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  1. Scotto

    Chord Progressions

    For sure. His noodling is quite good. I learn a thing or 3 every now and then. He's just playing around but comes up with some cool riffage.
  2. Scotto

    Chord Progressions

    Back when my kiddo was that age he would of given you a list! I got him guitar lessons for a good part of his younger years. He would bring the songs he was interested in to the teacher and the teacher would break it down for him on the spot. Not only teaching him the song but also showing him why it works. Now that he is older he has stopped lessons to be a busy high schooler but he "speaks guitar". Picks them up all the time and strums away for his own enjoyment. That is all I could ever hope for. He also inherited hand tremors from me and the guitar work helped on that front when he was younger supposedly.
  3. Scotto

    Chord Progressions

    Hey JOe my set list is the same man. 3 to 4 chorders no changes required are prevalent throughout. The key to making it good and fun and interesting is layers and intensity. Here are some I can think of we do. Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones - 2 chords all song long... We play it in A. A D with a B when it is "time to try sometimes". We speed it up slow it down and take solos. Now my bass player doesn't want to kill me... as much. I used to beat on the Djembe to really shake it up. I think we cut out a verse for instrumental mayhem. No one cares. They just sing along with the chorus and enjoy the jam. I find it rather fun to play this way. Evil Ways - Santana - Same 2 chords all song. Gm C with a D when you "can't go ooon". Same song structure as the Stones above. It is a jam. I slip into walking on the sun by smash mouth for a second on this one for fun. It's really weird and I wasn't sure it would work. Bass player heard it and I tried it. I think it works out. People seem to like it. I might try to find something else though. Soloing over that one is fun. Major to minor works really well with the Latin feel. Can't you see - Marshall Tucker - 4 chorder - D C G D - Though I think we might have moved this key somewhere else. Not sure. Muscle memory now... I think we do it in A. With or Without you by U2 was another 4 chorder but I have to really focus on singing on that one so I certainly don't mind the 4 chords simplicity there. There is a general intensity focus on that one that increases as it goes. I like this one but have moved it off as it's vocal difficulty level is up there on a 3 - 4 hour night of singing. If I do it I hit it early in the night. For the record U2 stuff seems to be tuned a half step down on the recording. It's easier to pull off that way for sure. I think the coolest thing about these simpler songs musically is that they can give you room to focus on other things. Performance and vocalizing or guitaring you ass off over a simple progression can be a damn good time. Especially when they are giving me beer. Cheers!
  4. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    That would be fun. I'm always afraid of timelines as this one is going to take me a while at my current pace. Too many time constraints in the summer... But it is a great excuse to get it done!
  5. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    Cool and interesting idea. I was just returning to the 2 themes straight up at the end but I like the idea of having those theme's evolve in some way for the finish. I'm going to add that. I'm to the point where it is all laid out part wise and I just need to make the pieces fit. I think I'm at the re-record everything phase though. As I was working on it more ideas popped in to address those energy shifts we talk about. Hearing it all together I realize it needs a redo. Maybe that is part of the writing. I wrote it and now it is time to perform it. With a fresh start so to speak.
  6. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    Ahh Misfits Parade. That was a fun song. I was really happy with that song. For instrumental I say do it! It's been fun and I've learned a lot.
  7. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    So far so good. Basic melody parts are in place and I've been adding layers. Main melody as 2 parts but they have the same theme working through. To start it is a solo instrument that layers up with a lower octave to add movement by the end. Subtle but nice so far. Having an issue with the funky part. I was going for a big energy shift and the shift is actually a little too great I think. The underpinnings of the first melody part do increase in intensity and the bass foreshadows the increase before it all hits but it is hitting a little too hard so going to think about how to solve that problem. Songwriting can be as much about problem solving sometimes I think. I wish I was a guy that just wrote and it was unicorns and rainbows but eh... not so much. I need to work and solve the problems I create. Once that energy is more level I think it will resolve nicely. It is a dramatic shift on purpose but it has to blend to the ear if that makes sense. That high energy part has a very simple straight forward melody running through. Needs some energy variation though so two birds one stone if I start it less intense and build it up I think. Instead of going back to the hook in the middle I went in a totally different direction. Jamming some bluesy minor pent over that part and it is nice but I need to work on those takes to make them more sound and interesting IE I need to suck less... I'm not a shredder and I'm much closer to the grateful dead than Eddie VanHalen that is for sure. I'm trying to think of guitar more along the line of textures though. It's an interesting approach. Also not sure if this should of been a blog post at this point as I build this rather than clog up the boards. Maybe this is interesting to someone other than I but I suspect not. It has been helpful to jot down my thoughts on it so thankful for that. If someone would prefer it to be a blog let me know and I can see if I can figure out how to do that. Anyone else inspired to write an instrumental? Come on... you know you wanna!
  8. Jut wanted to point out that all is not lost with a cover. Sorry if it came across as harsh. Didn't mean it that way.
  9. Not entirely true. If the songs come out well it is easy and not to expensive to purchase a mechanical license and sell them. If you write and record some of your own it isn't a bad idea to put a cover in there to draw listeners in either. https://www.harryfox.com/license_music/what_is_mechanical_license.html I use the above site for looking up and buying a mechanical licenses and I've a few out there for sale these days.
  10. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    So after a weeks vacation I kicked off a musical this evening. Lots of structural considerations and build and energy shifting is my goal. If anyone is inspired to play along and construct an instrumental please and lets have fun! This is a structural workout so to speak. I started with a Jazz structure but I did deviate from that a bit in the end. As you play and listen you feel and hear stuff so re-arrangements had to be made. That said that Jazz idea of setting the melody and then deviating is going to be in there in spirit. So far it arranges like so… 1. Melody Hook for 8 measures - Even keeled nice medium kind of rhythm that builds in intensity. 2. Right turn to an intense funky pulsing rocker for 8 measures. It was going to be shorter but as I was jamming along I wanted more time to explore that part melodically. Some cool stuff was coming. 3. Back to Melody Hook for 12 measures - I anticipate leaving the main melody behind somewhere during this part so that is why there are 4 extra measures here. 4. Right turn to intense build that mimics pace of the funky part in rhythm but has a crescendo feel musically. Kind of a bridge and not a repeatable part so far. Might be interesting to slip it at the end though. 5. Back to the Melody Hook for 8 measures. 6. Finish on 4 measures of the funky rock part. Melodically I was having a lot of fun in the major scale but I really need to think about it and try and come with something memorable. With the underpinnings here, how do you make a melody memorable? I think the whole thing hinges on that melody not being lame lol. Great advice… don't be lame… Not sure this will make sense to anyone but me but I thought it would be fun to build an instrumental and talk about the process as I go. Of course you can't hear it yet… It's just the arrangement so far. Needs melodies. Maybe this is an interesting process. Maybe not let me know if I am crazy… I mean I know I am but… More than usual… It would be cool if anyone wanted to join in and build an instrumental for the heck of it. Just a way to learn stuff…
  11. Scotto

    Best Movies Related to Music

    Always loved the commitments. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101605/ 2nd the Blues Brothers. Eddie and the Cruisers - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085475/ The Doors was surprisingly good back in the day - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101761/ Also One of my favorites, High Fidelity - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0146882/ I feel like Musicals are a whole other thing. Always loved Les Misérables and recently saw Phantom for the upteenth time. Love singing along with those.
  12. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    Re-listened to Jessica this morning on the drive in. Heard it so many times but never thought about the structure of it. Interesting that I just enjoyed it for what it was and now in dissecting it well... adds another level. Follows the standard Jazz structure. Set a hook melody. Kind of a pause and then lead instruments dissect the melody and just have themselves a jam. Piano then guitar then guitar. Then it returns back to the hook melody to finish it off. Kind of cool. I think I might play with that kind of thematic structure first.
  13. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    Surfing with the Alien is a quintessential instrumental piece and surely an example of absolute mastery of a melodic instrument. It's kind of unachievable. Allman brothers are essentially the same with Jessica being powered by a legendary band and every member is a virtuoso. But we can try right lol. Half the fun of it. Surfing is a great example of build and release where as Jessica is more relentless. Everything works until it doesn't lol.
  14. Scotto

    Instrumental Structure

    Yeah that is the part I find intriguing. You can stretch out and have fun with it and see where it takes you. I have written quite a few instrumentals that are happy accidents but now that I listen back to them they aren't really instrumentals. They follow a standard song structure and need extra dynamics or build to them. All tension no release so to speak. Probably an issue with any song writing really. Lots of lyrical songs don't really need as much tension and release because there is a lyric and a story but it is certainly a tool in the tool box to make any song better. Genre is wide open there. Smooth jazz to funk fusion. Well I don't think I can pull those off lol. I did read that smooth jazz tends to follow the standard song structure. So there is precedent for it.