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  1. Eclipse 2017

    Had what felt like just under a minute of totality from my deck. Watched through glasses until it was total and took them off to look up with the naked eye. It was really amazing. Cameras need filters to see it and then it isn't the total affect because the sky around it in the picture is all black. In actuality it was like dusk. You could see some planets around the sky (bright stars). Unusually quiet and right around when it started to get dark all the insects started buzzing extra loud as if in reaction. We're in a cicada year around here. It was pretty cool. Oddly my kiddos school is north of where we are and they had no totally. As teenagers they weren't impressed but used the glasses anyway. My wife drove south and had something like 2 minutes of totality for her trouble.
  2. holiday = higher vocal range

    What Mylene said. When I gig on Saturdays, where I don't work all day, my vocal and range is much better. More stamina and better range. Gigs on work days cause me to have less stamina and I'll start struggling towards the end of the night sometimes.
  3. The Muse songs competitions

    I didn't comment in the contest thread but I did hit everyone's song in their own individual threads. I'll admit. I didn't set the world on fire with my comments and had planned to circle back in the main thread but that seemed to die on the vine. I think the different format just messed things a little. I've been really busy of late so my full dedication to stuff is easily distracted. My ADD doesn't help either.
  4. Run Away With Me

    Thanks for listening and commenting everyone! This song has been on a long journey and it has finally reached its destination I play a lot of cover gigs and get a feel for what would work and wouldn't on a live crowd night in and night out and if I wasn't just in a trio I feel like I could whip this out and no one would be the wiser. It's what I am aiming for these days anyway. If I'm getting time to myself to write and record I want to give a song a chance to live on and get some live playing time (I did try this song with the trio but it didn't quite work). The next project for me will be a Blues piece. Hopefully I'll have more time and get it out in under a year this time... Oye to the vey! Also have a song done for the folk band I'm in but we have to book studio time for that. No idea when that happens. We play it live and it goes over well enough though. Still has some kinks. Shut this one down and many many thanks!!
  5. Interesting Times

    Cool tune. Lives firmly in folk protest song space. Well recorded and performed for sure.
  6. 100 Days

    Overtly political and well done. This song takes a risk because it is going to piss off a certain percentage and I think that is brave and appreciate going at it like that. The bridge lost some steam for me but the rest was solid and right on. Good tune.
  7. Girls On The Beach

    Love some of the rhythm guitar work in this piece and the overall production is right on as usual. Good stuff as usual!

    Cool tune. The flow in the chorus is a little busy for me but overall cool production and music sounds great. Good tune.
  9. Friend to the End

    Good piece. Musically solid as usual. Only crit I could give would be to maybe add some grit or energy to the vocal somewhere some how. Just to elevate things. Good tune. Some cool musical elements in there that I've come to expect. Just a hint of Beatles sprinkled in there.
  10. One love manchester

    I like the positive celebratory nature of the chorus myself. Excellent tune.
  11. Won't Be Your Tool

    Great tune! Very heart felt vocal performance. Maybe edge them up a touch overall but the song is spot on. Nice to hear you again!
  12. poems vs. lyrics

    I tend to think of poetry as more free with less structure. Song lyrics generally follow a structure of some sort. Verses with a repeatable chorus at the highest level. If I read something without those trappings I think of it as more of a poem. That doesn't mean it wouldn't be great in a song. I think it does mean that it is a harder road to travel to get it there. You can take a poem and convert it to a more song like structure. If you lean more towards poetry writing that might be a great strategy for creating lyrics. Create your poem and think about migrating that to a song structure. I kind of like that idea for myself as I've been in a song writing funk lately. At the end of the day all of these rules beg to be broken. When it doesn't work it is obvious of course but when it does work it is usually pretty great.
  13. Political Hate

    Well it all started with Jefferson vs Adams here in the US and we've never looked back. Fake news, smearing, and real nastiness won that election for Jefferson. It's something that has been around a long time. All of our super hyper connectivity in the modern age amplifies it. I think there have been cyclical times of nastiness in American politics though this does feel to be a generally horrible time to live in politically. Both sides make sweeping generalizations to categorize the other sides view points and define them for each other to discredit whole swaths of opinions they disagree with. It does feel very tribal and often does not live in a factual place. In this day and age everyone has their own media. Each side will decry the other side and the battle lines are fought viciously against each other on all fronts except the physical ones. At some point as we drive each other to extremes I fear that those extremes will drive out and the insane start to become the sane. At the end of the day there is a mentality these days to do anything it takes to win the argument. No one can say they don't know. No one can admit they are wrong about anything. No quarter, no holds barred. Win the argument! There are real issues and problems to be solved. Many don't have watered down simplified black and white answers and most of the noise that fights for hearts and minds of men cannot acknowledge those nuances in a sound bite. Facebook fascinates me in that it only takes 5 posts to scroll down and hit a thought control piece from one side of the political spectrum or another. Rarely are those posts anything useful or factual or nuanced. They get their target audiences going though. Spun up with shares. Carrying water for someone else's agenda. We're all being farmed in a way I think. Glance at my FB feed 3 posts in today... Crops are plentiful at the moment...
  14. Run Away With Me

    Considering how much time I put into this one I thought I'd enter it into the June contest. So this is a quick bump for that purpose. Enjoy!!
  15. Working with others

    I'll mainly just say that we charge by the hour so if someone asks how much we give them a price per hour with a minimum. $100 per hour is perfectly reasonable but we'll take less for a smaller gig like a farmers market. We always try to asses the situation and charge accordingly. I remember when there was money for original music around here. Those were the days. Now it's all play for the door and maybe the promoter will pay you if all the bands on the bill pulled their wait and brought in a crowd, Never been great radio support around here except for a Sunday night show on the rock alt station. There were exceptions where local bands somehow broke through the corporate radio barrier but not many had that luxury.