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  1. Okay....so now I have a great professional pop track recorded with a really cool female vocalist. What is the best way for non-performing songwriters to get songs out there? Is it best to try to send the song directly to particular artists (managers or agents for the artist rather than sending to a publishing company? We are going to list the song on TAXI too, but I was curious what other avenues people have used and what success you have had with finished songs?
  2. Recording a track with a producer

    We haven't signed anything giving the producer credit. Maybe that will come up once the track is done? I did listen to some songs he produced for the artist I found in Atlanta (the guy happens to be a lawyer at a pretty prestigious firm by day) and that stuff sounded really good. I also found that he produced some well known stuff too. Yeah, I know we have to pay regardless of quality, but I figure it will either be $375 money well spent or a mistake to learn from. Angela
  3. Recording a track with a producer

    Okay.....some clarification. The producer that we are using is going to do a master recording with full band and female vocalist so we can shop the song around to TAXI or other artists, etc. The producer has actually played with some major artists (Billy Joel, Foreigner) so he has some major experience. I was skeptical so I looked him up and found a guy in Atlanta that used him on some of his songs and I emailed this guy to see if producer was legit. He gave him rave reviews, but gave me a different email address than the one my composer gave me.....red flag. I then emailed the producer at the new email address to ask him if the other email address was legit because it was attached to a business so it was possible. He emailed back that it was legit. I then had the composer and the producer sign off on what we are expecting to receive and the payment amount agreed to. The composer will pay half up front and I will pay other half upon completion. I feel better about things now....you gotta be careful. The producer had mentioned that there was an up and coming Dallas female artist that was looking for songs like ours so not sure what will happen there, but at least we will have a professional master recording from a guy who has a pretty cool resume. Stay tuned.....
  4. I've been working with a music composer overseas and now we have a song ready to be recorded. The composer I'm working with has a producer in Dallas, TX that can record the song with a female vocalist for $750 and says he knows an artist that may have interest......sounds exciting, but I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, right?
  5. Hi! Glad to see that you met Dottie. She's terrific.

    Might be interested in collaboration! I'm a little busy working on my CD right now, but that'll all be done soon. :) I hope to see you around. Great lyric post in the forums!

  6. Apparently he was going to register the music with KODA which is a pro used in Denmark. I have suggested that we just register the song and list us both as co-writers so he said he will check into that. I've gotten my lyrics copyrighted in the U.S., but I wonder do I have to do anything else to cover Europe?
  7. The composer told me that he will be registering the music and he wants me to register the lyrics in the US and then we will merge and do a 50/50 split. Is that how it is done sometimes with music and lyrics kept separate?
  8. Thanks for your thoughts. The composer is a member of taxi so that is a plus! I just wasn't sure what the standard was since I'm pretty new at this. I am excited about the whole process so I will go for it!
  9. I sent one of my lyrics via email to a music composer in Europe who wrote some great music. He registered the song with his composer association. Now he says we need to hire a vocalist to get a professionally produced demo that can be listed on taxi.com and sent out to producers in the US and Europe. He says the production will cost $150-$175 each and we will do a song split sheet of 50/50. How do I know this is not a rip off?
  10. I'm hoping to hook up with a female vocalist who also plays guitar to put my lyrics to music. I'm looking for a serious music lover who can pull off vocals for country or pop songs.