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  1. It's easy to go the "stay off my lawn" route when looking at pop culture in any era but there are some great young musicians out there. I am doing my part. The teenager in my house plays guitar/bass/upright, and owns 2 electrics. Probably better than I am but don't tell him that yet... I have a few more years to be the hero hopefully.
  2. I tend to think of poetry as more free with less structure. Song lyrics generally follow a structure of some sort. Verses with a repeatable chorus at the highest level. If I read something without those trappings I think of it as more of a poem. That doesn't mean it wouldn't be great in a song. I think it does mean that it is a harder road to travel to get it there. You can take a poem and convert it to a more song like structure. If you lean more towards poetry writing that might be a great strategy for creating lyrics. Create your poem and think about migrating that to a song structure. I kind of like that idea for myself as I've been in a song writing funk lately. At the end of the day all of these rules beg to be broken. When it doesn't work it is obvious of course but when it does work it is usually pretty great.
  3. Well it all started with Jefferson vs Adams here in the US and we've never looked back. Fake news, smearing, and real nastiness won that election for Jefferson. It's something that has been around a long time. All of our super hyper connectivity in the modern age amplifies it. I think there have been cyclical times of nastiness in American politics though this does feel to be a generally horrible time to live in politically. Both sides make sweeping generalizations to categorize the other sides view points and define them for each other to discredit whole swaths of opinions they disagree with. It does feel very tribal and often does not live in a factual place. In this day and age everyone has their own media. Each side will decry the other side and the battle lines are fought viciously against each other on all fronts except the physical ones. At some point as we drive each other to extremes I fear that those extremes will drive out and the insane start to become the sane. At the end of the day there is a mentality these days to do anything it takes to win the argument. No one can say they don't know. No one can admit they are wrong about anything. No quarter, no holds barred. Win the argument! There are real issues and problems to be solved. Many don't have watered down simplified black and white answers and most of the noise that fights for hearts and minds of men cannot acknowledge those nuances in a sound bite. Facebook fascinates me in that it only takes 5 posts to scroll down and hit a thought control piece from one side of the political spectrum or another. Rarely are those posts anything useful or factual or nuanced. They get their target audiences going though. Spun up with shares. Carrying water for someone else's agenda. We're all being farmed in a way I think. Glance at my FB feed 3 posts in today... Crops are plentiful at the moment...
  4. Considering how much time I put into this one I thought I'd enter it into the June contest. So this is a quick bump for that purpose. Enjoy!!
  5. I'll mainly just say that we charge by the hour so if someone asks how much we give them a price per hour with a minimum. $100 per hour is perfectly reasonable but we'll take less for a smaller gig like a farmers market. We always try to asses the situation and charge accordingly. I remember when there was money for original music around here. Those were the days. Now it's all play for the door and maybe the promoter will pay you if all the bands on the bill pulled their wait and brought in a crowd, Never been great radio support around here except for a Sunday night show on the rock alt station. There were exceptions where local bands somehow broke through the corporate radio barrier but not many had that luxury.
  6. They work well for us but we know what we are doing and how to put them in there (for us). Usually announce the end of a set and do an original on the way out. Never pop one in the middle. The lack of familiarity will kill all your momentum. I can't say if that will work for everyone but it does work for us. Generally speaking I think our set is fairly well received and the 1st set is really long. We sometimes start the 2nd with one just to let em know we are back.
  7. The fun for me on covers is making it our own. Interpreting it. If someone wants to be note for note there isn't any creativity in that. We also put several originals into our sets. We have to have SOME fun!
  8. Being a team player means not holding back and being honest with each other about what your goals are. Anything else brings resentment and an unhealthy work relationship. Chasing gear can bring problems if there isn't an end goal in mind. Simular story for me but different outcome. We started as an acoustic duo. (I miss playing acoustic so much!) My buddy says it would be really cool to combine an electric with acoustic sound. I spend the next several years figuring out how to make that work right. It isn't easy and I'm always evolving my sound. You have to work really hard at it. I can't believe they made me a lead guitar player. Bastards! lol! That being said it has been very rewarding and can work really well. Now that we've added an upright bass to the mix I can be free'er but I basically spend most of my time figuring out how to keep my guitar sound reigned in so that it has the right mix of acoustic and electric guitars. It's a balancing act. You guys can make that sound work very well. We're rolling in gigs these days but the electric player has to be aware of the entire mix and very conscious of what is going on. Things I've found... Guitars: P-90's for rhythm sound freaking great with acoustics in the mix. I can get a clean with a little dirt sound with tons of clarity in the chording with that pickup and I don't overwhelm the other two instruments. Humbuckers for rhythm are right out. At least I haven't been able to figure out how to hold them back enough. My poor Les Paul never sees the light of day. I do use a Humbucker for lead because they have great sustain and my overdrive pedal has some nice EQ options so I can try and dial in the tone I want. Reverend Double Agent has a P90 and Humbucker in it. My go to guitar these days. I'm thinking a nice strat sound or telecaster would also be perfect. My Gretsch mostly works but it's been a very finicky guitar for me. It's funny they always tells me to turn up and I'm always turning down. I missed lead guitar orientation apparently... Amps: I used to use a VOX amp sim pedal to go through the PA. With an old school PA it could handle it fine and for live gigs it worked well. We ran everything through the PA in those days. Had tons of EQ options so I could really make sure things were in the mix. Recently I've upgraded to a Tube amp that I mic. I've been liking this better. It has a 7 amp and 15 amp setting. I always play it in 7 amp mode. Recently got my main guitar dialed in really well. You have to put in the work at practice to make sure you are both happy with the sound and don't be afraid to speak up. So with what we do we can sound like a stripped down version of a full band without ever being accused of being too loud. We can go quieter and more acoustic if need be too. Nothing stops me from bringing an acoustic and just going that way if we want either. You could go all acoustic for one gig and a little louder for another depending on the type of place. If that is what he wants to do and you are OK with it he has to be very conscious of the overall mix. It can be fun. Playing style also changes too. Acoustics carry the rhythm more. Electric over top is more texture. I found chunking along like I was playing an acoustic can overwhelm everything. Good luck man. At the end of the day it's supposed to be fun and you both want to have fun with it. Compromise sure but make sure you are both OK with it. Hope that helps and he is receptive.
  9. Oh I like some country enough to cover it. We do a ZBB song. Love Brad Paisley's guitar work. Jimmy Buffet inspired country is great on the beach with fruity drinks. There are artists that rise above in any genre. To me though that genre suffers with an identity crises. I also don't mind pop music treatment to country. That isn't an issue. Garth did that but wrote generally good pop songs IMO. It's a weird thing. Just my opinion though and it isn't right or wrong. Certainly plenty of listeners. That industry makes money proving me wrong every day. Differences make the world go 'round.
  10. Local "Way Back" rock festival here was scheduled to have Sound Garden as one of the head liners. Lots of bands. They cancelled the whole thing despite having plenty of big names. I'm not sure anyone could have done it. Such a big thing to happen in that world.
  11. I almost think those weren't cliche's when he did them... yet. Music was fresher and new. So much not done yet. It was innocent and honest to me. Maybe I'm projecting what I want to be there... I don't know. They lived hard lives and put them to song.
  12. I love old time country music. WHen I'm in the mood me and Hank Sr have been known to share a drink or 3. It was country before there was country and feels a lot more honest to me, lyrically and emotionally. I always think of Hank Sr. and artists from this genre to be more like Folk artists. It's a shame that a lot of country music over the years has taken this era and turned them into stereo types or contrivances. I think country music at its base strives to be folk music. Most modern country just seems to be trying to hard in my opinion. Someone recommended a country song to me recently knowing I don't like new country. Musically it was really cool. I was digging it. The singer sang Chevrolet in the first sentence and I was out lol. No one round these parts thinks and talks about their "Chevrolet" anymore man...
  13. That stuff was earth shattering back in the day. I remember my buddy discovering sound garden for the first time and we sat around his stereo leaning in listening to this awesome band he found. Someone get Eddie Veder a security detail at this point. Most of the guys from the Seattle sound in the 90's are gone. My biggest moment ever in music was getting latched onto the Project Revolution tour in St. Louis as a local act (one of 3). We played the on the way in side stage with Hawthorn Heights, 10 years and Atreyu. Cool experience. On the main stage Chris Cornell opened for Linkin Park amongst others. We didn't get near them and never met or saw them but experienced that part of the show like everyone else (we were a scum sucking local band). Chris Cornell brought Chester out from Linkin Park and they rocked the hell out of Temple of the dog with Chester doing Chris's parts and and Chris Cornell doing Eddie Veder's parts. He had the range and was nailing all of those lower parts perfectly adding his own thing. To this day one of my favorite live concert moments. This totally bytes. Depression is a tough thing man. My daughter has been suffering from it a bit through her teen years and it is just so baffling to see someone so positive and full of life and accomplishments get brought down by it. Chris by all accounts was happy with family and kids and having fun on tour. Addiction also factors into this equation for all of these guys and that is what took most of them away in one way or another. Demons...
  14. Thanks everyone. I saw this sentiment scroll by on my FB feed from all the politicos out there that I apparently have known at one point or another. The viewpoint it comes from fascinates me. 8 years ago friends from the other side were saying something similar. Whatever the next turnover is someone will be saying it again. I would never tell my kiddos that though. Pick yourself up, dust your self off, and get back out there and get to work. The battle might be lost but the war isn't over! May each side that really thinks they are doing what's best use this song as motivation...
  15. That syncopated guitar gets me a little like the keyboard build in Won't get fooled again but it is broader. A part in and of itself. It's own idea. I'm a little off my rocker so cool if you don't hear it. Such a cool riff.