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  1. Ricky Layne

    Flying Daredevil In The Sky

    JOe, Nice song and delivery. I LOVE David's suggested version. Works really well the way he sings it. Good luck with it. Cool song! Ricky
  2. Ricky Layne

    Turning Back The Time New Mix 3/25

    Thanks for the listen and the comments Rush!
  3. Ricky Layne

    Turning Back The Time New Mix 3/25

    Oswelek, I really appreciate your comments and you are right. I struggled with that section in trying to decide what to do. In the end it seemed really herky jerky to me with a shorter pre there. By the second time my ear is ready for the quicker change. In the end I decided to keep the longer first pre mostly because the sections are SO short and quick so even though I get that same sort of feeling of "when is this going to change" I felt like it's only a few more seconds to wait... Even with an intro to the chorus at the start of the song and the verse and 2 pre sections you still get to the chorus at around one minute. I did go into the studio and tried to change it again for a bit after your comment and still decided on what I had for now. If I could start over I might do something different there for sure. Thanks! And there is a new mix up with a couple of changes if your are interested. Just changed the drums in the bridge section and re sung it as I think there was some pitch issues there. I also centered the synth parts. Ricky
  4. Ricky Layne

    Turning Back The Time New Mix 3/25

    Tom, Finally back with something....it's been a LONG time. Looking forward to making more music!!! Thanks a ton for the listen and comment. You'll be seeing more if me for sure.
  5. Ricky Layne

    Turning Back The Time New Mix 3/25

    Thanks Scott. Changed the synth sound and also added delay to the bridge guitar part. Both good calls on your part. Thanks!
  6. Ricky Layne

    She Is the Sun

    This has a nice feel to it. Sounds good to me. I like the lyrics and the message. I hear a Beach Boy vibe for sure! Good job Ricky
  7. Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated!!! TURNING BACK THE TIME It's Monday again but it was Monday yesterday You're bleeding again but you just bled out yesterday You'd rather live in a black hole Where time disobeys The event horizon protects you And keeps him at bay You turn around and realize You turn around and realize His paradigm has you confined Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times) Your gut is aching everyday You fall again and again He just smiles He won't relent You turn around and realize His paradigm has you confined Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times) It's his holiday... Psychopathic misbehavior Never understood the danger You are searching for a savior one Just one Just one Turning back the time Turning back the time Turning back the time (repeat 3 times)
  8. Ricky Layne

    Run Away With Me

    Bro what up!!! Awesome vocals. Mix sounds GREAT! Catchy chorus...actually it's all catchy Clear mix... I'm curious how many tracks you are mixing minus vocal tracks and drum tracks Nice to hear you again!!! Sounds really good man! Ricky
  9. Ricky Layne

    Grave Mistakes

    Tom, Really like this a lot. Great feel and I really like the lyrics and delivery. I think with more practice the phrasing and timing will work out. I think you are close though! Ricky
  10. Ricky Layne

    Short instrumental

    Sounds really good so far. I feel I hear the bass drum beat more than anything else though. I think the volume might be ok. It's the "sharper" sound of the bass beat that I notice. Might be able to soften it with a compressor or a different sample. It certainly doesn't sound terrible it's just the main thing I hear and could get distracting if you keep it up through most of the song as I am guessing you will. Nice so far. Ricky
  11. Ricky Layne

    The Holy You

    DinoRider, Appreciate your comments! You noted the one part of the song that really does stall. One of the reasons for that is that I cut/pasted the vocals and so the extended "holy you" vocals did not make this cut. I like your idea too. My plan at this point is to really extend those vocals in an interesting way maybe even trying to "morph" them into the choir. Thanks! Ricky
  12. Ricky Layne

    The Holy You

    Tom, Thank you for checking this one out. The synth may take a little more of a back seat as I try to rock this one up a bit. Also glad you like the lyrics. Ambiguous is usually my favorite kind of lyric. I appreciate you mentioning it as lyrics are a struggle for me. I too think this song could mean a lot of different things depending on the listeners perspective. Ricky
  13. Ricky Layne

    The Holy You

    Lost Boy, You are right with the guitars as they are just a tad too loud. I will be redoing this song from scratch adding acoustic drums and giving it more of a big rock feel I hope... I'm glad you like it so far. Ricky
  14. Ricky Layne

    The Holy You

    Andrushkiwt, Thank you for your comments. I don't hear and "major" issues in the instrument levels but I do appreciate you taking the time. I would rather have comments that help me fix things that are wrong with my songs then just give me a pat on the back and move on. Ricky