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  1. is finally getting back into writing

  2. Writer's Block

    We all know this I'm sure, and we've all had our struggles with it as well, but I really want to discuss how it comes upon us and ways we've personally got over it. I know this is my first post on here in a while, that's because I've had a good year and a half of writer's block. Don't get me wrong, I've been writing lyrics, but nothing real, nothing I'd want to show you folks on here. For me it started after a big change in my life, which you figure would offer new ideas for lyrics, but no. When I moved away from my beloved home town in central Florida. I went to a new school, an arts performance school, full of people who had accomplished big things in music at their young age, somewhat undermining me. I mean they were beautiful singers and guitarists and when it came my turn to display my skills, I choked every time. Just embarrassing. So this gradual depletion of my confidence led me to stop writing, even when I wanted to, I simply couldn't find the right ideas. I'm slowly getting over it. I still haven't written anything legitimate, but I think I'm getting there. So share your experiences with any sort of lull in your writing abilities and how you got around it, as for rapport.
  3. Thanks for the twin crits, earlier, btw. I'm eternally grateful. Been workin' on a few new songs, lately, and envisioning a complex instrumental piece I'm calling "Journey Through Hell". The lyric ones are "In the Absence of Light" and "I Want You to Believe"

  4. Yo, dude...what's new? No, nothin' much in the JOP world is goin' on. Matt told me if Jon goes back inta the studio this year he'd prob'ly join him, but it seems there's some friction in that camp right now. All I meant was that I was gonna blow the lid off'a the rock/metal scene with my whole Goth/ambient metal Mortal Soul gimmick. And I will, too. One day. LOL

  5. Then I must be the walrus.

  6. The Turning

    I was aked by someone to "brach off and try poetry or visual arts or something", so here goes nothing... The Turning 2011 © Cody Morgan There's a man that I call God A man of graciousness at that Picks us up when we are falling But now mankind is getting fat He just doesn't have the strength Or the will to carry on Unless mankind loses their weight Our purpose will be dead and gone I'm not saying to let us die I'm telling you to make a stand To exercise mankind's power Before this life turns into sand Oh, and together we must stand A billion stars shining like the sun And the time for this is now Yes, the Turning has begun I wish I could've had this for December's lyric contest.
  7. I haven't seen you on in a while but I replied to your e-mail, and yes, it sounds fun.

  8. Hey, thanks for the Friend request! I'm just checking out all your lyrics right now.

  9. You're getting better every time you post a new song. Keep writing, eventually you will find a way of your own to write songs and songwriting will become easy(er).

  10. good to have you as a chum :) just catching up on your lyrics mate..

  11. Call me the walrus. goo goo g'joob, lol

  12. Hey Eggmen! Are you by any chance a Beatles fan?

  13. Just now saw your Thxgvg comment on my profile. It was good, thanks. Coupla tuna sandwiches always hits the spot for me. LOL Btw, I just noticed your name isn't Cliff. Oops! Don't be like me an' wait til you're an old guy before doin' somethin' with your music. Get out there an' do somethin' with it!

  14. Almost Invincible