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  1. December Lyric Contest

    Congrats to the winners! Coincidentally, my only two 8's were for you two. I especially enjoyed reading both of your lyrics, but I also liked a couple others which I gave 7's to: Staying In, Mr. Wallace, and I Did Alright (For Myself Tonight). I'm also glad that I didn't place dead last like the last two times I entered into the lyric contest. It tells me that I'm improving, which is great. So you guys that placed towards last like me, don't give up. Keep at it and don't be afraid to post your lyric in the 'Feedback' forum.
  2. April Lyric Contest

    Thanks Gordon, I'm definitely gonna keep writing new lyrics and improving my existing ones. Hopefully I'll place a little big higher next time, but I now see that I've got to really step it up to keep up with the big boys lol. If nothing else, its a great learning experience. Yeah, I was excited when I saw that I got a '9', it made me feel like at least one person really liked it. Anyways, my top picks were 'My Lunar Love' and 'Addiction'. I thought they were really catchy and had great imagery. Congrats to the winners!
  3. April Lyric Contest

    This was also my first entry into the lyric contest. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that I came in last, but I'm not gonna let it stop me from competing in the future. If anything, it will drive me to really sit down and work on it some more. I agree with Gordon that it was a bit long, but I hope that didn't scare any of you away lol. Well, I certainly appreciate being given the opportunity to compete with 'the best of them'. And I'm gonna keep working on my lyrics, cause well I can only go up from last place, right?