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  1. Hi again Justin, I 'll try to explain what I meantin greater detail. For me, as a listener, all the beauty of your song is about a delicate tension between your moving voice changing from fragile moments to strong phrases, the naive and sweet in contrast to the surprising words you have chosen. This works during the verses and choruses. But then there is a sort of long ending starting at 2m30 and lasting more than 40 seconds. After that, the song starts over again with some variations, but no real change. For me, this long part from 2m30 ends the emotion and after that momentthe beauty is still there of course but you’ve lost the subtle tension and thus the magic on the way. Please, don't take it the wrong way. I really love your song and I am more than happy to start over again and listen all the way from the beginning. Those first 2m30 are priceless. Tanguy
  2. Beneath Your Umbrella

    What a joyful moment of music!Then again it would obviously sound better with a real drummer and a real piano. It would back up yournice and swinging vocals more appropriately.Nice work!
  3. Always in my arms

    Hi I was deeply charmed by the song and the beautiful and intense vocals but, like Justin I lost my interest after a while. I suppose the kick drums are there to sound like a heartbeat. I like the idea but the sound is too loud for the rest of the instruments. Apart from this, I completely agree with Justin’s analysis. Working more on this piece is really worth it. Tanguy
  4. In a Perfect World

    Beautiful pop song divinely produced. Makes me smile . You put a lot of beautiful and subtle details into your work. I love the second voice and the choir. Brilliant!
  5. Marriage break up song

    What a sad song! And a sad situation! I think I understand why it's repetitive. The nature of sadness is to be repeated, but a song needs some climax or at least some variations. Even your guitar solo is similar to the chorus and the verse. But the melody is nice and your depressive singing suits the theme.
  6. You and I

    She's lucky to have you. Not everybody gets a personal love song and even fewer of this kind. As you said, it's cheesy. As you said too, it's not a song for me , it's for her. :)Very nice production. Congrats
  7. She Won't Think It Over

    Thanks Daryl, Michael and Songwolfe for taking the time and for your nice comments. I will definitely change the title (but I cannot do it here)
  8. Turn Around

    TC Very nice and solid rock song. Good production. I agree with your decision to redo the main vocal. You have a precise, beautiful and powerful voice and it seems that you can do better. In this version you follow the rhythm of the instruments a little bit too closely while you seem to have the capacity to fly over it, so to speak, if you get what I mean (English is not my mother tongue). Nice work!
  9. She Won't Think It Over

    David and Justin, Two contradictory opinions from very good musicians... What a dilemma! Actually, I think that according to the lyrics, I really should erase “she won't think it over”. I'll keep that suggestion. But, yes, it would be a pity for the melody. Not sure about the humming, but I'll keep thinking. Thanks a lot! TC, Thanks for taking the time for that very detailed review. A lot of food for thought. I understand your remark about the mixolidian mode and the sort of cadence you were expecting. I think that's what I wanted because of the story. Your remark about the production is totally accurate. It doesn't sound very organic. Very helpful. Thanks a lot. Beardanfc, Thanks a lot
  10. She Won't Think It Over

    What a good suggestion! I couldn't agree more. That's what I'll do. Thank you, David!
  11. Hi, I haven't come here in ages. Here is a song I wrote for my girlfriend. I 'd be thankful if you listened to it and any feedback would be welcome. . About the lyrics too, as English is not my mother tongue. Thanks a lot. Mary is walking to a new world To leave her past behind Joining her boy, she hopes to hear “O please, be mine” She’s thinking of brand new sensations Some sensual expectations Far from the normal world She won’t think it over Like a normal girl Then she arrives and he starts talking Like Springsteen sings He’s overwhelming her with sweet things So she’s Bobby’s girl She’ can’t believe the way he’s wooing What she’s hearing is hypnotizing her Far from the normal world She won’t think it over Like a normal girl The ocean is deep, the mountain’s high A snake hisses while a bird sings A bit of truth, a lot of lies All a girl needs to let her man be king She’s waking up in the same state As Adam’s Eve Bobby’s asleep snoring away, hard to believe She’s wanting him to misbehave To make her dive into that wave again Far from the normal world She won’t think it over Like a normal girl He tries to say two or three words To play for time She understands how this is vain She’s back on earth She starts to make up another story Where she could find a bit more glory Far from the normal world She won’t think it over Like a normal girl
  12. This is a brilliant song with perfect arrangements. One of the very best I've ever heard on this forum. Very moving vocals. Paradoxically though,I found your song too long. I don't really understand why there is a pause before you start again without anything really new. At the same time I must admit I enjoyed listening to it over and over again, so all in all I'm impressed.
  13. June Song Comp

    Congratulations to the deserving winners and thanks to Nige. There were a lot of very good songs this time. Scene of Palacio was my first choice and Thinman was my second. Steve was impressive (as always) and I thought that Thinman was better than ever. It had been a long time since I heard a tune of his and his band is really it for his music. But I enjoyed every entry. Thanks to you who scored me 3 - it made me feel like I was back in school for a moment so I kind of had a Proustian moment thanks to you.) And a Belgian kiss (keep cool, it’s very different from the French one) for those of you who scored me 9 and 9.5. You made my day. Thanks Zeek for the nice feedback. Yours was my first good comment here for my bass line . I appreciate it even more so as you also play the bass. Robby, I would never have expected that much enthusiasm from you (I remember our conversation about “scored music” and your lack of appreciation of it ) but I’m flattered musically because I like your music (like I wrote above before I read your comment) and I'm even more flattered lyrically as I love your lyrics.
  14. June Song Comp

    IN THE DARKNESS (Zeligovitch/M.Hellman) In the Darkness Far from the dreams others could compare I started to search on my own When I was small I could go everywhere Now I’m tall and can keep my crown I have conquered all the parts that must be mine In my empire only time can steal my fire ‘Cause in the darkness my flaws are my only laws I can’t see but four senses light my way I can feel where all begins And the night adorns my day I always long for the setting sun When all pointless races are run That’s when I go where my treasures shine: A hundred things no one could find A secret garden where my spirits always stay There’s my love and he’s meeting me today In the darkness where my flaws are my only laws I can’t see but four senses light my way I can feel where all begins And the night adorns my day In the darkness my flaws are my only laws I can’t see but four senses light my way I can feel where all begins And the night adorns my day In the darkness I feel where all begins And the night adorns my day