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  1. Tapped Out

    Old thread! I didn't end up having a lot of output creatively in 2017 did I? I think I worked on 1 song and 1 collab for the whole year. On the flip side to that I was not un musical. I played a ton of gigs over the spring and summer and that allowed for a lot of improvement to some aspects of my playing. Also caused some bad habits I'm sure. That being said the biggest thing is inspiration. All those guys in Nashville or anywhere in the world that do this at every level are inspired and motivated to be doing what they are doing. When life throws curve balls, as it does, that inspiration can fall to the wayside as we focus on other things. Important things of course. For me creativity has always been a great escape and just something I love to do. Not having that total escape has hurt me I think. While the gigs fill that need somewhat it isn't the same animal as actually writing. I do feel uncomfortable with the lyrical and idea side of song writing most of the time. Strange but true. I take to heart scheduling times to just work on lyrics. It's a great idea and something I could be doing instead of noodling on the phone or iPad. For my gigging stuff we add songs and deconstruct and rebuild them to suit us and that is always really fun. I learn so much about song writing and playing just through the act of going through that process. I also have the opportunity to play with some amazingly talented folks and a lot of the time I feel just lucky to be in the room. They let me grow in my playing. Taking improv solos from Jazzy to Blues to note for note. (Hate the note for note stuff honestly) I can at least say I've really grown musically this past year. With some of this newfound discovery I've recently found some great inspiration in my guitar (vocals not so much). Rather than meander as I usually do I am picking a style and writing to that style. Setting a goal and driving forward. I have song names mostly picked out where I will be converting some past works to this style as well as finishing off a lot of songs that started and stopped and applying this focus. What I've drawn up for myself will be very challenging. I have been listening to my genre of choice and really digging it but to pull it off I will be playing way over my head sometimes and that inspires me. Picking a genre feels limiting sometimes. There are 4 walls you are expected to stay in for the most part. Can I even make it sound like something that would sit on that station? That is my lofty goal anyway. As with most things it will most likely be a shadow of what I was aiming for but the journey is thing for me. Inspiration is the key here for any of us at any level. What gets us out of bed and makes us want to be creators?
  2. We used to do things like that in the collab contests. They were always a lot of fun and a great chance to collab and work with people around the Muse. Maybe bring it to the Roman numerals so you can move your key to suite your vocal. I wouldn't want to use that particular progression though.. We'd probably get sued by Lana . Also interesting that not a lot of main stream songs have used that progression. At least I couldn't find any outside of what has been listed.
  3. I agree with Murphster.It’s all been done. I don’t disrespect most of the artists in these cases who are being sued. Also it is more likely Radio Head’s publisher is doing the suing and the band is only marginally aware. Still... lawyers amiright?
  4. I actually covered this song for a few years and I do like it. It’s interesting but try and write a song around G B C Cm. I was messing around on acoustic today and fast slow whatever I can’t get away from hearing it. Odd case where that chord progression has to be locked up for a while. Generally speaking there are thousands of songs with the same chord progressions and you don’t notice most of the time because it is how you play them and what you do with them. I couldn’t get away from it here... Anyone using those chords is going to pay everyone on down the line lol
  5. For the song I do think the beginning section uses the same chord progression. Adding the minor chord version of the 4 is very distinct. Melody choices start to sound the same over that kind of section and with the same tempo you can't get away from it. Radio head didn't get away from it in theirs either... The irony for this whole thing is that Radio Head was sued for this song by the Hollies and already had to give up a percentage of Creep to them. Apparently later sections of the song map to the Hollies song. Maybe they are just trying to re-coop their loses. Awfully capitalist for a hipster band... I do not think a song writer can own a chord progression. If that were the case we'd run out of progressions. Unfortunately that chord progression lends itself to slower tempos and if you do that the similarities are going to pop. It's probably hard to get away from weather you mean it or not if you pick up on that little trick no matter the key. She actually listened and acknowledged the similarities and offered them 40% though she said she didn't mean to. They said they wouldn't take anything less than 100%. Maybe the Hollies need to join the lawsuit and get money from the both of them. Also Radio Head, being hipsters, hate the success of this song and never play it live and haven't acknowledged its existence until now. I wouldn't have an issue with the lawsuit if they hadn't already been busted for stealing it in the first place. I'm sure they don't feel they stole it. So why can't someone else make the same mistake? Leading me back to that chord progression. I think it lends itself to this kind of thing with the chords in that order and adding a minor of the 4 as the last chord.... My .5 cents...
  6. Eclipse 2017

    Had what felt like just under a minute of totality from my deck. Watched through glasses until it was total and took them off to look up with the naked eye. It was really amazing. Cameras need filters to see it and then it isn't the total affect because the sky around it in the picture is all black. In actuality it was like dusk. You could see some planets around the sky (bright stars). Unusually quiet and right around when it started to get dark all the insects started buzzing extra loud as if in reaction. We're in a cicada year around here. It was pretty cool. Oddly my kiddos school is north of where we are and they had no totally. As teenagers they weren't impressed but used the glasses anyway. My wife drove south and had something like 2 minutes of totality for her trouble.
  7. holiday = higher vocal range

    What Mylene said. When I gig on Saturdays, where I don't work all day, my vocal and range is much better. More stamina and better range. Gigs on work days cause me to have less stamina and I'll start struggling towards the end of the night sometimes.
  8. The Muse songs competitions

    I didn't comment in the contest thread but I did hit everyone's song in their own individual threads. I'll admit. I didn't set the world on fire with my comments and had planned to circle back in the main thread but that seemed to die on the vine. I think the different format just messed things a little. I've been really busy of late so my full dedication to stuff is easily distracted. My ADD doesn't help either.
  9. Run Away With Me

    Thanks for listening and commenting everyone! This song has been on a long journey and it has finally reached its destination I play a lot of cover gigs and get a feel for what would work and wouldn't on a live crowd night in and night out and if I wasn't just in a trio I feel like I could whip this out and no one would be the wiser. It's what I am aiming for these days anyway. If I'm getting time to myself to write and record I want to give a song a chance to live on and get some live playing time (I did try this song with the trio but it didn't quite work). The next project for me will be a Blues piece. Hopefully I'll have more time and get it out in under a year this time... Oye to the vey! Also have a song done for the folk band I'm in but we have to book studio time for that. No idea when that happens. We play it live and it goes over well enough though. Still has some kinks. Shut this one down and many many thanks!!
  10. Interesting Times

    Cool tune. Lives firmly in folk protest song space. Well recorded and performed for sure.
  11. 100 Days

    Overtly political and well done. This song takes a risk because it is going to piss off a certain percentage and I think that is brave and appreciate going at it like that. The bridge lost some steam for me but the rest was solid and right on. Good tune.
  12. Girls On The Beach

    Love some of the rhythm guitar work in this piece and the overall production is right on as usual. Good stuff as usual!

    Cool tune. The flow in the chorus is a little busy for me but overall cool production and music sounds great. Good tune.
  14. Friend to the End

    Good piece. Musically solid as usual. Only crit I could give would be to maybe add some grit or energy to the vocal somewhere some how. Just to elevate things. Good tune. Some cool musical elements in there that I've come to expect. Just a hint of Beatles sprinkled in there.
  15. One love manchester

    I like the positive celebratory nature of the chorus myself. Excellent tune.