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  1. Awkward lyrics by the greats...

    The line is 'ever changing world' I believe And I guess it kind of feeds back to the hook. As (Im sure you know,) the title is a play on the phrase 'live and let live'. When you were youngAnd your heart was an open bookYou used to say live and let live But if this ever changin' worldIn which we live inMakes you give in and crySay live and let die I kinda see what you mean about the in's but its never bothered me.
  2. Awkward lyrics by the greats...

    John Lennon's solo discography is absolutely appalling when compared to the Beatles, or when compared directly to the songs his former Beatles were making on their own. I really like Plastic Ono Band, but every other album has some really really dire content. "You can shine your shoes and wear a suitYou can comb your hair and look quite cute - look quite cute is a weird 'verb', and comes across as oddYou can hide your face behind a smileOne thing you can't hideIs when you're crippled insideYou can wear a mask and paint your face - if you painted your face, and wore a mask, surely we couldnt tell?You can call yourself the human race -what? what does that mean?You can wear a collar and a tie -IE what you already said in the opening linesOne thing you can't hideIs when you're crippled insideWell now you know that yourCat has nine lives -WTF has my cat got to do with the rest of the song??Nine lives to itselfBut you only got one -4 lines explaining that we only have 1 life, while a cat has nine. But why?And a dog's life ain't fun -A dog's life ain't fun? Isn't that like saying, a bad life is bad?Momma take a look outside" -nice rhyme scheme there John....
  3. Thoughts on Offensive Lyrics

    Censorship of any kind is not something I endorse. I think Alistair said it the best. Public broadcasters should have the right to play whatever they want (to their legal extent). Musicians have the right to put out anything they want. And the listeners have the right to buy and endorse whatever they want. I'd much rather live in a society were I get offended at things on a semi-regular basis than a society where people can't voice their own opinions/ideas in-case they might offend someone. Personally I find songs that use 'fuck' in their choruses to be crass and stupid. You're literally making your songs less listenable to general audiences. Similarly the same that thing applies when singers say too much about 'anatomy'. But I don't think they should be banned. I also hate songs that call for violence, even in a military sense. But again, that's just my tastes and beliefs. They should still be able to sing write and sell songs about them.
  4. The Hurdy Gurdy

    Only a few days ago I saw someone making a similar (but different) post about the herdy gurdy. It is pretty sick instrument. Definitely underrated Id prefer learning the accordion personally - simply because of how beautiful the likes of Yann Tiersson can make it sound.
  5. If you are as familiar with singing Radiohead's creep, there is a very noticeable similarity with Creep's chorus and Lana Del Ray's pre chorus. Maybe not for note for note the same, but very very similar choice of notes. "This is my commitment, my modern manifesto.." "Im a creep, I'm a werido.." She's added in a bit of swing and a few more syllables but its very similar otherwise. I definitely get a feeling of familiarity with Creeps Verse and Get Free too. But its mostly a rhythmic thing, not a melody thing and not something that I think should be legally bound as the same song Using verse two (because it doesn't have any censored words): "Like my part was i, Was not discerning" "When you were here before, couldn't look you in the eye" "And you as we found out, were not in your right mind" "You're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry" They obviously aren't the same song throughout. Which then leads into how much of the song Radiohead should own. If it's just the first bit, it should be like 20% at the most. And that's still generous. Its probably closer to 5% of the song. I'm more surprised by how awful the record sounds. Sounds like she's trying to replicate super indie artists like Weyes Blood and failing miserably. And some of her lyrical phrasing is just all over the place and very janky. "That comes from energies combined" it almost sounds like they used the wrong take. Im sure I could get that to fit better than she did (lol!)
  6. Need help with song writing

    What you say is very true. And it did occur to me after posting that it's just a possible either way. I get very paranoid about this kind of thing. Lots of threads over on reddit become articles with paid adverts on them with no credit given to the true authors. I'll be more mindful next time.
  7. Need help with song writing

    Im a bit late to this thread but: Why are you using someone else's photograph as your display picture? I cant help but think this is some shill trying to get us to write an article for his own financial gain. http://www.qimrberghofer.edu.au/people/david-whiteman/
  8. Duality

    Duality Life and death. Darkness and light. Good and evil. Wrong and right. Pleasure and pain. Hope and regret. Sinners and saints. Profit and debt. . Risk and safety. Tragedy and joy. Earth and heaven. Filled and void. Past and future. Man and machine. Truth and fiction. Reality and dream. . Faith and reason. Fire and ice. Terror and comfort. Day and night. War and peace. Imprisoned and free. Ally and Enemy. Unhidden and unseen.
  9. Agree very much with what HoboSage has to say. If you want full sounding demos on the cheap, you have to invest time and money into audio software. Namely DAWs (digital audio workstations). Obviously you can still make demo's on the cheap with a Dictaphone (preferably a digital one) but if you want big sounding songs as your original post describes, its a DAW you want to look into getting.
  10. He was a wonderful soul who directly helped me many a times. I'm quite shocked and upset to learn of his passing. He'll definitely be missed.
  11. holiday = higher vocal range

    Hey Mylene thanks very much for posing the question and responding. I suppose that does make a lot of sense. I was not under any obligation to do anything so it makes sense that I was less anxious/stressed. Had no idea such a simple thing could have such a strong effect PaulC - how much do you want for a jar?
  12. Soundcloud in trouble?

    Thanks for the heads up. I definitely will have to check I have my songs from 10ish years ago. 2 years ago, a friend who works for a music hardware/software company said something along the lines of 'they have never made money with soundcloud' and 'it bleeds money and they don't know how to fix it'. Those of us who do use it will have probably noticed soundcloud has trying to re-brand themselves as a music app that rivals spotify, serving not only upcoming/bedroom artists but also many mainstream acts and artists. For me this makes very little sense. Soundcloud is a great product because its almost all music from amateurs, with the odd thing from professionals. Once search results are filled with official bands and acts' official albums/EP's, it kind of loses its purpose/audience/niche. If myspace is any indication to go by, soundcloud as a website will exist for sometime. Personally I think: over time soundcloud will be owned by very different sets of hands, trying to make it work. We'll see various changes and amendments take place, to the point where it doesn't look anything like the original vision of the site/service, and most users find somewhere else to go. The reason I draw the comparison is because myspace went from being a haven of content creators messing around and sharing their work, to trying to be an 'entertainment channel' featuring top charting artists and big labels. Seems like the cycle will repeat yet again...
  13. Singing and Illness

    Could be a whole host of different things, hope you manage to get it sorted out. Make sure you mention the fact you like singing but are having issues with it to your doctor. Sometimes being very specific can be helpful with diagnosis. My brain goes straight to technique when you say it comes on worse after singing. Have you tried singing in front of a mirror? Maybe you are tensing your throat more than you think? Which could in turn make any ailments worse. You also might just be over doing it? Going from no singing to lots of singing could do that. Try practising 20 mins each day rather than 2 hour sessions once a week. Could also just be hay fever. A friend of mine always sounds like he hasn't slept when its summer time because of how the pollen affects him. Also could be asthma or lack of physical fitness (not trying to pass judgement. I don't think I could be the singer of the band I'm in simply because I don't have the breath for it.)
  14. Hey guys. Werid one here. Been to Canada twice over the last 6 months. During that time lots of R+R and not much singing done. Both times I return with a much higher singing range than when I left. Nearly half an octave more (5 semitones) What in your opinion could cause this? Cant find much on the subject
  15. Mind Ya Nose

    By the way @Arthur Atsu. Lad means boy. If you want to say girl, you could use the word lass.