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  1. The world is a sadder place now that we've lost such a wonderful spirit. My favorite one was a short but sweet little poem Regrets It's no use crying over milk that is spilt, or days when it rains or flowers that wilt. For there will always be cows, and daisies and roses, Though regrets are quite tasty, in very small doses. copyright 2010 by victor compton at least he now knows the answers to the ultimate question
  2. very touching!......i'm half drunk and all emotional and this is the second poem here i've read that almost brought tears to my eyes i better leave now.......before i'm a blathering idiot(i was having a good thought-free happy day) then i got bored.........that'll teach me
  3. i just finally watched that m night shamawhatevertrytosupriseyouintheend movie,(after hearing so many great things about it)lady in the water.... couldn't help but be reminded of that.....that should have been a poem at least one of those worthless characters came up with
  4. ugh.......gee thanks, i was in a good mood! very touching, nice work!
  5. made me hungry! nice visualization
  6. very nice!..... i'm a sucker for anything to do with regret/forget .......the infinite amount of now......very nice indeed!
  7. another great one! i've often thought about having a typed up questionnaire to have my first date fill out.......... might cut out of a of heartache later, or it just might scare everyone off.......so i'm still undecided
  8. nice stuff!!!! i really like being blinded by the darkness and the shadow lighting your way lines
  9. has lost my mind the person below me might have it
  10. just the thought of fox news gives me shivers
  11. man and they didn't even have the decency to invite you........at least to watch
  12. as usual great piece victor....... and as usual you provoked a chuckle "i said no, just yesterday"
  13. very lovely indeed!
  14. thanks dottie! and it felt like a bad acid trip and thanks as well victor......i might try out the magnesium....i did take some melatonin and it helped, at least i stayed asleep through some craziness last night....and the dreams wouldn't bother me so much except that pretty much the exact same one has been reoccurring....and either way at least it's entertainment while i sleep and something to think/write about in the morning started keeping a dream diary i believe the cherokee have a similar story...it either already has happened, or is how it is was gonna happen dont quite remember which, but the premise sounds the same, the mountain people and the low landers all get it in the end either way ......my grandma on my mom's side was full blood, used to tell me crazy stories all the time as a child i always enjoyed
  15. it took me way too long to read this thread.........and i'm always told i'm pretty wordy, wow oh and i voted yes......i have a cockateel (sp?) that never sings the same thing twice, but rather the same melody of sorts....and it changes everyday he adds to it takes things away, makes little changes here and there and it is a great alarm clock