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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I definitely will have to check I have my songs from 10ish years ago. 2 years ago, a friend who works for a music hardware/software company said something along the lines of 'they have never made money with soundcloud' and 'it bleeds money and they don't know how to fix it'. Those of us who do use it will have probably noticed soundcloud has trying to re-brand themselves as a music app that rivals spotify, serving not only upcoming/bedroom artists but also many mainstream acts and artists. For me this makes very little sense. Soundcloud is a great product because its almost all music from amateurs, with the odd thing from professionals. Once search results are filled with official bands and acts' official albums/EP's, it kind of loses its purpose/audience/niche. If myspace is any indication to go by, soundcloud as a website will exist for sometime. Personally I think: over time soundcloud will be owned by very different sets of hands, trying to make it work. We'll see various changes and amendments take place, to the point where it doesn't look anything like the original vision of the site/service, and most users find somewhere else to go. The reason I draw the comparison is because myspace went from being a haven of content creators messing around and sharing their work, to trying to be an 'entertainment channel' featuring top charting artists and big labels. Seems like the cycle will repeat yet again...
  2. Could be a whole host of different things, hope you manage to get it sorted out. Make sure you mention the fact you like singing but are having issues with it to your doctor. Sometimes being very specific can be helpful with diagnosis. My brain goes straight to technique when you say it comes on worse after singing. Have you tried singing in front of a mirror? Maybe you are tensing your throat more than you think? Which could in turn make any ailments worse. You also might just be over doing it? Going from no singing to lots of singing could do that. Try practising 20 mins each day rather than 2 hour sessions once a week. Could also just be hay fever. A friend of mine always sounds like he hasn't slept when its summer time because of how the pollen affects him. Also could be asthma or lack of physical fitness (not trying to pass judgement. I don't think I could be the singer of the band I'm in simply because I don't have the breath for it.)
  3. Hey guys. Werid one here. Been to Canada twice over the last 6 months. During that time lots of R+R and not much singing done. Both times I return with a much higher singing range than when I left. Nearly half an octave more (5 semitones) What in your opinion could cause this? Cant find much on the subject
  4. By the way @Arthur Atsu. Lad means boy. If you want to say girl, you could use the word lass.
  5. What side of the world are you from by the way?
  6. Sounds like you got a great idea of melody/harmony and lyrics. And you've got a fantastic voice. Lots of character without sounding synthetic. In fact I should praise that on its own. Wonderful to hear someone actually singing in this weird time in when autotune vocals amass the top 10 spots. I would suggest you get a better microphone for vocals, and maybe try collaborating with someone for more fuller production sounds. There's a real old-y world-y quality that I admire. You've definitely got the right idea. For an early demo recording you should feel happy and excited as to what more time/energy/investments will bring you
  7. Hey thanks for the replies guys. Exactly the kind of tips and feedback I was looking for. I'm reasonably comfortable with my composition, but not at all comfortable to even entertain the idea of the roles of a 'producer'. I had a mess with implementing your specific changes and yet I still feel ignorant on the matter. Maybe going off topic but: are there any articles, books or videos, or even courses any of you could recommend? I've found so many YouTube who clearly don't know what they're talking about despite acting as though they are prophets from future realms..
  8. Overall your vocal performance is pretty good but there's a few places you could improve When you sing a higher note, it can be useful to go to A) make sure you still have breath (if not change breathing so you do) and B ) sing the note softer. It usually means you hit the pitch much better for a small sacrifice in volume. However you can fix this drop in volume in your software. The other thing I would suggest is you think about dynamics of your vocals. You ought to chose parts of the songs that should be sung quieter, and parts that should be sung louder. Generally choruses tend to be the part we want to sing the loudest, and subsequently the verses tend to be quieter. But of course that's not a universal rule. Singing with dynamics really adds an extra element. It can kind of fool the listener to wanting to sing along with the choruses. And simultaneously it makes it more interesting as theres more variety. Imagine how much more interesting it is speaking with someone who uses different patterns compared to someone who speaks in the same tone of voice. For example I imagine singing the second verse's "can you hear the winter storm" would be much more effective if sung quieter I liked your melodies, and nothing stuck out as weird lyrically. I think the composition is very strong overall. Your voice itself is very good at articulating the words, you don't come across as having a 'false' accent that a lot of singers often do. With the rest of the song: the chords are very interesting, i liked the baselines and the lead guitars very much. I hope you keep writing and recording
  9. Hey I liked this a lot. I especially liked your vocal delivery and the piano vibes. The polyphonic nature is very fun and something I love to hear. I think the dynamics of your voice and the words you sing really carry this song forward. Great to hear these style of compositions.
  10. While Im not a moderator, it helps to read the rules before posting '6) Only post songs you have written or have permission to post. Please don't post cover songs.'
  11. Hey there guys. Woke up with this song in my head this morning. I spent ages mixing on headphones, and became happy listening back to it. But then I switched to speakers, and my happiness was lost. I cant tell if its my cheap speakers not being able to play back the subtleties, or whether I need to go back to the drawing board on the mix. Any tips on the sound/mix would be appreciated.
  12. Said this in the shout box a few weeks ago - I love the changes A lot more modern. Sure it will take a while to get used to it and but I think the changes are 100% better I also love the colour scheme and how my icon now fits perfectly !! Haha But seriously, its very easy on the eye, and memorable.
  13. Sweet! Feel glad I could have helped
  14. Perhaps this is already in the works but incase its gone unnoticed.. At the moment if you go to your profile you are given these options for 'contact methods' (MSN, ICQ, YAHOO, Jabber, Skype) I think this is very obviously out dated. It'd be great to see it replaced with something like: Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook ETC. Maybe we could do an open poll on what social media people use for their music?
  15. So the last couple of years Ive been working on instrumental pieces on the piano. At the moment Ive got lots of rough ideas recorded on a dictaphone. Some completely finished, others in need of completing. I talked to a friend of mine about self releasing an EP of instrumental piano pieces. The whole process going: from Dictaphone to full demo, then demo to full studio version. The problem I am having is choosing what to work on and what to put on the EP. I have enough ideas for a full album. I also want to do a more song based one at some point. But again - I dont really know what out of a vast pool of songs to chose and what should be left off etc. This is probably made a bit harder by not having finished each individual composition/demo and only having fragments to compare each other. But I digress... Is there a simple guide to figuring out what compliments each other in a tracklisting? What do you look for within a release from an artist you like? What do you think makes/breaks a choice of songs on an EP/LP?