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  1. cindyrella

    Little Big Lies

    I like the simple flow of this. It is unusual in some ways, but likable and from the title not what I expected. Nice song in many ways I think.
  2. This is a fun song that Colleen picked up and recorded in her kitchen with her daughter's help. It made my toes tap and I had to smile. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/25635 Recipe for Disaster © 2017 Cindy Prince From the start it didn’t work Cause oil and water don’t mix There was nothing in my cook book Or even in my bag of tricks You lacked in every department No, you couldn’t measure up It wasn’t a matter of only half full You could never fill up the cup Chorus Our relationship was going nowhere It just wasn’t gonna gel We had a recipe for disaster Right from the depths of hell You didn’t rise to your potential I was on broil everyday Yeah we had a recipe for disaster Flatter than a flat souffle Bridge 1/3 and 1/3 will never make a half No matter what we do, we just can’t do the math You said I sucked in the kitchen I said you sucked as a man Boy, let’s walk away now Before anymore shit hits the fan Repeat chorus
  3. cindyrella

    All Unicorns & Rainbows

    I got a big kick out of this on 50/90 and I still love it. I could just see and magical video for it!
  4. cindyrella

    One-Of-A-Kind Edition (For Glen Campbell)

    Thanks everyone for your nice and helpful comments. I feel like he was so much more than any song can convey, but your suggestions certainly would improve it. He could play anything-I loved to watch him playing bagpipes. I may dig more into his history and go from there.
  5. cindyrella

    The Population of Lonelyville

    I really love the ending and want to head this one! So many great images came to mind. Great writing!
  6. We have lost so many good ones. I thought I had music for this, but it never happened. Thoughts? A One- of -a -Kind Edition (For Glen Campbell) © 2017 Cindy Prince One of my crushes I think I was eight Not even sure where Phoenix was Looked at his picture On my Dad's album I thought him a genius because His singing carried me away To places I'd never heard of Like Galveston and Wichita There was something in his voice That told me so much That left me in a state of awe Chorus His music brought the world a whole lot of joy He was more than a Rhinestone Cowboy A brilliant singer, a guitar magician Have a moment-stop and listen A one- of -a -kind edition Bridge I hate that he suffered and forgot who he was I imagine him in heaven bowing to applause He seemed so familiar Like someone we knew He seemed like the kid next door But the talent he had Somehow lifted us all Left us better than we were before Repeat Chorus
  7. cindyrella

    It Matters

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and other stories. Yes, I did know about the Japanese camps (but I didn't know until I was grown). You would think by now we'd be past this nonsense, but then comes Trump. He encourages this kind of crap. Maybe some day...
  8. cindyrella

    It Matters

    Thanks to you all and for the suggestions. I hope you are right Paul. that it will get better. I can't help but wonder when my son-in-law will be carrying his little boy (that happens to look more white than black), if somebody will try to take Wyatt away from him?
  9. cindyrella

    It Matters

    I wrote this lyric about the time the events were happening in Charlottesville. I had wanted to write about an incident that happened last winter to my Granddaughter that was very traumatic. I"ll include the back story. The last few days have been tough and when I was asked questions or read some questions, I realized how far we have to go. The bridge is based on what happened last December. My daughter's fiance is bi-racial and he has become in every way my Granddaughter's father. Every morning he takes her to the bus stop. But one morning, an old white lady tried to take Kindle away from Jason. She was tugging on her arm while yelling, "Get away from her! I'll call the police!" then saying to Kindle (then age 5) "He's not your kind!" and after Kindle was crying and yelling out, "Dad!" It broke my heart and I was angry and it still hurts writing about it. (the lady did call the police and of course the police told her he takes her every morning and the police chief is Jason's cousin.) Anyhow, a long back story, but I needed to write about it. It Matters © 2017 Cindy Prince I was asked why it matters Seeing those terrible flags They said it wasn't directed at me I was asked what's the harm They're just good old boys I was surprise that they couldn't see Chorus Why does it matter? Because lives were shattered It wasn't me? Why can't you see? It was directed at others? But they are my brothers It matters, it matters Bridge It matters when my Granddaughter is grabbed away from her father It matters when the lady said, "He's not your kind" It matters that my Grandson is bi-racial It matters that it's no longer 1939 I was asked why I can't let it go Why I'm angry and sad I was surprised anyone wouldn't be I was told it was all about the statues When I know it goes much deeper It should matter to both you and me Repeat Chorus
  10. cindyrella

    Dream of Consciousness

    Thanks for listening everyone! I have been sick and nearly coughing up my lungs lately and hadn't checked for a bit. I will be thinking more on this and maybe talking to Colleen like Donna suggests.
  11. cindyrella

    Gentle Giant (For Don Williams)

    Ah, I see John! I does make it more personal and more effective too I think. Thanks!
  12. cindyrella

    Kaleidoscope Baby

    I like most of this. Vivid. The one line that stuck out is the one in the second verse "I thought I thought" might be hard to understand.
  13. cindyrella

    Gentle Giant (For Don Williams)

    That would be hard I'd think, but could be done. You should go for it!
  14. cindyrella

    Gentle Giant (For Don Williams)

    Thanks! Interesting on those names. I know a lady that took dance lessons as a kid with Gene Kelly (Not your Dad :)) She's in her 90's.
  15. cindyrella

    Gentle Giant (For Don Williams)

    Thanks for the look. I wanted to weave in some of his song lyrics which isn't always easy to do.