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  1. believes "there`s nowhere you can be that isn`t where you`re meant to be``

  2. I went to a local computer fix it store yesterday (I deliberately avoid Best Buy, Future Shop and the Big Box monsters, mostly because I don`t want to deal with some ambivalent, pimply teenager who doesn`t have a clue or cares either way, plus they have a 15% restocking fee if you return something). I got myself a Soundblaster external soundcard, a pair of Logictech speakers and BAM-OH! I am up and running again for $70! Yes, I know a lot of people would cringe at this set up, but it suits me perfectly until I start to develop a taste (and an ear) for better gear. I plugged my $50 Centrios microphone into it and, guess what? It works like a charm and even solved my latency issue! This whole bee in the speaker caper happened for a reason! I did, however, tell the guy who owns the computer shop that I am hacking around with writing songs and music and will likely be slowly upgrading my gear. He is a musician and said he will let me know if any good stuff comes up on sale or anything comes in refurbished. Thanks folks for your advice and helping me to avoid a costly and useless repair on this laptop. Cheers, Sammy
  3. Thanks Al, FD, Simon, Bruce and M24, I am furiously mulling and surfing trying to get my bean around your gracious suggestions. Thanks so very much for taking the time and giving a what. I will post again when I am up and running again to say how I did. SH
  4. Folks, you have given me some excellent things to consider (as well as some hope!) My budget is ``free up to $100, plus mic and some inexpensive speakers``. I don`t need anything even semi-professional at this point. So, based on what you guys have suggested, I am wondering two things: Do I.... 1. Fix my laptop as cheaply as I can, so that I can at least get basic sound. I went on Kijiji and saw the following local posting: Does this sound too good to be true for $15 bucks? USB External Sound Card - 5.1-Surround New. Better than your sound card. Will replace your broken sound card. Virtual surround 5.1 DSP processor, USB 2.0 data interface, Powered directly by USB, no other power source required, Features 3.5mm stereo earphone and microphone jacks. Supports Window 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Linux/Mac OS, Driver-free installation. Attach to it any analog earphones and you get "plug-and-play-digital-usb-earphones". Excellent quality sound, comparable to top end integrated sound cards. OR...... 2. I have a desktop computer just sitting there doing nothing. The problem is, it is over 10 years' old (except for 3 year old LCD screen), so I am pretty sure it wouldn`t support XP. What about the idea of upgrading that (with refurbished parts) based on everyone`s suggestions and use that as my music ``studio`` instead. Might it be cheaper to do the above cheap fix with my laptop and then upgrade my laptop?
  5. Hey gals and guys, I have been messing around with making music, getting myself geared up, trying to learn Audicity, Acid Studio, Jam Studio, ASIO you name it. Even have a used Yamaha synthesizer that I am learning how to play - getting some interesting effects from it. Anyhoo - all was going well, until I logged into my laptop one day last week and suddenly my speakers don`t work!!!!! They were fine one day and then the next, they sound like there are bees inside them, all static and buzz and nothing works! I have tried troubleshooting and it doesn`t matter whether I play digital music or a cd. Even the Microsoft sounds are buzzing. When I plug earphones in, I get the same result. I have gone on line to the manufacturer and downloaded all the latest audio and hd drivers for the model. Still no luck. I will phone the manufacturer tomorrow and ask them about it. The laptop is only 3 years` old. Everything is pointing to replacing the sound card which is apparently part of the mother board for these things. I have a manual which explains how to dismantle the laptop to troubleshoot so I can check connections and speakers internally. Otherwise, Nerds On Site quoted me $250 to come out and do this, plus hardware. I would rather buy a new laptop! Has anyone had this happen with their speakers? If so, any suggestions? Particulars: Toshiba Satellite A200 - Operating system Vista Home Premium (32k bit) Help! Sammy Harry
  6. New mic! Blue yeti

    Hey Bubbly, I was sooooo glad to see your post! I have been looking for a decent usb mic for....well......at least a month! Can you tell me how much did it run you? Cheers, SH
  7. USB Mikes - Any recommendations?

    Thanks, for what the guy was asking me to spend I could buy some really great software! Anyway, I went out and got a $50 Centrios (low end)``professional`` mike with an adapter for my laptop. It works just fine after some fiddling with the mike level settings. I am using Jam Studio at the mo to work on some melodies. Only thing I am finding is that my vocal track lags behind my other tracks. I may not have the best voice, but I do have really sharp timing and when I am singing it, it seems on beat. Playback is off by about a half a second. Any advice on this? Cheers folks, A.
  8. USB Mikes - Any recommendations?

    Hey Musers, I called up Long and McQuade (Musical instrument specialists chain up here in the North Pole) and when I asked if they had any of the Samsons in stock, I was first asked what I specifically needed it for (as you guys asked) and then told that the Samson is great for podcasts but not for vocals. I told the guy that I was just a hacker looking to give a basic idea of vocals to my melodies so that a real singer could re-do it for me. He said nevertheless, I need the Tanscam, something else (AD20 or something) AND the interface AND a mike stand AND a ``pop screen``. He said that all of this would run me around $300-$400. I reiterated that I was just a hacker and not ready to invest more than $100 and he said that what he had quoted me was at the low end; the professional stuff would run about $7,000. He said that they don`t keep any of the Samson products in stock ``we only keep in stock the stuff that works``. Ha ha ha...ha ha...eh..h....well then how about not advertising it on your website!!! (eeeejits!). Sheesh. Anyone have any final remarks before I start looking for used versions of the gear he suggested?
  9. USB Mikes - Any recommendations?

    The general consensus I`m getting here is go with the Samson (or the like) to start out, that way if I want to go bigger and better down the road I won`t have wasted too much dough. If I can`t find one in stock, I will see about the Tascam. Agree with Lzi re what you put in front of the mic (it`s the chef, not the pans, right?). I will also see if I can get a longer USB cord, just in case as Alistair says, of ground loop hum. I`ll be making my purchase next weekend - will post results. Cheers Lzi, Al, Len, M24, Harreh in no particular order!
  10. USB Mikes - Any recommendations?

    Folks thanks for the responses; the mic is so that I can record vocals to melodies I create with software such as Jam Studio and the like. Overall, I am not looking for pro quality recordings, just good enough to be able to record my singing so that I can convince others to sing them better for me. It would also be good if I could record acoustic or electric guitar as well as voice, as I have a few musicians who have offered to accompany me in playing around with this. That make sense?
  11. I'm considering purchasing the following and would like some opinions beforehand: Samson Portable USB Go Mike - retails for around $50 Blue Microphone - Snowball USB Microphone - retails for around $99 on sale Blue Microphone - Snowflake USB Microphone - retails for around $69 on sale Advice, recommendations, pans? Don't want to spend more than around $150 BTW: It is for a Toshiba Laptop and my operating system is (gawd help me) Windows Vista. Thanks SH
  12. Thank you so much, Kimberly! Means a lot to me. Thanks for adding me as your friend!

  13. You are a fantastic artist!!!!

  14. Hey Eggmen! Are you by any chance a Beatles fan?