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  1. Humor in songwriting

    I came across this one just recently... http://youtu.be/CWlqpowKkBY
  2. You could try these guys...although I don't know much about them. http://www.bandmix.com/
  3. Same Title, Different Song

    Woman - John Lennon Woman - Wolfmother Home - Sheryl Crow Home - Michael Buble Home - Foo Fighters
  4. Same Title, Different Song

    Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Dreams - The Cranberries Dreams - Gabrielle
  5. I agree with the key importance of empathy in writing song lyrics, so that even if you haven't experienced a situation directly, you can still convey a sense of what it feels like to be in that situation. I love the 'fictional scenario-genuine emotion', 'one-third personal experience, one-third craft and one-third just making stuff up', and 'tell the truth, but lie about it' guidelines. These, I will remember...Great stuff! I know what you mean, Steve, about the layered meanings. I have done that too so as to not reveal too much personal information, while at the same time giving expression to my feelings. I guess I'm wondering about all the hit songs over the years that haven't necessarily been about deeply held feelings or even universal feelings. How about the nonsensical and meaningless songs? For some reason, the songs 'Splish Splash I was taking a bath' 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Tutti Fruiti' come to mind, but I'm sure there are many more modern equivalents. Or are these songs, when stripped down to their bare bones, about universal feelings too?
  6. I've been wondering about the nature of people's song lyrics. Although I try to write songs about universal experiences that many people can relate to, most of my songs are autobiographical. Others describe feelings, or situations that I have experienced at some stage (although not necessarily at the time of writing and not necessarily in the exact way described), and then there are those which describe other people's experiences as I imagine them to be. I feel that my best songs are those that are most personal to me. For instance, I have never experienced a serious relationship that hasn't ended in either mutual dislike, if not loathing, or disaster. And yet, from time to time,(so as not to focus entirely on the negative!) I will write a happily-ever-after love song. They always seem to come across as cheesy and insincere. How many of your songs are personal? To what extent are they personal? Do you feel that a song needs to be personal in order for it to be genuine and so connect with the listener?
  7. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' like you've never heard it before.... http://deadspin.com/5897507/arrested-drunk-man-sings-bohemian-rhapsody-in-its-entirety-in-back-of-police-car
  8. Help with my hiss...

    Thanks for your trouble Bruce. I'm going to take a little time to go through these functions and see what I can figure out. I will be back....
  9. Help with my hiss...

    Um... Ah... How might I find out if my tracks are panned too much to the left or right? I am feeling very much out of my depth here.
  10. Help with my hiss...

    This seems to have made the sound quality worse. Much worse.
  11. Help with my hiss...

    The output jack on my keyboard doesn't have the option of left/mono. I am trying to figure out how to turn off the effects of the machine, but quite frankly, I have no understanding of track settings, effects, patches, mastering etc. The instruction booklet seems to be under the impression that it is explaining these things...but it is not.
  12. Help with my hiss...

    Thanks Jim. I will give that a try and report back my findings!
  13. Help with my hiss...

    Hi Bruce When doing the vocals, I use the built in mic...when doing the keyboard - the 'guitar in' jack. As for the cable...mono/stereo...I have no idea. I have just had a thought, however....when doing the vocals, should I be changing the 'guitar' button on the bottom of the machine to 'mic'? Good think I'm not a rocket scientist is all I can say.
  14. Help with my hiss...

    From what I can gather, when the keyboard is plugged into the guitar in jack, it doesn't use the built in mic. There is a wee button on the bottom that you put to 'guitar' to ensure it doesn't use the mic, and this has been set correctly.
  15. Help with my hiss...

    I will consult my instruction booklet....this could take some time.