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  1. Zeligovitch

    The Meanest Man of All

    You have done a great job here.The lyrics are excellent,very good rendition and musical dynamic, the comp is well balanced, classic but with a personal harmonic touch that makes it different. I love the fragile singing. The only weak point to me is the solo part. It's messy, confused, not in time. not in the mix, in my view. The spot to work on to improve your great song.
  2. Zeligovitch

    July song competition

    Congrats to the brillant winners and their beautiful songs. Steve, Hobosage and Jambrains were my top scores. Thanks for the listens and the interesting comments on my song. I'm going to forget this one and write another one inmediately
  3. Zeligovitch

    July song competition

    THE MOON IS SCHEMING : Malin Helmman : voice, lyrics. Tanguy Thoveron (zeligovitch) : piano, guitar , music, lyrics : The moon is scheming tonight The earth is tilting while the tide is turning Everything's under water but a slight Perception of your phrame that's emerging Only fate, now and us. The dark that scares the world is dimmed by the reflection of the warm ocean A glimmer of the light that shows your shape But lets your secrets escape into the blackness But the future is so bright. Chorus : By choosing the moment when the dark is right I have lost myself but not my night The sea is spreading its waves And in the mighty swell Our bodies by inertia My hand silhouetted against the moon. Is shadowing some places that could be mine soon In the water far and near. Chorus But now the sun is rising The mystery is gone. Everything's clear This obviousness is all I fear All I want to hide from So I'm waiting For the darkness , the waves and us.
  4. Zeligovitch

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Hi Tom, Your song is beautiful, very well sung and played (your voice is really nice) , well written and composed. I was surprised by all the controversy around it, because personally I have no difficulty whatsoever in relating to the lyrics. There might be a little something to add to make your song really moving though. Listening to it , we know what you are not anymore, but the question is : what are you then? Where does your lack of empathy lead you? Does it make you kill people during your free time? Or on the contrary to love your daily casual life more? To spend more time with your children? I'm not talking about some philosophical epiphany that you should bring to the world, but even something small could explain all that. It will enable the listener to feel empathy with your song's character. To make myself a bit clearer I would refer to another song about a man who lost his illusions and in which Otis Redding says that he 's now just watching the tide roll away, wasting time. That's not a lot, but it makes him more human, more real. Now we can relate to him. And that's probably the best line of his song. But you obviously don't need my advice to write a good song. My appreciation for this one increases every time I hear it, so these were just some ideas in case they can be of use to you.
  5. Zeligovitch

    May Song Contest

    Tom, I'm grateful for your comment, of course, and I'd be stupid and arrogant not to answer it. I'm the musician here (piano, guitar and composer, colyricist with the singer, videomaker) . I lost the first part of my comment. I was saying that I like to experience things. Even if the result is bad or unconclusive , I'm happy when I've tried something and learned something. I don't think this song is the best thing I've done in life, but it's probably the one I've Iearnt more from. It was the first time I played a decent piano part (I suffered a lot doing this), I also had a challenge : the arrangement of the A parts had to be played only one note at the time without any sustain pedal in order to produce a different effect. I thought I might be the last in the contest because of this. Of course I won't frame the result in my studio , no reason to be proud, but I got really interesting reactions like yours. Things I can dwell on to improve my musical activity and go further due to deeper reflections and more experience. Tanguy (I'm French so it's a French name and I know it sounds weird in English, which is why I have a pseudo).
  6. Zeligovitch

    May Song Contest

    Too nice not to love. Cool comment. Thanks!
  7. Zeligovitch

    May Song Contest

    Pete, I'm not a great fan of "a snazzy Gatsby" . You're right, it doesn't sound well and above all, in French (my mother tongue) it sounds like Nazi Gatsby. My singer likes it though . It was a suggestion of a friend and I couldn't find anything better. I don't even like the Great Gatsby. But I love Phileas Fogg (and Jules Verne) and I like the sound of it. Thanks a lot for the nice and interesting feedback.
  8. Zeligovitch

    May Song Contest

    Fab, Your song is good. A lot of old masterpieces lasted less than 3 minutes and I love it (You Really Got Me, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Be my Babe, ...). Thank you for your extremely nice comment. I think I will print it on a t-shirt and wear it when I'm down
  9. Zeligovitch

    May Song Contest

    Tom, I didn't know Elvira (I'm french) , so I had a look and understood why you said you were criticising. I can take the comparison even if it's not really flattering. I'm not comparing myself to the artists I'm going to talk about, but these are exemples to illustrate my point of view: Let's take somebody like Freddie Mercury. I love him myself, but if somebody tells me he is ridiculous, over exuberant, too gay to be true, I would understand. The same goes for Hendrix. I love him, but you could easily claim he's ridiculously sexual with his penis-guitar (Prince was even worse), his tongue movement, his guitar burned. The same goes for Bowie, Robert Smith, Marc Bolan and a lot more . Once again, I wouldn't dream of comparing myself to them, far from it, of course, but what I mean to say is that at some point, you have to take the risk of being ridiculous or understood in a different way. That's why I take the Elvira comparison with perspective and wisdom Thanks a lot for the nice feedback
  10. Zeligovitch

    May Song Contest

    A lot of strong feelings expressed in nice songs this month. For me, two of the contestants are more than songwriters - they are artists. The reason is they make more than songs, they make music. Not just musical layers (rythme-harmony-elody) but a complete, meaningful sound where every element tries to be a necessary part of the whole thing: Justin and Steve, my two favourites. Special mentions to Donna whose song could have been a perfect tune without the weird problems with the singer . Congrats to the others as well. So nice to be among you and participate in these contests. Thanks to Paul for running this one. ANd Thanks Fabkebab, Eric, Roaddogs (You are right about Phileas Fogg and Gatsby and how it sounds) and Triffid for the comments on my song Tunessmith : 5.5 Very moving singing. Your commitment to your song and lyrics reaches the listener. The song is bit monotonous though and is less interesting IMO when it comes to the full band part. Bring Me Home : 5 I found the verses more catchy than the chorus and the opposite would have been better in my view. Very nice guitar and keyboard sounds. RoadDog : 4.5 Nice sixties cool tune. Funky music like yours demands a lot of precision to groove, but your approximative playing ruins you noble intentions. Steve Ison ;8.5 Very good song . The guitar is reminiscent of the glorious times of British glamrock. Not your best song, but a nice, warm, sunny one. I've been impressed by your creativity for years. The instrumental part at 1'32 is absolutely delightful. Never Gonna Be My Girl : 4 I like the naivety of your voice that serves the song well and especially the theme you have chosen. Sounds like the desilusional sequel of"Hey Babe, (if you'll be my girl) Wedding Bells : 7 Nice strong and classic song, the guitar work is particularly beautiful. Sent to WIn : 7.5 l I like rap but don't know much about it. It makes it hard for me to judge your tune. I like your flow, your attitude, your beautiful anger, your sadness. But it's a bit monotonous. I guess it's part of a lot of rap music Child Of the Radio :8.5 I must confess I was frustrated at the end because I was expecting an instrumental part or something stronger to keep up with the beautiful sound atmosphere and the sounds that inspire deep thoughts and dreams. Marvelous vocal hamonies, beautiful production. You are so talented. Gone, Gone, Gone : 7 Eric, you have a fantastic voice and your interpretation was a real pleasure. The song is very nice as well. It would have deserved more unexpected arrangements, however, and maybe a bridge would have made the difference. Comic girl life. 7.5 Very enjoyable, bittersweet song. I like the lyrics a lot. A bit long though. In the 60s this song would have lasted 2 minutes instead of four, avoiding the too numerous repetitions of the chorus. And it would have gained a lot in efficiency to become perfect. All of the trees : 8 Very nice songwriting, well written lyrics, beautiful orchestration but the singer isn't up to the task. The voice is beautiful, but not mastered and with pitch problems in the chorus. This sort of song deserves perfect vocals to work as it should. The way you make me feel : 7 Your song is very professional, very well sung and produced, but It's a song for teenage girls and I'm far from that myself. Consequently it's hard for me to find this original or moving. Even if you had talked about the ancient Rome and the Barbarians which are closer to my age.
  11. Zeligovitch

    May Song Contest

    LOVE TRIANGLE I am walking on a rope between my lover and another A thin line drawn between reality and pleasure Holding on, lying to them both keeping the distance to get close I’m only too aware that I could fall over Nimble Hermes versus handsome Hercules How could I pick one missing the tricky or the mighty My conscience versus my felicity Is it up to me to make them aware or happy One is rough, the other’s smooth And these two universes soothe me My train is driving steep on two tracks I follow -------------------------- I am walking on a rope between my lover and another I’m only too aware that they will discover Heretical prayers and weird wishes too Apocryphal mantras to make it last longer Phileas Fogg versus a snazzy Gatsby How could I pick one missing adventure or beauty --------
  12. Zeligovitch

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    So I lost my last place. And with it I definitely lost my "eiher Caesar or nothing" challenge . Thanks for all the comments on my song. I really appreciated each and every one of them. Of course I prefer the good ones (This time, surprisingly, I got the nicest comment and my worst result at the same time) but I think even the bad ones are interesting because they are honest and respectful and allow me to ask myself some interesting and unexpected questions. I'm really sorry I didn't take the time to return the favour. This is my first contest here for years and I forgot that nice habit. So I didn't take notes and I don't really have the time to do it now. But I'll certainly do otherwise in the future. Thanks again.
  13. Zeligovitch

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Thanks for running the contest , Justin. I noted some of you had problems with the rules, so I read them as well to make sure I didn't miss some kind of "Bibel Rule" like " the last will be first, and the first will be last:" But no. I'm last! In good company, though (thanks for the kind comment , Pete). It was still a pleasure to participate and to listen to all those nice songs. My top 3 were Hobosage, Scenes and Iggy (very moving interpretation).
  14. Zeligovitch

    Turn Out The Lights

    Very nice composition. Nice arrangements and well played, although the sound and production, as you said, need some work, especially for that kind of music. The closest band I could relate your song to would be Steely Dan. All the instruments are great and the general groove is perfect. My only nitpick would be the linearity of the tune and the lack of a real break. The two breaks you make aren't enough to add something new when needed. Your piano break at 3'30 makes your tune weaker instead of relaunching the interest. But the general vibe of your composition is more than ok.
  15. Zeligovitch

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Just Trust the Tales (music and lyrics Zeligovitch) These words of mine are leading you on I tell you of my travels at dawn Imagination can lead you where You shouldn't take your luggage but air Chorus : Just trust the tales you are hearing Made by my mind for your thoughts I'm making up and you're believing It's about walking on the moon LikeLlittle Thumb when he had boots You'll escape from your ogre and find our roots Weightlessness is a treasure for the woman who is taken by the pleasure of you