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  1. Hello Outsider I love the lyrics very much. I can really feel the experience of a missed chance to help somebody to solve issues. Wonder if it was a real story.. I would only point out the two lines in the first verse (the 5th and the 8th ones)that caught my eye In the 5th you say "I could have helped you" and then you say "But there was nothing I could do" Maybe some changes in the 8th line would compliment the whole idea expressed in the verse. It's just only my opinion.
  2. Hi Eric Borgos! Thank you for leaving your suggestions! Yes,you are right about the "day" and "hear you out". I'm going to think it over and come up with something like "Each minute/second" instead of "Each day", and "Scream it out loud" instead of "I'm here to hear you out". What do you think?
  3. Hi jim55! Thank you for the comment and advice! I'll deffo add some more to this (the bridge and prob the chorus variation in the end of the song)!Cheers
  4. Hi Gwyneth Rose! Thank you very much for your kind words! You saw through the very core of the lyrics. Now I'm sure I'm not as hopeless at writing lyrics as I thought I was :)/>
  5. Hi megaboy! Thank you very much for such a comment! I really tried to do my best)
  6. Hi Everybody! Here's some thoughts expressed in lyrics and you're welcome to leave you comments. Verse I You don’t wanna wake up into another useless day, Your sorrow is your life companion and the only thing that never fails. When nothing seems to get better, Life got lost in delusive hopes, You sit at night and send your letters To all your lifetime ghosts. Pre: Do you feel tired of climbing up the steep stairs… … to your dream? So much in despair… Chorus: So spill your heart out A cry from inside will be heard, Spill your heart out Tell me what makes you hurt, When deep inside you feel nothing’s right and you’re losing your mind, (the underlined lines have a different rhythmic structure) Just spill your heart out And I’m here to hear you out. Verse II The days you feel unhappy You don’t know why the pain comes your way, Things around and thoughts so scrappy They never seem to make your day Each day is like a battle to you, Does it feel like a long way down? Like the darkest night to make it through When you can’t afford to back down.
  7. Hi Neal K ! Thank you for the comment! Self-compromise... it's like doing things against the singer's belief,liking etc. And he had to do them because of the wrong choice he once made. There's no use in specifying such things in a song. I guess just a touch of this is enough. Driving in the car and listeting to an old song (it's taking him back to the time when he was younger) he's finally made a decision to get back to real himself who he used to be before that choice. He's unhappy with the life he's living today so he's going to start all over again. I agree with you that details make stories more interesting but I couldn't fit all the events and details into 4 lines which is why I just touched and marked those things in the context. As the above said, sometimes there's no use in specifying things in details...just a few phrases can show the singer's attitude toward a subject and the rest should be left to the listeners' imagination. Everyone will find and make his/her own story out of that.
  8. Hi myhaven, thank you for a quick reply! I concidered using stopped instead of stood but thought it would mislead listeners because the story in the second verse is about the past events. The singer tells how he made a mistake of taking a wrong route (way/path etc.) in the past whereas the first verse is about the present actions. When he came to a fork in the road he stood there awhile choosing which way to go because one way (route/path/road etc.) would guide him straight to his goal and the other one would take him in the opposite direction but he didn't know that at the moment and chose a longer way which turned out to be misleading, and now that he realized he's tottaly lost and gone astray he's finally made a decision to get back to himself, back to the point in his life where he once started out, where his journy bagan. I couldn't fit all this sequence of events into 4 lines so I decided to just mark some events i.e. he made a choice, he realized he'd made a mistake, his life style description (because of that) and a long way round to his goal as the result.
  9. Lyrics written to a certain melody (which came first) of my song and probably look a little off rhyme and not perfect in meter but it's sung well. Verse I I’m driving home and speeding up, The radio’s playing a tune of the days gone by, Reminding me of good times that I had But now stuck halfway in my life. Uh-uh, wheels keep carrying me To who I used to be Verse II Stood at a fork in the road, which way to go …? I wish I didn’t take that route… Self-compromise, lies in disguise, the world I don’t belong Have taken me a long way ‘round. Uh-uh, wheels keep carrying me To who I used to be Chorus I’m on my way back to myself, I can’t wait ‘til I get there Where my journey began I’m on my way back And I’m counting down miles, I get so close I’m getting back to myself again Just a stone’s throw away… I’m getting back to myself Bridge I’ getting closer ,getting closer, getting closer … Chorus I’m on my way back to myself, I can’t wait ‘til I get there Where my journey began I’m on my way back And I’m counting down miles, I get so close… Just a stone’s throw away I’m on my way … I can’t wait ‘til I get there… I’m on my way back… I’m letting go of what I am not, I get so close… I’m getting back to myself
  10. I haven't seen you on in a while but I replied to your e-mail, and yes, it sounds fun.

  11. Hey, thanks for the Friend request! I'm just checking out all your lyrics right now.