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  1. Thanks everyone. I saw this sentiment scroll by on my FB feed from all the politicos out there that I apparently have known at one point or another. The viewpoint it comes from fascinates me. 8 years ago friends from the other side were saying something similar. Whatever the next turnover is someone will be saying it again. I would never tell my kiddos that though. Pick yourself up, dust your self off, and get back out there and get to work. The battle might be lost but the war isn't over! May each side that really thinks they are doing what's best use this song as motivation...
  2. That syncopated guitar gets me a little like the keyboard build in Won't get fooled again but it is broader. A part in and of itself. It's own idea. I'm a little off my rocker so cool if you don't hear it. Such a cool riff.
  3. When I was a kid my Mom used to play My ding a ling and we'd laugh. The dude had his demons but so brilliant when you consider it had never been put all together like that. Revolutionized Rock and Roll and started us down the evolutionary road we've been on musically. Personal favorite at this moment is Never Can Tell. Always loved the energy in Sweet Little 16, though that subject matter is a little creepy in hind site. The energy though! John Lennon's version of that song on BBC tapes it just raw energy. Living in St. Louis you could still go see him at Blueberry hill. Not always on it but ever the entertainer and worth the price of admission. I read a book by a promoter based in San Diego and he mentioned Chuck was really difficult to work with. Would have the promoter hire the band local so he wouldn't have to pay a traveling band. Took cash only and often tried to raise the price the night of the gig. Couple hours before the show he'd pull up in an old Caddy with Missouri plates and get out with just a guitar case and a problem you had to pay for. Old school. All that said he sold out the shows and put on a hell of a performance and they had him back despite the difficulties because good is good. Classic songs like surfing USA were written to Chuck Berry's Sweet Little 16 and Chuck ended up sharing song writing credits there. So many other examples. I feel like it has almost all been done now. The only thing that happens in music is it gets harder and heavier or we jumble up styles. Sometimes to cool effect. But here's a guy that was there when things were raw and there for the shaping. We're all just historians now. Interpreting and reinterpreting.
  4. Trippy cool tune! Like the intro. Drums come in real nice. Love that. Trippy tribal now. Great vibe going on here. Just one dramatic key change or a change in the background loop thrown in there would complete it in my mind but I really like it. Very deft the way the loop varies in and out and changes. Cool stuff.
  5. Like the fast guitar. Nice dramatic kind of start. Gives me a Who vibe. Nice harmonies layered in. Great effect. Feels like just the start of a song. Leaves me wanting more of it. Take that big intro to a big lift right into a big song. Has that iconic rock kind of feel to it for me. I want more!! (which is a good thing) Hope that helps.
  6. Hey! Thanks! I just did another remix. Redid some vocals in the pre-chorus to cut down on the Aways per Kim's recommendation. There are 21 tracks in this thing. It's a bit of a beast. I need to call it done. Here's the final I swear I'm walking away I need to work on something new!! I just realized I was having my son use his upright bass from the school orchestra to play some of this. I was trying to mix that huge instrument. Didn't really keep much (not because of him, he played great) but he's in there on all the stops. I figure this turns out to be a descent Chuck Berry tribute. Not planned but works out nicely. Thanks everyone who listened. I'll listen in the car and hopefully not hear anything wrong so it can be done lol!
  7. Hey Ricky. Nice to see a tune up here from ya! Nice vocal. Love the driving nature of the tune there between the verses. Nice little interlude. The keys might need a slightly different sound maybe. Sound a little something… dated maybe. Maybe not. Maybe you're going for that so keep or sweep. Solo is nice and melodic. Really like the lift there after the solo. Might add a slight delay or reverb to that lead guitar. Just to give it a blend. Song is very frenetic. Cool. I really like it. Has your aesthetic all over it man. Hope my crits help. Great to see you around here.
  8. It was played last night! Kind of cool. They like to feature indie local artists. Not a big deal but it was cool to hear it.
  9. It's usually part of a package deal to hit multiple services. Reverb Nation and CD Baby do the same stuff but there is a subtle difference. Reverb Nation gives you a larger share of some of their services, but they charge you a re-occurring yearly fee to keep it active. I have music that licenses and this model has worked for that. CDBaby is a one time fee with slightly less of a share on some of their services. No re-occurring fee. That being said Spotify plays are the same for both as far as what you get. .06 cents per play. The only way you really see anything tangible is if you get selected for a play list somehow (akin to national radio airplay). Really it is more about exposure and just having your music as readily available and as easy to find as possible. Both sites include distribution to Apple Music, Amazon MP3, iTunes, Spotify and others in their package. It just gets your music out there for sale online and available to stream for a nominal fee. What we all lack is exposure and the ability to rise above the echo chamber. For this type of thing I'm currently preferring CD Baby because of the one time fee. Hope that helps.
  10. The initial email didn't mention the date so I assumed it was yesterday the day I got it. They reached out and let me know it was actually tonight. meh... I should of confirmed. Lesson #537... Confirm everything!!
  11. It's been a while. Maybe a wide open lyricist /musician random pairing just to get things flowing again before putting in challenges.
  12. Tonight's the night! I'm told that it is actually being played tonight at 5:30 PM. Glad I didn't miss it! Stream it from here like yesterday if you are interested! http://www.klpw.com
  13. Well I have no idea if it was played. My PC crapped out right around that time... Bad words were said... Things were damned... Technology can suck it... They emailed me so I assume it was played. Waiting to see if anyone can confirm that I know in the area.
  14. I was informed today that Raise a Glass is being played on a local radio station. Very cool. They mix indie with mainstream music. Mostly country and rock classics on the lighter side. Not a huge deal but some nice validation. http://www.klpw.com/ I'm told it goes on sometime around 5:30 PM CST today. Just about 20 minutes from now. Can be streamed from the website if you have Adobe Flash.
  15. ...and a collab contest would be a great help!!