worlds were apart they knew in their heart A love that could conquer all So every night now they dream their dreams As the music plays on and on WITH A GLINT OF THE POET IN THEIR EYES AND THE GIFT OF A SILVER TONGUE WITH A GLINT OF THE POET IN THEIR EYES AND THE GIFT OF A SILVER TONGUE WITH A GLINT OF THE POET IN THEIR EYES AND THE GIFT OF A SILVER TONGUE WITH A GLINT OF THE POET IN THEIR EYES AND THE GIFT OF A SILVER TONGUE !!
  13. ScenesFromPalacio

    June Song Contest

    Many thanx for the thumbs up for Love & Joy here & many thanx to Neal for steppin' up n running the comp ! Sunday Christian – A very sophisticated musicality n thoughtful lyric - ..Appreciate the key-changing surprises here -slightly proggy esp with the swirling keys..Has a sad-eyed quality & a low key understated charm I enjoyed..The fade is great too -quite haunting Summertime Song – Really like the instant rhythmic quality here..Sounds a lot more intuitive for me than some of your recent ones, which is a really good thing imo..The insistent repetitiveness definitely works -but I was glad of the mid 8 to break the chord loop when it came n it was good..It’s fun n would def go down well n get peoples attention on an open mic night..Good song, fun n engaging New School – This is really good..Naturally intuitive , well written leftfield pop reminiscent of clever, breezy 90s summery Brit pop like Kirsty Maccoll n The Sundays (maybe Smiths too in spirit)…Cool chord changes, witty lyric n neat production..Kinda summery n sad at the same time The Truth Comes Stumbling In -Very clever n witty lyric n intelligent musicality which I’ve grown accustomed to hearing from you now..This is a fun track..Your vocal is fabulously expressive n I dig the kinda lofi ramshackle country way you’ve produced it which suits the vibe of the song well Dreaming of You – Very elegantly produced n performed atmospheric easy listening pop song that’s aiming for transcendence..There’s a kinda underlying depressive quality for me in your vocal delivery n the mood the song creates which completely suits the lyric, but contrasts sharply with the ethereal guitars n dreamy atmosphere of the soundscape you’ve wrapped it in Tomahawk – There’s a playful evil in this song like a lofi heavy rock troll has invaded daytime pop radio..Love the line “Don't 'cha love Mondays, like your hand in a blender? “..Its fun n riffy n slightly arty bluesy n enjoyable Bottle -Think the verse is fabulous with its loose limbed Stonesy swagger..The chorus is a little too close to “Stuck in the middle with you “ musically for me tho-which I thinks a shame,,The slow breakdown is a real unexpected treat n feels really free-spirited n effortlessly cool..Enjoyable track Forever -Strange n big n blustery left of centre pop /rock..The sudden tangent into that cathartic chorus took me by surprise, but I really grew to like it by the end..The keys underneath the chorus were really cool too Right There and Then -Very much a Byrdsy psychedelic pastiche, but the tunes so delightful n fresh n sunny n the vibes so sweet n playful, it transcends its genre pigeon-hole n I can’t help but love it..So much about music for me is how it makes me FEEL n this just makes me want to go n press play again..Has oodles of an (unfortunately) rare quality nowadays CHARM..Lovely track New Life Around the Bend – Has an easy going almost childlike quality here that reminds me a bit of Daniel Johnstone…Has a good flow n a natural quality with those easy chords..Really like the title too. I’m Not Giving Up On Love – Has an excellent easy going mid 70s FM West coast vibe..Infact with that sax n guitars you’ve got it off to a tee..Great chords, strong musicality n supa-catchy hook..This is really good timeless pop n my guess at a (deserving ) winner here ” Star In This Town (Daydream Believer) This is another one of yours which has a lovely empathic feel..Love the insistent piano riff n the chord change on On “wake up to appointments” ..Strong chorus too..Really nice song
  14. ScenesFromPalacio

    June Song Contest

    Love & Joy All music/Lyrics Steve Ison I'll sing a song of love and joythrough the bluesthose avenues of a heart that's not been roundOut of sight -in the nightOut of touch -It's all too muchBut when it comes to loving youi'm a fool still at schoolI just give myself awaywith every look -an open bookand every gush - as i blushEvery clown falling downEvery song i put on....Talking away through the tears for your hopeless manwho's got you in the canHe's pawning off your worldI'm biggin' you up like a child at a divas doorYou've heard it all beforeAll the better things you ignoreBut i don't mind 'cos i love you the way you areand see you like a starFeels colder when you're goneI got a plan -it's a genuine honest wayI'll tell you about somedayOr maybe i won't say at allOrbitting the sun we make our way through itOr to put it another way we're travelling through everyday in dancesSo how could i do it down ?The moment i wake up might not be too prettyHead full of muddy dreamshung on some memory that's hauntingtill i feel the sun come round again..then you're there, we're here with love and joyAiming for the stars like a leaf blowingSome day we're gonna be ash in the cemetery -I know itThere's always been one way outMoving right along we got to keep going around like a satelliteHere then we're out of sight , its overbut you know that we'll be found againthen you're there, we're here with love and joy
  15. ScenesFromPalacio

    May Song Contest

    Thanx alot for voting Night Lingers on Winner here..I do love surprises sometimes ! Many thanx to Paul for running it too, non-con voters & all those here who've taken time to comment on the tracks here The Real World – tunesmithth -Thought this was really cool indeed..Can’t believe it’s done as badly as it has here -I had it down for a definite winner as soon as I heard it. Once again the muse totally surprises me ! The unexpected push on the chorus is ace..This would sooo of been a massive hit for Roy Orbison in the 80s…The verse is cool n brooding, chorus is memorable, haunting n resonant, the lyrics universal, the mid 8s great. What’s not to like folks ? Bring Me Home – GocartMoz -Very nice slice of adult Americana pop, well performed,written n produced.The major 7thy chorus is cool n a nice diversion Funky Baby – RoadDog -Jimi Hendrix is obviously a huge influence on this from the first choppin’ chords..A fun track.Could picture the Experience doing it The Night Lingers On – ScenesFromPalacio – The win here is hugely unexpected.I know its direct, dynamic n upbeat, but thought the obtuse lyric (even I don’t think it’s much good) would be the reason people would’ve voted it down Never Gonna Be My Girl - moptop/Peko – Unashamed classic late 70s style pop with nice descending chords..I like the sudden increase in vocal rhythm on the chorus..Nice track Wedding Bells Still Chime - Triffid/SongWolfe – Nice folky pop with sweet acoustics.The lift on the chorus is sweet Sent to Win – abacusmc – Thought this was good..The sample is eerie n your lyrics are cathartic, interesting n intelligent..Maybe something more musical behind the chorus to separate it from the rest of the track would be my only suggestion Child of the Radio – Oswlek – Luxuriously produced piece of Pink Floydesque pop..Its sombre n stately, beautifully done n n the lyric is picturesque n imaginative Gone, Gone, Gone - Eric Borgos/Chris Davidson -Has a nice easy listening groove, but needed it to move somewhere more I think Comic Girl Life – fabkebab – Kinda sad n quirky. The tune n lyric is kinda upbeat n sunny but the voice n mood is strangely downbeat..Its a funny mix, but still an entertaining, intelligent track Love Triangle – Zeligovitch Eerie n haunting track.The first time I played it when you posted, I thought it sounded like the lyric had been grafted on-but I’m not getting that at all now.Its moody n spacious n darkly gothic & (like your last one) probably too stylistically removed from centre to do well in a comp like this All of the Trees - DonnaMarilyn/Billy Playle My favourite part of this is the sudden unexpected push of the chorus. It’s very jazzy n sophisticated The Way You Make Me Feel – Mutrins Very well produced, sung n performed slice of modern pop..Chorus is very catchy.